finally finished downton abbey

I finally finished Downton Abbey. ( Yes, I’m very late, but I began this show the last summer) . 
I really will miss this show ! I liked Julian Fellowes ’s characters and background ! 
Here, a fanart of Tom Branson, one of my favorite characters, he was so cute when he was still a chauffeur for Crawley family ! and, I love his couple with Lady Sybil, of course ! 

Pillow Talk chapter 9


Tom, sat at his desk in his and Sybil’s bedroom, had been studying for a number of hours. It was mid-morning, about 10:30, and Tom had been up and working since before 9. He had always been an earlier riser than his girlfriend. He tended to make the most of the early mornings whilst Sybil made use of the late evenings. They were very different people, but they worked so well together.

Tom had recently got back into the swing of studying. Ever since senior school he had wanted to study history and politics at university. That was where his main interests were and he wanted to pursue this interest. Now he was finally getting the chance to.

As soon as he left school, he went straight into working. Aged 18, when most of his friends started travelling the world or starting university, he went to work at his brother’s garage. His brother needed the help and Tom needed the money. He had worked with Kieran for over five years, and had been going out with Sybil for almost as long. Now that he was settled with Sybil, and he had enough money to spare (with some support from Sybil’s nursing wages), he had decided to take the leap and start studying for a degree in history and politics.

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Then & Now

The cast and crew of Downton have already said their goodbyes, but for the audience, the end is just beginning.
It’s almost time for us to say goodbye, so let’s remember the moments when we first said hello.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to watch in HD (-: