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Possibly the clearest footage from one of the original Bio0 builds for the N64 we’ll ever see. A compilation video from Capcom themselves showing off the original TGS prototype for which this magazine article was all about, alongside the original Gamecube footage, and then the Remastered HD versions. 

Capcom say it’s the 1999 TGS version, but it looks more like the third and final build? Billy’s tattoo looks a lot more fleshed out than the TGS build shots famitsu had, which means famitsu was working from an earlier build. 

Nonetheless this is a great first look at some not-VHS-recorded footage of the origins of the game! We even get to hear Billy’s original voice work from the N64. 

This video was made by Capcom for showcasing at SDCC. 

Also: poor Edward. We finally have HD caps of you missing your hand – the same hand found in the forest by Joseph in the original BH1 no less! 

anonymous asked:

Your blog appeared on my dashboard and I clicked the follow button almost instantly. However I have a question related to vaporwave, why there are people saying vaporwave is dead? I found something similar related to Macintosh hd (or something like that) with an edited version of her album cover in which the statue face is gone, symbolizing vaporwave's death?

Okay so first of all, thanks for asking me because God knows I don’t get to talk about this stuff IRL and get taken seriously very often.

There are many ways to interpret this idea, so I’ll take them one at a time.

1. Vaporwave is dead is a final give up and frustrated sigh to some (mostly /mu/ frequenters on 4chan imo). To them, Vaporwave exists as an anonymous music genre first and foremost. It posits the idea of post-identity, seeing as many artists and creators choose to remain nameless and faceless. After all, the namesake vaporwave and “waves of vapor” mean meaningless, fleeting, not substantial, nihilistic, etc. 

What prompts people to say Vaporwave is Dead comes from people choosing to put a name and face to themselves, whether it’s Chuck Person being revealed to be Daniel Lopatin, or the ever-famous Floral Shoppe’s Macintosh Plus being tracked down to Ramona Xavier and Vektroid. This flies in the face of “what Vaporwave is arbitrarily supposed to be about” according to them.

2. Not only that, but many who subscribe to the Vaporwave is Dead slogan are also frustrated with a lack of actual talent in the genre. At some points, it’s like finding a diamond in the rough only to have that diamond lost again forever within an endless soundcloud playlist. 

Personally, I tend to almost exclusively look at Vaporwave that has been recommended to me and I hold onto those tracks because I know it’s hard to actually find good vaporwave these days. Any nerdy 15 year old with basic knowledge of audio engineering can call themselves a “vaporwave artist” much like many a nerd who can rhyme sometimes will take a stab at being a soundcloud rapper. This isn’t a diss at aspiring artists, far from it, but because Vaporwave has no mainstream appeal, it’s incredibly difficult to know who went to college for 5+ years to make their sound and who spent 30 minutes on a free audio mixer. A lot of it is shit. And people get frustrated with having to spend countless hours to find one new good song in a genre that’s maybe 8 years old at best. 

2a. This isn’t even mentioning the idea that some assholes and eternal hipsters think they’re the only ones qualified to enjoy Vaporwave and will intentionally say bad music is good because “Well you just don’t get it” when in reality, anyone willing to sit down and decide what they like in the genre can find something enjoyable. It’s challenging sometimes, but not impossible. Because of this factor, many have moved on from Vaporwave, deeming it unfit for their challenging hipster needs.

3. An easier reason to say Vaporwave is Dead comes from the idea that Vaporwave is in effect, obsessed with death and the past. Sure, the past that Vaporwave shamelessly romanticizes is only 30 years ago, but if you notice, themes that often pop up in the aesthetic are skeletons, empty buildings, lifeless roman busts, fake plants, as well as the idea of consumerism and it’s affect on us today. This third point is admittedly a lot more shallow than the previous two, but I’m trying to be as all encompassing as I can.

I’ll give you a link to Vaporwave: A Brief History, because it is amazing if you want to know more about it. They get very philosophical and it’s a pretty long video so have a snack ready, but I got a good crash course into what Vaporwave is from that video. 


People get buttmad because their precious underground genre is going a little more mainstream while the quality tanks. 

My theory as to the redone cover to “symbolize the death of vaporwave” is that Ramona Xavier (the Macintosh Plus artist) simply didn’t want to be pigeon holed into “one hit wonder”-dom and she was probably a little (rightly) upset that no one seemed to care about her other work. It’s also possible she simply did what Vaporwave was meant to do; dissolve and disappear until the next puff of vapor inevitably shows up.

In the end, there isn’t really an answer we can point to until/unless she speaks out about it personally. As for me, I don’t think Vaporwave is dead, because we’ve seen it grow as a genre and branch off into other subsets of weird crazy music. It’s most often seen as aesthetic over substance, but that doesn’t make Vaporwave any less worthwhile to look at and contemplate. 

Maybe Vaporwave is meant to be enjoyed.

Maybe not. 

That’s a question for a different day.

Thanks so much for following me and thanks again soooooo much for asking me this question, I love answering these kinds of things!



I found the KH2.5 HD Remix English Dubbed Exclusive Cutscene of Axel’s goodbye to Roxas.

And my word.

They made it even sadder than the Japanese version.