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Wings, Cars and Angels Don't Mix

Title: Wings, Cars and Angels Don’t Mix
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Summary: Ticklish!Cas; Castiel is curious about the impala but a slight accident strikes. Sam and Dean become curious about the angels manifested wings.

Original Prompt: You know what you haven’t done yet? Wing tickles ;) Maybe Dean and Sam are teaching Cas about fixing cars and Cas is under Baby on his back, looking at the underside while they explain stuff, then Cas gets stuck and in a state of panic his wings appear (I don’t know how wings work lol) and Sam and Dean are super fascinated by them and start looking and poking at them, and discover how ticklish they are? And Cas can’t do anything because he doesn’t want to hurt Sam or Dean, or Baby!


There were many things in humanity that amused Castiel. Watching bees, watching the clouds and wondering about home. Watching the Winchesters, however, became a favorite of his. Those two brothers truly cared about no one else but each other. That was pure love he had only seen in one being. It amazed Castiel how close they were, how they could have conversations without talking, trading looks and reassuring squeezes on the shoulder or neck. The inadvertent I love you’s matched with an action. It was fascinating.

Currently, the Winchester brothers were at Bobby Singer’s place, Dean working on the Impala and Sam annoying his brother with teasing jabs and comments. The boys were acting like children. At one snooty comment, Dean grabbed one of the hoses and started spraying Sam, the youngest Winchester sputtering and laughing.

It made Castiel happy to see them so joyful after everything that’s happened, how easily they fell into place with each other. Sam, now sopping wet, pulled Dean into a big hug, making the older Winchester brother shriek in protest. It was amusing and Castiel felt honored that he could see them like this.

“You’re such a little bitch,” Dean groaned, ruffling Sam’s hair, making it stick in multiple directions.

“I’ve learned from you, jerk!” Sam answered, face split into a wide grin. Dean huffed fondly and turned to their angel friend.

“Hey Cas, get your feathered butt over here!”

Sam squeaked and ducked to the other side of the impala. Dean laughed openly at his brothers fear and motioned for Castiel to stand next to him.

“Since Sammy over here doesn’t seem to want to help me, I’m gonna need you too,” He already had a booster on the front wheels so it lifted lightly off the ground. “Besides, you never know when you’re gonna need these expert skills.“

“Expert?” Sam asked teasingly. Dean narrowed his eyes at his brother and crossed his arms.

“Keep talking like that, little brother and I’ll have to come shut you up,” Dean wiggles his fingers tauntingly at Sam. The kid burst into giggles like he actually was getting tickled. It amazed Cas how ticklish he was. Dean snorted and shook his head in disbelief before turning to Castiel. “Anyway, come on. I want you working on her underbelly.”

Castiel followed Dean to the floor, peeking under the lift. Sam was looking at them from the other side, eyes grazing over the impala’s figure.

“Okay, Cas. You’re gonna lean back on this,” He gave a small shove to a board on wheels to the angel who rolled it back curiously. Sam laughed as Dean rolled it back to Castiel. “And then you’re gonna roll under the car. You’ll be fine,” he reassured at the slight look of alarm Cas showed. “We will be here to help you.”

Cas nodded because, in all honesty, he trusted the Winchester’s with his life. That didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous though. Castiel let Dean lay him on his back and he hesitantly pushed himself under the car. He gave himself another push, only for his foot hit hit one of the lifts, making it fall askew. The car rumbled, lowering a bit i top of Cas. The angel could hear Dean curse and Sam’s cry of surprise, large hands gripping the rim of the car to keep it from falling any further. Cas felt the breath leave him at the thought of being trapped and frantically started squirming.

“Cas, calm down dude, we got you!” Sam tried reassuring as he pushed the car more firmly on the lift.

Castiel wanted to feel reassured but felt too confined. In his panic, he could feel his wings burst out, instinctively wanting to save him. He could hear the Winchester shout in surprise at the sight as his wings fluttered frantically to escape. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his wing, gently but firm, and carded long fingers through them, soothing the ruffles. Castiel could feel his breathing start slowing down as the initial panic began to fade.

Sam continued his soft ministrations, gently picking the feathers and maneuvering them back into place. He curiously slid his fingers through the oily wings, gawking at how beautiful they were. The wings were huge, one being as big as Sam at his full height; they were just like a ravens wings with purples, greens and blues mixed with the black ebony. Sam slid his fingers deeper through the piles of feathers till he reached the bone, running his nails over the muscle curiously. He didn’t expect to get slapped in the face by one while Cas cackled underneath the car.

“Are these seriously fucking angel wings?” Dean gaped, hands also exploring the long expanse. Castiel let out another shriek as Dean hit a sensitive place on the underbelly of his wings.

“P-Plehehease refrahahain from t-tohohohouching my wihihings!” Castiel begged, giggles pouring out of his mouth from the different touches. The Winchesters were so different with their movements. Dean had callouses all along his hands, they were rough but warm and soft at the same time. He was more grabby grabby and more bold when clutching feathers and exploring the bone structures.

Sam, on the other hand, was more gentle, hesitant. Like he was inspecting every feather. His long fingers caressed the skin underneath, creating massive tingly feelings all along his muscles. Sam’s hands also had a rough touch but were more feminine in a way as they slid effortlessly through his wings span.

One thing they had in common: both tickles like crazy.

Castiel bursts out into loud laughter as the finger progresses, both brothers adding another set of hands and continuing their ministrations.

“Plehehease! D-Dohohon’t tohohouch my wihihings!”

“Why? They are so freaking cool!” Dean praised, a smirk in his voice. The bastard knew what he was doing. It only made Cas laugh harder.

“Yeah, you never show your wings,” Sam whined, scratching purposely on a slick tops making the angel howl.


“You thought we would tickle them?”


“No, we totally would,” Dean assured, reaching under as far as he could to tickle near the angel’s shoulders. “But that fact that you knew that proves that your officially one of us!”

Despite the tickling torture, what Dean said made him feel warm inside out. Well, until Sam decided to speak.

“Dean, you know that thing you always do to me?”

“Which thing, Sammy?”

“You know…the thing,” Sam blushed, hating that his brother was able to multitask.

“You mean the thing you always beg for me to do?” Dean teased, scribbling along the colorful feathers. Sam made a whining sound, confirming Dean’s suspicions. “Why?”

“Think it would work on wings?”

“NOHOHOHO!” Cas cried out, now trying harder to escape. He knew exactly what Sam was talking about. He’s seen Dean take Sam apart with them and Cas knew he would die if he received a dreaded raspberry on his sensitive wings.

“I don’t know,” Dean hummed, pausing his tickling. “But I guess we can always find out!”

Before Castiel could even think to form a protest, Dean leant down and blew a huge raspberry on the center of Castiel’s wings. Castiel let out a loud scream before disappearing completely only to reappear by Bobby’s porch, leaning against the wooden railings with huge panting breaths. Sam blinked in surprise before letting shocked laughter. Dean was chuckling deeply, eyes swimming with amusement.

"Do not do that again,” Cas spoke firmly though there was a hint of playfulness that dulled the order.


“Because you do not, how do you say, dish out what you cannot receive,” Castiel smirked, blue eyes glinting. Seconds later both Winchesters were crying with laughter and Castiel felt like he finally found his place.

A/N: OMG I FINISHED IT!! It took forever and I only finished it because I was waiting for my flight. Thank you for the prompt anon and thank you for being so patient with meee! I hope to be able to get up an running again soon! Tell me what you think!