finally getting back in the photoshop game

concept: Jack Laurent Zimmermann, professional hockey player and forward for the Providence Falconers, loses a bet and can’t cut his hair for a full year. imagine:

  • the sheer flow
  • how after the first three months his hair is the same length as it was in the Q and everyone has flashbacks 
  • shitty running his hands through it
    • shitty moaning while he does this
    • shitty growing out his own flow again
  • it getting in jack’s way because he refuses to get a mullet (because bitty refuses to kiss him in a mullet)
  • sex hair
    • bedhead
      • bitty pulling his hair
        • shitty pulling his hair as a joke and he gets turned on
  • bitty tweeting progress pics so the whole internet can follow 
    • the blogs about jack’s hair
  • jack putting it up in a lil bun during warm ups so it doesn’t get in his face
  • jack constantly running his hands through his hair after games during the interviews and it’s Distracting
  • people photoshopping bad bob with the flow because he never had one
    • bad bob is jack for halloween and has this ridiculous Jagr wig and he’s so Extra
  • during movember jack just looks like a sasquatch and it’s everyone’s favorite month
  • when he can finally cut it again he gets an undercut as a joke and it’s like two years after the trend but he brings it back because fuck he looks good
    • jack has the idea because he watches peaky blinders and thinks, i could have hair like that

When you are too doomed with that one character… but have to say I rly love azure siegfried’s design tho. Been watching my friend playing cold steel 3 and finally seeing him the first time in the game and I am totally happy QQ! and Im pretty sure sakurai takahiro voice him too so it made it better!!!
Was fun going back to photoshop to experiment~ hopefully get to do more, just that its too heavy on my laptop ><

Boueibu Puzzle Game Kinshiro Pyjama Route

Okay so finally get to post this. I had this one completed right before I left on my trip, but I don’t have photoshop on my Mac so I couldn’t do it while I was gone >.< But because I did this a while back, my translations might have some memory gaps OTL

So this time we are stay at Kinshiro’s place! That bed looks so damn tiny compared to everything else lol

Look how happy he is that you are over >.<

Now we are switching to PJs, I am positive he wasn’t blushing much or I would have screen capped the crap out of it xD

Awwww Everybody loves a happy Kin-chan <33

Due to the books I might guess it was a PJ study date? Which sounds weird to me, but thats Otome game logic xD

He looks so precious though ;u; 


My hands hurt, back is cramped and I didn’t get much sleep but it’s worth it. I finally finished these two babies in time for Sabakon this weekend! 😻

I’ll be offering them as prints along with my Link piece I did from Breath of the Wild and Pidge from Voltron (featuring the space mice!)

Both were done with Neopiko liners, watercolor and colored pencil. Editing in Photoshop


Kendrick and Layla getting a feel for their new home. 

I am so tired of making new Sims and I’m sure ya’ll are tired of seeing them lol. I finally rid my game of corrupt files which is why I kept starting over! Now, I can freaking play in peace! 

sn: I need to put my HQ Mod back in! These pics are looking rough!!