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Finally getting around to starting this stuff up again! Yeah!

We’re moving again and I’ve been out of work for a while, so now seems like as good a time as any to try and make a little bit of extra cash.

Details regarding pricing, process and availability can all be found here! In short:

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In honour of @omgcpwomenfest a quick rambling not!fic about the women of the day Mandy and Jenny, sorry I wasn’t more active and only joined in the eleventh hour (get it because it’s the 11th? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ my sense of humour continuous to be flawless).

And a massive thanks to @fatlardo for organising such a wonderful event!!!

A fic in which Farmer accidentally gets possessed by both Mandy and Jenny, and so there’s now 3 people sharing one body.

Things that would totally happen:

- Farmer suddenly loses all ability to coordinate herself for long periods of time, this makes volleyball a difficult thing.

- She tells Chowder; he believes her no questions asked.

- Chowder and ‘Farmer’ have a long ass discussion about how hot Ransom is, Holter joins around the 40 minute mark, (Ransom: this is great for my self-esteem, but you’ve been talking for an hour and it’s getting weird, you know I can hear you right?)

- Farmer tells people she lost a bet and that’s why she’s using 90′s lingo randomly.

- Mandy and Jenny get the chance to have some closure about their deaths. Farmer pretends to be writing a story for the newspaper and interviews their family members so they can see them again. It’s sad but they feel better afterwards.

- She also tracks down some of their old friends, and it totally weirds them out to see how old everybody has gotten/but on the other hand look how cute their kids are.

- Farmer does publish the story, Mandy and Jenny are glad to see they won’t be forgotten.

- They finally figure out how to leave Farmer’s body when they get super bored while she does her exams. They just suddenly show up at the haus.

- Farmer comes panicked thinking she won’t be able to see them again, but she finds them floating around and they are all relieved. Also, pretty nice to talk to them out loud instead of in her head.

- As graduation for the seniors comes around, they both decide they are ready to move on. Farmer is sad but happy for them.

- She lets them possess her one last time to play a truly epic prank on Ransom.

- They say goodbye to Farmer and it’s sad, loads of tears to go around. Farmer gets everybody out of the haus so they can have their privacy.

“It’s kind of scary isn’t it,” said Mandy, looking around for ‘the light’ they are supposed to see or maybe it’s a door? Hopefully not a staircase.

“A little,” replied Jenny but smiled at her friend, “not so much with you here.”

“Hey, whatever happens-” Mandy paused, “I’m glad I wasn’t alone, but mostly I’m glad I was with you.”

“I’m glad I was with you too,” said Jenny softly, “this might be late to say it, but- I love you, like, a lot, and even if we are stuck in this dump for the rest of eternity, I’ll still consider it a happily ever after.”

“You know what they say, it’s never too late,” said Mandy and grabbed her hand, “I love you too, you’ve always been the best thing in my life- and after too.”

Jenny let out a squeaky sound, that was a half laugh and half sob, and placed her free hand on Mandy’s cheek. They both gasped.

“I can feel you, you are warm,” whispered Jenny in awe, “and you are shining! God you are beautiful.”

Mandy felt herself blush, she pulled Jenny till their bodies were flushed against each other and it was hard to tell with the light where one ended and the other started, “we aren’t leaving this world behind till you kiss me.”

Jenny laughed, and they clumsily pressed their lips together, it was a long moment that felt endless and still too short, they broke apart laughing.

“Those lips of yours are going to kill mebabe,” said Jenny while the light around them swirled and a warmth sensation embraced them.

Mandy winked, “yeah, but what a way to go.”

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Ooh, I see you're looking for angst? How about, sometime after Saeran is rescued, Saeyoung's agency get their hands on Saeran and MC (Saeyoung's gf/wife/whatever) and Saeyoung is given an impossible choice: save only one of them.

*warning, v angsty and contains difficult themes*

1457 WORDS

btw please send more angst in, this was so much fun to write o:

An Easy Choice

Whitish-pink lilies always make someone’s day better, right? Saeyoung hoped so, as he placed them in a cute white vase and messaged MC asking where she was. He needed to know, so this small box in his back pocket would stop making his ass hurt.

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Got any sweet fluffy headcanons about the lovebirds that are robin and starfire?


  • They are constantly trying out new things.  One of main defining factors of their relationship is how much Robin enjoys showing her things about Earth and how wondrous she finds everything, so whenever he finds something that he thinks might be cool or Starfire expresses an interest in something they both jump right on it.
  • They’ve had some killer dates this way.
  • One time they went white-water rafting.  They both wound up soaked and Starfire laughed so hard she couldn’t breathe.
  • Starfire sometimes forgets to turn off her language absorption when she’s kissing Robin and so she’s accidentally gotten snatches of all the languages he knows here and there.
  • She’ll surprise him by whispering a foreign endearment in his ear.
  • Speaking of languages though, Robin thinks Starfire speaking Tamaranian is ridiculously sexy.
  • Also attractive: when she punts villains through walls.  He has been known to get a little distracted and dreamy-eyed during fights on rare occasions.
  • ‘course he’s always subtly keeping his eye on her and making sure she’s okay anyway.
  • She’s also been known to “hover” around him.
  • Everyone on the Titans ships it.  Everyone.
  • There was in fact a betting pool going around about just when they would finally get together.  Cyborg was the broker.  He made bank when they finally kissed in Tokyo.
  • Speedy and Aqualad are both still sore about it because they thought Robin would never man up enough to ask her out.
  • Starfire gets irrationally upset whenever she sees sordid tabloid headlines about him.
  • “But Robin, they are besmirching your honor with their vile and untrue words!”
  • It’s flattering but he wishes she wouldn’t hover outside the publishing houses demanding the authors step forth to fight her in a dual.
  • Robin, likewise, hates when people badmouth Starfire.
  • He punched a kid in the face because he heard him call her a slut under his breath.
  • Got sued, settled out of court.  Bruce called up, annoyed and asking for an explanation and all Robin said was, “Worth it.”
  • Robin makes sure to buy her favorite juice whenever they’re doing grocery shopping, because she commented once that a certain flavor blend reminded her of Tamaran.
  • After “Haunted” she waits up for him whenever he’s out on patrol, and doesn’t go to bed until he returns.
  • She often goes to Raven for advice about him.
  • “Oh my Azar, Starfire, just because I was in his head once doesn’t mean I can make him be less of a dunderhead.”
  • “Just go hug him.  He loves that.”
  • (He does.)
  • They held hands constantly right after Tokyo.
  • Robin loves to pepper her with kisses.  She giggles very cutely.
  • Starfire starts learning more Earth recipes for him.
  • She’s terrible at it at first, and often has to call Cyborg, weeping because the noodles are too soggy and the spices don’t taste right and everything is on fire.  Cyborg always calms her down and helps her out, and never takes credit for it when Starfire presents the results to Robin.
  • Silkie doesn’t take well to Robin at first.
  • Was very protective of his mistress and never wanted them to be alone together without him for a while.
  • Robin won him over with a couple strips of bacon, which Silkie enjoyed surprisingly much, and now the grub purrs happily for him.
  • Starfire will sometimes make him coffee in the morning.
  • They usually sit together for meals.
  • Robin was the first one to fall in love with her.
  • Boys had crushed on her in the past, back on Tamaran, but no one ever seriously pursued any interest in her, preferring her sister.
  • Did not help that Galfore was very protective and also there were strict rules for how people could approach and interact with her.
  • Starfire still loves watching fireworks with him.

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maybe he finally showed us his room to destroy the mystery around it so people would stop assuming they share it. none of phil's belongings were in there besides the mirror.

Oooh, you got me, anon! Imagine me making finger guns at you right now. 

All I get from this ask is ‘buzzkill likes going onto other people’s tumblrs to make buzzkill-y statements.’ I published it, do you feel proud now? Is this what you were just sitting there on the other end of the computer daydreaming about? 

(Except his shoes were also on the dresser, and we only saw half the room. I mean we also only see three or four things of Dan’s that we know from his old room - the mirror, the moon chair, the teddy bear lamp, and the rug. Shit, does Dan even sleep there? It’s all a lie, it’s all a fake. Dan and Phil don’t even exist, and I am the coolest smartest person ever for being more skeptical than those silly people that think they’re real. Gah. Go me. Better go find someone to send this anonymously to on tumblr.)


I don’t know why but I’ve always loved this specific part of the musical. Maria handing him the quill is so powerful, not in a way to help hold up walls, but rather to break them down. Hurricane is all about Hamilton and his hardships that he’s faced in life, and he’s deduced from all of it that publishing the Reynolds Pamphlet will help save the legacy he’s finally started to establish if the rumor of him embezzling funds is to get out. But seeing Maria in the song, handing him the quill, watching in the shadows while he writes about how it was her fault, how she had cornered him and tricked him into having the affair, it’s heartbreaking. All she wanted was help, and even though she thought she had found it in him, it all came to turn around and blow up in her face.


dating J-Hope (BTS) would include:

  • this snickerdoodle deserves a novel written about him when it comes to your relationship because he’s the closest thing to perfection on the earth don’t argue with me
  • you are literally the thing he worships more than anything else in the world and he will gawk at you like you’re not human and it’s uncomfortable when he does this in public, the members tease you
  • the two of you are children in adult bodies, seriously when news came out about a new star wars movie you both screamed and held each other while crying hysterically
  • he loves taking you places and hates being contained in small spaces, and one of his favorite escapades was the time you guys went to the beach at sunset and turned out there was a party going on that night
  • it was awesome, there were fireworks and sparklers, hobi managed not to burn himself, much happiness and kisses
  • will frequently discuss the zombie apocalypse with you and if there are enough food supplies and ammo stocked up and you’re like no hoseok we only have the boomerang you got on vacation
  • you are petrified at all hours of the day that he will break something or himself when he starts spazzing out, you basically run around behind him with your arms out ready to catch him but he’s too damn fast
  • there was a time you tried surprising him with some lingerie but he was so afraid of ripping it and it looked really expensive so you had to strip yourself out of it and hang it up before he would go for sexy time
  • so now you just go to bed wearing absolutely nothing and that’s his cue to know what mood you’re in, if you are wearing those ugly cotton pajamas he knows to keep his hands to himself because you’re just not feeling it tonight and that’s fine
  • sometimes you watch him dance and think wow he can’t be real, and when he doesn’t have deadlines or anything invites you to dance with him and he does this weird version of the tango that gives you whiplash but it’s fun and firms up your glutes
  • he is amazed by how good you look in heels, like he’s checking out your calves mumbling why are women so flawless and this one agreed to date me holy crap
  • there is a rap that he wrote for you and when you are angry with him or having a bad day, he will perform it just for you and it will never be published because it was his gift for you it’s awesome be jealous
  • sex is fun and excitement, there have been times the two of you actually fell off the bed, it wasn’t cute or funny it definitely hurt and you don’t speak of it but hobi thinks it’s hilarious and tells the members frequently
  • when you’re having cramps he will be so distraught and will rub your back and wrap blankets around you because he doesn’t understand how you can deal with your own body trying to kill you so calmly
  • he finally gets a break and the first thing out of his mouth is he wants to take you to the zoo, there are animals there and hoseok is excited
  • the two of you play video games in your underwear and aren’t the least bit distracted because it’s mortal kombat and you are kicking his ass but he thinks you’re so cool that it doesn’t even bother him
  • there will be times he will say “when we get married” and you blush and fight a smile because he’s being so honest and he truly thinks that any minute now the two of you are just gonna call it a day and elope to the tropics or something
  • when you buy him things or surprise him he will cry because it overwhelms him how much you both love and like each other, you’re planning on getting him a puppy one day and he will probably faint jimin promised to have a camera ready to film the moment
  • being his partner is like something out of a dream because you’re both kids that are in a relationship that feels like an unbreakable friendship but you also have really fun sex and you talk about car payments so all around you’ve both got this being adults thing totally under control

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Whooo, it’s Friday Reads!  And sometimes I really love the juxtapositions that pop up when people tell me their picks. For example, I am binging on Wendy & Richard Pini’s epic self-published comic Elfquest, which got tons of votes in our summer reader poll of comics and graphic novels – going live next Wednesday, whooo!  Whereas our Big Boss Lady Edith Chapin has some light reading, Edward Luce’s The Retreat of Western Liberalism.

Code Switch’s Karen Grigsby Bates is excited about a new Michael Connelly book, The Late Show, while her colleague Kat Chow is on a Kevin Kwan binge with Rich People Problems.

And fellow Tumblrina Nicole Cohen says she’s finally getting around to Patti Smith’s memoir of her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe, Just Kids.

How about you?

– Petra


*Alexander Hamilton x reader
*Word count: 905
Summary: The reader is Eliza and it’s basically her experience after Alexander releases the Reynolds Pamphlet

A/N: So basically the reader is Eliza and she finds out about Alexander cheating on her. I’ve already posted this but this is my revised version. Hopefully it’s not as bad,,, but it probably is,,,, whoops??

Warnings: swearing, angst, maybe bad grammar, no fluff??

Originally posted by jawnlauwrens

I saved every letter you wrote me

You couldn’t feel anything anymore. You didn’t understand why you hadn’t collapsed to the ground in tears, you didn’t understand why you just stood as still as a statue, clutching that damned pamphlet to your chest.

That damned pamphlet. 

“He will do what it takes to survive,” you whispered to yourself, looking down at the numerous pages in your hand, recalling your older sister’s words, recalling the memories of what it was once like before he decided you were no longer good enough.

Was she funnier? More charismatic? Prettier? What did she have that I didn’t?

She was younger. She was new. She seemed… perfect. Something you only hoped you could ever achieve in your husband’s eyes.

Alexander hadn’t been home for days, maybe even weeks, but you didn’t notice. You spent most of your time locked in his office, reading through all of his letters you sent to him and he sent back. “Why couldn’t you just shut your mouth for once, Alexander.” You muttered bitterly as you read through the letters he sent to that girl… The girl who managed to steal the affections of your husband away from you.

“Ma?” A soft voice whispered, causing you to look up and quickly wipe your tears away. “Are you okay?” Philip asked, slowly making his way towards you and gently placed his hand on your arm. You sniffled a bit, before laughing bitterly. “I’m fine, Philip. Thank you.”

But both Philip and you knew you were lying. Philip wasn’t dumb. He knew what his father did to you. Thomas Jefferson had made it very clear to him the other day what his father had done and why you were crying.

“Just… Go outside and play with your little sister for a bit, alright?” You asked, trying to smile. You loved your son more than anything, he couldn’t see how weak Alexander had made you. You had to stay strong for him.

Philip wanted to protest, but stayed silent and nodded his head. He walked out of Alexander’s office, leaving the door cracked open as he did so. You slowly got up from the wooden desk and made your way into the gathering room of your small home, looking around at everything.

It was silent and peaceful for a moment when the door creaked open to reveal Alexander. His hair had gone gray and the bags under his eyes deepened. You fixed your posture, straightening up as you met eye contact with him. Don’t let him know how you felt.

“Y/n…” Alexander whispered when he saw you, making his way towards you in long strides. But you stayed still, looking straight ahead. “Y/n, I’m so sorry, but it had to be done. They were accusing me of embezzling-”

“You are obsessed with your legacy Alexander,” you cut him off in a stoic tone. “So obsessed with how everyone perceives you, that you were so senseless enough to publish your sinful acts with another woman.” You didn’t raise your voice, nor did you turn to face him.

You let out a deep sigh then finally turning to face a saddened Alexander, “I’m erasing myself from the narrative.” You breathed, “I’m taking the children to my father’s home. Away from this… place.” You looked around the parlor, furrowing your brows.

“Let everyone wonder how I reacted when you broke my heart because they do not get to know what I said, Alexander. The world has no place in our bed.” You whispered, looking up at him with narrowed eyes. “All I ever wanted was to be good enough for you. I guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.”

“Y/n-” You shook your head, pursing your lips. “It’s too late, Alexander.”

He slept in his office that night.

You couldn’t sleep that night as you laid in the bed that Alexander had laid in with his mistress. Every time you closed your eyes, you imagined the pamphlet, and you couldn’t ignore it no matter how hard you tried.
Getting up slowly, you made your way towards the small wooden box you had kept in your room, filled to the brim with letters from Alexander. Filled with promises of a future together and a happy life.

God, you wished he had kept those promises.

You opened the box slowly and listened to the soft creaking noise the lid had made. Letting out a shaky sigh, you admired the contents and watched as a tear landed on the faded parchment and began to soak through the paper.

Taking out the first page, you reached for your lantern and began stuffing the pages inside of the lantern, your sobs could now be heard throughout the house as you did so. “I hope that you…” You paused, choking on your words as you watched the pages engulf into flames. “Burn.”

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Since you were talking about Cap 2, what do you think about MCU Natasha's D.O.B. being 1984 instead of 1920s, like in the comics? It did erase a lot of her history.

It erased a lot of her history in terms of years but not really in terms of her story. For the vast majority of Natasha’s publishing history she hasn’t been secretly immortal. The first stories of Natasha as a small child at the Battle of Stalingrad were published in the early 70s, which would have put Natasha in her mid-30s. Many characters had similar background ties to WW2 or Korea or Vietnam that have since faded away into the familiar impossibilities of comic book time. This kind of thing isn’t erasure, just an insistence that everything in the Marvel Universe happened no more than twelve years ago, and that Franklin Richards is still like 8.

The idea that Natasha is secretly much older than she looks was first brought up in an early 90s X-Men story, but Claremont, the writer, never offered an explanation for this revelation and left the book soon after. So that became a dangling plotline, and pretty soon other writers just decided to ignore it, which was pretty easy to do because it was literally one line in an X-Men comic. Creators continued to treat Natasha as being basically the age she appeared to be up through the middle 2000s. I’d say that it’s the Richard Morgan stuff that informs the MCU background of the character the most, and in those stories Natasha is explicitly stated to be in her late 30s.

Now, the MCU is highly informed by what I’ll call the Mark Millar era of comics. The Ultimates, Civil War, the Winter Soldier arc— all of them were published between 2002 and 2007. Those Richard Morgan Black Widow minis fall pretty directly into the same time period and aesthetic sensibilities. Iron Man came out in 2008, and I’m sure they started brainstorming a sequel even before the first film was released. They wanted to include Black Widow, so they looked at some of the more recent comics to get ideas about what Black Widow was like, and being born in 1929 hadn’t yet been firmly established or adequately explained.

It actually was around 2008 that the idea that Natasha was much, much older than she looked came back into continuity, primarily through Ed Brubaker’s post-Civil War Captain America stories, but also through some Wolverine: Origins stories no one remembers anymore. Anyway, by the time Iron Man 2 was set for release, Marvel was publishing stories that finally explained how Natasha could actually be 80 years old and showing her fighting in WWII. But it was too late for these ideas to be incorporated into the MCU.

Johansson has said that she’s always played Natasha as being born in 1984, that it was something covered in her initial talks about the character. I know I get annoyed when they retcon the comic stories for the sole sake of having them be more like the movies, and I think making Natasha’s D.O.B. circa 1929 in Captain America 2 would have been retconning the movies to make them more like the comics.

I don’t actually dislike the idea that Natasha was born in 1929 and I think some of the comic stories we’ve gotten from that are really cool. But it’s not an essential part of her character for me, probably because I started with a lot of the 2002-2007 comics, just like the MCU did. I don’t mind the comics and the movies being different in this regard.

A Quick Personal Update

This is where I thank everyone and also admit to being a jerk :) 

Asks are off for several weeks. I’ll be publishing things from my inbox as I have time because I find it relaxing to talk about snk, but otherwise my tumblr time will be restricted. I typically get 10-15 asks a day when I’m active. I don’t mean to leave so many unanswered but short of hiring someone, it’s just not possible.

I have a few sweet asks that I’m hoarding. I want to leave them in my inbox and cherish them a bit longer. Or maybe tattoo them to my body. I haven’t decided yet. But thank you! It means so much when people send a kind sentence or two. I really appreciate it.

I’ve asked @erensjaegerbombs to give me a hand with the chapter poll and results this month. We’re almost done with it. I hope to publish tomorrow but I won’t be monitoring it like I normally do. 

I hope to be around for the screaming about the Erwin and Levi character songs and the anime finale :) It was such a great season! I’m not ready for it to end, but here we are. 

So I guess it’s hiatus for a few weeks. I hope to be back for chapter 95.

Fears -- Part One, “Cleithrophobia”

Tom HiddlestonxReader

Inspired by a conversation with @t-w-hiddlestoner and this post

Cleithrophobia is the fear of closed spaces or being locked in an enclosed place. People with this fear may avoid riding in things such as elevators. 

You checked the directory next to the elevator in the underground parking lobby. Of course, the meeting couldn’t be in an office on the first five, hell you’d do ten, floors of the building. You were headed to a meeting with your new editor and that mean an elevator ride up to the thirty-sixth floor. You gathered your will and pushed the button, trying to not focus on the by various creaks, whirs, and grinds of the descending box. It was fine. You’d be fine. This is a well-maintained building with well-maintained elevators.

You stepped in carefully when the doors dinged open, pressed the button for thirty-six, and took firm hold of the handrail on the opposite side. You closed your eyes and counted the rings.


Garage Level 1


Ground floor



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I know that some shippers are going to keep believing S&C are an item no matter what, and some may step back. Hypothetically, if Sam ends up getting engaged/married to blondie/has a baby etc, will that be the point at which people might say ok, I finally believe they are with other people? Or is the construct of S&C scenarios indefinite, no matter what. At what point does not taking their word for it become over the top?

Question everything! Made famous by a bonafide fucking genius- Einstein. Or so I’ve been lead to believe.😏 Also the Science channel uses it for a motto.

So very many things in the world around you are not at all what they appear to be. Accepting “truth” without seeking to also understand the how and why is an apathetic approach to life and leads to close minded ignorance. Never be shamed into blind acceptance about anything in life. If you have questions and doubts, vocalize them until you understand. 

The problem in the world today is that everyone is busy taking everyone else’s inventory and not minding their own business which leaves one bankrupt in the character department. 

If someone out there wants to believe Sam is Elvis reincarnated and decides to ship him with the mother of Michael Jackson’s children….. Why does it matter? Just because someone believes it DOESN’T MAKE IT TRUE. 

Disbelief is not a crime or character flaw or mental illness. It’s actually the sign of intelligence. 

Kaladesh, you break my heart

People have been asking me to write a point by point takedown and breakdown of Kaladesh since Friday, and I just can’t. I can’t knowingly trash something that so many people I deeply respect spent so much time working on. But at the same time, I can’t take any enjoyment from this set either. Every time i see art from it, i become sad.

I hate being negative. It sucks, and it’s not my normal way of being. But still, I owe it to myself to explain what I feel and why, so that hopefully folks can learn and grow, and the next time make it better.

And let me be crystal clear- I hold nothing against the R&D team at wotc, or the Creative team. I’ve got nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for them, and many are my friends. This was a misstep, but I have full faith that they will learn and grow too, so that the next time will be different.

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Thank you! So what I was thinking is that Nicole- chris' ex- comes back into the picture and makes it clear she wants him back. She insults Mc and makes mc doubt herself and chris and makes her insecure and she keeps pushing chris away. Chris finds out from Abbie (who overheard) and confronts Nicole and makes sure she knows he only wants mc. He and mc have a heart-to-heart and snuggle for the rest of the night!

Thank you, Dear Nonny, for this prompt! I took it in a slightly different direction than you had laid out. It also got to be WAY longer than I initially intended which explains my delay in writing it. I hope you enjoy this  little bit of Christmas in June.

All I Want for Christmas Is You

It’s Christmas Eve and Maggie feels like dancing in her seat as she drives through the cold clear night. Soon, she’s going to be in Maine and she and Chris are going to spend the holidays together for the very first time. She’s spent the the hours-long drive listening to Christmas music and imaging snuggling with Chris in front of the Christmas tree, exchanging Christmas gifts, and kissing him at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Chris had headed up to Maine right after his last final. The plan had been for Maggie to ride with him, but at the last minute she had needed to stay at Hartfeld to meet with her publisher. The Freshman was going to be published in just a couple months and there were edits to go over and Lorraine, her new literary agent, had demanded they get them done before the New Year. When her parents had heard that she was sticking around Hartfeld, they’d asked her to come home and spend the weekend before Christmas as family. With all that, she had ended up having to wait until Christmas Eve to head up to Maine.

As she gets closer to Cherryfield, Maggie taps the bluetooth on her steering wheel. “Call Chris,” she commands and the phone rings a few times and then Chris answers.

“Maggie!” he shouts over a din of music and people, “Are you almost here?”

“Yup! Just a few exits away. Where are you? It’s so loud!”

“Oh, hang on a sec. I’ll go outside.”

After a few moments, Chris comes back on the line, “Is that better?”

“Yeah, much better. I can’t wait to see you, Chris. I’m so excited about this week.”

“I can’t wait to see you either, babe! Listen, I’m at a pub near my house. It’s called O’Leary’s. Come and meet me here. I’m out with some friends from high school and I’d love to introduce you.”

“That sounds awesome. I’ll be there soon.”

They hang up and Maggie asks Siri to give her directions to O’Leary’s. Thirty minutes later, she pulls into the parking lot of a rather unassuming building with neon green sign declaring it as O’Leary’s: Cherryfield’s Place for Friends and Fun.

Maggie gets out of her car and shivers at the bitingly cold air. She can’t wait to get to Chris and let him thaw her out with his warm embrace. Smiling at the thought, she walks up to the pub, pulls open the heavy door, and steps into the cacophony of music and laughter. The pub is dark and cozy and almost every table is full. Maggie gets the sense that O’Leary’s on Christmas Eve is some sort of tradition for this town. She stands in the doorway, scanning across the room for Chris. After a moment, she spots him standing near the pool table.

Maggie is about to run over to him, maybe jump on his back and surprise him, when she sees a slender hand snake up from Chris’s chest and onto his shoulder. Maggie freezes. She watches as the feminine hand’s fingertips glide down Chris’s arm. When the two of them shift slightly, Maggie sees an absolutely beautiful woman standing in front of Chris. She has long, silky auburn hair curling around her shoulders. Her figure is voluptuous, clad in a tight black sweater and a pair of figure-hugging jeans. Maggie startles when she realizes it’s Chris’s ex, Nicole.

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The Charade

Part Fourteen

Summary: Two journalists strike a bargain with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles to get the article they need, and end up getting more than they bargained for.
Pairings: Misha x OFC, Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1591
Warnings: None?
A/N: Second to last part of the latest collab with the amazing Ashley aka @d-s-winchester!


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I’ll Be Around For You

TEARS. PREPARE FOR TEARS. (Wanna read the previous chapters?)

PART THIRTEEN: Philip never hurt a soul


John was hovering in the corner of an unfamiliar room. It was Angelica’s city home, the one she and her husband, John Church, had bought after they returned from Europe a few years ago.

“Where’s my son?” Alexander burst through the door, his eyes frantically scanning the room before finding Philip’s writhing form on the bed, a doctor standing next to him.

“Mr. Hamilton, come in. They brought him in a half an hour ago. He lost a lot of blood on the way over.”

“Is he alive?” Alexander asked, voice breaking.

“Yes, but you have to understand…” The doctor began to fidget with his hands. “The bullet entered just above his hip and lodged in his right arm.”

“Can I see him please?” Alexander was desperate, trying to get around the doctor who was attempting to hold him back so he could properly to talk to him.

“I’ve done everything I can,” the doctor admitted. “But the wound was already infected when he arrived.”

Alexander finally pushed past the doctor, and John wondered if he understood what the doctor had been trying to tell him.

“Philip!” he exclaimed, grabbing his son’s uninjured arm.

“Pa,” Philip gasped, squinting his eyes in pain.

A horrible scream erupted from the doorway. “NOOOOOO!”

It was like the miscarriage, back in 1794. It was like when Alexander published the pamphlet. Except, actually, it was so much worse. So, so much worse.

“Is he breathing? Is he going to survive this?” Eliza asked, sobs leaking out between her words. She all but pushed Alexander off of their son, taking both of his hands in her own.

“Who did this?” She turned to her husband. “Alexander, did you know?”

Laurens shook his head, not sure who he pitied most right now. He did know who he was the most angry at, though.

“Mom,” Philip’s voice interrupted all of their thoughts. “I’m so sorry for forgetting what you taught me.”

“My son,” Eliza said, unsuccessfully trying to keep herself from sobbing.

“We played piano,” he whispered. His eyes floated upward, found John, much to John’s surprise. He knew what Philip was thinking of right away, and the saddest smile crossed his translucent face.

“I taught you piano,” Eliza said, her voice melodic even as she cried.

“You would put your hands on mine,” Philip said, his voice hitching as he squirmed in pain.

“You changed the melody every time,” Eliza said with a sad laugh.

“Ha. I would always change the line,” he said, voice strained.

“Shh, I know, I know,” Eliza tried desperately to ease her son’s pain.

“I would always change the line,” Philip gasped, body convulsing.

“I know, I know,” Eliza sobbed.

When Philip stopped breathing a moment later, John wasn’t sure Eliza would survive. The scream that left her body so terrifying, so heart wrenching, so utterly mournful, that he was convinced she was going to collapse.

But she didn’t. As much as she may have wanted to, she didn’t.

John left the room, leaving Eliza and Alexander to grieve in private.

“I think it’s time to confirm everything.” (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “Could you do an imagine with Grayson and be about you two going public and see how the fandom reacts”


You and Grayson had been together for a few months and his fans were starting to speculate things.

“Can Gray and (Y/N) just admit that they’re in a relationship already?”
“When are Grayson and (Y/N) gonna tell us they’re dating?”

Those were just a few things that you saw his fans tweeting about.

“Hey, (Y/N)?” You heard Grayson call. You were over at his and Ethan’s apartment, hanging out while they were filming.

“What’s up?” You asked as you walked over to him.

“So, Ethan and I have been talking, and we wanted to know what you thought as well.” Grayson began. 

“As you know, the fans are starting figure things out, and I don’t want to keep them hanging. So, if it’s okay with you, Ethan and I thought that, at the end of this week’s video, we’d put in a clip of just me and you, finally confirming everything.” He explained.

“I think that sounds like a great idea.” You agreed.

“Okay, cool. Well, let us finish up filming, and then me and you will film or clip.” Grayson said. You nodded and sat down on the sofa as you watched them film their video.

After about an hour, they finished and you and Ethan swapped spots in the frame.

“Good luck.” Ethan said to you as you sat down.

“You ready?” Grayson asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” You said. 

“Alright, the camera’s rolling, so it’s all you now.” Ethan said.

“Hey guys, just a little update for you all. I’m pretty sure you all know (Y/N),” He said motioning to you, “Um, we have a little something to share with you all.” Grayson said.

“Yeah. Most of you have already guessed this, but just to officially confirm everything, Grayson and I are dating. And we have been for about four and half months now.” 

“And it’s been the four and a half months ever.” Grayson said as he wrapped an arm around you and laid his head against yours.

“We apologize for keeping you all in the dark, but we didn’t want to tell anyone until we were for sure where this was going. But, I’m glad that we can finally tell you guys.” You said.

“Yes, I’m glad as well. I hate keeping secrets from you guys, and you know that, but, like (Y/N) said, we didn’t want to tell you guys until we knew that this was gonna be something worth sharing. But, yeah. That’s pretty much it. Um, have a good week, and Ethan and I will see you next Tuesday.” Grayson said. He turned to you and gave you a small peck on the lips before he shut off the camera.

“I feel better now that we’ve filmed that. I hope we get good reactions tomorrow.” Grayson said.

“Yeah, me too.” You agreed. You and the boys lounged around and hung out with them the rest of the day.

* * *

The next morning, you woke up and decided to cook them breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, just something simple. As they came out of their rooms, they made themselves plates and they got to editing. At around 3 in the afternoon, they finally finished editing and got ready to post it.

“Alright, it’s going up.” Grayson said as he published it. “Now, we wait to see what everyone thinks.” He said. You decided to go out to get something to eat while you waited to see everyone’s reactions to the video, and yours’ and Grayson’s relationship. After about 45 minutes of the video being up, the twins’ twitter timelines were flooded with mostly good comments about the video. 

The usual “Oh my goodness, I can always count on you boys for a good laugh every week! Love you boys.” Once you started finding tweets about you and Grayson, you started to read them.

“(yours and Grayson’s ship name) ARE REAL. MY PARENTS.”

Even though there were some negative comments, the positivity outweighed the negativity.

“Well, it seems everyone is pretty accepting about everything.” You said.

“Great, that’s great. I was a little nervous at first, but I’m glad we’re getting positive reactions.” Grayson said.

“Congrats you guys. I’m glad that you guys are happy and I’m glad that you can finally be open about your relationship.” Ethan said.

“Thanks bro.” Grayson said.

“Your support means a lot to us.” You added. After you finished dinner, you went back to their apartment. You were sitting on the sofa, watching a movie with Gray when you got an instagram notification saying that he had tagged you in a photo. It was a picture that he had taken of you on one of your first dates. 

“I’m so glad that I can post this with words that I actually want to say. Thank you all for all the positive feedback on our announcement, and thank you all for supporting us. She means the world to me, and you guys do as well, and I am so happy that you are all accepting us as we can finally be open about our relationship. ” The caption read. You let out a small sniffle and Grayson shifted under you.

“Are you crying?” He asked, smiling down at you.

“No.” You lied, wiping your eyes.

“Yes you are.” He joked. You sat up and smiled at him.

“That’s such an amazing caption you wrote. I love how open you are with your fans.” You said.

“I gotta give love to the one’s who got me here. I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without their support. And I am very appreciative of that.” He said.

“And I love that about you.” You said to him as you kissed him on the cheek. You laid back down on Grayson’s chest, finished up the movie, and headed off to bed.

April 1st (not April Fool's related)

Under The Crescent Moon

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Please help me spread this around, it’s written by a POC with an autistic son and illustrated by me, an Asperger’s lesbian, if that adds any appeal to this work!

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Caught - Slash

Originally posted by rosecoffin97

Pairing: Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson x Reader

Request: Hey again, I wanted to see if I could request another slash imagine (I know I know, sorry I’m obsessed), maybe fall or Halloween oriented? Something romantic and/or smutty idk 😂

Words: 1035

A/N: Here it is, finally, I’m sorry it took so long to publish, enjoy :)

”Babe are you ready?” Asked Slash, his footsteps getting closer to the bathroom door.

“Almost, just let me put on my clothes and we can leave” I told him, smiling as he walked in the bathroom, hugging me from behind almost instantly.

“I mean, we could always stay” he said, his voice raspy against my neck, his fingers playing with the hem of the towel.

“Hmm, I don’t think so Hun, Axl has been planning this movie night thingy for a while now…” I said, turning around so that we were now face to face, resting my arms around his neck I kissed him.

A few seconds later, we separated, with a smile. As I turned to walk out of the bathrooms I felt his hand slap agains my covered bun, followed by a whistle coming from Saul’s lips.

Pulling a top out of the closet and a pair of pants I laid them on the bed, pulling out some underwear and a pair of shoes.

“Come on” he said, “a quickie” he winked, walking towards me.

“A quickie huh?” I said, my eyebrows raised, “sounds tempting, but there aren’t any quickies in our world babe, remember what happened last time we had a quickie?” I reminded him, a alight escaping my lips.

With a huff, he sat on the side of the bed, staring at me with a grumpy face as I starting getting dressed.

A few minutes later, we were both headed to Axl’s apartment, Saul driving his right hand on my thigh the whole time, humming along to the songs on the radio.

Getting out of the car, we walked hand in hand towards the front door, lighting a cigarette as we waited for the door to be opened, which didn’t take long. When the door opened, the face of a smiling Erin was revealed.

“it’s them!” She said loudly.

“Fucking finally” commented Axl as he passed by.

With a hug and a kiss on the cheek we greeted her and walked in, the faces of the rest of Guns n’ Roses were sitting in the large couch in front of a TV, eating some of the popcorn and candy that laid on bowls.

“Let the scary begin” said Axl as he popped a movie on the DVD player.

As the movie begun, I cuddled up to Saul, resting my head on his shoulder, his head resting on my head, our heads intertwined.

The whole, scary movie night, was Axl’s and Erin’s idea, since they were in the need of getting into the Halloween spirit. So making all of go with our respective partners and watching scary movies with popcorn was what they thought of.

A small yawn escapes my lips as the second movie begins, the first one not scaring me at all, instead just boring me a little, since it was movies I’ve had already watched.

I tilt my head to side a little, giving myself a view of everyone, they’re eyes glued to the TV, I catch as Steven, with a bowl of popcorn on his lap, takes a hand full on them into his mouth, softly laughing at the irony.

I see Slash, boredom clear in his eyes, playing with a little string attached to the couch, not paying attention at anything really. He to look at me, furrowing his eyebrows a little, not understanding why was I staring at him.

Licking my lips, my hand travels from his shoulder up to his crotch, covered by one of the many blankets Erin had given us, since it was cold.

His eyes go wide and he lets out a shaky breath, changing his position so that he looks more natural, looking around, seeing if somebody was watching us, the string still on his fingers.

My nails scratch his covered sex to create more friction, massaging it to wake it up little my little. Resting my head in his shoulders again, staring at the movie playing In silence.

My hand move toward the inside of his pants, and I feel the semi hard cock that is now covered by a thin layer of fabric. My hand slowly caressing his boner slowly, another breath leaving his mouth.

Pulling the material down as much as I can, I begin pumping, slowly at first, grabbing it from the base and moving my hand up to his tip, crossing thumb over it, then moving my hand towards it, trying to lubricate it as much as I can with the precum.

When it’s lubricated enough, I start pumping once again, his breath quickening as the movement of my hand never stopped.

“fuck faster” he said, causing the movement to stop, since everyones eyes where now on us. I tilt my head and raise and eyebrow, acting confused.

“I-I mean, that girl, she has to run faster or else she’s gonna die” he quickly says, his eyes drifting back to the TV.

Everyone but Izzy goes back to focusing on the movie, suspicion could be seem in his face, as he didn’t believed a word Slash said.

I began pumping again, this time faster, little gasps could be heard coming from the the guitarists mouth, and I could feel a pair of eyes looking at me, turning my head a little. Never stoping the pleasure my hand was giving, I see Izzy, I smile a wink at him, his mouth falling open in a perfect O as he realizes, looking back a smirk on his face.

I feel his dick twitch in my hand, and a sudden grip on my thigh makes me jump a little, I feel the muscle tensing as with a moan and a head tilted back the shots of warm cum hit the blanket.

My hand moves so that it rests on my lap, everyone’s eyes are back in us, and the Izzy laugh can be heard, following by my own.

As Slash sits up normally again, he pulls up his pants getting comfortable once again, a smile on his lips.

“Please don’t tell me you used my blanked” Erin asked, earning a laugh from both of us.

“We’ll buy you a new one” he promised earning a groan from the girl.