finally found something that works with this scene

The 1 Thing Your Scenes MUST HAVE

Sully is a good representation of how I want people to react when enthralled by a story I’ve written:

But more often than not, I get a reaction more like this:

Or at least, I did. I couldn’t understand why my writing produced these less-than-stellar responses. I had meticulously worded every sentence. I’d made sure there were exciting parts. I had parceled out backstory, setting, and exposition so the reader could understand what the heck was going on. So why did eyes glaze over while reading my book? Why did MY eyes glaze over while reading my own work? 

The problem, I finally found out, was that my scenes didn’t turn. 

I was cramming all that exposition in right out of the gate, so the reader knew absolutely everything … which meant there wasn’t anything to find out. The scenes were just tiny chronicles where the main character set out to do something and accomplished it with flying colors. Nothing ever happened that surprised him. And consequently, nothing ever happened to surprise the reader.  

I wasn’t withholding information, and revealing it methodically. 

I wasn’t letting the story spin in new directions. It was always chugging along the straightforward track where I’d dropped my reader.

I wasn’t letting my scenes TURN.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s an example of a great scene with a great turn from a wonderful movie: Beauty and the Beast

*Opening music that makes me want to cry from how beautiful it is*

Beat 1:

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land a young prince lived in a shining castle…” (Action: Apparently the world takes action to make sure this prince lives a cushy existence.)

“Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.” (Reaction: And he acts like a brat anyway.)

Beat 2:

“But then, one winter’s night, and old beggar woman came to the castle and offered a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.” (Action)

“Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift, and turned the old woman away.” (Reaction)

Beat 3:

“But she warned him, not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” (Action)

“And when he dismissed her again …” (Reaction)

Beat 4:

“The old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.” (Action)

“The prince tried to apologize …” (Reaction) 

Beat 5:

“But it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there.” (Action)

“Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world.” (Reaction)

Beat 6:

“The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, that would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another, and earn their love in return, by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time.” (Action)

“As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope.”  (Reaction)

“For who could ever learn to love a beast?”

Turn: The 6th beat is the turn. The story has spun in a new direction, the direction the WHOLE STORY will motor towards. 

Revelation: There’s the big one of the scene turn, but I love how every action and reaction in this prologue feels like a revelation. Each one feels like it could be a scene on it’s own, but it’s told in a just few words, with beautiful imagery. There’s no fluff in this, nothing unnecessary, everything is perfectly needed. (Sorry, I just really love this opening. I can remember sitting in my little wicker rocking chair when I was four watching this in awe. This movie is one of the reasons I’m story obsessed.)

NOW let’s remove all curiosity and surprise from this scene. 

We’ll take away the atmosphere of “all is not as it seems”, the “seeking and learning significant information” feeling, the sense that we’re climbing to something significant. Instead of withholding and revealing snippets of information, after gradual beat-by-beat escalation of curiosity, we’ll dump all information right away. We’ll take this beautiful scene, and make it distinctly not a scene by removing all traces of a turn.

So! The purpose of this “section” of story is to communicate necessary information. What info? The guy used to be a terrible prince. Someone cursed him to be a beast. His castle and the people who live there are also cursed. He’s got a rose that will bloom until he’s 21. He’s supposed to fall in love with someone and get that person to love him back.  Or he’s going to be a beast forevermore. So, let’s give it a whirl.

Let’s say it opens up on Lumiere and the Beast. They’re just hanging out in the West Wing, the Beast watching the rose sparkle, Lumiere extinguishing and reigniting his left candle/hand for something to do.

LUMIERE: “So Master, it’s been years since you were turned into a beast and the castle staff was turned into objects.”

BEAST: “Yup.”

L: “I wish you hadn’t have upset that enchantress, and been a bit kinder.”

B: “Me too. Don’t know how.”

L: “Now our only hope to return to our human forms, is if you fall in love and get that person to fall in love with you.”

B: *Noncommittal grunt*

L: “Better happen soon, before that last petal on the magical rose falls. When you turn 21, it’s going to fall. And if you haven’t learned to love by then, well, we’re stuck.”

B: “I’m aware." 

L: "Yup.”

B: “Yup.”

Well, that was extraordinarily awful. 

So what about these scenes is different? (Besides one being a work of art and the other being agony in text form.) 

– One withholds information and reveals it slowly, turning the story at the end. 

– One is just an info dump. 

So how can a turn be accomplished?  There are four types of turns: 

– Surprise

– Amplified Curiosity 

– New Insight

– Spin in New Direction

A SURPRISE turn is the difference between what the character expects and what actually happens, surprising them, surprising the reader/audience that is enthralled by your story. A CURIOSITY turn is when a new mystery is presented to the reader, increasing their drive to find out what happens next. An INSIGHT one is when a scene ends by solving a mystery, answering a question that the audience has been wondering about. And a SPIN is just that, a turn that jolts the story into a new unexpected direction.

And how do they work in a scene? 

The turn happens at the end. It’s the point of the scene. Everything’s leading to it. Think of it as the period punctuation mark on the end of the sentence that is your scene. But really your reader is anticipating that turn throughout the scene.
It’s this anticipation and “gradual illumination” that’s crucial to a story turn. This is the wonderful curious feeling that keeps us turning pages. That sense that “all is not as it seems, and if I keep reading I’ll find out the truth.” which is so intoxicating. And this is accomplished with beats, the exchanges of action and reaction, each acting like a escalation on a roller coaster, each increasing anticipation for the drop. 

Turns and revelation anticipation are rather magical when you think about it. They really are (as Robert McKee says) the substance of story. (Or they’re magical to me. I said I was obsessed. Blame this movie!) 

Now I’m going to go watch Beauty and the Beast again.

A Place to Call Home pt 8


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 5,007

Warnings: language

A/N: The part you’ve all been waiting for is here!! I have to apologize though, it’s not edited because I just finished it and wanted to get it up for you guys tonight. I have to thank @writing-obrien for helping me brainstorm and @thelittlestkitsune for reassuring me that it wasn’t crap. I will get it edited and update it once I do, but for now, here is part 8 of APTCH, I hope you like it!

UPDATE: This has now been edited thanks to the wonderful Lau ( @thelittlestkitsune) and I decided to change the gif to one more fitting even though it may kinda be a spoiler lol. 

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Deadly Secrets

(gif credit to the creator)

Part Eight

Master List

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 1,291
Warnings: language
A/N: Part eight is here! Italics are flashbacks. If you’d like to be tagged let me know, in an ask (it’s the best way for me to keep track)! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is crucial! :)

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Wasn't there a picture of Ven in the Castle of Dreams looking at Cinderella meeting the Prince? If so maybe Aqua and Ven had their stories swapped at some point. It would explain why neither of their stories appear to line up with the RG scene.

I don’t know if there was anything specifically involving the Prince, but from the same batch of early promo pics, we did have this one:

Which, yeah, clearly doesn’t mesh up with the final game because in the final game, Ven’s storyline takes place before the ball, not during it.

I actually remember, when this was printed in Famitsu (I think it was Famitsu), the little blurb next to it said something like, “They seem to be staring upwards… What could they be looking at?”

Which, of course, we never found out because this scene never happened.

Was it ever supposed to happen?

Does this actually represent a whole scrapped storyline, or was it just a loose, work-in-progress placeholder?

It’s hard to say.

- Mod A.


Ok. It’s been about a week. The long and the short of it? I don’t really feel anything. What does that mean exactly? I have no idea. I thought for sure I’d have a mental breakdown by now. I even shuffled around my calendar to allow time for it to happen. Maybe a decade plus of dealing with my many particular idiosyncrasies (addictions and disorders) have finally landed me in that constant zen-like state I so desperately craved. Or maybe I’m in serious denial. Or maybe this is a perfectly acceptable way to feel: Not feeling. I don’t know.

I used to joke with Josh all the time that I could take or leave the band. I was very “whatever” about it. Perhaps the word is: Flippant. It would enrage him. Makes sense seeing as he was the guy who did literally all of the behind the scenes work for the band, in addition to being one hell of a writer. If I remember correctly (and don’t believe a word of anything I try to recall from memory) this mentality continued through at least the first two MCS records, if not the third. Somewhere around 2010 I finally started to refer to myself as a Musician on those entrance and exit cards while traveling abroad, instead of: “Failed Filmmaker.”

I love writing songs. Even more than that I love telling stories. Even more than that I love having an idea, discovering where it starts and ends, and then figuring out how to string it all together. Often times the story shifts on you and refuses to go where you want it to. That’s when you really have to get creative. But it all takes time. Time alone. Alone in a room. A place of your design. Alone with your thoughts and anti-thoughts. Alone in silence and song. It’s almost meditative for me. I listen to the same parts of the demo over and over and over… And I just throw shit at the wall until something sticks (figuratively). But I love this time alone, being frustrated and unable to figure it out… Until eventually I do.

Apologies if this is fragmented. My mind feels fragmented. I feel at any given minute I might explode into a million little pieces. But I know that’s not going to happen. I think it is just me being aware of my anxieties and acknowledging them and then quickly moving on.

What is the point of this? I am not absolutely certain. But I think it starts with me vomiting out all my current thoughts and not-thoughts for any of you who dig reading the thoughts or not-thoughts of someone like me. I’m trying to get better at spontaneity and imperfection. So I’m not going to rewrite this. I’m just going to let it all spill out.

Performing on stage has never been a fully enjoyable experience for me. I’m too in my head to enjoy it like most people claim to. I never seem to have enough of a voice to sing the way I wish I could, and I cannot seem to remember guitar parts or words to my own songs if I go more than a week without playing them. I’m constantly shifting the way I do things while I’m doing them, based on what just happened or didn’t just happen on the last verse, chorus, song, etc… I really wish I could just play and sing without having to do crazy math equations in my head, and just look into the audience and make connections with people in the moment. But instead I am made up of equal parts fear and anxiety, masquerading as someone who is 100% chill and appears to have it totally together.

As I reread everything I’ve just written, I think to myself, “this guys sucks.” I don’t mean to come off as an ungrateful prick who is complaining about getting to play music for nearly 15 years FOR A LIVING. I mean just the opposite of that. And I’ll try to get to it now.

It’s no secret I don’t have the greatest image of myself (I mean, jesus, just listen to the words of any of our songs.) And I have no idea why that is. My parents were wonderful. I had a great childhood. High school both sucked and didn’t suck, but for the most part I have NOTHING to complain about. Yet, somehow I felt broken. And for a while that really messed me up. I thought there was something wrong with me and it sort of fed into this cycle of self-defeating behavior. Alcohol seemed to work for a while. It worked through the writing of the first album for sure. I continued to struggle with both alcohol and myself for two to three more records.

Eventually I accepted EVERYTHING sometime around 2011. Things were very dark though. I was obsessed with death and felt like I wasn’t in my body. That probably sounds weird. What I mean is, I felt as though I were floating through life, almost watching my life through my eyes as though it were someone else’s, like a film or something. Also, it felt like the colors of the world were brighter and each breath I took contained more oxygen than normal. It’s hard to explain… And now I kind of wished I hadn’t tried to. I sound like a lunatic.

It wasn’t until we started writing and recording Panic Stations that I finally found I could revisit old feelings and scenes from my life without being too affected by them. I had been working at this thing (Sobriety, Living in the moment, Self-love, Not being an asshole, etc…) for years and it was finally paying off. I had become an almost complete person. Hell, ten years ago I was playing a show in Scotland and messed up and started crying on stage. CRYING. In the middle of the set. The last few years I started screwing up left and right and was able to finally shake it off and start over (mentally) from whatever moment the screw up occurred.

I know this kind of contradicts something I wrote a few paragraphs back, but it doesn’t. Trust me. I’m about to get to the good stuff. And perhaps the point of all this.

I am most comfortable when I am alone, or with my family; my wife, my kid, my siblings, my parents, or one or two friends at a time MAXIMUM. Taken out of that, I find it hard to be completely authentic. I get too worried, anxious, nervous, fearful, etc… I know that I can play guitar. I know that I can sing. I know that I can hold a conversation. I just wish I were better at all of the above than I actually am. And that’s its own sad kind of constant.

A few years ago I started paying attention to the internet. Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc… I started reading and responding to messages form people who dug the music I was making. It was LIFE CHANGING. Aside from finally being able to communicate with others and hear their stories (post shows I would always be silent in order to preserve the voice I was constantly losing), I was actually learning a lot about myself through their interpretations of my music. Does that make any sense?

It had never occurred to me that I might be bipolar or have panic attacks. I thought several days literally laying on the floor unable to move after several days of incredible creative outbursts was just normal. Or that it was a fear of heights that caused my heart to palpitate and my hands to sweat before every flight, and that several glasses of scotch was the only cure.

I have not been diagnosed with anything by any doctors, and by the time I started reading these messages I had already worked through most of my issues by sheer force of will. Which either means I am a fucking superhero, or my problems were not that big to begin with. Or perhaps, and more likely, things fell somewhere between these two extremes.

More than anything, the last few years have been full of wonderful correspondences with incredible humans all over the world. I’ve read stories about the fucked up things that have happened to you, listened to your bands, declined your wedding invites, recorded awkward messages for your sisters and brothers, given terrible advice, given not-so-terrible advice, advised you not to listen to just one person’s advice (which in itself is one wicked conundrum), but most of all I’ve healed a part of me I forgot was broken.

Being alone all the time is great, but it is important to come up for air every now and again. And I’m not advocating that you need to go outside and run around. Hell no. The sun is for suckers. I’m just saying that it’s good for the soul to just listen to people. Let them tell you about themselves. Let them ask you questions. Let yourself respond to them as honestly as you can in the moment. Be there for a complete stranger.

You’ll have no idea how much our conversations have meant to me over the years. I hope that they don’t stop coming. I apologize for the drought in responses in both actual mail and electronic mail. I aim to start responding to all later this week. You see, I was anticipating a mental breakdown…

Which brings me back to Doe. A deer? A female deer.

The truth is, I’ve been bursting into tears spontaneously out of nowhere. No reason. And no feelings attached to it that I’m aware of. I’ll be mowing the lawn or seal-coating the driveway or emptying out the dishwasher and suddenly I’ll just start crying. IT’S FUCKING WEIRD. I’m comfortable enough with myself to just let it happen, but I am bummed that I don’t have any feelings associated with it. Any psychiatrists out there? Just kidding (but not really).

Did I mention I somehow graduated from high school without ever having learned how to write a proper paper? Can I file this post under poetry? Or claim artistic license or shenanigans? How exactly does shenanigans work? (Rhetorical).

My best attempt at psychoanalysis is this:

I’ve created unattainable goals for myself as a performer and a human which, without fail, I always fall short of. This allows me to focus on my shortcomings (and how to overcome them) rather than dealing with having any real feelings about things, one way or the other.

Maybe now the non-feeling feelings are all coming up. After a lifetime of muscling my way through things, now not having things to muscle through, I’m left to deal with the feelings I’ve refused to have to begin with.

Or maybe it’s more simple than that.

Maybe I’m strangely mourning the loss of identity. For what feels like my entire life I’ve been identified one way, as “that guy with the hair who…” And now that’s gone and I need to find a new identity. But it’s not really gone. And I don’t care to find a new identity. I’m totally fine being known as “that guy with the hair who…”

But things are different now. And the weight of that is everywhere.

In summation, I just want to thank you for digging the tunes that we made, and for coming out to shows, and for sharing your stories with me. Despite all of my overthinkingness, I have had an incredible ride. You have helped define me as a human on planet earth and I will be forever grateful for that.

Hopefully I will see you again someday, further down the river, and we can exchange tales of this and that, and learn a little something new about ourselves in the process.

Much love.


I think it’s interesting that in the final scene of 5x17 they chose to include Felicity Diggle and Curtis. Felicity and Diggle of course. But why Curtis? or rather, why just Curtis? Why weren’t Rene and Dinah and maybe even Lance there as well? Were Rene and Dinah out working the street on the off chance they found something? Why didn’t Diggle go with them (they needed him there for Oliver’s return but in context why)? 

And (as someone else pointed out) why are they so put together? If Oliver’s been missing for six days why aren’t they more disheveled? Did the show just not think that much about the rest of Team Arrow in that scene? Were they trying to maximize the contrast with how broken Oliver looked? Was the team having to go out and keep up appearances in other ways? 

And what did the city think of Oliver’s disappearance? Did Lance make excuses for his absence or did people know that the mayor was missing? What did Susan say? Was there any publication of her abduction and rescue? Did she make an effort to spread some good press for the Green Arrow? 

I have questions. 

Nate Maloley - Fanfictions

“Hey babe,” Nate greeted me walking into the living room where I was watching the new episode of Awkward.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked, but it was more like a nice reply, I wasn’t really paying attention to him, I was too busy with the scene that was going on with Jenna and Matty.

“Uh, not much. I just found something really interesting.”

“Mm, really?” I reacted trying to make him believe I was paying attention.

“Yeah. I just wanted to check something out and your computer was on, so I used it and I found some stuff that I can’t decide why you have saved.”

I frowned finally turning my gaze away from the TV and looking at him.

“What do you mean?” I asked in confusion. My computer was full with all kinds of documents for my work, I didn’t think Nate would find anything interesting between them.

“I checked the sites you have saved in your browser and I found a wonderful blog,” he said smirking at me and I immediately knew what he was talking about.

“Oh my God,” I whispered with wide eyes. This was more awkward than the series itself I was watching. “I-I can explain,” I started, but had no idea what I should had said.

“Really? You have an explanation for why you read dirty fanfictions about your own boyfriend?” he asked with an amused expression on his face that just made me feel even worse while his smile grew wider with each passing moment.

“Someone sent me those, okay? One of my colleagues found that blog and sent it to me as a joke.”

“And you just kept it saved because…?” he said trying to get me continue.

“Because I didn’t finish reading them and… I mean… Oh fuck,” I growled knowing I wouldn’t be able to explain this, so I had to admit the truth. “Okay, I read them because I enjoyed reading them and they were quite entertaining when you were away. There, now you know!” I exclaimed rolling my eyes as Nate kept smirking at me.

“Babe, I have to tell you, that you surprised me with this one,” he chuckled.

“Which one did you read?” I sighed knowing there were some weird ones on that blog, and then I hadn’t mentioned the hardcore ones.

“I just read a few. But I have a few questions tho,” he told me standing up and nodding towards the bedroom. We sat down in front of my computer and as he moved the cursor the screen came alive showing that damn blog’s front page. “Okay, so Y/N stands for your name, right?” he asked smirking as he scrolled down. I nodded. “Well, it was strange reading it with my own name for me, but whatever, that’s my problem,” he said and it just made me laugh. “Okay, I read that one and I found it a bit funny that I was a CEO. Do I look like a damn CEO?” he asked giving me a weird look.

“No, Nate, it’s just… It gives you power and young girls like to imagine how it feels like to be with a powerful man,” I explained the meaning behind the words.

“I am powerful!” he frowned at me.

“Yes, but not in this way,” I said pointing at the screen where a kind of Fifty Shades of Grey fanfiction was seen where Nate was the powerful businessman and the reader his shy but sexy love interest. Nate rolled his eyes and scrolled down.

“This one. That’s absurd,” he exclaimed getting to the next one.

“What’s absurd about it?”

“The fact that they think I would ever watch The Notebook,” he stated worried. “I would scream until the very end.”

“It’s a romantic gesture, baby. You watch the movie with the reader because you just want to be with them doing whatever,” I explained softly smiling at him, but he just rolled his eyes again and went on.

“Oh, and this one was my favorite,” he smirked at me and I checked it out. That was about having sex with him in the kitchen. I had to admit, it was pretty heated and sexy.

“Really? Why is that?” I asked trying to hide my smile.

“Because it inspired me.” I raised my eyebrows at him waiting for him to continue. “Now I know where I want to be inside you next,” he baldly said making me laugh.

“Oh my God, you can’t read these, okay?” I told him kissing his lips.

“What? Why? I think we should recreate these,” he suggested scrolling down again. “And I want to start now,” he said and without a warning he stood up, lifted me up into his arms and headed out of the room.

“Nate!” I screamed laughing. He put me down to the kitchen counter and stood between my legs as he took no time to crash his lips to mine.

“You are about to experience many-many fans’ dream, baby,” he mumbled into my lips as I felt his hands undo my pants.

Well, it was definitely better than what I read, for sure.


recovery ▪ noun [s or u] ▪ /rɪˈkʌv.ər.i/

  1.  the process of getting back something lost, especially health, ability, possessions, etc.
  2.  the act or process of getting better; improvement.


Well obviously it was a lot of work. It was obviously extremely technical and it took a lot of preparation early on. That scene was just kind of this random card on the wall in the writers room that said “Clone Dance Party” that Graeme and I laughed a lot about because we never knew where it was going to land, or if it was going to land at all. We just through it was going to be a funny thing to do and as it turned out, we found out that it was really going to be something strong for the season finale. I think we are always about trying to be bigger and badder and better and we wanted to do something with four clones you know, we hadn’t done that just yet. It’s also very triumphant and it was a way for us to give the season and emotional climax and a triumph and a coming together of the sisters. So it took a lot of planning, it took two days to shoot that scene.

Making of Clone Dance Party

“Well obviously it was a lot of work. It was obviously extremely technical and it took a lot of preparation early on. That scene was just kind of this random card on the wall in the writers room that said “Clone Dance Party” that Graeme and I laughed a lot about because we never knew where it was going to land, or if it was going to land at all. We just through it was going to be a funny thing to do and as it turned out, we found out that it was really going to be something strong for the season finale. I think we are always about trying to be bigger and badder and better and we wanted to do something with four clones you know, we hadn’t done that just yet. It’s also very triumphant and it was a way for us to give the season and emotional climax and a triumph and a coming together of the sisters. So it took a lot of planning, it took two days to shoot that scene.” - John Fawcett

anonymous asked:

Do you think hannibal and will both jumped off the cliff or did will mostly just push hannibal and himself over and hannibal just went with it? Do you think they survived? Also what was going on with bedelia at the end?

Will knew that is what had to happen. He leant, Hannibal didn’t resist.

I think, in some sense, it was a bargain. Will could admit he enjoyed it, found it a beautiful thing, he succumbed to that, finally. So, he owed the world something in return and that was, an attempt to end both himself for what he had become, and Hannibal for what he was. He had to try, or at least grant fate a deciding hand.

I almost think Hannibal might have thought it impolite to interrupt Will in that moment. He could do nothing but let Will work through what he was feeling in his own way and Will would thank him for that. 

They absolutely survived and the post-credits scene was more than likely the pair of them Gideon-ing Bedelia. 

anonymous asked:

Season 1-3 Brittana or Season 4-6 Brittana I know the answer may seem obvious but there were some mighty cute moments in season six -cough cough- THE WEDDING ! So there's the question even though there not two different ships there nature is a tad different

Ooh, go ahead and lay it on me haha

I don’t think I can choose tbh cuz both of those periods had some amazing moments. 

Season 1-3 was amazing because we saw their friendship evolve to best friends with benefits, to eventually falling in love with each other, and starting to really date. Seeing Santana struggle with her feelings, and newfound identity, was an incredible journey(Though definitely flawed in certain departments, like the White Privileged Male Hero syndrome the show has)  

We understood why she would sometimes be so mean, how she’d rather hurt herself and put up walls, then ever hurt her best friend and the girl she fell hopelessly in love with. 

Season 3 was amazing cuz we actually got to see them as girlfriends, all though the nonverbal Brittany during that period was pretty much the dumbest things the writers could’ve ever done. I say pretty much cuz they screwed them over even more in later seasons.

Season 4 was just weird. I understand breaking things off after graduating HS, but that was just ridiculous. I mean, wth does “This is not an official break-up” even mean?! I still don’t know or even get that line. 

I also would’ve been all for them developing themselves and trying to date others, were it not for the, once again, WPMS that this show has, by making Britt start to date Sam(Gross). That mostly ruined Sam’s character for me as a whole. 

I ain’t even gonna talk about Dani. 

Throughout season 4, whenever Santana visits Lima, you can clearly see the love and deep bond between them, They’d drop anything to help the other one out, which they have both done for the other even when not being together, if that isn’t love…

There have been so many moments that made the suffering almost worth it, almost.

Season 5… Britt was having a hard time at MIT, a few small talks with Santana set her ‘straight’ again. She found something to work for, something she wants more than anything; to have Santana back again. She was on a mission.

That whole scene where Britt delivers that awesome speech, and especially that kiss, def went far over my expectations(Like a smart person, I set the bar very very low, since ya know, it still was the Blam-chel show). I really only watched episodes with Brittana in them, and it was worth sitting through the other torturous scenes for.

Then finally comes season 6. That was like a dream come through. Them having fun, real talks, just being their amazing, happy, selves from just being around each other.

The proposal couldn’t have been more perfect(except for the Bitter Butt’s reaction). Nervous Santana has always been my fav, whether it was in the show or being written in amazing fanfics. That speech was everything I could’ve dreamed off and more. 

Wedding planning, more real talks, San’s struggle with her Abuela’s acceptance issues being brought up again, and Britt doing everything to try and get Alma to understand that love is just love. And that San is still the same awesome girl she has always been.

Also, Britt speaking Spanish? Thank you!

The wedding, that took a not so surprising turn since again, the creators and writers suffer from WPMS, was the highlight of the whole show pretty much. It was the cherry on top for a couple that has struggled so long, with themselves, trying to be together, to becoming their own selves and finally finding each other again.

Britt being a Bridezilla made it more perfect, since I think most of us expected San to turn out to be one, but instead she was the relaxed one. Abuela showing up and actually starting to accept that her granddaughter is still the same person she was, but now an even better version since she has the love of her life and is as happy as can be.

As you can tell by my long reply, or re-telling of their story, I really can’t pick between s1-3 Brittana and s4-6 Brittana since both time periods played such a crucial part of the individuals they became; to the couple they have become.

So… I hope that this is a good enough answer haha. Thanks for sending this :) 

Throwing the question back at you, or anyone that wants to answer as well, who is your fav? S1-3 Brittana or s4-6 Brittana and why?

How is Simmons’ dynamic with Will different than her dynamic with Fitz?

Once their relationship turned romantic, it’s very visceral. It’s more primal and intense. That just comes from having to survive in a hostile environment, only having each other on the whole planet. The stakes are always so high, so it’s more physical than her relationship with Fitz. FitzSimmons is a slow burn that’s taken years and years, and they connected over intellect, whereas her and Will, it’s an “us against the world” kind of thing.

Now that Fitz knows about Will, what does this mean for FitzSimmons’ relationship going forward?

It puts a pin in their relationship for sure. Time is of the essence and they don’t have time to dissect how they feel right now. They’re focusing on getting Will back and doing the right, humane thing. The fact that Fitz is willing to help means there is still hope for their relationship. Whether that can ever be romantic now, I don’t know. We’re going to see them struggle with that, because Jemma never stopped loving Fitz. She just felt like she was never going to see him again. Her feelings never went away, but she now has feelings for another dude. It’s an impossible situation for everyone. It’s creating some brilliant scenes for Iain and I to have together.

How long will Fitz and Simmons be working on building a new portal? Is this going to be a storyline that pays off sooner rather than later, or is this going to be a slower burn?

It’s going to take a while. There’s a lot going on at SHIELD right now. And who knows if it is even going to work when we do eventually think we’ve found a solution.

What was it like filming Simmons’ big breakdown scene when the portal closed before they could get the message in a bottle through it?

She truly had nothing left. It was a devastating moment. We’ve never seen her get to that point, where she questions, “What’s the point in even living any more?” I never thought we’d see her get to that place. She always has that slight arrogance of intelligence, where if anyone can figure something out it’s her. So it was nice and cathartic to finally see her crash down like that. It justifies her relationship with Will, too, because she was ready to end it all and he was the one who pulled her back from the brink. He is so different from Fitz, and Fitz is obviously her jam. He’s a burly dude, a bit grumpy, doesn’t like to talk very much, and just a real manly man, and that’s not what she’s been attracted to in the past. But their relationship was born out of her trying to get back to Fitz and that’s what hurts the most.

What are you most excited to explore now that Fitz knows about Will and Simmons is determined to get him back?

I’m excited to explore Fitz and Simmons’ relationship because it’s so complicated right now. They’re ferociously concentrating on the task at hand because if they waver for a second, someone is going to blow up. The tension between the two of them and the size of the elephant in the room is almost suffocating. 


If this interview was supposed to make me feel better about that whole situation, it didn’t. 

Winter Soldier: Awaiting Orders


It had been months since The Soldier pulled Steve out of the Potomac. It had been months that he had traveled back to all the Hydra bases to find his handler or someone for The Soldier to report back to. He was exhausted, his arm still malfunctioning. He had only healed himself enough to barely stay alive. He knew the scientists would fix their weapon as soon as he reported to base. That’s all The Soldier had to do. Find someone to report to.

He had finally found a lead. One of the scientists now worked at a school. It was night now and he was waiting outside of the school for her to exit. He knew if he entered it would cause a scene- that was something The Soldier knew was against the rules. Good weapons had stealth. So here he was. He had watched her enter, and now was waiting for her to exit.

When he finally saw her, he immediately approached her, limping and in pain- but approaching her none-the-less.

“Winter Soldier, ready for…. mission report….. and…. awaiting orders…. in… in need…. of… repairs…” He stammered, his voice gravely and harsh from illness and disuse. 

anonymous asked:

So in your opinon what was some of the best and not so great stuff in Season 5?

Hey Anon,

thanks for the question, love it!

It’s a very difficult one to answer because of the way I seem to look at this show. I feel like I’m constantly interacting with it in ways that no other show has ever prompted me to do. It makes me research, think, feel, process, no matter what happens. So it’s difficult for me to just pinpoint something. What I end up with are feelings I’ve been launched into and that I’ve explored during this season and things I’ve learned. It’s more a general feeling. So I’ll try to answer with that in mind.

What was not so great was seeing Emma hold on to Hook, it was harrowing, the way it was acted, seeing the life get sucked out of Emma. See her look sick and tired. So I think during the episodes themselves it was difficult and painful to watch, especially because they just show you. They don’t tell you, but you’re shown everything is just so wrong. Makes you wonder if it’s just you seeing it. If you’re going insane for seeing how bad it is.

So while that made it hard to watch, for me that was the power of it, because of the emotional places I was thrown into. I think no matter where you are at in life, there’s always a way to level up. And often times the key is in the things that everyone around you says that you should be grateful for or that seem good on the surface, but that really aren’t that great at all. That relationship that just isn’t right for you or the job that pays well and has so many perks, but isn’t what you want to be doing. The friends you’ve had your entire life, but that just don’t really get you or that are toxic and bring you down. It makes you feel like you’re going crazy, like there’s something wrong with you for not being happy with what you have, what everyone tells you is great. Yet on the inside you’re dying. That’s what season 5 felt like for me and I did a lot of soul searching about my choices. Seeing myself in Emma, looking at things I’m holding on to that seem great, but that just aren’t. So I think it was very valuable in that sense. Like real life, this is a slow process, so what I don’t like is having to wait until next season to see a resolution.

Once Upon a Time has done that for me quite a few times. It’s like it makes me pick apart my issues. It’s things I’m aware of, but it forces me to take a closer look at them and dissect them a little more to get a better understanding. I borrow the story to get into my own mind and then when I’m done I can just put the pieces back and continue on with the story.

What I also loved was that it gave me the clues I needed to get closer to figuring out their world building - I think - with OperationOUT. It’s given me this framework to look at this show in a completely different way. I always felt the dialogue seemed a little off, like there was always something brewing beneath the surface. So that for me was definitely one of the highlights.

From that perspective, I think the Well scene became one of my favorite scenes of the season. Specifically these bits.

Regina: Feels good, doesn’t it? Indulging every impulse, wielding great power, doing whatever you want.
Emma: Yes. Yes, it does. Is that wrong?
Regina: ( Sighs ) Of course it is. But it’s also human. Look, I know you, Emma. It took a long time, but I really know you. And you’re not as weak as I once was, so if you’re clinging to the darkness, you have good reason, and it’s beyond temptation, so what is it?

I love how this simply doesn’t add up and how this puts us all in Emma’s shoes. So many people hate the idea that entire story may be taking place in Emma’s mind, because we don’t want to lose this world. We’re just like her. Emma has been the Savior this entire time. She hasn’t indulged in every impulse or done whatever she wanted. It only works if you consider she lives in a world where she is everyone now. She has complete control. If you think about Emma’s life, it must have felt like the complete opposite. Control having been taken away from her countless times. So staying in the Darkness, but also closer to death, it has to be appealing exactly because she can have things go her way, express difficult emotions through other and stay innocent.

Yet as Regina correctly guesses, there’s more to it. It’s about family. It’s about not losing Snow and Charming as her parents, the parents she finally found. It’s also about not losing Henry and Regina as her family if she wakes up. Then everything changes and she can’t protect them. I fear the thing she wants to protect them from the most…. it’s who she is. Her own darkness, her past. 

So basically, that scene and its implications - especially Emma on some level knowing that the parents she finally found aren’t real, but rather having them than waking up - made me cry myself to sleep, cause I thought it was so sad. I think this is probably my favorite scene of the season, because it was so layered and it worked as a romantic scene between Emma and Regina as well, it was both.

Other than that Zelena had some great one-liners this season, I live for her truth bombs. I loved Regina being there for Emma - in quiet support almost.

I loved how they didn’t hold back with Ruby and Dorothy and it was something that touched me more than I expected to see a w|w kiss in a fairy tale setting.

The focus shift on the family and Emma and Regina as a parental unit was pretty damn great.

…best to not get me started on the touch of hand, unless you want to hear about coma work and the implications for Emma and Regina’s relationship, because that’s a whole new post in itself.

….and to end I’ll say I really loved the implications for the next season finale, because we ended season four with an emotional scene between Emma and Regina talking about Hook and now we ended season five with another emotional scene between them, this time it was about Hood - at least at first - so how about next time they can stop dancing around each other and figure out why those loaded moments are between them and why there is more meaning, honesty and vulnerability there than with the men they’re talking about.

I could probably go on, but… I should go and do this eating thing that people do.

Thanks for the question!