finally getting back in the photoshop game

Boueibu Puzzle Game Kinshiro Pyjama Route

Okay so finally get to post this. I had this one completed right before I left on my trip, but I don’t have photoshop on my Mac so I couldn’t do it while I was gone >.< But because I did this a while back, my translations might have some memory gaps OTL

So this time we are stay at Kinshiro’s place! That bed looks so damn tiny compared to everything else lol

Look how happy he is that you are over >.<

Now we are switching to PJs, I am positive he wasn’t blushing much or I would have screen capped the crap out of it xD

Awwww Everybody loves a happy Kin-chan <33

Due to the books I might guess it was a PJ study date? Which sounds weird to me, but thats Otome game logic xD

He looks so precious though ;u; 

anonymous asked:

You're an art student at the age of 16?! IMRESSIVE!

((Mhm! I go to a highschool in the North Hollywood area. If you know a lot about Hollywood region or just LA in general, we focus a lot on media and entertainment. We are also a rather rich area as well. With that, my school offers elective classes that are usually only avalible in college in other parts of the country. AP Music Theory, Film/Broadcasting, Digital Media, Photography/Photoshop, Game Design, and what I’m in is Animation/Digital Arts.

I am a 2 year Animation student, and I am in Intermediate Animation (Animation II). Everything I’ve learned about art and digital painting, like anatomy and such, is from my 2 years of being in my highschool. I am currently making an animation that is my semester project as well as my final. (….i need to get back to work on that)

Im pretty proud of where I am in life, and I can become an intern for Nickelodeon Animation Studios in my senior year of highschool (18 years old))