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Here’s +2k words of modern!au with Bucky courtesy of yours truly and @pimpdaddysebastian. <3

Warnings: Mental health issues, pregnancy

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When Bucky comes back from war, he knows he’s different. Despite what people say to try to convince him otherwise, he knows he’s not the same man anymore.

To match the two tours as a soldier to the American army, he comes back with longish hair, severe scars on his left arm due an injury and a real messed up head. Panic attacks, bad dreams and sleepless nights are his best-friends in the following months of his return and the walls of his dull, always empty apartment are painful witnesses to his struggles.

Going outside feels like hell everytime but he still gives it a go occasionally.

Even if most of his attempts end up with him panicking in the middle of a crowd or a random store, the little coffee shop by the corner of his building gives him a slight bit of comfort as the place is never too crowded or too noisy. It’s familiar and just what he needs as he tries to adjust himself into the world again.

Hence why he’s completely thrown back as person after person start to fill up the place in a random Wednesday morning.

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