finally found it in hi res

“She’s all yours.” Nancy said, passing Mike on her way out of her room.

Mike was too nervous to notice Nancy’s smirk and he didn’t hear the smile in her voice over his own heartbeat. Her smirk fell into a compassionate smile as she put a hand on her little brother’s shoulder.

“Calm down Mike. You’re all she’s asked about. Don’t be too long though. She needs her rest.” Nancy said, smiling down at him.

Mike looked up at her and did something that shocked them both. Quickly his arms wrapped around her waist and Nancy felt her heart swell at the action.

“Thanks Nance. For everything.”

The past year hadn’t been easy on either of them and after months of suffering, the two finally found comfort in each other. Slowly the hurting healed as the two became closer than ever. 

Nancy wrapped her arms around him and smiled into his hair. 

“Of course Mike.”

The two pulled away and Mike turned to the door, knocking three times. 


“Yeah it’s me. C-can I come in?” 


Mike took a deep breath before slowly turning the doorknob to Nancy’s bedroom door and stepped inside. El sat on Nancy’s bed, hair still wet from her bath, but visibly healthier after blankets and many helpings of Eggos. 

The two stared at each other and Mike resisted the urge to scoop her in his arms, bombarding her with a thousand questions.

Instead he settled for…

“Hi.” he breathed.


Can you believe Yuuri is going to marry his idol?? the man he has looked up to almost his entire life?? the man who he has seen as god-like, unreachable, perfect. Victor was what Yuuri wished he could be but never thought he’d be able to reach Victor’s level but then?? Victor himself proved him wrong, helped Yuuri reach not only Victor’s level but above it?? His biggest dream was to skate on the same ice as Victor but now he has skated with Victor and they’re gonna get married???

And can you believe that Victor, who has dedicated his life to skating, who has neglected his life and love for decades met a beautiful man who took his breath away, stole his heart during one night and then disappeared, left Victor pining for him with no way to contact him, finally found him?? He found that beautiful man and that man gave him everything that had been missing from Victor’s life and he didn’t even have to try. And then he slipped a ring on Victor’s finger in the most romantic setting imaginable, wordlessly promising to stay by his side for the rest of their lives??

can you believe?????

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Hello~ May I ask for some romance? At which moment did RFA+ V & Saeran realize their feelings for MC? :3 Thank you in advance! I love you 💕

This was sweet~ Hope you like it! 


  •  He was kind of attracted to you at first, from the whole chatroom experience
  • But as you stayed in the RFA longer, those initial attractions mellowed out
  • You two became good friends, and he found he enjoyed your company
  • You two went out on outings regularly, and he found he could be himself around you
  • You made him better and motivated him to go farther
  • Finally, he auditioned for his biggest role yet…and he didn’t get it
  • He had an emotional breakdown, and he wasn’t even sure why
  • With some time to himself, he realized you were part of the reason
  • When he told you about the role, he thought you would be so disappointed
  • But you just hug him and start encouraging him to keep trying
  • “A role doesn’t define you! I know who you really are and you’re amazing.”
  • Then it happened
  • Something soft and warm unfurled inside of his chest, and he realized in that moment, he was in love with you
  • You were more than just a friend who supported his endeavours…you saw past all that and saw him
  • He saw something sweet and strong inside of you 


  • He actually always had a little crush on you, but he was never really sure of it
  • In fact, he thought you weren’t interested in him that way at all
  • So, he just kind of kept his feelings to himself
  • But despite that, you became a huge support in his life
  • You did more than just scold him about playing video games
  • You talked to him…and you listened as he poured out his heart about the rough times and how he felt like he had no purpose in life
  • Somehow, you reminded him of what he wanted to do originally in life
  • So, he took on school with a vengeance…and it was beyond difficult
  • He had slacked off for so long, catching up again was draining
  • But somehow, you were always there pushing him along
  • His feelings grew more and more gradually until one day, he comes out of his room after hours of studying and he’s feeling super down and discouraged
  • But then you’re there in the kitchen making him a meal, and you just pull him into a hug
  • “You know, if you ever need anything…a meal or just need a little push to keep going, you know I’m here, right?”
  • He can’t stop thinking to himself…how much he wants this moment to be normal
  • He wants you to be a normal part of his life
  • In that moment, he realizes he doesn’t have a crush on you anymore…he’s full on in love with you


  • You’re working on opening your cafe together
  • And doubts start to creep in as more and more obstacles get in her path
  • You snap her out of it right away with your tenacious encouragements
  • Then you two get the thing running, time flies
  • She watches day by day as you work just as hard as she does
  • But you become more than a coworker
  • She never really had friends, so your concern for her health is touching
  • But you also make sure she’s enjoying herself, reminding her to take breaks and setting aside days where you two can just have some fun
  • It’s on one of these days off where she thinks of something fun, and she immediately thinks of inviting you
  • She realizes you have become an immovable part of your life and she literally can’t even imagine life–not work–just life in general without you


  • He already knew you weren’t like the other women his father brought around
  • More than that, you weren’t like other people
  • You seemed to understand him better than most, and sometimes even decipher his feelings before he did
  • He didn’t open up to a lot of people, but he found himself logging into the chatroom often
  • Whenever you were there, your conversations got so long, you had to carry them outside of the chatroom
  • It was after the party that he found himself comfortable enough to spend time with you in person
  • Time went on, and he didn’t realize anything was happening
  • It was actually V who helped him come to the realization
  • He and V were just catching up over dinner when V asked, “So…you and MC. Are you officially dating?”
  • Jumin thinks it a silly question to ask, but V starts explaining how much he’d been talking to you
  • And also how open he seemed with you
  • In that moment, it hit Jumin like a wall
  • All of a sudden, every stray thought, every jittery moment, every ache…it all made sense
  • He was in love with you


  • He had a tiny crush on you when you first entered the chatroom
  • But he kind of ignores his feelings for a long time
  • He doesn’t really think you like him that way…and he doesn’t think someone like him has a chance
  • But you two still become best friends
  • You always do random things together, so it was no odd thing when you two were goofing at a restaurant
  • You got a little cream on the edge of your mouth
  • So he casually wiped it off with his thumb
  • The waiter came by at the exact moment and made an offhanded comment, “You two are such a cute couple!”
  • You and Seven stammered out some sort of explanation and left it that
  • But for some reason, the comment didn’t leave Seven’s head
  • He found himself getting distracted from work that night
  • He thought about how kind you were, how you two seemed to understand each other no matter what, and how he could be himself around you
  • Suddenly, the feeling he kept holed up inside of him burst open all at once
  • He couldn’t deny it anymore
  • He was completely head over heels for you


  • Everyone seemed to tiptoe around him, as if they were scared he might burst
  • But not you
  • You were blunt and very open about your opinions, even if they differed from his 
  • He felt very comfortable around you as a result
  • It wouldn’t matter what mood he was in, you were open to him and you didn’t change
  • He needed the stability
  • Then one day, he got into a fight with Saeyoung…a typical one
  • He runs to you and of course starts venting  
  • You don’t stop him, but you don’t agree with him when he’s done
  • He’s taken aback at first, but you start explaining how he can’t just blame everyone one his brother
  • You were bold and very straightforward, but there was something so caring in the way you scolded him
  • He found his perpetually cold heart melting for the first time in a very long time


  • He didn’t think much of you when you first entered the chatroom
  • He couldn’t log in much, so he rarely talked to you
  • But then the party day came
  • He was setting up one of his pictures and you come up to him
  • You start picking out little details of the picture and sharing the emotions you felt
  • It sparks his eye, but he’s still cautious
  • You start talking to him more after that, and he finds himself wanting to log into the chatroom more as well
  • He can hardly breathe when you announce the RFA would be doing a small charity event
  • He attends as well, and he catches you helping those in need
  • In that moment, he catches a glimpse of your pure kind heart
  • That’s when he notices
  • There’s something different…a shift inside of him that he knows is irreversible
  • You two were connected somehow, and he was in love you

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“He - he deserved so much more, Sammy,” Dean says, broken, twisting the beer bottle in his hand. They’re back at the Bunker, Cas in the boot of the Impala, Jack nowhere to be found.

Sam blinks back his own tears, and Dean is outwardly crying. “He deserved the world,” he continues. “But I - I couldn’t give it to him.”

The silence is almost deafening, and the only thing that breaks it are the small sobs from Dean and the tears from Sam.

“He did,” Sam says, and Dean looks up. “He did, but the thing is, you were his world, Dean.”

moments in ‘dear evan hansen’ that make me cry:
•'you think I’m a freak? you’re the fucking freak!’ •waving through a window
•evan writing THE letter
•murphy’s telling evan about connor
•for forever
•cynthia murphy
•every mention of connor
•evan’s rehearsed speech
•you will be found
•heidi hansen
•every moment ben platt looks sad
•'did you fall? or did you let go?’
•connor singing a bit of ‘for forever’
•connor murphy
•words fail
•evan about to tell heidi about his ‘accident’
•the way evan & heidi hug
•connor murphy
•the finale
•every ‘dear evan hansen’
•like every other fucking moment of this show
•all I see is tears, for forever

East of Eli concert in Rome with Chyler Leigh

Let’s start this recap by saying we only found out they were coming to Italy like two days before the concert itself. As Johann Frank too said on his twitter, this has been their most last minute show ever. It was amazing though, they’re all so talented and down to earth. I had such a good time and Nathan is so funny. When they took over the stage, East of Eli’s music managed to enthrall me completely. Obviously, seeing Chyler in person up so close (I was in the second row) was heart-stopping. I don’t know how it’s possible but that woman is even prettier in real life, damn! Nathan and Chyler made us laugh various times during the concert, so dorky and cute. I have a couple of videos I can share if anyone wants me to, either of them trying to speak Italian or of the live performances (Chyler’s voice ♥♥)

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She finds out about their occupation, but doesn’t run away.

Anon asked: “ Can you do a reaction to where y/n discovers he is the leader of a mafia group. Y/n is shocked and afraid at first but slowly comes to accept it. Y/n doesn’t run away. But just shocked”

Thank you for your request, here you go :)

This started as a short reaction, but somewhere along the way I got lost in my train of thought and this is what happened. I hope that’s okay. #sorrynotsorry

Trigger warning. 

Prologue: You weren’t supposed to find out.He tried to be as careful as he could. But one day you were heading home, a patrol cruiser pulled up and two officers approached you and asked you to come with them for some questioning.
What followed was an hour of grueling interrogation. The detective seemed to be convinced that he was a part of the mafia. A leader actually. So he wanted every bit of information that he could get. After he realised that you truly had no idea what he was talking about, he let you go. But by that time you were already shaking and questioning everything you knew about your boyfriend.

  Jin/ Kim Seokjin
As soon as you entered your apartment, Jin was right in front of you.
“Are you ok, Y/n? What happened? Were you crying?”
“Did someone hurt you
?” His eyes darkened. He was always the protective type.And just thinking about someone hurting you made his blood boil.
“No.. Jin.. I want to ask you something.. But please answer truthfully”
His back straightened as he beheld you. He let out a shaky breath before he asked"
“What is it Y/n? ”
“What is your real occupation?”
“Why are you asking me this right now?”
“Well.. this detective… he said.. you are a mafia leader… Is it true Jin? Why did you never mention this?”

He tensed. You could see in his eyes that he was debating wether or not he should tell you the truth.
“Me being in the mafia.. would it change the way you see me?”
“I don’t know.. I mean, you do kill people, don’t you?”
“Yes, know that I love you,Y/n. My occupation will never change that. And I wanted to keep you in the dark because I didn’t want you to get involved. To know this side of me. To possibly be on my enemy’s radar. I wanted to protect you”
“I understand that, but.. You lied to me. How can I trust you?”
“Please, give me another chance. I will regain your trust. Just, don’t leave me. You are my only happiness .”
He said while coming closer, opening his arms hesitantly. You sighed. But went over to him, letting him pull you into a hug, while nuzzling his nose in the crook of your neck.
“It’s alright. I love you too. And I promise I’ll try. I’ll try to understand and support you”
“Thank you.

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Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster
You arrived home to a worried Namjoon. “Baby, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.. Don’t worry.”  Namjoon frowned, but he didn’t ask anything else. After all, he had his ways of finding out. And he was not happy. So that night, when he thought you were asleep, he went ahead and made a call “I want him dead. I want his body to never be found, understand?” and then lied next to you again before he fell asleep. But you were wide awake. And you had heard everything. You spent the following hours contemplating what you should do. After a few hours, you have decided. He might be a mafia member, but.. His usual self.. was it just a mask? You had to find out. So you got up and went to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee while you waited for him to get up. About an hour later he  stormed into the room, visibly panicked. “Y/n. I thought… ”
“What? That I ran away?”

“Why did you never tell me about this? If it wasn’t for that detective, would you have ever told me? ”
“I don’t know.. I was afraid.. I am afraid. That you are going to run away and leave me. Forgetting everything we had toghether just because of my occupation

“I love you, Namjoon. But, I don’t know if I can do this” You saw his eyes darken from the quiet rage now burning under his skin.
“What will hapen if you get caught? What if something happens to you? What if.. What if you get killed? What will I do?”
His gaze imeediatly softened. He came beside you and caressed you face. “None of that will happen. I won’t ever be taken from your side. I promise you that. Just. Stay with me. I need you.” He pulled you into a hug. “I love you. I know this world of mine is fucked up. Please, don’t leave me” He felt your tears on his shirt and pulled away to see you nodding. He released a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “I love you, Y/n”
“I love you too, Namjoon..”

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Min Yoongi/ Suga

When you have finally arrived home you found Yoongi sleeping on the sofa. Not something out of the ordinary. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful. Angelic even. How could someone like him ever be involved in such a dark occupation?

As if he had heard you,he cracked open an eyelid and stared sleepily at you.
You;re back… where were you?”
“Well.. nowhere important. I… ”
“What is it?
” He looked questioningly at you.
“Is it true that you are a mafia leader?” Better to rip the bandaid right off than to drag things along.
He stiffened. “Why are you asking me this?”
“I just want to know, Yoongi. Was it all a lie? This side of you? Was it all an act?”

He sat up slowly and patted the seat next to him. A silent command. You complied, if only because you wanted to get it over with.
“I would never lie to you. Not about my true self. But I had to hide this part of my life from you because I did not want you to get scared. I wanted you to love me for who I am. ”
“I do love you Yoongi, but-”
“But what?
” He turned to you. Pain and determination to make you stay visible in his eyes.

“I don’t know what the future holds. What will happen if you turn on me? What if I fell out of love with you? Will you let me go? Or will you just hunt me down?” Hurt flashed in his eyes.

“ I would never do that. And if one day you decide that you don’t love me anymore I will understand. I will let you go. But not because you are afraid of my job. That doesn’t influence who I am. And it shouldn’t change your opinion on me either…”

“ Yoongi. .. I promise I will try. I’ll try to understand.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear…Thank you. Thank you Y/n. You don’t know how much it means to me” You pulled him into a soft kiss.

“ We’ll get trough this. Now let’s just get some sleep.”

He flashed his gummy smile, the one you knew he had only when he was truly happy, and pulled you in his arms.

“ I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

You simply could not believe that your ball of sunshine could ever do such thing. It was just impossible. You had to ask him. So you went over to his apartment. He opened the door, beaming but you could see concern in his eyes.

“Jagi! How are you? Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to come over? I would have prepared something special.”

“It’s alright Hoseok. I just wanted to talk to you.”

He frowned, but opened the door to let you pass.

“Actually… I wanted to tell you something too. But you go first" he said while you went to the couch.

“No, no. You first. I’m curious” you replied as you plopped down.

“Well…” He sat next to you,turned so he could see you. “ I wanted to tell you this for a while. ..but I lied to you… You see … I’m not who you think I am..” “What do you mean?” Realisation started sinking in.

“I am a mafia member Y/n. I fought my way to the top. And now I’m fighting to maintain my place. ” He must’ve seen the lack of surprise on your face because he asked “ But something tells me that you already knew”

“ Actually. I’ve just found out, but I wanted to come here and ask you”

“So… now that you know. .. what are you planning to do?” He asked warily. You looked into his eyes

“I want you to know that even though this is a huge shock for me, you are still my Hoseok. And your job won’t change that. Even though I don’t like being lied to” Relief washed over his features and his brighter-than-the-sun smile broke free. Then grabbed you into a bone-crushing hug.

“Aah, I love you so much Jagi! Thank you for believing in me. ”

You let out a laugh and hugged him back. “After all, what would I do without my sunshine?”

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Park Jimin

As soon as you stepped outside of the building, you saw a familiar car pulling in front of you. And sure enough, Jimin got off and ran to you.

“Y/n! Are you ok? Did those idiots hurt you?

” “Yeah, I’m fine.. How did you know I was here?”

“ It doesn’t matter. Now, let’s go home” You weren’t too thrilled about it, considering what you had just found out, but nodded nonetheless. You needed answers. And you were determined to get them. So as soon as you arrived, you asked: “Jimin.. what is your real occupation ?“ He gripped the steering wheel tighter, but stared right ahead as he said “What’s up with all these questions today? ” You said nothing.

He sighed and turned to you. “I am a mafia leader, Y/n. I am not the good guy in the story. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about. That doesn’t mean that the me you have met is not my real self. ..I’m sorry you had to go trough this today. This is why I tried my best to keep you away from this. But I failed. I’m sorry”

“Listen. . I don’t really care about this.. does it terrify me? Maybe. Does it change the way I see at you? No. I just wish you would have told me sooner. ” Surprise laced his features. “Really? You’re not going to run away, screaming and turn me in? ” “No. I would never do that. I love you, you know?

He gripped your hands in his. “You don’t know how happy that makes me. Thank you. For believing in me” He looked down, overwhelmed .

“I love you”

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Kim Taehyung

You couldn’t believe this. Tae was your friend since middle school. How come you’ve never seen anything suspicious? You had to dig some information. So you went home. Thankfully he wasn’t there (or so you thought) and you started searching trough his desk for any information.

Y/n.” You froze. And slowly looked up at a stone-faced Tae. “ What are you doing? You know you can always come to me for help. Not rummage trough my things. You know.. that’s not very nice.”


“What were you looking for? ”

“I… Is it true? Are you a part of you mafia? ” You hadn’t thought it possible, but his gaze became even harder. “What made you ask such crazy things? ” “Please Tae, just tell me the truth. ”

“You want the truth, huh?” He inched closer to you, bracing his hands on the other side of the desk, staring at you. “I am a mafia leader, Y/n. I do despicable things. But I didn’t want you to know that. Because I can’t let you go. And I promise you. If you try to run away, I will find you. Because I can’t leave without you.”

“Who said anything about running? I’m just shocked that you could hide this from me all this time. But, I care about you. And I would never leave can you think such things?

He straightened up, looking utterly confused, but relieved. “I don’t know, most people wouldn’t have such a calm reaction, you know? You’re so weird sometimes…” You laughed. “ I wonder who I got it from. Now, stop looking so confused and let’s go eat something”.

“What? Aren’t you mad at me?”

“A little. But, I understand why you feared telling me this. I really do. However, I love you and I’m not going to let this ruin our relationship.

He ran up to you and started twirling you around, laughing in delight. “I don’t know how I ever got so lucky. I don’t deserve you, Y/n”

“Oh, shut up.”

“I love you too ”

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Jeon Jungkook

You looked at your phone and saw a bunch of missed calls from him. Great.  Just great. You had to call him. He answered at the first ring.

“Where are you? Did something happen? Why didn’t you answer my calls?” “It’s.. a long story. Are you home? I’ll tell you then.” “Yeah, just hurry”

As soon as you got in, he shot up from the sofa “Now will you tell me what happened? I’m dying of concern right here”

“Are you part of the mafia?”

“What? Are you crazy? What makes you ask such things?”

“Well, today a very lovely detective decides to ask me some questions. And I had found out some interesting things, might I add” His eyes started burning with anger.

Y/n. You don’t to have this discussion”

“Yes, I do. Why hadn’t you told me? Why did you lie to me? How could you?” He came right in front of you, his face inches away from yours.

“I wanted to protect you. And I wanted you to look at me like you would at a normal person. I knew that if I would tell you, you would overreact and I wanted you to not see me as a criminal ”

But I don’t, Jungkook. I just want you to be honest. A relationship is built on mutual trust.”

“ I know that and I apologize. But I don’t want to lose you”

“You won’t. Just promise me that you’re going to be honest from now on, ok? ” You said as you cupped his face in your hands and stared into his eyes. His stare softened and he started beaming

“I swear I’m never going to let you down”

“You’d better keep that promise. ” You smiled as he kissed you sweetly.

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ignore the subs


Aah.. I hope you enjoyed it. It was my first time writing a reaction (so pls don’t kill me). - Admin Light

lucifers-donk  asked:

RFA +V & Saeran reacting to MC being SUPER strong despite her looking like a smol cute bean? Thank you ^^


  • One night when MC got drunk, she wanted to arm wrestle.
  • “MC, I don’t want to hurt you. I think we both know who would win anyways.”
  • Zen finally gave in, then proceeded to get his ass handed to him.
  • e m b a r r a s e d
  • but also proud????


  • He actually thinks a lot about how lucky he is that he found her, and although it’s for a number of reasons, one of them is because there’s no way she’s stronger than him.
  • He has the opportunity to be the knight in shining armor. The buff guy. At least to her. 
  • They’re moving furniture, and Yoosung can’t move this big dresser to save his life. When MC offers to try, he tells her that he’s got it handled, but she just picks it up, 
  • “Where’d you want this, babe?”
  • “Uh…. Just-Just put it in the corner.”


  • They’re about the same size/ weight.
  • Jaehee’s a little sad because she knows for a fact that she can’t hold MC, and she figures that MC probably can’t hold her.
  • Like, she just wants to carry MC like a princess, is that too much to ask for?
  • One day MC dramatically picks Jaehee up and carries her around a spilled drink on the floor and Jaehee is just mind blown.
  • Heart eye emoji @ MC forever.


  • “MC, I really don’t know where your ring went, but it has to be somewhere in this room if you had it last night. We can look for it when we get back, but we have to leave now if we don’t want to be late.”
  • “No! I see it under the bed… But I can’t reach it.”
  • “Here, I’ll move the bed. Just grab it and let’s leave.”
  • MC moves the bed instead, grabs her ring, and pushes it back all by herself.
  • “Okay, I’m ready to go!!!” But Jumin just stares at her with his mouth open.


  • “Ugh, looks like we’re going to have to make two trips.”
  • MC refuses to make two trips. Two trips are for weenies. She’s taking in ALL of the groceries in one trip.
  • Seven goes ahead of her to open the door, she grabs the rest of the groceries, and practically screams while running to the kitchen to put them all down.


  • Why the hell is there so much photography equipment in the back of the car???? V hasn’t used half of this shit in months and there’s not enough room for the groceries.
  • So she grabs all the shit and brings it into the house to lay it all down on the couch.
  • “Wait woah, babe, what are you doing??? Don’t hurt yourself, that equipment is heavy!”
  • She fuckin knows its heavy?? She just carried it up the stairs.
  • But she’s not even sweating???? V couldn’t have even done that so easily and he carries this shit around all the time???? Heart eyes????


  • “Babe, don’t get in my way… Let me do the heavy lifting. Go grab the lighter boxes. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”
  • s p i t e
  • MC forces the box that Saeran is holding right out of his hands and caries it out to the car, then proceeds to go back to grab all of the other heavy shit.
  • “How about you go grab the lighter boxes? Wouldn’t want you getting hurt, babe.” and smirks.
  • HE WANTS TO THROW DOWN DON’T gIVE HIM THAT SHIT WTF but then again,,,,,,,,
Just one of the guys

Just one of the guys
Avengers x Reader
Warnings: sexist comments

Summary: you hang out with the guys of avengers so much and they never see you dressed up as a “girl.” But after pietro joined the team, he made comments about how you were a boy and cannot believe you were a female because of how you dress or look. You proved him wrong and left him speechless.
“What do you guys want to watch?”

You were laying upside down on the couch, your head hanging at the edge.

You look blankly at the black tv screen.

“Whatever you guys want is fine with me,” says Steve looking at Tony.

“How bout you (Y/n),” Tony says, going on his knees and staring closely at your face.

You sighed,“ I don’t know, you haven’t watched Fast and Furious yet, right Steve?”

You turn to him and he nods his head no.

“Fast and furious it is,“says Tony, looking for the DVDs.

You sit up next to Steve, your legs spread open with your elbows on your knees and your back hunched over.

You sat like a guy, dressed like one too.

You wore a big, plain white tee and some sweatpants. Steve was wearing the same outfit too, and Tony, and Clint.

You had your hair in a weird, messy low bun. You didn’t wear makeup, you didn’t care about how you looked honestly.

Pietro walked in,” what are you guys watching?“

"All of the Fast and Furious movies, we’re on the first one right now,” you said looking at him,“ care to join us?”

He scoffed,“ that’s boring.”

“Don’t like fast car action typa movies? I do. I think they’re cool,” you said.

“They are not even fast,” he says sitting down,“ I am way faster.”

You roll your eyes.

“But anyways,” he says,“ don’t you all think that we should have more women in our team? I mean, we only have two and one of them is my sister. Plus Natasha scares me.”

“You only want girls in our team, to flirt with,” Clint says.

You scoffed,“ excuse me? Two? Hello, I’m right here?!”

Pietro laughs,“ you? You are a female?”

You open your mouth wide, who does he think he is.

Everyone just stayed quiet. Except for Steve but when he opens his mouth to speak, you put a finger on his lips. Pietro doesn’t know what’s coming.

They all get it though, you don’t dress like how other girls would dress or look.

“Anywaaaaaays,” Tony says breaking up the awkward silence,“ we’re having a party tonight, I forgot to tell you guys.”

“What time?” You asked.

“Starts at 9pm.”

“Tony it’s 8 o'clock.”

“Oops?"he shrugs.

You get up,"I’ll see you at the party I guess.”

Piet laughs,“ want to borrow one of my suits? I have a tie that would look great on you.”

Steve shoves his shoulder causing him to fall off of the couch.


“Pietro Maximoff.
You’re going to regret what you said,” you thought, while picking out the perfect dress.

Yes you had dresses. You just didn’t like wearing them.

You grabbed the sexiest one of them all.

It was a black, sleeveless and strapless, tight dress, that has a sweetheart neck line. It showed ALL of your curves and showed a good amount of skin. It went right above your knee.

You had your hair in waves and you put a some makeup on, not too much to the point where it doesn’t look like you.

You checked the time.


Okay perfect, everyone should be there already right?

You head to the stairs and began to go down.

You felt like Cinderella, everyone had their eyes on you.

The whole team especially.

Wanda and Nat wore a smirk on their faces and the guys had their jaws on the floor. Including Pietro’s.

You finally got down and walked towards the group of men.

“Sup dudes?”

“Babe,” Steve says, walking up to you, putting his arms around your waist, and giving your cheek a kiss,“ you look beautiful .”

You blushed,“ aww, thanks baby.”

Pietro’s mouth was still hanging open.

You looked at him and smirked.

“Do I still look like a man to you Pietro, huh?”

He just stared and violently shook his head no.

“I thought so.”

“Come on, sweetheart,” Steve says, giving you his arm for you to hook your arms through,“ let’s dance.”

You and Steve walked off onto the dance floor.

Pietro finally found his voice back and turned to Tony,“ she’s dating S-Steve?”

Tony smirked,“ yeah, why? You want her now don’t you Speedy.”

Pietro looked down at his drink and took a sip, walking off.

“He totally wants her.”

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  • soulmate au where you can hear your soulmate’s thoughts
  • the first time you heard your soulmate’s voice was when you were 12
  • a really quiet voice was talking and it seemed like they were reading a book
  • you listened to his story telling for a while before you finally perked up
  • and you scared him
  • it was endearing though
  • and you two exchanged names before the connection was cut off
  • fast forward to present day
  • Wonwoo’s love for reading only increased
  • often while you’re working, you’ll hear him reading paragraphs from a book
  • or sometimes he’ll randomly pop into your head, and he gets all giddy bc “i found a new book, its really nice, can we read it together”
  • and you get a heart attack bc wow he’s really the cutest
  • “y/n i heard you say that”
  • “bYE WoNWoo”
  • sometimes you hear him tear up bc the book he’s reading is really sad
  • and other times you hear him say something weird like ‘where are birds ears’
  • you’re just ‘really wonwoo, really. Its one in the morning shut up and go to sleep’
  • you two never really wanted to force the meeting, you both believed that it would happen at the right time
  • and it did
  • you walk into a nearby bookstore bc you keep bugging wonwoo about one of the books he read but he won’t tell you the title bc he thinks its funny that way
  • but lucky for you, you remember a paragraph from the book and from your online research you were able to snag the title
  • so you’re in the bookstore like ‘sucks for you wonwoo, i’m going to get my hands on the book’
  • wonwoo is just laughing in his head and you really want to meet him so you can hit him
  • you walk into the aisle of the book and you see this really cute guy standing in the aisle too and he’s holding a book while smiling to himself and you just think to yourself ‘cute guy’
  • wonwoo: WHAT CUTE GUY
  • so you’re standing at the spot where the book is and
  • oh no
  • it’s too high up for you to reach
  • and you’re cursing at him in your head ‘fuck you wonwoo, it’s so high up and i can’t reach the book’
  • now he’s laughing even more and suddenly the guy in the aisle is also laughing 
  • and you’re kinda ‘that’s weird’
  • so you read the title of the book he’s holding and now wonwoo is like
  • ‘wtf how do you know what i’m holding’
  • and you two look at each other and there’s this really big realisation and you two literally shout at each other
  • also wonwoo is teasing you a lot right now bc you actually called him the cute guy from before and this time you really get to hit him
  • unlike a lot of other soulmates that are awkward on the first meeting, you two hit it off really well since you two have talked for years
  • the first date you two have is just a really casual one to a book turned movie and as you’re leaving, you and wonwoo are arguing about which was better: the book or the movie
  • as much as wonwoo doesn’t want to admit, he finds you really really cute
  • ‘i heard that wonwoo’
  • ‘sToP ReAdiNg mY ThOuGhTs’
  • the first time wonwoo told you he loved you was when he was sitting on his bed, watching you in the bathroom as you were brushing your teeth and you looked up into the mirror where you smiled and almost spit out the toothpaste foam because wonwoo was staring at you
  • ‘what’ you’d ask him in your head
  • ‘i love you’ wonwoo answers quietly
  • and now wonwoo becomes this type that doesn’t say he loves you outloud so he’s always saying it in his head to you
  • and you love it bc it just feels like a secret between the two of you
  • once said ‘soonyoung accidentally kissed seokmin which is why they’re far apart’
  • and you started laughing in soonyoung’s face and kept apologizing bc soonyoung just KNOWS wonwoo told you
  • anyways soulmate wonwoo is a really cute and weird person who loves you with his whole heart, and he spends his days talking to you bc he just misses you and he even remembers your favorite paragraphs from books so he can make you happy randomly in the day.

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The reason why I'm saying for Touka to move on is that Touka seems to be stuck in the past where she wants to recreate Anteiku and changes her hair to when her and Kaneki met. She just wants to "pick off where they left off" from the past. But they never started and at best Touka just pinned for Kaneki for years unlike Akira and Amon where they at least knew that something was there.

Thing is anon, being stuck in the past is only considered a bad thing on the assumption that the past cannot be regained. So what’s really bad in that scenario is “longing for what you cannot have”. This does not apply to Touka Kirishima. Touka is not only able to regain the past, she has done it.

To continue from the life she once knew at Anteiku, Touka needs the old staff: Kaneki, Hinami, Yomo, Nishiki, Koma, Irimi, and Yoshimura. Everyone on this list is alive, and 6/7ths are currently with Touka at :re. In the case of the old manager, Touka has adapted the same calm, wise and parental aura that surrounded him into herself, and now her coffee tastes just as good as his did. Another important member of her old life, Yoriko, is also alive and is on course to reunite with her very soon. Even Ayato, the part of her life that was still missing even during those happy days at Anteiku, has come back to her side. The only irretrievable element are her parents, but even there, Yomo has provided closure for the issue of the mother she never knew, and as we’ve seen from Ch 120, she’s come to terms with the person her father really was.

It’s not just Touka that wants to recreate Anteiku either.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: wanting to go back to Anteiku is a sign of sanity in this series, because Anteiku is entwined with the concept of hope. The hope for Ghouls and Humans to live alongside each other. Yoshimura’s hope for Eto to recover her humanity. Touka’s hope for Kaneki to survive and find his way in life again. Whenever someone leaves Anteiku, their life takes a helter-skelter towards the tragic; both Kaneki and Hinami can testify to that, and it was people from Anteiku that saved them both at Cochlea. So yes, please do recreate Anteiku, Touka! It’s because you did that Kaneki and Hinami and all the lost souls of Goat have a home again. She’s done far more than just pine for Kaneki for all those years, she’s recreated the TG universe’s symbol of hope. 

Touka’s arc was about recovering her empathy and ability to connect with others - to abandon Kaneki now would reverse all of her positive change, especially now after Akira’s just left him. It’s not as if she’s gambling everything on the chance Kaneki returns her feelings either - she genuinely wants to help him, and all she needs in return is for Kaneki to remain in her life. As for the contrast with Akiramon, that (now canon) pairing had the same level of ambiguity as Touken; Amon blocked her kiss the first time, and it was unclear whether he felt the same as she clearly did.

I think a lot of the time people mistake Ishida’s thematic intentions utilising characters with those characters own individual motivations. I don’t think Touka’s trying to pick off where they left off, I think Ishida is - that’s why he had Touka dye her hair black. He’s trying to emphasise that this is where the original story continues proper, now that Kaneki is back at home; Tokyo Ghoul :re was Kaneki’s attempt to abandon his old story and start a new one, but his return to a second Anteiku with his old friends proves that he can find happiness in the world of his original story. The old story has finally found its way back on track after tragedy sent it flying off the rails. 

crossing the line | 01

genre: teacher!au, college!au, implied smut (?) i guess lol, other chapters will have smut.
word count: 2.1k 
summary: your drama teacher makes your schoolgirl heart flutter. 


“I’m Mr. Kim,” he said sweetly, his voice sounding softer coming out of those plump lips than before, “I assume you’re the new student?”

You let out a deep sigh, finally having found your dorm after a few hours of walking around campus since the lady at the admissions office had no idea what she was talking about when she gave you directions. Apparently it “wasn’t her job” to know where it was. You were starting to get irked and hate it more and more here every second.

Lifting the small sheet of paper that she had given you, you let your eyes skim down the list of dorms before stopping at the one that was circled in blue ink. You read the name of the building before heading inside as you dragged your bag in behind you.

You exhaled sadly once you finally got to the third floor, the numbers ‘345’ staring back at you as you pulled your key out of your pocket with the same numbers embedded into it. You unlocked the door and pushed it open before looking around, only to see that it was empty. There was two beds one either side of the room, one with a big military duffel bag and tons of white t-shirts sitting on top of it. You snorted a little at your roommate’s fashion sense, wondering what kinda girl she was. What if she was a complete nightmare?

You never had to deal with living with other people since forever because you’ve always lived by yourself and liked being alone, so you never really had to worry about messy roommates or your stuff getting stolen.  

You shut the door behind yourself, throwing your bag onto the unoccupied bed before looking around the plain room. The walls were just plain white; stripped of everything and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the depressing colour. Your trail of thoughts was broken by the sound of the doorknob turning, making you tilt your head as the door opened again. Your eyebrows immediately furrowed as you saw a boy walk in.

His chocolate orbs widened slightly as he froze before giving your body a long once-over, letting his eyes trail down your curves and finally locking eyes with you. “Are you…uhm,” he began before awkwardly scratching the back of his neck, “My new roommate?” he questioned lightly, a cute little smile forming on his features.

It took you a whole minute to finally answer him, “This is your room?” you asked, arching a perfect eyebrow.  

He spared a small nod before stepping all the way in and closing the door behind himself. 

You couldn’t help but to check him out as you licked your lips, your stomach clenching at his toned body. He was hella gorgeous, tall and entirely handsome. “Yeah,” he returned, sticking his large hands into the front pockets of his worn out jeans, “I got kicked out of Empire State.” He added sheepishly as he offered you a shy look.

You just stared at him, completely baffled.

I actually have to share a room with him? – you thought to yourself as your eyebrows furrowed once again. A girl would’ve been bad enough to live with, but a guy? Scratch that, a handsome guy? “You’re my roommate?” you asked once again, still in slight shock.

His cheeks flushed when he realised that you didn’t want to share a room with him, causing his smile to drop. He took one of his hands out of his front pocket and ran it through his messy dark hair, “I mean, all the dorms are co-ed – unless you request one that’s not,” he said truthfully, his features softening a little, “I get it if you are uncomfortable, you can go talk to the community director, but that will most likely take a few weeks.” He added.

You let out a low groan before plopping down on your bed, “Fuck, can this get any worse?” you grumbled, putting your face in your hands as you took a deep breath. You tried to calm yourself down before you lowered your hands and saw the boy just standing there awkwardly; trying his hardest not to glance at you as he nibbled on his bottom lip, both hands back in his pockets.

“I’m sorry,” you sighed, sitting up and looking over at him, “I’m usually not like this but I’ve just had a bad… week,” you explained briefly, causing his brown eyes to land back on you as he spared you a nod. “I’m Y/N.” you quipped, holding out your small hand as you introduced yourself.

“Jungkook,” he returned before stepping forward to take your hand in his, purposely brushing his fingers over yours as he shook it. He seemed to loosen up a little bit and you could tell he almost wanted to smile, but he didn’t.

He padded over to his bed, plopping down on it as you laid back down and watched him for a bit. You couldn’t but to be curious about him, he seemed shy, slightly nervous and just… different. He didn’t seem all that bad– you thought to yourself as your teeth lightly grazed your bottom lip.

It had been a few days and you finally got your schedule, but you could care less. You and Jungkook had finally gotten over your awkward stages and all you wanted to do was hide out with him until someone found you to kick you out of the college for having so many absences. 

He was like a fresh breath of air compared to all the guys you knew – he had gotten you to smile and laugh, something you haven’t done since, well… ever. He was a pretty decent human being and you were getting more and more comfortable with one another.  

All your thoughts of Jungkook seemed to be pushed towards the back of your mind as your smiled faded the second you arrived to your first drama class. You didn’t want to be there in the first place but it was some stupid mandatory rule as you were majoring in studio arts and you had to pick at least one class that was out of your area of study. You had some experience in acting and it was either that or contemporary dance, which you sure as hell did not seem like doing. 

Your thoughts seemed to fly right out of the windows as your drama teacher walked into the theatre, strutting his way up the aisle to the chattering class he already knew. Your mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ as you practically drooled at the sight of him; he was an ethereal brown eyed god and you never believed in love at first sight until you saw him. 

The second he opened his mouth to speak, you knew you wanted him, “Alright class,” he said loudly, his deep voice cutting through all the other students as the majority of them stopped their conversations, “It has been a long weekend and I’m really not in the mood for any of your usual monkey business…” he trailed off, glancing over the rows of students he was addressing before those gorgeous brown orbs were directed at you. 

You were quite isolated from the pack of closely-knit young adults littered about the stage as you sat on your own at the very edge. The drama teacher walked closer to you and you could practically smell his cologne, “I’m Mr. Kim,” he said sweetly, his voice sounding softer coming out of those plump lips than before, “I assume you’re the new student?”

Pulling yourself of your daydream, you bit your lip before handing him the recommendation slip in your hand, “Yes, I am,” you spoke, a soft smile appearing on your face as you glanced up at him through your eyelashes, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” you smirked, causing him to slightly raise an eyebrow. You had no idea where this sudden burst of confidence was coming from, but you couldn’t help but to have this attitude; merely looking at him sent your hormones into overdrive. 

He seemed to space out for a fraction of a nanosecond as his cheeks flushed, causing your smile to widen a little. He cleared his throat and looked down at the paper, skimming it quickly before folding it and putting it his back pocket. 

“Welcome to the class, Y/N,” he mumbled, offering you a small nod before turning around and speaking again, “You can take a seat over there and watch us rehearse for the time being.” He said as he tried not to make eye contact, pointing to the cushioned seating he was facing before grabbing a notepad of his.

You watched him plop down in the seat closest to the aisle in the front row as he turned to face the stage, “Alright, everyone,” he called to his students, “Places.”

You lightly bit your lip, watching him write something down in his notebook before you decided to be bold and sit down in the seat right next to his, “So what will I do then, Mr. Kim?”

You noticed his shiny black pen stop for a moment before he quickly finished writing down his sentence, “All the parts are cast, but don’t worry I’ll think of something,” he responded lightly before putting his pen down and looking back up at the stage, as if he couldn’t feel your wandering eyes all over his body.

You were practically undressing him – mentally – and if anyone ever looked at you the way you were looking at him, you’d feel pretty naked. Eventually, you turned your head away from him as you tried not to look so obvious, but of course, your eyes couldn’t help but to gravitate back to him. Who could blame you though? He was literally on the verge of being God-like. 

A few moments after the lights dimmed and the dress rehearsal had begun, about fifteen minutes to be exact, he breathed in deeply before opening his mouth to speak again, “What is it, Miss Y/N?” he questioned low enough for only you to hear as he glanced over at you.

You almost jolted out of your seat as you blushed, realising that you were failing miserably at not being so damn obvious. You spared a shake of your head before turning your head quickly, looking straight at the amateur actors jumping around on stage as Mr. Kim let out a deep chuckle. 

“What?” You asked him once his laughing had stopped. He merely shook his head, covering his mouth with his large hand as he slightly leaned away from you, his elbow resting on the armrest. 

You frowned, staring at him for a bit as you tried to figure about why he was chuckling, just before hearing someone yell, “Hyuna! Your line!”

Your attention averted back to the state as you watched the brunette, whose brown eyes were nearly piercing yours just seconds before fumbling through her script. You giggled lightly before shaking your head at her, but you didn’t wait for her to find out what her line had been because, by the time, you were already looking over at Mr. Kim in your peripheral vision.

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At approximately 6:00AM on 12 September, 1994, police received a hysterical call from 17-year-old Michelle Murphy who exclaimed that she had woken up to discover her 15-week-old son, Travis, brutally stabbed to death on the kitchen floor. Oklahoma law forbid police from questioning minors without a guardian present. Nevertheless, Michelle was interrogated alone for eight hours. Police claim that Michelle confessed to killing her son accidentally, while quarrelling with another woman. The officer interrogating her had a tape recorder, however only managed to record the last 20 minutes of the interrogation. It was soon revealed that a neighbour, 14-year-old William Lee, had called 911 at 3:00AM on the morning of the discovery. He had claimed to witness Michelle and her estranged husband, Harold Wolf, arguing. When police arrived, there appeared to be no disturbance, nobody answered the door and they soon left.

William then told police that approximately one hour later, he saw Michelle carry baby Travis into the kitchen. He decided to get closer to see what she was doing and claimed he then saw Travis on the kitchen floor, covered in blood. Despite apparently seeing this, William said he then went home and didn’t think about calling the police. Instead, he went to bed. He recounted this story at a preliminary hearing but hanged himself just a few months later. During Michelle’s trial, William’s testimony that was recorded at the preliminary trial was used as evidence. The defence team contacted Harold, who testified that he wasn’t at the house that night and several people corroborated his story that he was actually at a friend’s house.

Despite the fact that the murder weapon was not discovered, nor was there any evidence linking Michelle to the murder, she was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Michelle remained in prison for 20 years, until two lawyers decided to re-investigate the case. They discovered that there was blood discovered at the crime scene that did not match Michelle or Travis. They also uncovered that the detective who claimed that Michelle confessed, had obtained a false confession years prior. In 2014, she was finally declared innocent and released.

Kaneki and Touka: Parallel Journeys, Part 3

Link to First Part here.

Link to Second Part here.

Touka’s Self-Reconciliation

When we meet Touka again, 3 years later, she practically glows with human kindness.

Thankfully, her feelings of impotence have not convinced her to erase the admirable human side she had been developing, because she has had the support of the remainders of Anteiku and their hybrid viewpoint. And since that is a hybrid viewpoint, the Ghoul side of her has resurfaced as well, as we find out at the end of the Tsukiyama Family Extermination arc.

Her re-acceptance of her Ghoul self is reflected through the regrowth of her kakuhou and being able to use her kagune again. But while she has brought herself to kill people again, it is not a revenge killing, as it was with Kusaba, but a commitment to violence in order to save a friend. Like Yoshimura before her, she is peaceful when she can be, but when a friend is endangered, she’s willing to fight. A true spiritual Half-Ghoul; something she proves again when she helps rescue Hinami from Cochlea.

And the symbol of this reconciliation is her creation of :re. As Tsukiyama points out, it is a second Anteiku; a second symbol of human nature and Ghoul nature co-existing. And just as Yoshimura created Anteiku as a home for the prodigal Half-Ghoul close to his heart, Touka created :re as a home for the prodigal Half-Ghoul close to hers.

Kaneki’s Self-Reconciliation

Kaneki’s struggle to reconcile his two selves, however, is still ongoing. At the end of the first series, in Kaneki’s mind his Ghoul self comes into direct contact with his Human self, and the Ghoul realises what a great mistake he’s made in abandoning the Human. But the Human sees the virtue in the Ghoul self as well. 

They embrace, and they fade away together, to merge into one.

To merge into Haise, whose hair is both black and white to symbolise the co-existence of the two selves. As Haise, he seems, like Touka, to have mastered this balance. Simultaneously, a kind and gentle soul…

…And someone who is willing to fight when it’s called for, especially when it’s to protect his loved ones.

However, the transformation is not yet complete. Haise still fears sliding back full-swing into the Ghoul World, reluctant to use his kagune. Rather than his two selves being in union, they are fighting for dominance. He sees his past self as the demonic figure in Yamori’s chamber, and it frightens him.

The reason that he has adapted so badly compared to Touka is that the pain the Ghoul side of himself brought him was so extreme, he tried to shove it away entirely, locking away his memories. Being raised in the CCG with its strong prejudice against Ghouls only made his self-denial worse, to the point of crying when Urie calls him a Ghoul.

Touka equally fears Kaneki slipping back in the Ghoul World after seeing what it has done to him (and the own pain she felt because of it), and it’s her principal reason for not trying to bring back Haise’s memories. She believes him to be better off in this not-quite-there state, lest he regress dramatically (as indeed he later does).

(And of course Tsukiyama wants Kaneki back in the Ghoul World, because that’s where he is.)

But to Haise’s surprise, the mental image of the devil within changes into that of a child.

A white-haired child. The Ghoul self he was hiding from was as vulnerable as the human side he treasured. Haise re-examines his perspective, and seeks to understand the part of him he was suppressing. Beginning to understand the Ghoul inside of him is an important part of Kaneki’s development, but it takes him to darker places before brighter.

The confrontation with Eto, the reflection of himself - the Half-Ghoul who strayed from Anteiku into the Ghoul World to fix the world herself - brings Kaneki to a crucial revelation about himself.

Kaneki had always believed that the Ghoulish side within him was something that came about with the implantation of Ghoul organs into his body; indeed he initially tried to carve them out in the hope it would make him human again. However, with the flood of recaptured memories, Kaneki remembers that his life characterised by violence had begun long before that. He had been in the ‘Ghoul World’ even when he was human. The stream was poisoned from the source, and there was no escaping what he saw as his tragic fate - so he embraces it, seeking to at least do something positive with his Ghoul abilities before he can destroy the violent monster he so detests for good.

The white-haired child had represented the major memory Kaneki had been suppressing all along, an ability he possessed that was foreshadowed by the existence of Haise. It represented that he had his Ghoul nature even when he was a child - as foreshadowed by the ‘Black Goat’s Egg’, suitably written by his doppelganger - and so, though it is red in actuality, in the monochrome style of manga, his hair turns black as he accepts the Ghoul as an irremovable part of himself. Black hair was the colour of his human self, but the Black Reaper is the most Ghoulish of Kaneki’s personas - it represents how the distinction in Kaneki’s mind has been utterly obliterated, and he can no longer see where the Ghoul ends and the human begins. 

This destruction of the boundaries could be a positive thing for his character, if he didn’t despise himself for it. His hatred for himself is symbolised by slicing his doppelganger in two - although, of course, she survives, and reforms, because the Ghoul within Kaneki cannot be destroyed so easily.

Another thing about doppelgangers; according to legend, when one first meets their doppelganger, death will soon follow. And that is exactly what Kaneki believes. But this is a conviction that is thrown off balance when Kaneki comes to interact with someone who has been a Ghoul since their birth, and who has dived into the human world as well. Someone who has managed to demolish the boundaries between her Ghoul and Human sides in a far healthier manner.

Though Kaneki believed himself to have been part of the Human World, his past was characterised by the Ghoul World in his mother’s abuse long before the attack by Rize. And although Touka believed herself to have been part of the Ghoul World, her past was characterised by the Human World in her father’s kindness long before she went to school. Seeing Touka again is what triggers Kaneki’s self-doubt over his initial goal. Seeing such a healthy specimen of Half-Ghoulness - having now seen her both kindly serving customers in :re and breaking into Cochlea to save Hinami - makes him start to question his self-hatred.

Then, in his mind he speaks with Hide, and recognises that the Hide he is talking to, urging him to live on and demonstrating Human kindness to the highest degree, is a mental conjuration. Which makes that Hide part of Kaneki’s own mind. And if that’s true, then Kaneki can be Human too, after all. Human and Ghoul - he’s always been both. So he doesn’t have to hate himself anymore.

His hair turns white once more to represent the new peace he has found with his Ghoul self, and to call back to the self-confidence and determination to change the world that the first Shironeki possessed. With Ghoulish hair and a Ghoulish eye, his face is lit up by a Human smile. He’s finally mastered the way of the Half-Ghoul.

And that is precisely what makes him the One-Eyed King.

And where does Kaneki wake up after all of this?

In :re, the home of the half-Ghoul.

Kaneki has finally returned to Anteiku.

Now both Kaneki and Touka have destroyed the boundaries between their two selves - also represented by the mixed membership of Goat between Anteiku, Aogiri, CCG, and independents - they have saved themselves, and now that they have saved themselves, they can save the world.

Before they knew it, the two of them were lying in the dew-covered grass, looking up at the stars. She’d never met another vampire before outside of her own family, which was something he found slightly ridiculous, and, to say the least, intriguing.

“So, what is your name, anyway?”  Sabrina finally asked.

“Ugh.”  He hesitated.“It’s Cerberus. But don’t call me that.”  He laughed.“My father is… old fashioned, to say the least. I prefer Seb.”

“Sabrina.”  She responded.“You have a dad? I just, aren’t most vampires turned?”

He laughed again.“You’re a vampire, so there’s no way you don’t know my dad. Every one of us knows my dad.”  He rolled his eyes. The way he spoke about his father was almost sarcastic.

“For real though, you must have at least heard of Vladislaus. Vladislaus Straud?”

The name rang through her head like an alarm. Oh, she knew about him alright. Her parents briefed her on their situation the moment her and Sosi reached teenhood.

She rolled over so she was practically on top of him.“Listen, Seb, I’m going to go.” She rested her hand on his chest.“But give me your number. This conversation is definitely not over yet.”

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"I can teach you if you want"

The words slipped out of Marinette’s mouth before even realizing what they were.

Chat’s face lit up with a childish grin at her offer, “You’re the best Marinette.”

He plopped down on her bed and fumbled with the knitting needles for a few moments before Marinette finally took pity on him and adjusted them. 

“It’s not that hard. It will take a while to be fast at it, but it’s pretty easy to learn, just follow what I do,” She slowly showed him how to create stitches and maneuver the needles. “Just make sure you don’t drop any stitches and you’ll be fine.”

She looked up at his face and found his green eyes staring intensely at the needles. His tongue poked out between his lips as he tried to keep his concentration and Marinette couldn’t help but slightly blush. 

“So,” she started after a few minutes of silence, “Why the sudden need to learn how to knit?”

Chat furrowed his eyebrows trying to concentrate on his task, “I got a scarf from a girl in my class as a birthday present. I didn’t realize it was for her until now, so I want to make her one as an apology present.”

Marinette hummed in approval, “She’s a lucky girl.”

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His Girl - Part 4: The last part ✘ Sebastian Smythe Imagine ✘




Thanks @lyss-91 for beta all the His Girl’s parts ♡ 

✘ Summary: Sebastian sees his ex girlfriend (the person he’s still in love with, by the way) dating a New Directions’s guy, Sam Evans. Of course, Sebastian is going to get his girl back, after all, she’s his girl. She always was and always will be. And he’s hers. Which doesn’t mean they’ll be back at the first look.

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I admit, we have to talk about what’s going on.

You sent that message to Sebastian an hour ago, asking him to meet you in the garden at your house and sending your address to him shortly there after.


On my way. With some condoms, of course.

You just rolled your eyes when you saw that message for the first time, but now it was the tenth time you re-read it, and you were nervous.

A black car parked in front of your house, and soon a tall, pale figure emerged from it. Sebastian quickly found you sitting on the grass.

“Do I really have to sit there? These Dalton trousers cost the price of all New Directions members’ clothes together.” Sebastian smirked, but you knew him too well to let his usual stance trick on you, he was nervous. “Except you, of course.”  You looked at the place on your side and he sighed, sitting there. Sebastian took your hand and played with your fingers. You looked at him and Seb laid his forehead against yours. “You’re still my girl, no matter who you are with. You are mine.”

“I suddenly turned into an object and no one warned me?” You rolled your eyes, but didn’t move away from him.

“You know I did not mean it like that.” It was his turn to roll his eyes. “And you love when I call you mine. ” He smirked.

“Shut up.” You laughed lightly, you weren’t going to admit it now, no matter how much he knew. You sighed and looked into his emerald eyes, that had to be sorted out. “I love you, Seb. And I’m sorry for what I did in Paris. It wasn’t right, I should have told you before. ”

“I’m sorry for getting so angry and not saying goodbye to you.” He said, and you knew how rare Sebastian was to apologize. 

For now, he would not tell you that he had rushed to the airport at the last minute with a little box containing a ring in his hand, that story could be told when he was proposing, this time in the right way.

You rubbed the tip of your nose against his, in an eskimo kiss, both of you smiling. You rested your head on his shoulder as Sebastian hugged you to his side and whispered a song in your ear. One of your favorites, you couldn’t believe he remembered.

The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping

I dreamed I held you in my arms

When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken

So I bowed my head and I cried

Sebastian kissed the side of your head gently.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you

Please, don’t take my sunshine away

You looked at him, and he was already looking at you. His feelings exposed in that song and his fucking expressive green eyes.

I’ve always loved you and made you happy

And nothing else could come between

But now you’ve left me to love another

You have shattered all my dreams

Sebastian held your hand, bringing his lips close to yours.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you

Please, don’t take my sunshine away

His lips finally (re) found yours, the kiss beginning gentle, unhurried. You put your arms around his neck, you had missed it so much, no kiss on earth compared to any kiss between you and Sebastian. He deepened the kiss, him feeling the taste of your lips, which he had yearned for. You broke the kiss for lack of air, but kept the Warbler close to you.

“Even though you’re still my girl even when you’re with another guy, I want you to be mine only. ”

“Actually, I broke up with him today.” Sebastian opened his mouth to speak, a smug smile on his face. “And before you make any comments about his mouth or something,” Sebastian snorted. “He noticed something was weird between you and me, and I told him everything. I noticed that if I really cared about him, I had to be honest. And I had to be brave to fight for you and me, too. I told the Glee club, they were a bit surprised to find out you had a girlfriend, but…” You shrugged. “Some comments later and it’s not as if you were their favorite person in the world, but they accept it, us. And Sam is still my friend, so all is okay. Honestly, I’m surprised it ended up like that.’’ You confessed. You had held it in, you, Seb and the break up with Sam, for some time not to hurt Sam and, to be honest, not to hurt yourself.

It’s amazing and scary how a single moment or a series of small moments can change your opinion of something in a pretty fast time.

’‘But that’s not the end.” Sebastian smirked.

“What’s the ending, then?” You smiled back. Sebastian crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows, like it was clear.

“You and I dating again and having really great sex, of course. ”

“You really do know how to be cute.” You said wryly.

“I know, how lucky you are to have a boyfriend like me.” He smirked and you pulled him into a kiss to shut him up. “Good answer.” The Warbler said as you parted, already kissing you again, but the voice of your mom interrupted.

“Sebastian?” Your mother smiled and you two stood up from the grass.

“Hey, Mrs. (Y/L/N).” Sebastian smiled at length. ‘’Mr (Y/L/N). “

’'Come on, Smythe. You’ve known us for a long time, you can use our names.” Your dad said. “Did you watch the Sunday’s Lacrosse match?”

“Of course, I still can’t believe the result. If they don’t recover in the next game, they have no chance of getting a good place.” Of course, you had forgotten how your dad and Sebastian were crazy about Lacrosse games.

“Right, boys. Before you start talking about Lacross and after basketball and who knows what else, I have to ask. Is my favorite son-in-law my son-in-law again?” You smiled, holding Sebastian’s hand and taking the lead to answer your mom’s question.

“Yes, he is.’

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Requested Soulmate Universe!AU where everything your soulmate says is tattooed onto your skin until you meet them. AND I’M SORRY THIS TOOK A CENTURY AND A HALF TO POST. I’M A TERRIBLE PERSON.

Here is the prompt (x) and I totally wrote this entire thing listening to Bat for Lashes cover of Use Somebody

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Imagine your brother, Stiles, being surprised when he figures out you’re dating Peter Hale.

——— Request for anon ———

Maybe he hadn’t seen it because it was so out there. Such an outlandish possibility that the signs had taken longer than normal to be caught by him. As if his sister and Peter Hale could possibly be involved! Hah!

That’s what he’d thought at first, but there was this nagging feeling until he finally started paying attention. The way you acted whenever Peter was around— hell, whenever Peter was even mentioned was suspicious enough. There was an interest there and Stiles found you playing Devil’s Advocate on more than one occasion where Peter was involved. Still, that didn’t stop him from being surprised when you finally verbalized it, even though he’d otherwise figured it out.

“Tell me the truth. You’re my sister!”

Alright, Stiles!” you huffed at Stiles, pulling your pillow into your lap as you crossed your legs on your bed. Your brother had followed you into your room when you’d come home exceptionally late tonight, “Just, can you keep your voice down? You’ll wake dad at this rate!”

“Don’t worry about Dad!” but Stiles’ voice is much more drastically lowered than it was before, showing that he heeded your request. He frowns at you, “You were with Peter, weren’t you?”

“How’d you—”

“I’m me, sis.”

EXO: their idol crush liking them back

Xiumin:  despite his cool and mysterious exterior, he can’t hide the fact that he’s been wanting to call you his for some time now….and that he’s totally smitten. He’d try in vain to focus the attention elsewhere, bc he knows you’re probably watching his every move ever since admitting your feelings, but eventually he’d work up the courage to talk you up.

Suho:  mr dad here is gonna have all the jokes in the world to use on you once he found that you liked him back. He’ll drop little hints here and there and mentions your name or dances along (HELLA OBNOXIOUSLY) to your songs during any types of award and variety shows, until you finally talk to him first.

Lay:  tbh he can’t belive he’s fallen for someone who’s just as busy and hard-working as him, bc he knows it’s gonna be hard to maintain a relationship. He’ll try to keep his feelings hidden for some time, but after meeting and getting to know you personally, it’s gonna be a challenge to ignore those butterflies in his stomach.

Baekhyun:  even after your mutual friends have told him your feelings, he’s been trying to be extra teasing and playful with you- claiming that exo-l’s are #1 in his heart so he “really doesn’t have time for a relationship” (I love our dad<3). He’ll continue this until he’s got the blessings of his children, and make your relationship public.

Chen:  ahhh Jongdae is really gonna enjoy this, you’re probably gonna regret making your feelings known to him. Since he wasn’t that closely acquainted to you, he couldn’t really squeeze in a date or two during his busy schedules, so the fact that you named him as your *ideal type* really struck a cord in his heart. He’ll mention you over and over every chance he gets, to the point of having every member rolling their eyes bc he’s so disgustingly in love.

Chanyeol:  he wouldn’t have mentioned anywhere that he’s been crushing on you in fear of rejection and humiliation, but now he’s got nothing to lose. Does everything he can just to try and impress you, and maybe have your manager set up a date so he could get to know you better.

D.O:  you know him, you know he’s gonna turn as red as a tomatoe and is ready to hit the nearest member that teases him next. He’s glad that you haven’t shared your feelings publicly, or else he’d have to hide himself for months to get over the endless amounts of attention. He’d feel as if you already knew him, so he’d try to wiggle his way into your life one day at a time.

Kai:  you couldn’t have made him any happier, since he was almost going out of his way to catch your attention…and that’s saying a lot coming from him. He isn’t the type to act this foolish around his crush, but you’ve got him so whipped that he’ll do just about anything to call himself your boyfriend.

Sehun:  he usually isn’t concerned with these matters since he’s more focused on his reputation as the evil maknae, but dude….every time he sees you, he gets choked up and forgets his own name. He had no idea how he made someone as huge and successful as you to look his way, but he’s not backing down now so get ready to be swept off your feet.