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NSFW Alphabet - Roman Reigns Edition

*I tried to keep this pretty gender neutral but I’m sure I failed somewhere in this lmao. gosh this is terrible wow.*

• A - Aftercare (what yall are like after sex) - we all know he’d be v rough so yall would def be exhausted afterwards, not to say Roman couldn’t go for a few more rounds lmao. He’d gently pull you onto his broad chest, wrap his muscular arms around you loosely and start softly talking to you about random, unimportant things to get you to sleep. He’ll definitely ask you worriedly if he was too rough on you and if you were okay.

Other than that, he’d be cuddly af, which def isn’t a bad thing lmao. His arms would be tightly snaked around your waist & his head would be nestled in the crook of your neck, breathing you in as he cuddled you from behind.

If he notices you’re esp bruised & sore, he’ll insist to taking care of you to the best of his ability. He’d start out by drawing you a nice bath, he’d def sit at the edge of the tub and give you a bomb af massage.

• B - Body Parts (favorite body parts of theirs & of their partners) - we all know Roman loves his hair lmao but I feel like he’s prideful of his muscles, esp those arms 😫 he looooves your thighs, your neck & your ass. when it comes to your thighs, he takes his sweet time leaving trails of bruises from your legs to your inner thighs. it would always leave you blushing & embarrassed when someone points out your bruises when you’re in public, but Roman would just smirk knowing he successfully marked you.

When it comes to your neck, Roman would find himself glancing at your neck if it was unmarked, yearning to trail bruises from your neck to your collarbone. He loves it when you style your hair leaving your neck exposed so his marks can be fully displayed. He’d always make sure to pay special attention to your neck when making out with you. He would always pull your hair tightly, giving him more access & making you slightly moan from the sting.

When it comes to your ass, Roman loves leaving marks all over your ass lmao don’t @ me cause yall know it’s true. When Roman goes down on you, he loves gripping your ass tightly with his big fucking hands lmao. You love wearing jeans that compliment your figure & grip your ass well, knowing it would tease him in public. 😏

• C - Cum (anything to do with cum) - I gotta admit I totally stole this from my boo @roman-reigns-princess 😂🙌 he 100% has a pregnancy kink, I didn’t even think of it until she mentioned it in her version but omg 😭 he loves watching you lick cum off of him just as much as he loves licking cum off of you.

• D - Dirty Secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret/secrets of theirs) - I’m completely biased lmao but I feel like Roman would surprisingly be a switch 🙈 even though he’s def more dominate, he does have submissive moments. He loves when you use handcuffs, a whip, etc. He loves having you ride him as much as he loves fucking you into the mattress.

• E - Experience (how experienced are they?) - Roman is v experienced lmao. Y'all try out different things pretty often to keep things interesting, not like y'all need to haha.

• F - Fave Position (again, self explanatory) - his fave position is most likely you riding him. He loves being able to have his hands holding your hips as you ride his dick, & he loves watching the look on your face as you came with him. Either that, or doggy style so he can either choke you or fist your hair as he thrusted into you from behind.

• G - Goofy (are they humorous in the moment, are they more serious, etc.) - honestly?? Sometimes he can be humorous, esp if you’re in a sad/bad mood or whatever but idk why I just don’t see him really being goofy during sex lmao.

• H - Hair (how groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) - Even though he’s got a beard lmao he’s most likely shaved down there.

• I - Intimacy (how are they during the moment, romantic aspect..) - he’s v big on intimacy during sex. He loves being able to stare into your eyes or hold you as he thrusts into you. He’d be muttering praise & “I love you’s" as he pounded into you. “You’re taking my dick so good, baby, fuck.” “I love you so much, Y/N.”

• J - Jack Off (masturbation headcanons) - oooh omg so when either of y'all were on the road, y'all would def send nudes & have phone sex 24/7. Sometimes he’d make you masturbate before y'all fucked, but he wouldn’t let you cum, just to prolong the pleasure lmao.

• K - Kink (one or more of their kinks, LORD. also I’m gonna do it bullet point style for this.) - he 100% has a daddy kink 🙈🤗

- overstimulation/multiple orgasms, both ways 👀

- biting, both ways but I really really feel like he loves it even more when you bite him.

- hair pulling, again, both ways but I think he really has a weakness for it.

- choking kink, both ways.

- spanking kink

- thigh riding

• L - Location (favorite places to have sex) - I feel like he’s totally open to public sex??? He’s def one to tease you while having dinner with your family

• M - Motivation (what gets them going, turns them on) - it really turns him on when you wear clothes that show off your figure or that are v revealing. It really turns him on when you tease him & take control. He loves when you leave marks on his neck, his thighs, his arms.. He loves when you tease him while he’s on the phone with his parents or when you’re out having dinner.

• N - NO (something they won’t do) - name calling (to an extent lmao), race play, degradation of any kind. That’s just too much for him. He would call you stuff like ‘slut’ if you’re up for it lmao but he couldn’t ever actually degrade you.

• O - Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) - oooh he definitely prefers giving oral 😫😫 your pleasure is more important to him anyways, so he’ll spend as long as he can eating you out because he loves feeling you come undone just from his mouth. Overstimulation would come into play almost every time he ate you out, so he’d definitely make you cum at least four times before he started actually fucking you. Roman also has a habit of waking you up with an orgasm by eating you out, not that you’re complaining though lmao.

• P - Pace (slow or fast? sensual? etc.) - definitely fast & rough! He’s obviously sensual, but he loves fucking you into the mattress or against the wall, while you scratch down his back & cry out. You’d think that he would tease you by going so slow but he just loves torturing you by overloading you with pleasure.

• Q - Quickie (their opinion on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.) - he would def prefer proper sex rather than that, but he wouldn’t turn a quickie down lmao. You’d often find yourself pushed up against a wall in an arena, a restaurant or a closet while he fucked you.

• R - Risk (are they game for experiment, do they take risks, etc.) - he’s always up to try new things but if you’re vocal about not wanting to do it, he’ll stop right away.

• S - Stamina (how fast & long can they go for?) - His stamina is unbelievable. Roman can go for hours on end, round after round after round. You’d go for so long, you’d be begging him to stop, but he wouldn’t cause he knew you really didn’t want him to.

• T - Toys ( do they own toys? do they use them on their partner or themselves? etc.) - I completely believe y'all would own & use toys, you obviously don’t have to but Roman loves having you use them. He’d make you use toys while you masturbated & he make you use a small vibrator while you were out in public at dinners, at the movies, etc.

• U - Unfair (how much do they tease?) - It depends on the mood, really. If he wasn’t in a bad mood, he’d wanna prolong your pleasure as much as possible & he’d tease you. Besides sex, he’d send you nudes while you were busy, whisper dirty talk in your ear in public while he fingered you, etc.

On the other hand, if he’s in a bad mood he’ll definitely take it out on you in the form of multiple orgasms & overstimulation. He’d have you crying from cumming so much & so hard. He’d say shit like, “Think you can cum for me one more time, baby?” “Damn, baby! You’re still so fucking wet and tight for me..” and, “You’re being so good for daddy, babydoll.”

• V - Volume (how loud are they? what sounds do they make?) - Roman’s definitely loud, & he never bothers to try to be quiet. He loves the idea of other people hearing you get fucked, so he never holds back his growls & moans.

• W - Wild Card Kink (random sex headcanon/s for the character of your choice) - Roman loves submitting to you, having you use him, & he esp loves when you edge him & overstimulate him. You would drive him to the point of tears from edging him, but once you finally let him cum, you made him cum over & over. Thanks to sis @macfizzle for that lmao. ^^

@roman-reigns-princess gave me this amazing idea omg. So sub Roman would 100% love when you reached to jerk him off while you sat on his face. 😫😫 he’d beg & say stuff like, “Please come sit on my face baby, let me eat you out.” His moans & whimpers would be the sweetest thing once you finally let him pleasure you.

• X - X-Ray (let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) - so I’m on mobile & ik there’s a way to add pics yourself but idc lmao. We’ve all seen those pics with dick prints when Roman’s wearing sweats or something, so we all know daddy Roman’s packing. 👀👀

• Y - Yearning (how high is their sex drive?) - this is gonna be more sub Roman lmao but he would have an unbelievable sex drive. I feel like he’d be needy in a way?? & demanding, but in a cute way?? idk haha.

• Z - ZZZ (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards) - he falls asleep pretty quickly when y'all are finally done having sex. He’d usually either wrap his arms around you & cuddle you from behind if you weren’t curling into his warm, hard body. He’ll look at you with a smile as you fell asleep, admiring how adorable you were.


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Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol

imagine Derek wanting to propose but getting so nervous that he ends up shifting and padding over to Stiles as a wolf with the ringbox between his teeth. He knows it’s stupid but he really wants to do this and can’t figure out a different way to get over his nerves and h figures stiles won’t mind. Stiles sees how carefully Derek comes over to him, with something small, just about the right size to fit into his palm in his mouth and he thinks maybe Derek is sheepish. He sees him looking at him intensely and expectantly and nervously when he drops the thing in his hand. And Stiles grins and tries to hold back on the urge to laugh and tease because OMG DEREK YOU’RE  FINALLY ADMITTING YOU WANNA PLAY FETCH and he just hurls the ringbox across the room. Derek gives Stiles the most dead pan wolf look Stiles has ever seen. He shifts back just so he can judge stiles some more with his eyebrows. “Are you kidding me?” He asks when he realizes the surprised and confused look on Stiles’ face, who is still quite amused because he is never not amused by all the potential dog jokes. “Oh come on, Der, we both know you’d enjoy it, why can’t you just let yourself go for a moment?” Stiles asks. Derek stalks over to the ring box and back to Stiles. “Good boy-” Stiles starts with a cheeky grin. But then Derek flips the box open to reveal the ring “I was trying to propose, idiot.” And it’s the most non glorious engagement, Derek standing there butt naked with furrowed eyebrows, staring at stiles and wondering how he was so in love with this guy who bursts out laughing at the whole situation and doesn’t hesitate to immediately call all his friends and tell this story. After he says yes and hugs and kisses Derek like crazy ofc

(Submitted by @halesheart)

Oh my gosh, yes! I love this.

(I’m laughing so hard right now, this just made my day)

so I was excited as everyone else thinking, “oh yes FINALLY rick is going to get his ass some new pants it’s been 84 years (lol i mean since season 2 but omg please new threads)” 

but then I remembered that photos taken of Andy and MMB out at lunch during the filming of 7.12… and I knew something was odd about it… and then… it hits me and 




(why is he like this?)

now I am just imagining Rick holding his pants out to Michonne, saying, “I DON’T GET STITCHES UNTIL MY PANTS DO.” 

aw headcanon where jacks been missing montreal especially bad lately and bits really just wants him to feel better so he goes on a wild internet search for “comfort foods Quebecois” and finds tortiere, a form of traditional french meat pie and even though he specializes in mainly fruit based pies he decides he’d give it a go and he practices making it while jacks on a roadie until the night he returns and by them bitty’s perfected and adjusted his recipe to his understandings and cooks it as a suprise and even tries to fix up “authentic” poutine with gravy and real cheese curds and of course he makes a fruit pie for dessert (maple apple, jacks favourite for obvious reasons) and when jack comes home and drops his bag and inhales slowly. and then starts sniffing, and hes suddenly taken back to his grandmére’s kitchen and his mouth starts to salvate and he finally realizes exactly what was going on and gets so over whelemd that , jack “hockey robot” zimmerman, starts to get teary eyed.
and then the two eat and enjoy each other’s company and jack is the most at home hes ever felt.

Fanfiction Appreciation Post: Haikyuu!! (KuroTsuki)

I am super grateful for all the wonderful people who put all their hard work into writing fanfiction beautifully. So, since Fandom Fic Rec Days are coming soon, I’m going to make a couple of posts dedicated to my favorite fanfics! I have too many in Haikyuu!!, so there are subsets based on the main relationship in the fic. Enjoy!

(These are in no particular order)

Days without you are horrible by boy101 (T; 1.1k; English; Complete)

Tsukishima comes home late after a shit day at work and mentally beats himself up for it. Kuroo’s there to make things a little more OK again.

Comments: I’m not even sure why, but I loved this one so much when I first read it, and sometimes I go back and reread it just for the heartwarming feeling it gives me.

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? by MelissaWritesStuff (@melissawritesstuff) (G; 6.4k; English; Complete)

“You don’t have anyone to kiss at midnight, do you?”

Tetsurou could sense Kei tense up beside him as he hesitated. “…No. I don’t.”

Tetsurou took a deep breath before looking up at Kei, and Kei’s expression was impossible to read, so Tetsurou just said it. “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

Comments: OMG ONE OF MY FAVORITES IN THE “GETTING TOGETHER” CATEGORY. Just, all that pining, and how they finally, finally realize how the other feels. Ugh, my heart.

xiv by ronan  (@kasbrekker) (M; 7.2k; English; Complete)

He counts the many moles on Tsukki’s unblemished skin and kisses the ones on his back. He’s always joking about them composing a constellation.

“This one looks like Scorpius’,” he lied once, tracing a random pattern between Tsukki’s shoulder blades.

Comments: I love the well-done details in their moments and the delicate fashion in which this fic handles things like coming out. Sexual orientation is difficult to explain as it is, but romantic orientation is a whole other uncharted territory. Also omg the plant.

Two Week Fold by surveycorpsjean  (@zanimez) (E; 28k; 7 chapters; English; Complete)

Tsukishima is a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.

A gorgeously rich businessman keeps stopping by his table- cat eyes so dark, swirls of interest dragging where ever they look.

“I need something pretty to take with me to the match.” He purrs, “And you certainly are pretty.”

Comments: I tend to avoid AU’s that are canon-divergent, but goddamn this one just stole my heart. Amazing!

to the beat of my heart by kittebasu (chanyeol) (E; 68k; 2 chapters; English; Complete)

Former boyband member and acting idol Tsukishima Kei’s continued entanglement with Nekoma’s lead singer Kuroo Tetsurou is just a series of missed steps in choreography he can’t quite master. (It doesn’t help at all that Kuroo Tetsurou makes a habit of constantly changing the music.)

Comments: Again, I usually don’t read fics with AU’s that are canon-divergent, but this one just blew me away. Incredible fic. 

This list is in no way complete. These are just five of the several fics that have given me the feels, warmed my heart, made me melt, brightened my day, and/or inspired me. Even if those fics aren’t up here, I really appreciate the hard work of all those writers.

Stay tuned for appreciation posts of fics with other Haikyuu!! pairings, and for appreciation posts of fics for other fandoms!

For KageHina fic recs, go here!

For poly ship fic recs, go here!

For TsukkiYama fic recs, go here!

For a masterpost of my fic recs, go here!

concept: Jack Laurent Zimmermann, professional hockey player and forward for the Providence Falconers, loses a bet and can’t cut his hair for a full year. imagine:

  • the sheer flow
  • how after the first three months his hair is the same length as it was in the Q and everyone has flashbacks 
  • shitty running his hands through it
    • shitty moaning while he does this
    • shitty growing out his own flow again
  • it getting in jack’s way because he refuses to get a mullet (because bitty refuses to kiss him in a mullet)
  • sex hair
    • bedhead
      • bitty pulling his hair
        • shitty pulling his hair as a joke and he gets turned on
  • bitty tweeting progress pics so the whole internet can follow 
    • the blogs about jack’s hair
  • jack putting it up in a lil bun during warm ups so it doesn’t get in his face
  • jack constantly running his hands through his hair after games during the interviews and it’s Distracting
  • people photoshopping bad bob with the flow because he never had one
    • bad bob is jack for halloween and has this ridiculous Jagr wig and he’s so Extra
  • during movember jack just looks like a sasquatch and it’s everyone’s favorite month
  • when he can finally cut it again he gets an undercut as a joke and it’s like two years after the trend but he brings it back because fuck he looks good
    • jack has the idea because he watches peaky blinders and thinks, i could have hair like that
Dating Gukkie Includes...

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

—he would be SO SHY AT FIRST 😳

—a lot of blushing, nervous stuttering, and voice cracks when you’d try to engage conversation or even stand relatively close at first

—after what seemed like forever (give him about 3 months or so) he’d finally get us to your hugs, lingering hands, kisses, etc etc 😍😍

—singing you to sleep and playing with your hair as you softly cuddle into his chest 

—forehead, crown kisses, hand kisses and back hugs are his favorite things!! 😚

—him trying to be cute ALL THE TIME 

—an example;; “omg you’re hands are so small how cute!!1!!1” then he lifts up your hand for comparison to his and next thing you know he’s softly kissing your fingers and sending you his ever famous bunny smile as he giggles and WOWO IM IN LOVE

—he will not hesitate to spoil the shet outta you like he sees you eye a dress for three seconds and suddenly he’s gone and bought it within two seconds 💰💰

—pulling weird faces from across the room whenever you both make eye contact 😂

—knocking on your door at 2 AM seeing if you wanna go for a walk and when you ask why he’ll get all gushy and defensive and very quietly be like “I just— I missed you, is all…” 😶😶

—constantly messing around with the members together A LOT!!! 😝

—whenever his teasing gets outta hand you have to kindly step in before Jimin actually beats the shit outta him if he gets called short ONE MORE TIME 

—verbal teasing has become a regular thing the both of you do 😇

—wake up next to him and he’s like “wow, you look trashier than usual” and you reply with something just as fucked up like “mhm, really? you should take a look at yourself, hotshot." 

—"well, damn princess ;;;)))”

—"what? Like what you see? ;;;))))“

—”…actually no— if you would have let me finish my sentence, then you would have known that you look like absolute trash

—"oh, that’s great! I was trying to look like you today anyways :)))”

—your texting consist of the dankest of dank memes ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

—taking ugly surprise pictures of each other and only using it for blackmail purposes muahahahahah 😈

—vvv competitive with eachother1!! 

—everything he does you’ll always try to out beat him at it and vice versa for him; video games, singing, dancing, working out,, sex 😛💦 ANYTHING

—because of this little competitions break out and there is always a “consequence” for the loser

—literally, just two little trouble making kids just dating and making, even more, trouble together 😈😇

—constantly reassuring him that “yes, I still love you, kookie & no I will never stop loving you, kookie” cause he would be so insecure about every little thing that he does

—randomly showering him in compliments which result in him blushing and giggling and being super shy and his cute bunny smile shet ahh cutie!!


—talking about anime series, favorite comic heroes/series, movies/books that you two can both just fangirl about 🔥🔥

—dates where everything is just chill where you two can talk and have fun and enjoy each other more and just YEEES ☺️☺️☺️

—walks on the beach, star gazing, movie dates, coffee shop, picnics, road trips, dinner dates, breakfast dates, juuust really chiiiill dates m8 🔥☺️

—knowing whenever your in a mood just by the look of your face

—same thing implies with you to him

—and then the two of you doing everything you can to make the other smile or happy or tell them what’s wrong so they can  try and fix it woooooow what a caring bf 😍😍


—he will fck shit up if some potential threat so much as fuckin looks at you at a club/party/event 😤🙅

—AND you can’t argue about it cause he’s literal perfection so you’re exactly like him whenever you two go out

—you will not hesitate to hastily pull him into a kiss just to spite other women that think they can have a slice of your bby boy nOooOpes!!! HE’S YOURS!

—usually, ends up having mind blowing jealousy sex in like the laundry room or something but shhh it’s lowkey 👀👅💦

—accident giggles between make out session cause he’s rlly rlly ticklish 😝

—lingering touches on your lower back, waist, and hips whenever you go out cause he wants everyone to know your his, but doesn’t want to smother either in their faces

—lowkey PDA (holding hands and pinky locking) at first, but once he gets comfortable he’ll sometimes full on make out with you BUT only with certain people like his members!!!


—he’d be so willing to fuck you hard, but at the same time if you want to pleasure him then he’d happily play the sub role

EXTREMELY kinky (you blame namjoon for it tbh)


—Thigh riding cause LOOK AT THEM 🔥🔥👀

—hand jobs <<<< blowjobs ✊💦👄

—rough sex >>>>> love making


—showering you with compliments as he slams himself into you deeper and harder every time 😝

—always calls you baby girl or bby but ONLY during steamy sexy time 😛

—other times when he’s being cute or needy he uses sweet stuff like honey, princess and/or darling ☺️☺️

—catching him staring at your breathtaking beauty all the time

—"what are you looking at, kookie?“

—"oh–oh… um, nothing… sorry…”

—finding little doodles and drawing scattered all over the place with little notes on the side of them like “hagd, princess” “I love you” “ur butt looks better than usual today ;;)” “see you soon, my love”

—such a supportive little bf all the time every time ✊😊

—got a new promotion at work? treats you to fine wine at a 5-star restaurant, special event coming up that deals with you? he’ll cancel everything on that day just to be there with you 

—overall little golden shit maknae would make such a cute and supportive bf that loves and accepts you not matter what and will always, always be there for you!! and ofc you’d do the exact same thing for him any day, anytime! 😚👌💗

The Dating Series: Taehyung | Namjoon | Yoongi | Jeongguk | Hoseok | Seokjin | Jimin

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Cocky (Jungkook College AU) Part 3

Originally posted by sugutie

Jungkook x Reader AU

a/n: HEYA wowoow okayyyyy so I have been extremely busy for a long time now and gave myself a social media break!!!!! but now my schedule is okay and i’m back! I should have given some kind of pre-warning I guess but I forgot to and I’m really sorry :c

genre: university/college au, S M U T (this is legit filthy i h8 myself i need to bathe in holy water AND SO DO U) fLufFy at the end !!

word count: 2.1k

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Masterlist

“That’s it? You’re fucking joking, right. You’re kidding.”

His lips twitched at your use of swear word, but he kept his devilish grin. “Yep. Ask her, if you have to.”

You shuddered thinking about Jungkook and your teacher in the same compromising position you’d been in just moments ago. “No thanks.”

“Anyway.” He unfolded his arms and slinked back into where he had been before, his lips just centimetres from yours. “I believe this is where we left off?”

The inside of your mouth went dry. The sexual tension that had built between the two of you over the past couple of hours had grown so thick, neither of you moved, a silent conversation sparking. His grip on your waist tightened as he watched your bottom lip catch in your teeth, fighting your inner battle as to not give into him so easily. You let it go and swiped your tongue across your parched lips, staring at his own that were oh-so close to yours.

You let out a shaky breath. “Jungk-”

He cut you off as he lunged forwards, smashing his lips against yours forcefully. The sudden movement of his lips on yours made your nerves cry out, but you ignored it, the passion sparking you on. You let out a quiet mewl as his hands ghosted down your lower back and grabbed your ass harshly, your core rubbing against the rough material of his jeans.

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Dating Daryl Dixon Would Be Like..

-Him not wanting you to go on runs, but you being his favorite partner for one -Making him genuinely laugh and smile -Him pulling you close at night and holding you tightly so he can’t lose you -Him opening up to you and feeling comfortable enough to tell you what’s bothering him -“Take a damn shower you dirty redneck.” “Fine. But only if you’re in there with me.” -Him always bringing you a special gift back from a run. -Sitting on the porch late at night listening to old classic rock vinyls -“You need a haircut.” “Nope.” “Come here, I’m cutting it right now.” “Where the hell did you get those damn scissors?!” -Him randomly grabbing your hand and squeezing it -Comforting each other after horrible nightmares -Shower sex (when you finally get him to take one) -Rough, loud, passionate sex when no one else is in the house -Him telling you funny stories of him and Merle’s adventures -Him being extremely protective of you -Him getting jealous when another guy even looks at you for too long -Knowing that you’re always his top priority he’ll always have your back -Long hugs where he squeezes you tight and buried his face in your neck, leaving soft kisses there *gif not mine* an: these are so much fun to write omg

Originally posted by khaleesiwinter

anonymous asked:

sooooo how rfa members and saeran and v (let's say he's not blind for this one lol) would react and what would they do if they were in a club and mc started to do a sexy/provocative dance for them in the middle of the dancefloor and they're just like, sitting at the bar watching her??? please give me life with this one 😍😂

~Oh man. Alright, here we go Coyote Ugly lmfao

◉ Yoosung

  • Of course he is blushing when he sees you
  • Almost falls off of the bar stool
  • Low-key glancing around making sure no guys are staring at you
  • While also taking pleasure in the fact that you’re looking at him
  • He feels so special!
  • But also…should he look away?
  • He’s never been in this situation before!
  • It’s flustering him, honestly
  • And you’re making him feel hot omg
  • His pants are a little tighter
  • Already imagining what he is going to tell the guild back in LOLOL
  • Taking mental pictures of you while it’s happening
  • He’s definitely going to remember this moment
  • When you finally walk up to him he doesn’t even give you a chance to say anything
  • Pulls you into a long deep kiss to try and get some of that built up passion out of himself

◉ Jumin

  • He is smirking
  • Just letting you do your thing
  • Took some blurry photos tbh
  • Enjoying every god damn second of it
  • Giving out those ‘yeah, she’s mine’ eyes
  • “the smolder” look (sry I HAD TO…HE WOULD)
  • Confident as shit about this
  • Nodding at everyone in visual range
    • “You wish you had that,” he tells a guy who has been staring as well
  • Alright though
  • You made a big mistake
  • Guess who is asking you to dance for him now on a regular basis
  • He’s already thinking of songs in his head
  • And outfits…

◉ Zen

  • His eyes are about to pop out of his head!
  • Cheeks are immediately flush
  • He’s taking pictures
  • Taking short videos
  • Taking selfies of him smirking with you in the background dancing
  • Enjoying the show for a moment until he remembers that you’re in public
  • And other MEN CAN SEE YOU
  • One is sitting right next to him, staring
  • Omg and two others are getting awfully close to you on the dance floor
  • Okay, now he is in protector mode
  • Leaves his drink at the bar and jumps up to dance with you
  • That way everyone knows you belong to him
  • Plus
  • He’s got some moves of his own he’d like to show you ;)

◉ Jaehee

  • She turns around to see you dancing out there, looking at her
  • OMG
  • She chokes on her drink a bit, honestly
  • It’s suddenly hot in this club
  • You look so amazing
  • She can’t take her eyes off of you
  • Had no idea you could move like this
  • Okay…
  • Some idea… ;)
  • Is she smiling a little bit?
  • Yes she is
  • Trying to keep a straight face, though
  • Hears some guys at the bar talking to each other about approaching you
  • Then you make your way over to her and give her a big kiss
  • The guys are now cheering you both on
    • “Maybe we should make our way home,” she suggests with a smirk

◉ Saeyoung

  • Wow
  • He did not expect to see you out there dancing like that when he turned around with his drink
  • Chewing on his bottom lip while watching you
  • You were looking good af
  • He was honestly fine sitting back and enjoying the show tbh
  • But some guy got behind you and started to dance with you
  • Oh hell no
  • Chugged his drink and made his way over to you
  • Wedges himself between the two of you to kind of give him the hint that he should scram
  • He actually likes this song
  • So he starts to dance, too
  • And you guys have a little sexy dance-off out on the floor haha
  • He’s actually not being goofy?? It’s actually pretty hot and like a Chippendale’s level of moves
  • But then he had started to remove clothing and the bouncers put an end to it
    • “Sir, put your clothing back on or I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

◉ V

  • Where’s that gif of him Viktor

Originally posted by viiktorss

  • Ah yes, there it is
  • That’s exactly what happens when he sees you out there dancing like that
  • He had no idea???
  • How did he not know this?
  • He was not prepared ok
  • Once he gets over the initial shock he is really into this, honestly
  • He actually chuckles and gets a sideways smirk while watching you
  • Crosses his legs and slowly sips his drink while you dance
  • Beaming every time someone at the bar makes a comment about you
  • Looks over at them all cocky
  • Eventually joins you when he finishes his drink
  • Grinds up behind you and pulls you close
    • “I’m so lucky that you’re all mine,” he whispers in your ear
  • You don’t make it all the way home before he has to pull the car over because he is thinking about it so much

◉ Saeran

  • Well, shit.
    • “This is interesting,” he mutters
  • Cocks his eyebrow and is now chewing on his drink straw while watching you
  • Low-key making sure no one tries to grind up on you or he’s going to punch them
  • Trying his best to look nonchalant about it but inside he is sweatin’ tbh
  • Tapping his foot to try and keep chill
  • How dare you do this to him
  • Puts his drink down and just gets up and leaves through the crowd
  • You’re confused?? Where is he going?
  • You end up going after him
  • Moving through the crowds of people when a hand grabs your arm and yanks you
  • Saeran has pulled you into the bathroom and locks the door
  • And…well you know lolol

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could write headcannons for MC ignoring the RFA+V+Saeran (separately) because they did something stupid, and they get MC's attention by kissing her out of the blue? Thank you!! I love your blog (:

Thank you!
Honestly ignoring people when they’re being stupid can be really satisfying (but I would give in so easily to Zen tbh).
I couldn’t think of how to start a couple of them off because I couldn’t think of what they would do that would be annoying, so I’m sorry about that! This took way too long for me to finish writing…

-He requires constant attention from you to function.
-All of the sudden, you stopped communicating with him.
-No eye contact, no words, nothing.
-He gets very lonely very fast.
-What could he have done to make you this upset and how can he fix it?
-“Hey, _____? Why are you ignoring me?”
-His voice sounds so sad you almost give in right then and there to comfort him.
-But you persevere.
-“Did I do something wrong…?”
-You still avoid his eyes and he frowns. He’s getting really, really lonely now.
-He wraps his arms around your shoulders from behind and nuzzles his head into yours.
-“_____~~” he whines.
-dang it stay strong
-“What’s wrong~? Please talk to me~…”
-*internally screaming*
-He gives up after whining in your ear for a solid five minutes.
-An idea hits him.
-He moves in front of you and notices you staring at your feet to keep from looking at him. He frowns before brushing some hair out of your face. You still don’t budge.
-So, as his last resort, he lifts your chin and kisses you deeper than he ever has before.
-You almost choke because you were not expecting that.
-He pulls away and takes a deep breath.
-“Are you gonna stop ignoring me and tell me what’s wrong?”
-Yes definitely

-Zen needs lots of attention 24/7.
-But he has been only talking in lines from his script and at first it was charming but it’s just gotten annoying.
-He notices you starting to get annoyed with him and he finds it cute so he doesn’t get the message at first to shut up.
-He tries to apologize and he’s super dramatic and pouty when you ignore him.
-“But, ___, do you not love me anymore?”
-“Come on, dear. I miss your voice~”
-He tries to charm his way into making you pay attention to him but alas it does not work.
-So he just pouts and leans his head against your shoulder, nuzzling into you while groaning.
-“_____~” he says in a whiny tone. “Stop ignoring me~”
-Honestly he’s making to difficult to ignore him but you keep reminding yourself about  how annoying he was.
-Zen becomes impatient and stands in front of you with a serious thinking face. You stare blankly of to the side to avoid eye contact.
-He swiftly grabs your cheek and dives in for a very deep kiss. You can feel this son of a bitch smirking into the kiss too when he feels you tense up because he knows it means he has your attention now.
-Zen pulls away with a grin while you stare at him with wide eyes. “Oh, I have your attention?”
-Embarrassed, you swipe his hand from your face and turn away.
-“Aw~ don’t be embarrassed~” he cooed in your ear and kisses your cheek. “I’m sorry for annoying you earlier. Forgive me?”

-She’s been watching a new DVD all day long.
-When you tried to join her or ask her about something, she would shoo you away.
-Fine, be that way.
-You resort to just ignoring her like she’s neglecting you.
-You sit in another room and decide to occupy yourself with something just like she’s occupied with that damned DVD (like reading, playing video games, etc.).
-After she finished her DVD, she came to you and started talking to you about it.
-“So whoever casted them for that role made a poor decision because the character seemed so useless- …Are you even listening to me, _____?”
-You didn’t look up from what you were doing and continued to ignore her.
-“_____…? Hello?”
-No response.
-“Why are you ignoring me? Is it because of the DVD?”
-She sighed but then devised a bold plan to get your attention.
-Jaehee gently grabbed your cheek and quickly brought your face to hers, capturing your lips in a very deep kiss.
-When she pulled away, you were breathless and staring at her with giant eyes.
-“Hi, _____.”
-“…Hello, Jaehee.”
-She smiled. “Good to have you back. I’m sorry for paying more attention to my DVD than to you. Next time, let’s watch it together.”
-You don’t even mind if you lost the page in your book or died in your video game because wow

-Whatever it was that he was doing must’ve been really annoying because you have stopped communicating with him completely.
-You coldly sit on the couch petting Elizabeth while ignoring Jumin as he tries to talk to you. He catches on quickly that you’re ignoring him on purpose.
-“Stop acting like a child, _____. If there’s an issue we should discuss it like adults.”
-This boy lectures you for being childish.
-But when he’s through with his speech, you’re still ignoring him.
-That’s when he too becomes a pouty little puppy.
-“Love? Please talk to me…”
-He’s playing the cute and desperate card oh no
-You keep strong and remain composed despite his whining.
-“I miss you… I need you…”
-Jumin Han I swear to god
-This is more difficult than you thought it would be. He’s acting so needy you almost cave. Almost.
-“Please, dearest, talk to me.”
-He’s quickly becoming depressed but he’s not giving up, especially when he got the idea to be bold to get your attention.
-“_____, stop ignoring me.” he said before holding the back of your neck and bringing you into a deep, deep kiss.
-He pulled away with a serious expression. “Are you through being childish yet?”
-“Uh-huh, yep, definitely,” you nodded with surprise.
-Jumin chuckled. “Good. Now, tell me what’s wrong.”

-Payback motherfucker
-All day he has just been picking on you. He wasn’t necessarily being mean to you, but he kept making fun of you.
-It was all in good fun but it got old real quick.
-He just wouldn’t stop. It got on your last nerve.
-You avoided his eyes and didn’t respond to anything he was saying. Needless to say, he picked up on your mood very quick.
-“Aw, c'mon _____, you know I’m just messing with you!”
-You just stared to the side.
-“I’m sorry, do you forgive me~?”
-…Okay now he’s starting to get sad.
-“_____, stop ignoring me~… Please? I didn’t mean anything I said.”
-Plz don’t be sad omg no
-“I’m sorry for joking around like that, just please forgive me.”
-“I’ll try to make it up to you if you just say the words.”
-After a few minutes of no results, he gets a bold idea he’s sure cannot fail.
-He stands in front of you and cups your cheeks. Your eyes dart up to meet his before he dives in to kiss you passionately.
-You honestly felt your knees getting weak.
-Saeyoung pulled back, breathing heavier than before. Your eyes were on him.
-“Oh~ Finally got your attention now~?”
-“Yeah, yeah,” you mutter and pull his hands off your face.
-He kisses your cheek before adding with a smile, “I’m sorry for picking on you. I’ll be nicer. Just tell me when you want me to stop and I’ll stop, okay?”

-In your defense, he was ignoring you first.
-Well, he wasn’t purposely ignoring you, but whenever you tried to talk to him, he was busy with something else.
-Even if he was in the middle of some mundane everyday task, he would tell you we was too busy.
-You decide that you’ll just ignore him and see how he likes it because you’re that frustrated.
-He is so hurt and sad.
-how could you ignore such a ray of sunshine you’re hurting him have you no heart
-He takes it personally.
-“Are you ignoring me? …Why are you ignoring me? Did I do something?”
-“Whatever I did, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for upsetting you.”
-oh my god stop it my heart hurts
-“If you just tell me what I did, I’ll never do it again. I promise.”
-why are you so precious
-“Please talk to me…?”
-He sighs when he realizes his words weren’t helping. There’s only one more thing he can think of that’ll get your attention.
-He smiles before stroking your cheek and planting a deep kiss your lips.
-The light “hmph!” noise you make as his lips contact yours makes V smile because it was cute, plus it means you’re finally paying attention.
-When V pulls away, you’re staring right into his eyes.
-“I’m sorry for whatever upset you, dear. Are you done ignoring me now?”

-again how could you ignore such a sweet little boy he needs love you heartless mistress
-He yelled at you because you were being too loud.
-His definition of “too loud” is apparently eating a bag of chips. (Which you may or may not have stolen from Saeyoung)
-“Sorry, I’ll make sure to breathe quieter.” Those were the last words you said to him before giving him the silent treatment.
-Saeran is stubborn too, however. This is gonna take a while.
-When he sees that you won’t even look at him, he’s sad at first, but he only sees it as a challenge. In his mind, it’s like “well if you’re gonna ignore me, I’ll just ignore you too!”
-So neither of you speak or look at the other for a few days.
-Saeyoung obviously notices and asks Saeran what happened. He just told him to mind his own business.
-So instead, he asks you, and you tell him that Saeran was being stupid.
-After a fourth day passes of not seeing or talking to you, Saeran calms down and realizes “okay I really cannot survive like this I’m sad and I need _____”
-He asks Saeyoung how to get you to forgive him and he smirks.
-Saeran wasn’t sure how this would work, but I guess he trusts Saeyoung about this.
-He marched up to you. “_____.”
-He sucked his teeth. “_____, would you stop ignoring me already?”
-In a split second, Saeran’s hand was tangled in your hair and he was kissing you deeply and passionately.
-who the fuck are you and where is Saeran
-He pulled away and caught his breath, staring at you with nervous eyes that contrasted his confident behavior from seconds ago. “Okay, _____?”
-there he is
-“…I’m sorry, Saeran.”
-Saeran nudges you. “Don’t ignore me again, got it?”

Knew I’d get your attention with that pic! Unfortunately, this isn’t about steamy sex but recent shitshow events….read on…
I just watched Caitriona’s OW speech and this was NOT what I expect from Caitriona Balfe… and tells me a lot about the sequence of events we’ve seen leading up to Sam’s ‘new girlfriend’ being announced. Caitriona is a skilled communicator and those speech prompts were basic…an unpolished, nervous speech that didn’t require her to look at her phone. I thought BAFTA was bad but only because she forgot to mention the other actresses in her category + thank BAFTA after the emotion of thanking her ‘partner’…what she did say was eloquent and succinct that evening and off the cuff but this….she could have easily rattled that off without looking at her phone…This was a women not speaking from the heart and thanking who she wanted to IMO…she wanted to look down and avoid eye contact, she was holding back, talking without substance, a speech that had no meat to it…there was nothing she could meaningfully latch onto to speak about from her heart….and no mention of OL or sign of anyone related to the show….she had nothing much to work with and it showed… Here’s my view of what we’ve seen. This event was played down for a reason…Caitriona of course KNEW the new girlfriend was being ‘announced’, KNEW Sam’s quid pro quo event was the following night, KNEW if Sam attended she would thank him and give herself away like BAFTA…How would Sam pull off the fake ‘girlfriend announcement’ the following evening if he had just attended OW…how could he attend OW and hide his pride and love for her, then turn up with MM (who forgot to wear a top under her gaping blazer) the following night for their 'reveal’? Caitriona had just walked a Woman’s March (with Sam), her views made clear. How could she have Sam at this event knowing full well what was about to happen and say she is a woman of integrity? How could she do it and not look like a woman who toys with the emotions of her female fanbase along with her costar’s GF, how could she speak without her love for Sam not showing? She couldn’t…so she made the personal sacrifice not to have Sam there…and because this would have raised questions she had NOONE from OL there and everyone knew the deal and went radio silent…knowing Sam’s BIG announcement was about to hit. Knowing that once it did OW would be forgotten and the focus switched to Sam (and the ridiculous length of those trousers). We thought the OL radio silence was odd…we thought Sam and OL casts not attending was odd and now we know why! They all know. They all have the memo…..

So where to now? Well I assume the charade has to continue until such time TPTB feel shareholders won’t feel 'duped’ when Sam and Caitriona 'start’ their relationship having unknowingly invested in a company with a potential liability. I expect to see the 'delicate intricacies’ of MM and Sam’s relationship around for a while according to the instructions of 'Puss in Boots laces’. MM is the 'new girlfriend’ (OMG Datalounge and Blind Items will have a field day 🙄), Billy M will get his SM back, SH/CB will head off to their private bubble in SA, MM’s following will continue growing in numbers and IW will dance a jig at the death of the cockroaches. The other thought I had is that the MM/Sam 'relationship announcement’ is to create intrigue about Sam Heughan’s partner and that this attention builds until finally he reveals his relationship with the Earth’s most divine human being Caitriona Balfe…however, that’s a fantasy and this is business and Sam AND Caitriona are doing what needs to be done to complete the business transaction. They too have had to sacrifice a lot. BAFTA, GGs, OW and the humiliation attached to the whole shitshow…worse of all they have sacrificed their integrity… but hey…the show must go on…it sucks for us and it sucks even more for them… How does OW make it even MORE obvious this shitshow isn’t real? Sam wouldn’t have chosen that timing, that event to take his 'new girlfriend’ to if real because it upstaged Caitriona, within hours it became all about him. No costar does that. He wanted that, he NEEDED to move people on from asking the obvious questions and placing Caitriona under pressure. Why didn’t you invite your costar? Hasn’t he helped you to where you are? You said he’s your best friend? Isn’t Sam here in LA?..,He didn’t need to choose that moment to reveal his relationship with MM but did it then for a reason. To distract and protect her and also strike while the iron was hot and people were thinking he mustn’t mean that much to her… Could they be any more obvious…like BAFTA they have been forced to use Caitriona’s award ceremony to reiterate the narrative…God…it’s beyond pathetic…

Your Enemy [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: OMG. EVIL BARRY! YES! Okay, so I’m totally in love with the idea of a fight beforehand and smut. Maybe reader did a scheme without him and they get into a big fight and just pure kinky smut™ because we all know that evil Barry is a kinky son of a — well, you get my point 😊

a/n: ah my evil barry i missed him


The Flash was always too fast for you, except for today; you finally captured him. Peering back at you, he holds his cuffed wrists straight in front of him as you lead him to the pipeline. “I can phase out of these, you know.” he smirks, black hoodie swaying around his torso.

“Actually, you can’t, Barry. They were specially designed for speedsters by yours truly.” you tut, shoving him forward. Unexpectedly, he spins around, converse squeaking, body pressed to yours. “Get in the cell, Barry.” you frown, taking a step back. Control yourself, Y/N.

He follows your movements, leaning close to you; his breath touches your ear. Lime green eyes drop their attention to your breasts in your tight teal suit. “Make me.” he challenges, tongue licking across his upper teeth in an act of seduction. “I know you want me…so take me.” he purrs, pressing his hard on to your thigh.

Gasping, you bite your lip, eyes jumping to the security camera. In a second, it’s dismantled, thanks to your powers. Barry grins wickedly, catching your earlobe in between his teeth and tugging. With his hands still cuffed, he unzips the small zipper to your black and teal leather pants. “Don’t think this means you’re free…” you warn, nibbling on his pale neck.  

He chuckles, pushing your pants down as far as he can. “I wasn’t.” Barry says while he gets on his knees. “Trust me, seeing a hero beg for me will be payment enough.” he smirks, mouth hovering above the waistband of your panties.  His teeth latch on to the thin fabric, pulling them down your thighs. “Ah, you’re already so wet for me. Interesting…” he hums.

You rest your back against the padded wall, watching his lips move closer to your sex. Instantly, his mouth latches onto you, tongue teasing your pussy. “Barry, Barry, Barry…” you chant, closing your eyes while he dips his tongue in and out, long fingers lazily doodling on your bare thighs. His eyelashes brush against your skin, finally fluttering up at you, green eyes sparkling.

Barry flattens his pink tongue, hollowing his cheeks. His black hoodie tumbles off his shoulder, landing in a pool at his elbows. You let out a shallow breath, tugging on his milk chocolate hair, causing him to moan deeply, lapping up your juices. “I’m… Oh god… I’m gonn-” you yell, head thumping against the cushioned wall. Oh my god, who knew a villain’s mouth was so good?

The second you cum, Barry cleans up your pussy, swallowing everything; you groan, hips bucking at him. When he pulls away, a trail of drool on the corner of his lips, smirking his signature way. “How was that, princess? Not too bad for a villain?” he teases, voice hoarse and gravelly, like pure sex. You really shouldn’t be thinking that way about your enemy…

“It… Wow.”

The speedster stands up, holding his chained hands in front of him. “Imagine what I could do when my hands are free…” he winks, sashaying into the cell. Your chest heaves up and down, eyes watching the clear door seal shut; Barry brushes off his tan jeans nonchalantly, licking his lips. Maybe you don’t want to be his enemy after all.

Mum Ignis

Noctis: *rolls eyes*
Gladio: *smacks him so hard Noct falls down* Do not roll your eyes at your mother!
Ignis: OhmygOD, GLADIOLUS, you can’t just smack him like that! Omg, Noct, are you ok? Does it hurt? Let me see your head; there there, it’s okay. That was a very bad way to joke about me being his mum, Gladio. For the last time, I am not.
Gladio: But see, you behave like one.
Prompto: You’re more mom than my mom.
*while Noct gets back up on his feet*
Ignis: In any case, I’d be his father. 
Gladio: *smacks Noct back down to the floor* Do not roll your eyes at your father!

Mista and Trish Romance, is it Canon? DEEP ANALYSIS AHEAD

While I was re-reading Vento Aureo (mostly to find some good Giorno and Mista stuff for my analysis on their relationship..still need to finish that eventually) I also wanted to explore Mista and Trish’s relationship, since a lot of Jojo fans assume they got together after the end of Vento Aureo.

I love and respect Trish’s character wholeheartedly, she is one of my favorite female characters in Jojo. As a confused 15 year old girl, she was able to develop her stand and contribute to the team, even though she was surrounded by violent criminals trying to kidnap her (and a father who wanted her dead). With that being said, a lot of Jojo fans assume she and Mista are a canon pairing, because of their interactions after they switched bodies, and because of that one image of Trish grinding on Mista in Jojo Agogo. In fact, when I read the shitty b&w scans of VA, I thought that too, especially when I kept seeing that Jojo Agogo cropped image of them dancing, being posted everywhere.

But when I saw the entire image, and looked through all the other Jojo Agogo poses (this book is a riot, there’s one scene of Killer Queen being groped and lifted up by The World), I realized right away that this was just a glamorous fan-service thing Araki made. I mean..there are Squadra members participating in this dance party (look at Fugo and Risotto, they are being so gay..despite having never met each other in the story) and though I’d like to think they all just randomly stopped fighting, invited Fugo back, and started a dance party (before the Squadra members got killed)’s safe to say this has no real basis in the canon story.

So what do we know about Mista and Trish’s relationship from the canon narrative? Well, he likes to check out her “goods” in the earlier chapters of the story…and that’s all we really know in terms of his attraction to her. Mista is a bit of a lech so that isn’t surprising at all, I mean he lets Giorno put his hand in his pants to help him “aim” his pistol, and the story notes that Mista, before joining Passione, called out to women.

After that….there’s barely any interaction between Mista and Trish. In fact, it seems like he just completely loses interest her. In that scene above, he is upset.while staring at Trish’s tatas..because he fears the boss will come after him for looking at his daughter like that. After the gang betrays the boss, he has free reign to pursue her without worrying about that anymore, but he chooses not to.

In fact, he decides to join Bruno because he wanted to be second in command after the boss is killed, and because he trusts Giorno’s judgement..he doesn’t want to do that for Trish’s sake (which is the opposite from Bruno’s motives, who acted in the heat of the moment by protecting her). By that point in the story, he seems to not care all that much about Trish in a “romantic” context, and focuses his attention on a certain blonde haired “protagonist” instead. If he truly was interested in her, he would try to talk to her more..but he never does…at all..until they switch bodies.

(after Notorious BIG fight from the group pose they do when the plane is landing, notice how Trish is just standing off to the side and these two are cuddling wtf lmao).

When they switch bodies because of Silver Chariot Requiem, everyone is freaking the fuck out because they aren’t in their original bodies. Trish has the most over the top reaction to this. Right away we learn that she doesn’t find Mista attractive at all. Also when Mista touches Trish’s boobs while he is in her body, his reaction is, “why the fuck do i have these!?” not “oh my god i have boobies hell yeah!!” Also poor Mista, he is upset that she thinks he is some hairy smelly freak of nature. And honestly, I would yell at Mista too and tell him to stop touching me, if I was in her position as well.

Here, the most important part, is Mista saying, “You think I really want to touch you?” He’s affirming that he’s not really interested in her that way by asking that rhetoric question. It could also be him just acting defensive, but Mista is a straightforward kind of guy, he says what is his on his mind and doesn’t think too hard about situations…in fact that is a huge aspect of his personality. Which is why when he said that, I believe he was being honest towards the way he felt about her in that point in the narrative.

Also when Trish runs to Giorno, who is in Narancia’s body, Mista says “Now you really want to die huh” and I busted out laughing. If that isn’t some kind of weird overprotective comment (implying he means: don’t you dare touch my giorno) I don’t know what is. I highly doubt that Mista is saying Giorno would harm her, because that is out of character for Giorno’s personality, he never hurts people, not even in a comical way, unless they are morally bad in his eyes. Both Trish and Mista know this about his personality. At that point Mista was getting sick of her criticisms, and when she runs to Giorno, that was the final straw for him haha.

But it’s not all bad between them! Once they get back to their original bodies, they have such a cute moment together omg. I loved these scenes, poor Mista was feeling self conscious about his body odor, and Trish tells him that she misses it! Now from that line alone, I definitely can understand why people assumed they may have gotten together after the story ended. However, Trish says his fingers are still freaky..which is basically her reaffirming that she isn’t attracted to him in that way (remember, she said his fingers were dirty and hairy earlier). And Mista doesn’t take that to heart, hence the super cute moment they have when they laugh (reminds me of the weird things me and my friends do when we laugh off awkward situations as well).

In fact, Hato and Joshu, who are brother and sister in Jojo part 8 (jojolion) have an exact same moment where they turn to each other and laugh, mimicking Mista and Trish’s pose in that final scene. (ugh I WISH I had that saved, it’s adorable).

(in the final cover pose, Trish turns away from the surviving members, while Giorno and Mista touch hands. The hand touching symbolizes their fates are tied together. Meanwhile, Trish’s pose follows the direction of Bruno’s extended leg, symbolizing she is going to listen to his advice for her: which is to restart her life after they defeat her father.)

Having looked through all of their interactions, I don’t think, by the end of Vento Aureo, that they were interested in each other romantically. However, I can see them becoming close friends. All we really know about Trish after the story is over, is that Bruno gives her his house to live in and wishes for her to go to school in that area. (imo Trish and Bruno have a much deeper meaningful connection with a potential romance, I can do a meta post on them if yall want that)

Also, in Purplehaze feedback (the novella about Fugo rejoining passione, which imo is canon because the jojo games think it is, the Japanese fans love it, and Araki gives it his seal of approval by adding his own illustrations on what the characters look like in the book) Trish is a popstar, that strays from passione. In a radio interview, she refers to them as “a group of friends” that she “owes a debt to.” Giorno then says the following to Fugo:

“In Venice, you said we didn’t even know what kind of music she liked. Now you do.”

He raised the glass to his lips, took a sip, and put it back on the table.

“We didn’t help her with this, you know. We don’t do that any more. She got the recording contract on her own merits.”

And with that, he moves on to talk about Fugo’s betrayal. If Trish were still very close to them, Giorno would have mentioned it right away, because he was trying to make Fugo feel guilty for abandoning them. However, it seems like she isn’t and to me, that is OKAY. Though Trish proved herself by fighting with the crew, at the end of the day, she isn’t a gangster, so why would she stay close to them? I’m sure she contacts them and maybe visits them from time to time, but passione is still a violent organization, despite Giorno’s good intentions. They are mobsters that violently pursue underground drug trafficking and dangerous stand users. For a popstar, that is not good publicity.

Now I’m not saying you can’t ship those two, please ship away! I love seeing fanarts of them, but in terms of canon, based on what we have so far, I highly doubt they get together romantically. 

If you guys want to see me do more meta posts on jojo characters/relationships, I’ll do it, give me some suggestions!

lightwoody  asked:

olive hello i just saw ur jimon drabble and ik that was a while ago but im making u write something else: malec and "make me." ;))))) take this as u will

this is finally getting answered omg

a sea of silk sheets, pillows, and blankets surrounds them in a warm and cozy bliss, and the room has a faint scent of vanilla and lilac. intertwined fingers make patterns on skin and air and magnus feels the vibration of alec’s laughter against his lips as he kisses him again, straddling his waist as the morning sunlight streams into their bedroom.

magnus’ slender fingers cup alec’s jaw as he places kiss after kiss on his lips and alec hums, his hands lazily running up and down magnus’ bare back. everything is sugary and sweet, like pancakes topped with berries and powdered sugar, or slow dancing on an empty dance floor, your foreheads touching and your arms around each other, soft music in the background.

what a joy, what a blessing to see alexander lightwood like this, wrapped in sheets and his dark hair fanned out against the crisp white of the pillow and his cheeks flushed and a huge smile on his face free of cares and worries. it makes magnus’ heart skip a beat to see the younger man under him reach out to him in a beautiful, open, and trusting way.

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Is it cool if I request some best friend headcanons for Kuroo, Bokuto, and Daishou w/a female friend (no one ever writes for my snake son he needs love too /weeps)

Best friend heacanons are so much freaking fun!

Enjoy, Anon!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • The teasing would be freaking relentless. This boy already has issues with controlling his provocative nature and it’ll only get worse with her, ESPECIALLY when she starts dating.
    • “Kiss them yet? Use tongue? Give me all the details!” Anything to make her as red as possible.
  • Will be her advisor on how to seduce anyone. Granted, there will be a lot of over exaggerated suggestions but he takes ‘girl talk’ very seriously. So, he’ll give the right information when he knows she’ll need it.
  • Additionally, being her best friend is a role he takes very seriously, so you better believe he’ll be nothing short of an overprotective big brother in any kind of situation - and further like a brother when it comes to bugging the shit out of her.
    • Ya know that situation where you get held down and then a string of spit is ominously hanging over your face, never quite falling on you, but the threat is REAL? That’s Kuroo.
  • Guarantee they have time set aside every week just for them, like maybe Saturday or Sunday afternoons? Just dedicated time to one another so that they can catch up if they didn’t get a chance to see each other during the week.
  • I can totally see them constantly playing ‘King of the Couch’ while they’re just laying around watching TV. They’re start off fine, but slowly they’ll each start to subtly begin pushing and edging each other off until he literally turns into a full out war. They’ll desperately cling to the other in order to stay on with both of them ending up on the floor in the end.
  • Just so much teasing and poking fun but so much love and support.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • AHHHH! He would love her so hard!
    • I mean, he loves all of his friends, but he cherishes his best friends like none other. You better believe that whenever she needs him, he’ll be there. This boy will literally climb mountains for her.
  • And expect constant cuddles. He’ll always have his arm around her or he’d always have her hand in his. Oh, and forehead kisses!Literally everyone would just assume they’re dating if they didn’t know them. Lol, but then they’d be hanging out with someone and while they’re hardcore snuggling they’ll be talking about their crushes and how hot they are.
  • Tickle fights are a thing that is ALWAYS happening. And I mean always; it doesn’t matter where they are so be careful not to get caught in the crossfire!
  • If there’s anything that starts to weigh on Bokuto, she is one of the first people he goes to - even late at night, I’m sure her parents are used to him just walking right into their home and up to her room. Usually these events call for lots of ice cream, comfort cuddles and many hours spent watching Impractical Jokers (I just feel that’s a show he’s enjoy, or maybe I’m pushing that on him since I enjoy it. xD)
  • She’d always take his side no matter how outrageous the words or action may be (it drives Akaashi CRAZY). She doesn’t even question it either.
    • She’ll just be walking up to a group of them in the middle of a discussion that she has no clue about and he’d be all, “Right, [First Name]?” And legit, no hesitation, she’d be like, “That’s right, Kou.”
  • No one can convince me otherwise that they would go out together after ever game claiming they’re gonna paint the town red and just end up on Akaashi’s couch passed out cold. Poor boy doesn’t know if he’s thankful they’re asleep or upset that they’re taking up space.

Daishou Suguru

  • I feel that anyone who’s this snake boy’s BFF can be just as mocking as him - both to him and other people - and will always call out any bullshit he does, but never back down from his side.
    • Like they’ll be hanging out after a match and she’d be all, “You spiked it at that kid’s face, you asshole.” But that would be the most she would reprimand him because, hell man, boy’s gotta do what it takes to win.
  • And there was surely some kind of complication that came about when Daishou got together with Mika - I mean, this girl got upset about him spending so much time with volleyball, could you imagine how upset she would get if he was spending a lot of time with another girl? It would take time, and she would understand and try to reason with Mika, especially considering Daishou really likes her.
    • Eventually she’d come to be the third wheel on all their dates and complain about it to them. It drives Daishou crazy - hence the reason for its continuation.
    • Oh! Watch Mika and her start to hang out more and Daishou be the third wheel! “Stop stealing my girlfriend!”
  • Omg, I bet you anything that when those two were little, Daishou’s hair used to be a freaking mess and then she finally decided to take matters into her own hands. She gave him his look and did it for him in the mornings for YEARS while in middle school!
  • He would totally be all over protecting her NO MATTER WHAT. Doesn’t matter who you are if things are getting nasty, he’ll get nastier back! His and Mika’s first fight was probably about her and he would NOT let her speak poorly of his best friend. He hears it, he’ll find you, so you better watch what you say about her!