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A/N: omgomgomg after a billion years I finally finished my first full length fic *applause* Anyways ty to the beautiful network of people that are the #1 hype squad @smols-n-tols. I hope you guys enjoy~

Pairing: NCT’s Ten x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Slight Humor? Just Another Soulmate!AU ™

Word Count: roughly 4k

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Yay! What’s up! After a billion of years finally I finish it yesssss!❤️😈💕💕💕👆🏻 those are cute boys isn’t @loonylein 💕💕
ps: Val and alaz finally in a drawing made by me 😂😂💕❤️ they are so cute together! ❤️

Also I put lore💕 the oc of @thecrimsoncursed he is the boyfriend of Alazka ❤️

8760 nights.

He used to remember when he couldn’t stand time passing by slowly, one second after another. He would go mad thinking about how humans were able to survive such boredom. He was a Time Lord, for God’s sake. Time Lord, Lord of Time, someone who could control where and when and how. Funny thought, but thuth was the Doctor had no time for the time itself. 

But in this moment, he was with her. The woman who made time disintegrate because didn’t want to harm him. She hasn’t much more patience as he has about time passing normally around her, but right now both of them could use something like that.

Actually, they kind of wish time would stop, and then go back just a couple of minutes, because it was almost painful that he got to call himself a Time Lord but was not able to give them more time.

The Doctor asked himself for so many years why Darillium? Why the singing towers? What’s so special about the place, why would I take her there in our last night together? He found out, eventually, after centuries avoiding the mention of this place, that one night in Darillium meant 8760 nights. And he was almost grateful for that. Almost.

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