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Welp, this is finally making it’s way onto my tumblr. It was entirely inspired by a line of Papyrus’ from the game stating that the bridge where the deadly gauntlet is located isn’t actually a bridge but a rock formation that Papyrus painted and added ropes to. Now I got it in my head that Paps can paint XD

Anyway, I’m gonna try to get a “day” posted every Saturday. This is gonna be mostly centered around Frisk, Sans, and Papyrus.


Hey Witchy Bargain Hunters!

Some of you might remember this post I made months back where I mentioned making a blog dedicated to finding items for us low budget witches. Welp, months later its finally up and running for everyone to use 😁 

@witchydeals is the name! Low budget witches, baby witches, and anybody looking for a good deals are welcome to follow for all things low budget~ 

For now, there isn’t much but please don’t hesitate to follow, boost, and shout-out! 

Please reblog to help get the word around!!

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Something and the Whatever

So, like, modern Beauty and the Beast AU that I am finally admitting will never be a real fic: 

While he’s not REALLY royalty, Derek’s indisputably the crown prince of the modeling industry… and exactly as shallow as one might imagine, given that his lifestyle is like 15% clubbing and lounging around in fancy hotels, 15% being told by strangers that he has the face/ abs/ ass of an angel, 20% getting free drinks and appetizers and whatever, and 50% getting flown to exotic locations to get his picture taken. He spends 0% of his time even thinking about events or people beyond his preposterously good looking clique, much less actually doing good in the world or being kind.

So one day he’s partying with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Kate and some other gorgeous models, and he makes the mistake of cruelly mocking a woman who tries to hang with them by laughing at her ugly facial scars. Surprise surprise, she turns out to be a Druid who curses him to be A BEAST until he can make someone love him on account of his personality and receive True Love’s Kiss! But also he can’t speak of the curse until it’s broken, which she assures him it won’t ever be, because he is an ASSHOLE. And then she’s gone.

So Derek rushes to the bathroom to stare at a mirror, horrified at the idea of not being gorgeous - it’s his living, after all! - and he’s relieved at first, because everything is normal. He guesses the moment where her scars seemed to disappear must have been… an illusion? Anyways she’s just a crazy weirdo who tries to get a rise out of people with her weird magician tricks. Whew!

But then….. The changes are subtle, but devastating. His nose bulges at the tip, his eyebrows go wiry and fill in at the center. His teeth, always a bit crooked, get downright messed up and oh God, are they yellow? They’re definitely a little yellowed. The same sort of changes sweep over his whole body - a layer of fat around his abs, his tan faded to pasty white, his ears poking out like fucking wings, hair thinning and receding a good inch and a half. Even his scruff goes horribly patchy. Derek sobs in horror. He’s basically A BEAST.

He goes back out to the club and tries to get Kate’s help; she loves him, right? So if she kisses him this will all be over! But she spurns him just as cruelly as he’d spurned the Druid, sneering at him and saying that even if he is really Derek, like he claims to be, he’s hideous now and she has no desire to be around him for even one second more, much less kiss him. 

He’s sort of baffled and appalled - Kate’s always seemed so nice to him and the other rich, beautiful models. But now she’s treating him worse than dirt! And if even his girlfriend thinks he’s worthless like this… there’s no hope. He flees into the night, away from the judging eyes of other people.

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Concept: The Pines family learns that Bill is now trapped in a statue that’s stapled to a tree and they all show up in the forest, stand around him and make endless “hanging around” jokes and tree puns.

“Welp, we finally got that three-sided jerk to leaf us alone.”

“He used to be so focused on world domination, I’m glad he managed to BRANCH out!”

“Ha! Good one, pumpkin!”

“Isn’t this a ponderosa? Looks like he finally found a Pine willing to put up with him.”

“Personally I think all this is a little over-ELM-ing.”

"Can you think of any way he might get out of this, Grunkle Ford?”

“No, Dipper. Frankly, I’m stumped.”

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I tried writing this but really it came out flat and horrible. And that’s the last thing you want, nonny.
So alas, I must apologise friend, but you will have to ask another because I just can’t get my mind around the slippery bastard.

But I will give you some NSFW headcanons to stave off your thirst.

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Welp, I think I finally lost the battle and have succumbed to the sickness that has been going around for the past two weeks 😩 last night we got home and my stomach was upset and I felt dizzy. All through the night, my nose was stuffed and I couldn’t sleep because if I laid on my right side, I snored (sorry babe!), I couldn’t get comfortable on my stomach, and if I laid on my back, I snored (sorry again, babe!). And now I’m coughing and hacking and sniffling. 🙄

AUs i wanna write that just randomly popped into my head rn 

———- mystery gang. a group of teenagers going around, solving mysteries, spoiling the bad guys plans because they’re meddling kids. but sometimes there are mysteries they can’t solve. & sometimes they get seriously hurt. or sometimes the mysteries get really fucking weird like holy fuck you’re a demonic cult from outer space trying to harvest young people for their supreme overlord ???? okay welp we can’t have that happen. 

———- camp half-blood. because i’m rereading pjo & i cry over greek mythology at least once every three months. 

———- youtubers. a new wave of youtubers who have no idea what they’re doing but they all know each other. they appear on each other’s segments. make a mess of everything. are memes. all the time. 

———- actors. do you know those aus where the characters of animes are actually actors ??? so like. they’re all actors on a tv show & for example say two characters are dating on the show but irl they literally cannot stand each other. there is also a mess that occurs. sometimes they gotta be lowkey else the paparazzi be up their butts. 

that’s it that’s all i have yolo.

As you can see, I’M BACK!!!!!
And sooo exhausted :’D …. 13hours from poland back home … there were too many traffic jams … it usually takes us around 9 hours … welp .. that’s life ..
But everything went smoothly qwq! Just a few small things left to do haaa …

But I’m happy to be back, gratefull for quite some more followers O0O .. *hey guys* and excited to finally get back to my cintiq !!!
Now I’ll get on to a commission still sitting here .. *sorry I’m so slow qq …*
And a bit for my Echo amv inbetween >w<!!!

So have a small .. sketchdump .. the rest was really .. more of foot, face, hand, and skeleton structure practice ahaha … really .. bad .. practice ..

I like the one with sans .. maybe I’ll make more out of it owo!

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my url if you're still doing the thing ?? jkl;

my opinion on;

character in general: hmmm. now noctis is an interesting character. he seems sort of bland as a character because i think the game spent more time on developing the relationship between noctis and the people around him instead of him as a character? that being said, his story arc is AMAZING. final fantasy xv is his story and honestly i loved EVERY SECOND OF IT (even chapter 13 i think i’m in the minority there). if a story can make me laugh and cry and shake with fear then it was done right.
how they play them: okay so about how i said that noct seemed a little bland in the game? WELP THAT GETS THROWN OUT THE WINDOW. listen here you bring so much LIFE to noctis. you’ve developed him into a really fleshed out character worth of final fantasy protagonist predecessors and honestly that’s the highest praise i know how to give. WALK TALL AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

the mun: again, not someone i talk to a whole lot but that should really change??? because ven is a Good.

do i;

follow them: to the ends of the earth
rp with them: yes!
want to rp with them: ALL THE THINGS 
ship their character with mine: not sure? again, i wouldn’t mind a ship with noctis but it’s too early to tell.

what is my;

overall opinion:

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**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.