finally found a picture where his hair looked more light brown ish

title: when opportunity knocks (or scratches), make sure you answer the door
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairings: kurodai, side iwaoisuga
word count: 9699
summary: kuroo loses his cat, and daichi somehow ends up with a date

for day 1 of kurodai week!! first meeting / captaincy

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“Hey, do you hear that?”

Daichi looks up from the book he’s reading at Suga’s question, raising an eyebrow at his roommate. “Hear what?”

“Shh,” Suga shushes him, raising a finger to his lips. “Listen,” he tacks on in a whisper.

Daichi does as he’s told, straining his ears to hear any sort of sound, and after a few seconds of hearing nothing, he’s about to ask Suga what the hell he’s talking about―but then he hears it.

Scratch, scratch, scratch…

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