finally finished my rewatch last night

I finished rewatching Kingsglaive last night–and for once was able to see the Luna in that and the Luna in the game as the same character (because usually my brain doesn’t like processing that fact, for reasons)–and I realized that Luna has an arc from the movie that carries over into the game, and now I’m even more annoyed that Kingslaive (at least in some form) wasn’t in the game itself.

Like, when she’s talking to Regis for the first time in twelve years, she asks, “Noctis isn’t here, is he?”, and Regis tells her that he is not. You can tell that Luna is really upset about this–the look on her face is tragic, and she sighs, but she stays strong and doesn’t let it get to her.

Then she’s praying to the gods for Noctis’ sake, while she looks at the moon (and can I just say that it was also a mistake to remove Noctis’ looking at the moon and thinking of her from the game?), and General Glauca appears and is all like, “A pity you didn’t get to see your beloved Noctis.” So this is another time the fact that she isn’t getting to see Noctis is thrown in her face (by the asshole who’s responsible for it and much more, no less), and she stays strong here, too.

But in the game we FINALLY get the scene between her and Ravus in the flower field, where she breaks down in tears–about how she wishes she could’ve seen Noctis’ face one more time, and gotten to laugh with him like they did when they were children.

And- JUST WHY THE HELL WAS KINGSGLAIVE NOT IN THE GAME?!!?!?!?!? Like it was originally supposed to be? Just why?

So stupid, that it wasn’t! Because Luna DOES have an arc and character development here (and character development for the negative, if even for a moment, which is something I wanted from her), but do you think anyone in the world is going to see this and put it together, with it being structured so poorly? No. And I, myself, sure didn’t until last night! And really, it’s a miracle that I noticed this at all!