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Christmas-time is Here (John x Reader)

TW: None?

Summary: Fluff. Christmas themed fluff


“John!” you call from the bottom of the stairs. “Can you help me bring these upstairs?”

Your fiancé walks down to help you carry a few of the boxes upstairs. The two of you finally get the boxes upstairs and start decorating for Christmas. Once the tree is put up, you light the lights and the fireplace while John makes hot chocolate for the two of you. He smiles as he sits next to you. He hands you your mug and pulls the blanket from the back of the couch and wraps it around your shoulders. You rest your head on his shoulder and sigh contently. He runs his fingers through your hair.

You start to drift off to sleep, while John whispers in your ear. “I love you so much, baby. More than you could ever imagine. You’re my everything.”

You smile and lean up to kiss him.

He blushes. “I thought you were sleeping.”

“I thought you were adorable.”


You wake up on the couch. John is sitting under the Christmas tree with a bow on his head, patiently waiting for you to get up.

You laugh and walk over to him. You grab a bow off of one of the boxes and set it on your head, while you sit next to him.

“Good morning,” he greets.

You peck his cheek. “Good morning.”

“Do you like your gift?”

“More than anything.”


Imagine the Avengers adopting You

You are two when the Avengers find you in an abandoned lab. You have unstable powers over emotions. With a simple touch you can make anyone feel any emotion you want. This makes it impossible for you to e placed in a normal orphanage.

So the Avengers adopt you.

On your fifth birthday Clint attempts at babysitting you.

On your sixth birthday Natasha shows you an empty room and invites you to decorate it however you want.

On your eighth birthday you pick up Thor’s hammer to get to a magazine underneath.

On your tenth birthday Steve takes you to a cafe and you both enjoy a quiet day together.

On your thirteenth birthday Bruce is finally comfortable enough to be around you.

On your fifteenth birthday you play poker with Maria and win.

On your twentieth birthday you get Nick Fury to laugh.

On your twenty first birthday Tony takes you out for drinks.

On your twenty fifth birthday Wanda has finally taught you complete control over your powers.

-College witches writing sigils on their arms in pen before they take a final exam

-College witches enchanting their morning coffee to manifest the motivation to give a shit on a really rough day

-College witches charming a scarf or a sweater to keep them extra warm when they have to walk to their 8am class in 20 degree weather

-College witches that work in a lab charming their equipment so the experiment runs smoothly the first time around

-College witches lining their windowsills with plants and taking their plants for walks to get some fresh air and sunlight

-College witches in the broom closet using crystals as “room decor” because “they’re just so pretty”

-College witches secretly sending their friends positive energy or giving them blessed coffee or tea when they see that their friend is hella stressed

-College witches performing glamours on their makeup before they go out to a party one weekend

-College witches


MBTI Aesthetic Series: The ISFJ

“You carry around a pack of band-aids, just incase. “Who do you have a crush on, this week?” A mother hen tending to chicks who are not hers. An empty space beside you on your bed. Squeezing someone’s hand. Comfort. The relief of a familiar face in a crowded place. Vintage band shirts compliment the records decorating your wall. You’re greater than the sum of all your parts. Finally getting under the covers on a cold evening. Creating sweater paws in your favorite jumper. They could push you away as much as they want, but you’d still be there. Giving someone the shirt off your back. You know more than anyone, that people aren’t as cruel as they may seem. That’s both your greatest asset, but biggest downfall.”

If you thought that the whole url change and everything means that I’m no longer that interested in DMMd just know that last night, I spent an egregious amount of time thinking about how the first of Noiz’s and Mink’s birthdays, respectively, would be spent after they get together with Aoba in their good ends

With Noiz, Aoba would go all out. Streamers, decorations (all of them rabbit themed), balloons, all of his favorite foods, a huge fucking cake with ‘Happy Birthday, Noiz!’ written on it in bright green letters and little green frosting bunnies, birthday presents wrapped up all pretty, and he’d make sure that Noiz doesn’t know a inch of it. Aoba programs Usagimodoki to sing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ (Ren already knows it). He’d get Theo involved and they’d put a ton of effort into making it be happy, bright and exciting. When Noiz’s birthday finally comes around, they manage to surprise him and Noiz just surveys the entire thing before looking at Aoba and says ‘What am I, a kid?’ but it’s very obvious that he’s super, incredibly happy. They sing him the Happy Birthday song, he blows out the candles and they spend the rest of the day eating, opening presents and such before Theo goes home and Aoba gives him a very special birthday gift

However, with Mink, it’d be much smaller and modest. Mink doesn’t really care for cake or extravagant stuff so Aoba cooks him his favorite food, makes his favorite kind of pie and sticks a single candle in the middle (because gosh dang it, there are just some birthday traditions that you just don’t skip) before setting everything up nicely on the kitchen table along with a couple of gifts, neatly wrapped in simple paper. When Mink gets home from work, he comes into the kitchen to find Aoba waiting for him with a gentle, soft smile on his face and wishes of Happy Birthday on his lips. Mink gazes at him quietly for a moment before giving his head a little shake, sighs a little but not at all trying to hide the small smile tugging at his mouth. Shedding his coat, he sits down to eat with Aoba and when they’re done, Aoba lights the candle, halfway expects Mink to not blow it out but is pleasantly surprised when he readily does so. They spend the rest of the evening at the table, munching on some pie, opening Mink’s gifts (which are books and some new crafting supplies) before they retire to the bedroom where Mink receives one more special gift


Requested?- Yes
Word count?-
Warnings? - one or two swear words

It’s 10PM at the sidemen house and all the boys are finally around. The past 3 days have been hectic between trying to get you from America to the U.K. in order to be able to decorate the sidemen Christmas tree. When you arrived yesterday night at 7PM, all the boys were waiting outside besides the fact that it was snowing. Of course it was up to JJ. You and Jide have been friends for many years despite the distance and just recently before you started college you guys decided to make things official. You always found the traveling a bit tiring and annoying but it was always worth being able to see JJ and the boys. You were sitting on the couch in the main room with a duvet wrapped around your body watching Netflix, it was only 40 degrees outside. All the boys were in the kitchen making cookies when your boyfriend decided to come and finish your movie with you. You were more than excited to decorate with them. “Babe, aren’t you going to finish the videos with the boys?” You asked curiously. Simon had been wanting to make a baking video with his lads and it just so turns out that the timing was perfect. He puffed a load of air out as he pressed his head against your chest. You figured he would have a problem with your sweater since it was most likely the most itchy thing you’ve ever seen but he didn’t mind it. “Nah, I figured you were pretty lonely without me by your side” He teased. JJ has always been such a funny, sarcastic person and maybe that’s what drew you in. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer to you. It had been way too long since you’ve seen him. “I forgot to ask”, he started, “how were your travels?”. You stared at him for a couple seconds and you must have not answered him quickly enough because he said, “Why are you looking at me like that?”. You noticed all the noise flow from in the kitchen to the main room making it a little warmer but too crowded, you didn’t acknowledge them though. “I don’t know, I just haven’t seen you in a long time and I guess I forgot how beautiful of a person you were” you giggled. He started blushing and laughing at the same time and cuddled you more. “JJ, do you wanna play some FIFA with us while we are waiting for the cookies to be done baking?” You heard josh ask. He nodded his head no which you could tell was an unexpected answer. Simon looked at him like he had 2 heads and then said, “Oi, do you lads know what this means?” You knew what was coming, Jide didn’t. You felt the energy in the room change as all the boys started laughing. “HE’S WHIPPED” shouted Ethan. JJ just frowned knowing he had no way to escape the jokes. You started laughing as loud as ever and rubbed his back while he snuck his face into your neck giggling. “Come on you pricks, I’m not whipped. Let’s just play some FIFA and leave me alone” JJ jokingly said. He got up from his position and you immediately pouted from the loss of warmth. The boys all started setting up their equipment to record some videos and you decided that since no one has grabbed the Christmas decorations from your car yet, you would. You knew it would be too cold to go outside wearing only you SDMN t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms so you spotted someone’s hoodie across the room and threw it on. When you came back in with your hands full of Christmas lights, stockings and bobbles, you noticed the boys were already recording so you made sure to walk in front of the camera. It was a bad idea because Ethan had scored on JJ since he had lost his focus and payed attention to you when you walked in front. Ethan was cracking up and all the boys were pushing on JJ. You could tell he was annoyed. “You’re really whipped mate! It’s okay to admit it” Josh advised causing himself and all the boys besides JJ to crack up. “What the fuck do you mean?!” He yelled back. You decided to not say anything and see how this would fall. “Jide, you just conceited a goal to Ethan because you were too busy looking at your girlfriend!” Harry reminded. Simon and Manny were now on the floor, tears streaming down their faces from laughing so hard. “Yeah okay BUT she’s gorgeous so it’s not fair!” JJ tried to make an excuse and as he said it your eyes met. You started smiling at him and he winked knowing that you of all people, wouldn’t make fun of him for loving you as much as he did.



Warning: it does not require cc nor mod, just cheat codes.

1- Create a swimming pool.
2 - On the text box (press ctrl+shift+c) you have to type bb.moveobjects on and press enter.
3 -Then type bb.showhiddenobjects and press enter.
4 - Now on the search box of the inventory type ‘debug’. It will show a long list of hidden objects.
5 - Look for the fishing signals and buy at least one of those (note they are a lot but you have to get those on which pop ups a description when you select the icons, NOT those on which it says only 'debug § 0’.
6 - Finally, put the fishing signal close at the poolside.
Note 1 - You can decorate around the pool with plants and rocks, and you can even hide the fishing signal so that everything seems more natural, but don’t put so much decorations where there’s the green grid of the fishing signal. This is the fishing area which must be walkable for your fisher-sims.
Note 2 - This procedure works even with a fountain.


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Christmas Bliss

I am so so so so sorry that it has taken me so long to write this one! I just have the regular excuses, like school, being sick, being busy etc hahah, but at least it’s finally here, and I hope you like it!

(Also I’m sorry for writing about Christmas in September, but I love Christmas SOOOO much, I couldn’t resist lol)

Keep on sending requests! Choose prompts from one of these lists(or come up with your own idea), just make sure you tell me which one you picked from!

Request: Hi! Maybe a really cute modern imagine with alexander x reader on how they get together in college? Maybe she’s friends with the hamilsquad and starts to like alex :D
requested by @justapieceofsimstrash

Pairing: Alexander x reader

Prompt: None

Setting: Modern college AU

Warnings: none I think

Word count: 2677 (woWIE this turned out soooo much longer than I thought it would)

First day of college. This was the day you had both dreaded and looked forward to. And now it was finally here. You had arrived a little while ago to settle in and decorate your dorm, so you already knew your way around campus.

Or so you thought.

You were headed to your first general psychology class in the C-building, which was nowhere to be found. You must have been looking very lost, because suddenly a group of people approached you.

“Can’t find your classroom?” one of the boys asked. He had long, black hair tied back in a ponytail. You also noticed he was quite short, but still taller than you. Oh, and he was very handsome.

“Uhm- I- no”, you confessed, blushing, a little speechless from the sudden confrontation by complete strangers.

“I’m sorry, our friend can be a little forward sometimes. My name is John Laurens, this is Lafayette, this is Hercules Mulligan, and this is the very outgoing and sometimes inconsiderate Alexander Hamilton”, he explained with a smile on his face. You repeated their names in your head, before responding. “I’m [Y/N], nice to meet you.”

“Are you a freshman?” the one named Hercules asked. You nodded your head, and Lafayette shot in. “We’re sophomores, maybe we can help you find your classroom?” he suggested with an accent sounding like French.

“That would be very kind of you. I’m going to room C248”, you said, glancing down on your schedule.

“Oh, that’s perfect! I’m going to C250, I’ll take you there!” Alexander suggested excitedly, which made you smile. “Thank you so much, Alexander”, you sincerely said, meeting his eyes.

“No problem at all. And you can just call me Alex”, he said. You nodded, before turning back to the rest of the group. “I guess I’ll see you later”, you suggested, hoping to make some friends. “Oui, definitely!” Lafayette assured you, before they walked off.

“So, what’s you major?” Alex asked you when you had started walking. “Psychology, what’s yours?” you answered proudly. “Wow, that’s cool! I’m majoring in political science”, he told you. No wonder he was so outgoing, you thought. “Impressing! Should I expect to call you ‘President’ in 20 years time?” you joked. “I would hope, so”, he smirked back.

Too soon for your liking, you reached your classrooms. “If you want, we could grab something to eat with the other guys after this class? I can meet you here”, Alex offered. Almost too quickly, you blurted out. “Yeah, that sounds great! See you in a while.” And you both entered your classrooms.


This became a Monday tradition of yours. You and the guys would meet up before class for breakfast, sometimes with Eliza and Angelica Schuyler, before you and Alex walked to class together, and meet up after class for even more food.

You became close with all of them, but especially with Alexander. The two of you always seemed to have a deeper connection than anyone else in the group. You found it strange, though. You were a quiet, shy psychology major, while he was a loud, outspoken political science major.

But you loved that he was so outgoing. He would always stand up for his friends and help you with things that made you nervous. Oh, yeah, you definitely had a crush on him. A major crush. Even though you saw him almost every single day, he always managed to make the butterflies in your stomach go wild.


Christmas was coming up, and to be honest, you weren’t very excited. Sure, it was cosy and all that, but there was a reason you chose the school furthest away from home. Your parents weren’t someone you missed. They weren’t particularly nice to you, so you wouldn’t be going home. They didn’t hit you or do anything physical, but the verbal abuse was bad enough for you to decide to spend Christmas alone on campus, rather than spend it with them.

You were sitting in a café with Angelica, Eliza, Hercules, Lafayette, John and Alex. You had a great time, but then Eliza asked the question you had been dreading.

“What are you guys doing for Christmas?”

Angelica said she and Eliza were going home to celebrate with the rest of their family, John was going home as well, Lafayette was going with Hercules to his family, seeing as Lafayette’s family lived in France and he couldn’t afford the trip this year, but neither you or Alex answered. Eliza noticed this.

“What about you, [Y/N]?” she asked, looking at you with kind eyes. You fidgeted with the hem of your shirt, and took a deep, shaky breath. “I’ll be staying here”, you mumbled, embarrassed. Everyone let out a sound of pity, but Alexander spoke up. “Really? So am I! We can spend it together”, he said, taking your hand under the table, making you blush a little. “Really?” you questioned him, your voice full of hope. He nodded at you with the warmest, kindest smile you had ever seen.

Everyone seemed to understand that you didn’t want to talk about, keeping the conversation flowing and including you like nothing had happened. This is why you loved them; they always knew how to make you feel better.


It was now only two days to Christmas, and you were out trying to find the perfect gift for Alexander. You had looked everywhere, but you just couldn’t seem to find the gift for him.

But then you saw it. A one-cup coffee brewer. He was constantly working, and was always drinking coffee. However, he had to walk all the way to the cafeteria to get a cup, something that bugged him, so a coffee brewer for his dorm was absolutely perfect. You paid for it, and headed back to your dorm to wrap it.

Your dorm was significantly cleaner than Alex’s, so that’s where you’d be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Your dorm-mate was celebrating at home, like almost everyone else, so you could decorate the way you wanted. Having purchased some Christmas lights, you were standing on a chair, in an attempt to hang them up.

“Hi, [Y/N]!” Alex yelled as he opened your door, and you almost fell of your chair in surprise, mentally cursing yourself for having given him a key.

“Christ, Alex, I almost fell down!” you scolded him, but couldn’t hold back your laugh. He laughed as well. “Sorry, I just wanted to come over, I was really bored, but now I can help you decorate!” he said, walking over to you, and helped you down.

“You were just in time, I can’t seem to get these stupid lights hanging”, you huffed annoyed, with the lights in your hands. Alexander took them from you, climbing up on the chair himself. “I’ll fix it”, he reassured you, a little amused that some lights had upset you.

You spent the rest of the day decorating, eating, laughing, talking, watching TV, and suddenly it was midnight.

“I guess I should be heading back”, Alex sighed, not really wanting to go. “Yeah, it’s getting late, but you could stay here, if you want”, you suggested hopefully, not wanting him to leave either.

His eyes lit up. “Really? You sure? I don’t wanna invade you privacy or anything”, he replied. “Of course you can stay here!” you told him, and he smiled widely.

He spent the night in your dorm-mate’s bed. Secretly, you wanted him in your bed, but you didn’t want to suggest it, knowing he wouldn’t want to. Why would he? You were just a friend of his. He could never like you in any other way, you thought. You tried not to dwell on it, wanting this Christmas to be one for the ages. This would be the first one spent with someone you actually liked. No, you didn’t like him. You loved him.

The morning after, he woke you up by dropping one of your plates. He hoped you didn’t hear him, afraid you’d be angry with him for breaking on of your plates.

“What was that, Alex?” you questioned him, voice full of sleep. He laughed nervously. “I might have broken one of your plates, please don’t be mad”, he blurted out. You couldn’t help but smile. “It’s just a plate, don’t worry”, you assured him, and lifted your head from your pillow. Letting out a relieved sigh, he bent down, starting to pick up the broken pieces. You decided to get up and find something to sweep the small parts up with.

Walking over to him, you noticed why the accident had occurred. He had made breakfast for the two of you, and dropped the plate when he was going to set the table. You smiled at the sight before you. A messy-haired, tired Alex and the omelette he had cooked up. You were happy to spend Christmas with him; he was such a wonderful person.

After cleaning up, the two of you had breakfast, both still in your pyjamas. “This is really good!” you said, mouth full of food. “I’m glad you liked it”, he smiled at you. You smiled back, and when you felt his leg graze yours – definitely not an accident – you smiled even brighter, and a blush made its way to your face.

“Soooo, what shall we do today?” you asked, breaking the silence between you. He became deep in thought while chewing his food. Once he had swallowed, he responded. “Uhm, maybe we could just go downtown and see what’s going on?” You thought it sounded like a great idea, and agreed immediately, deciding that you go as soon as you had gotten dressed after breakfast.

Alexander was as excited as a little kid. He dragged you from one booth to another in the Christmas market that was in town. You couldn’t remember being this happy in a long time, and you cherished every moment of it.

Arriving back at your dorm, both of you had your arms full of all Christmas food you could ever imagine, and even more decoration. The place was already packed with decorations, but you made room for even more. Alexander put away the food, saving it for Christmas day.

“Oh! We haven’t bought a turkey yet!” you remembered, “should we go buy one now?” Alex looked at you and nodded. “Yeah, let’s go!” He looked at you with exciting eyes, and then the two of you were out the door again.

When you got back, you made sure everything was ready for tomorrow; Christmas Day. In addition to the coffee machine, you had gotten Alex a few other small presents, so he would have more than one present to open. He popped back to his dorm to get some clothes, and the presents he had gotten for you.


On Christmas Day you were the first one to wake up, and went to start on breakfast. You weren’t even half finished with making pancakes when you heard shuffling feet approach you. “It smells and looks amazing, and I’m starving, so I can’t wait for this delicious food”, Alex said in a silly tone, which made you laugh. “Well, merry Christmas to you too”, you replied with a smirk. He pulled you into an unexpected hug. “Merry Christmas, [Y/N].”

After finishing breakfast, you went to open your presents. Alex had thought the same as you; getting you some small presents and one ‘main present’. Among the small presents were things like pens, room deco, handmade stuff and clothes. “Here you go, Alex”, you said, handing him his biggest present. He opened it quickly, and his eyes lit up when he saw what it was. “Oh my god, [Y/N], thank you so much! Wow, you have no idea how amazing this is, I really appreciate it”, he rambled on, obviously excited, which was everything you had hoped for.

“Now, I believe this one is yours”, Alex said, handing you the last present after putting his new coffee machine down. You grabbed it eagerly, wondering what he could have gotten you. It was quite big, rectangular and flat. Just like he had done, you removed the wrapping quickly. It appeared to be upside down, but when you turned it around, you gasped, and tears made their way to your eyes. It was a copy of the sunflower painting by Vincent van Gogh. A while ago, you had told him about your love for his art, and especially that painting. The fact that he remembered it, made you very emotional.

“Thank you”, you whispered, putting the painting down, and threw yourself around Alex’s neck, and held on as if your life depended on it. He held you back, with just as much emotion, and didn’t let go for a long time.

“Sorry, I’m crying”, you mumbled when you pulled away, and went to dry your tears, but he was quicker than you, and you suddenly felt him drying them away gently and lovingly. “It’s okay to cry”, he whispered and pulled you into another long hug.

After that moment, you felt even closer to Alex, and the rest of the day was filled with happiness, good food and not so accidental touching.

It was getting rather late, and the two of your were stuffed and tired, lying on the couch, watching TV. Ever since he said he’d be spending Christmas on campus, you had wondered why, and now, you just couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why are you spending Christmas here?” you asked him hesitantly, afraid of hurting his feelings. He took a deep breath, and looked at you. “My dad left a long time ago, I have no idea where he is, and my mom is dead”, he said, not wanting to elaborate. You felt guilty for bringing it up. “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have asked”, you said, looking to the floor. “It’s fine, it’s just how it is”, he reassured you.

“I have been wondering as well, and I guess now is a good time to ask you the same thing”, he said, curious as to why you didn’t have anywhere else to go. “Uhm, my parents are alive, they live on the other side of the country. However, they aren’t very nice people, and my memories of Christmas with them aren’t good at all. So I’d rather not visit them”, you told him, not wanting to elaborate either. Alex seemed to understand this. “I’m sorry, I hope Christmas with me is okay, though”, he said, and pulled into an embrace, and you relished in the comfort and safety of his arms. “Christmas with you is perfect”, you smiled, and looked up at him, catching his kind gaze.

He leaned in slowly, making sure he didn’t do anything outside your comfort zone. The second your lips touched, as cliché as it sounds, your whole body felt electric with happiness, and you wrapped your arms around his neck, while he held your body close to his.

It felt so full of love and sincerity, and the second you pulled away, you nuzzled into his chest, him still holding you tight. “I should have told you this a long time ago, but I love you, [Y/N]”, he murmured into your hair, making your heart skip a beat. “I love you too”, you replied, not hesitating a split second.

Eventually, you fell asleep in his arms. He admired your features, before carrying you to bed. This time, he slept in the same bed as you, wanting to keep you as close as possible.

When you awoke the next morning, you were still tangled in his arms, and he was already awake, looking at you. He smiled tiredly at you when he noticed that you were awake. “Good morning, angel”, he whispered, making you blush, and you hid your face in his chest. You felt him chuckle lightly, and you felt so content. “Good morning”, you whispered back, and realised that this was the happiest you had ever felt.


hey all,

i have been wanting to do a home tour of our apartment for a while now and finally got around to taking the pics today! mind you they were on my iphone so the quality isn’t that great and i did a LOT of editing in vsco, but you get the gist of our home pretty well :)

coming this october, we will have been in our astoria (that’s in queens!) apartment for 4 years!!! what we thought was just going to be a one-year thing has lasted us this long. i remember when i first moved out to nyc how daunting apartment hunting was. it was right after college and tyler was still living back in minneapolis so i was embarking on this journey alone. i had no where idea where to begin - there are so many websites and sometimes it can be hard to tell what is real and what is a scam. i scoured manhattan and the boroughs on weekends, after work and even during work sometimes. it was a nightmare. i actually remember walking through brooklyn softly crying to myself and thinking how this is NEVER going to happen. but, i came across a listing on craigslist for a junior 1BR located in astoria. i didn’t know much about queens, but the commute was really short and the apartment had charm. so i went and looked, made a downpayment and two days later it was MINE! i called up tyler and told him to book his one way flight because, baby, WE HAVE AN APARTMENT! 

for a long, long time our apartment was kind of a sad place. since it was our first place ever we started from scratch with all of our furniture besides the bed (thanks aunt jane and uncle brian!). with only one of us having a job right away (tyler was still searching for one) ikea was basically our go-to place. ugh, i wish i could show you the evolution of our apartment so badly!! for a while it was just white walls, a futon, a kitchen table and a bed. but eventually we both had jobs, and promotions happened and we were able to really make it our own. :) just to be upfront, i have a VERY heavy hand in the decorating (if you thought tyler picked out the unicorn pillow, think again! haha). tyler though knows that once i have a vision, he might as well just let it come to fruition because there is NO stopping me. and i love him so so much for that quality :) i think if i didn’t go to school for advertising, it definitely would have been interior design. i particularly love mid-century modern, so a lot of our apartment has that vibe. but hey, tyler did the gallery wall above our bed (one of the first things he did when he moved out here!) and that has been a staple in our bedroom. it is filled with art tyler has made, photos we love, and art done by my talented friend samantha. <3 

living in nyc and in a tiny apartment garners lot of questions. it is a bit foreign to our family and friends back home and to be honest, suburban life is just different from city life. one isn’t better than the other and there are pros and cons to both scenarios. obviously space is a HUGE topic of conversation. the truth is it is really challenging. like a lot of people who own a house or even just a much larger apartment, we don’t have the luxury of having a lot of “stuff”. sometimes that can be a pain, but i’ve seen it sort of as a blessing in disguise. not having space really makes you think about what you need vs. what you want. 2-3 times a year tyler and i will go through all of our clothes and clean out things we no longer wear and donate them or take them to this spot, buffalo exchange, to try and get some cash back!! doing this is actually very cleansing. my rule is typically if i haven’t worn it in a year, then out it goes! we also LIVE for space under furniture. we store a ton of things under the bed and couch in plastic bins. also, our closets help enormously. lucky for us, our apartment has two pretty spacious ones that go all the way up to the ceiling (our ceilings are 10ft!). so we are able to do a lot with that space as well. sure, i would love to have a spare closet for more things or even hide all of that junk above our cabinets, but we are working with what we have and so far it hasn’t been THAT bad. :)

you might also notice in the pictures above that we don’t own a tv. based on the layout of the apartment, there isn’t really a great spot, however i do have something in my mind that i have been wanting to do, but i’m just trying to convince tyler to get on board ;) stay tuned. for now, we just watch shows off our ipad and computer and it works out! (sling and netflix is basically all you need in life). we also don’t have a dishwasher, which DEF sucks sometimes, but it forces us to clean our dishes right after we eat - it is a pain and a plus at the same time. and don’t just assume that i do them, tyler and i usually trade off who does dishes based on who made dinner so that it is fair for the other person :) and if you were wondering if we had a washer/dryer, we sure don’t! but luckily our laundromat is just right around the corner. i really thought that was going to be difficult to get used to, but it isn’t bad at all. and if you are feeling super luxurious, you can do wash and fold - you drop your dirty laundry off and you pick it in a clean, folded bag :) i actually have yet to do this…what am i thinking?!? 

as i mentioned, we have done a TON of modifications over the past 3 years. everything from painting, to new furniture to my most recent project - the kitchen counters and backsplash. YOU GUYS. if you are renting an apartment and your countertops are hideous, i highly recommend trying marble contact paper. it completely transformed the space. and if you hate your boring painted wall, you can buy removable backsplash tiles! i am so happy with how it turned out (let me know if you are interested more on this topic!). 

there is still a lot of work i want to do with our aparment, but i really feel like we have maximized our space in all ways possible. tyler and i love coming home to a space that feels cozy and personal vs. a drab blank slate. for you renters out there, paint your walls, hang up art and make the space your own. you will feel SO much happier - flowers also help :) all in all, tyler and i are very happy with our cozy junior 1BR apartment. who knows how much longer we will be in this exact space. all i know is i am enjoying the days we are here because i know it will be so sad when it comes time to leave! 



ps - almost all of our furniture is from target, cb2, wayfair and west elm! 

June 19, 2015

Friday! I had the day all to myself (finally!), and I decided to do a couple of things and errands since I had the time. I had to pick up a mail key, check my mail, clean my room… I actually finally finished decorating the walls, as you can see here! And at some point, I managed to put film into my old Zenit.

Course, after last night’s festivities, I didn’t really get out of bed until late morning.

By evening, I had to be at work, from 18:00 till 02:00. My head hurt, so my coworkers were kind enough to let me leave early, somewhere around 00:30. 

Merry Christmas My Love (Kol M. X Reader)

~~~Year 1912 December 25th, Christmas Morning~~~
I woke up with the sun on my face, I groan and roll over to Kol’s side of our bed, and realize that he is gone.

‘Look who decided to get out of bed without being bribed this morning…’

I, myself got out of bed and just picked up Kol’s shirt off of the floor and put it on my much smaller frame, for I had no desire to rummage through my closet. I walk into the living room and see Kol placing a box under our very green, very much decorated tree.

“Late getting presents this year, Kol?” I mused, walking up behind wrapping my arms around his waist. He turned and placed a kiss on my forehead.

“I do this every year, I usually get back in bed before you wake up.” He runs his hands up and down my body, and finally stops at my bottom.

“No panties this morning, (Name)?” My cheeks go red, and he throws me over his shoulder, walking back to our bedroom.

“Well, one less thing to take off then.” He says, me knowing him, with a smirk plastered on his face.

‘Good god.’
Kol wraps his arms around me as we catch our breaths. For a while, we cuddle and talk about random things, until I remember that I need to pick up his last gift for today. I wiggle out of his arms, and get dressed, in a simple navy wool dress that reaches my knees, some black stockings, and black boots.

“Why the sudden rush?” His brown eyes displaying sadness, and his mouth frowning.

“I’m going into town to get something.” He smirks,

“Some things, like my present maybe?”

“Maybe.” I say before I give him a peck on the lips and walk out the bedroom door. I put on my hat, coat and my gloves, and about to open the door, when a hand with a large lapis lazuli ring on the ring finger, holds the door closed. The owner now sports a pair of pants.

“That was a pathetic goodbye kiss, don’t you think?” Kol says, eyebrow raised. I smirk and place my arms around his neck, his hands go to my hips, and we plant a passionate kiss on each other’s lips, like it’s the last kiss we’ll ever have. When we finally pull away. I whisper in his ear,

“Goodbye.” I peck his cheek and walk out the front door. On my way to town, I can’t help but to stop and admire the snow-covered buildings and trees along the way.
Hours later, I walk in the front door and quickly place Kol’s present in the back of the tree. I notice that it is very strangely quiet.

“Kol? Are you here?” No response. Only a loud thump, coming from our bedroom. I quickly walk down the hall and open the door, to see Niklaus hovering over Kol, holding the handle of the dagger placed in Kol’s chest. Kol looks at me before his skin turns completely grey.

“Why?” I whisper.

“(Na-“He starts, but I cut him off.

Why, why, WHY?!” I shout as I fall to my knees, tears streaming down my face, and I look at Kol, knowing that I couldn’t do a damn thing about this, unless I had a death wish, I knew I was no match to Niklaus, in fighting at least. But it didn’t stop me from slapping him across his face, he has red handprint on his left cheek.

“Okay, I deserve that.”

“And much more. You deserve all of the horrible things that come to you, you bastard.” He slams me against the nearest wall, hands tightly wrapped around my neck. My feet dangle from the ground, he glares at me murderously.

“What are you going to do, huh? Kill me, and take Kol, and put him back in his reserved box for a few more centuries? Along with Elijah, Finn, who thanks to you, I have never met, running from Mikael for the rest of your days with Rebekah?” He appears to draw back in thought.

“I’m not going to kill you, no that would be quick, easy, and little pain for you. No, I’m just going to take the love of your life away, for as long as I see fit. Happy hunting, love.”

He snaps my neck.
I wake up, Kol and Niklaus are gone, long gone by now. I walk to the living room and see the tree and remember the fun Kol and I had decorating it, all the laughter, happiness, and pure joy. I demolish the whole entire living room, the tree, all of the decorations, and the presents. After a while, I manage to calm down, I see one box survived my rampage. It was the one Kol had this morning. I tear off the wrapping paper and open a small box, and see a note and a smaller box inside.

Dear (Name),
When I met you, I had no idea what love was, I’d had come to resent my family, and had flipped the switch the day I was undaggered. I saw you, young, naïve, and breathtakingly beautiful, I even thought so after I got a good look at your face after we had bumped into each other in the street. We talked, then a sudden downpour drenched us, you took me to your home, and so foolishly invited me in, I was planning on draining you, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. You allowed me to stay the night, since the rain wasn’t letting up anytime soon. After I left that morning, on my way home, I kept wondering why, I couldn’t drain you like I had to many others, strangely, I felt guilty about it, I realized that my switch flipped without me even noticing it. To this day, I still can’t figure out how. But I do know that you are the sweetest, kindest, and most beautiful woman I had ever had the pleasure of meeting in all of my years. And I want to give you the proper wedding you had always dreamed of.

I quickly opened the smaller box and saw a diamond ring. I started to cry again, because of the fact that Kol wasn’t here to see me say yes, that Niklaus took him away from me, and that all I could do is hope that I get lucky enough to find him. I looked at the bottom of the letter,

(Name) (Last Name), will you do me the honor of becoming your official husband?

I sat there, crying, for god knows how long, until I finally slipped the ring on my ring finger on top of my ruby ring that Kol gave me the night he took my virginity, and turned me.

‘Kol I’ll find you if it’s the last thing I do.’

HC: Rize was actually the one who decorated :re

Like, so, imagine that while Yomo is helping her recover, she’s slowly getting better but she stays nonverbal for a while. When she’s finally well enough to go out, Yomo takes her around in a wheelchair. They’ll go through parks and shopping areas just looking at stuff and Yomo tries to talk to her and keep a one-sided conversation going even though he’s not good at being chatty and he can’t tell if Rize is actually listening to him.
Then one day they’re going through a bookstore and he nearly has a heart attack when Rize points at a novel she wants. And so it starts out small with Yomo buying her whatever books or knickknacks she points at on their trips. But eventually she starts pointing at everything she likes- hats, small statues, snowglobes, taxidermies- and Yomo is so thrilled about how more aware she’s becoming that he just keeps buying her everything. And they don’t have room for it in their apartment so most of it ends up in the cafe.
The first time they hear Rize’s voice again is when Yomo is mounting one of the stuffed deer heads and she laughs at the completely exasperated expression that Touka has.

Christmas Prompt #1 - Stiles Stilinski

Requested by @thejulietfarciertlove

Paring: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Word count: 402

5. “No, no no, get away from those presents!”
6. “Merry Christmas to all and to all-wait not you, I don’t like you.”
7. “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you!”

Finally, you thought to yourself. It’s been a hectic day with shopping, wrapping presents and decorating at home. You had invited the pack over for a small Christmas-gift-exchange-evening tomorrow and the only thing ahead of you were a good night sleep.

You woke up by a loud thump from the room next to where you sleep. The rumbling sound of someone walking around made you sit up in your bed.

The sounds seemed to stop when you sat up and climb out from your bed. You peeked to the slight open door towards the living room. You looked around to see Stiles kneeling down in front of the Christmas tree.

You saw how he was fidgeting with his fingers and then rumbling around the presents while mumbling, ”Merry Christmas to all and to all-wait not you, I don’t like you.” while tossing presents away from the tree.

The light giggle from you made him turn around. He flinched when he saw you standing by the door frame. ”Heh-hey!” he stuttered while waving awkwardly. You crossed your arms over your chest while approaching him.

”So, you’re the little burglar running around while I’m sleeping?” you asked and he stood up. ”I’m sorry Y/N, I’m so excited for tomorrow. I wanted to-” he starts. ”How the hell did you get in?” you interrupted him with a frown.

Before you could panic he fished out a set of keys and dangled them in front of you. ”I made a copy.” he admitted and you rolled your eyes at him. ”Well of course you did.” you gazed around the room and saw a big gym bag just by the tree, overly filled with presents.

”What’s this?” you asked with a smug and reached for the bag. Stiles eyes went big as he slapped away your hand and took the bag in a tight hold against his chest. ”No, no no get away from those presents!” he exclaims.

”Why are there so many?” you ask and he shyly scratch his head. ”Well, ehm..” he starts. ”I didn’t know what to get you…” he admits and you immediately starts to giggle.

”That’s so sweet! But I’ve got something to admit for you.” you said as you snaked your arms around his neck. ”Baby, all I want for Christmas is you!” earning a dorky smile from Stiles before he leaned down to catch your lips in a soft kiss.

Thank you for reading! ♥
Credit to gif owner.

Am I the only person who thinks the recent obsession with “bullet journals” to be a tad ridiculous? How much time can one possibly spend outfitting one’s journal with drawings and stickers and still consider the journal to organize and save time? What you gain in freedom with a plain journal you lose in the obsession to decorate rather than optimize, at least in the case of what is rampant around Tumblr.

It’s like the poetry journal the hipster carries around to feel vaguely artistic and creative without having to actually be creative or artistic. You get to feel organized and devoted to your studies by tediously embellishing a bullet journal as if it were the final draft of a sketch pad representing one’s academic worth. But the bullet journal, like the poetry journal, becomes more of a fashion accessory than a practical object. Lists would suffice with far less work required to embellish. Better yet, especially praise-worthy pages are camera ready for a Tumblr post.

Really, though. When you carry around stickers and markers for the sake of one’s journal alone, it gets to become a bit ridiculous. At that point, it has absolutely nothing to do with organization and productivity.


AngelaBaby and Huang’s celebrity wedding sets hearts alight

The fairytale-themed wedding of top Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and model, actress Yang Ying (aka AngelaBaby) has been dubbed ‘the wedding of the century,’ with reports that half of China’s celebrities were in attendance.

With dozens of images posted online, the event has become the top trending story on Chinese social media since it was held on Thursday.

The couple reportedly invited around 600 guests to the Shanghai Exhibition Center, chosen because Huang said he wanted to fulfil AngelaBaby’s childhood dream of getting married in a castle.

More than 200 florists worked together to decorate the wedding site, named as the Princess’s Garden of Eden. The cake itself, 2.5 meters high, took cake makers around a month to complete.

However it’s the two-hour line of Chinese celebrities that seems to be the highlight for netizens. Actress Li Bingbing was among the bridesmaids, whilst Wang Sicong, son of China’s richest man, was one of the groom’s best men.

@hey-KK said “I finally believe actor Huang Xiaoming really has earned huge money in recent years”. @keshoushou said,“To be honest, as a girl I really envy AngelaBaby. She’s beautiful too”.

Others were a little more cynical, questioning whether the event was held for the media. @baixueVIP said, “In your eyes it’s a fairy tale wedding, but in my view it’s the sponsor’s show - like a tennis performance.” @xiaotaiyang worried “The cake took one month to make? Is it really eatable after one month?”

12 Days of Jily- Day 7

“James can you put this one up there? I can’t reach.” Lily said, pointing up at a high spot on their huge Christmas tree, holding a small red ornament.

Her husband chuckled and nodded. “Of course love.” He said, taking it and putting it where she wanted. It was the day after her whole baking incident, and they were spending their afternoon finally getting around to decorating the tree. James was trying his best to keep her happy, but could still see some sadness in her eyes when she saw something sentimental.

“Alright, so we need to fill that area with some green. It’s too red.” She observed, looking at one portion of the tree. She moved a plain red ornament and replaced it with a green one, stepping back and admiring her work.

James smiled brightly. The tree was just about done and he had a plan to brighten her mood. He watched as she put one up that said ‘Baby’s First Christmas’, then transfigured two plain silver ones to an everlasting charm. They turned into a doe and a stag. “Where did these come from?” He asked innocently, holding them up and smiling.

She came over and inspected them, her face lighting up with a huge smile. “Did you make these” She asked quietly, looking up at him.

He nodded and smiled sheepishly. “Yeah… I figured we needed something that was more… Us.” He told her, kissing her cheek.

She beamed and took them, bringing them to a spot where she could reach, right at the front. She put them up so they were facing each other and stepped back. “I love them.” She breathed.

James went over and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “Merry Christmas Lily.” He whispered, kissing the side of her head. He pulled his wand out from his back pocket and cast another charm, one that him and Sirius had discovered back in fifth year. It was a mistletoe that, when two people were under it, they couldn’t leave until they kissed, and not just a peck either.

Lily grinned and turned to him. “Merry Christmas James.” She said happily. She tried to take a step away to get the angel to put on top, but was stopped by some sort of magical forcefield. “What the…” She started, then looked up and blushed. “Jamesss…” She whined, smiling sheepishly.

He shrugged and smirked at her. “Wasn’t me.” He lied, pulling her close again, looking at her eyes and smiling.

She sighed but couldn’t help but smile at her annoying, but charming, husband. “You’re ridiculous.” She whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck and moving closer to him.

“But you love it.” He commented, his arms tightening around her waist.

“I suppose I do.” Lily said, going on her toes and kissing him, gently at first.

James grinned and kissed her back, a bit eagerly, like he was back in sixth year and pining for her all over again.

She giggled softly into the kiss, deepening it a bit, like when she was in seventh year and realized she was completely, and utterly, in love with the bloke.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, just wrapped up in each others warmth, before James felt the magic of the mistletoe fizz away. “We can stop now, if you’d like.” He said softly, his lips brushing on hers.

Lily grinned and looked him in the eyes. “What if I don’t want to?” She asked, and kissed him hard again, the only source of light being the lit-up Christmas tree.