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I will prompt you, nudge nudge :) One of my faves as you know, grocery shopping eruri au, tiny arguments over what they buy, indulge me please! I can't do it justice xxx

I FINALLY finished a prompt! Thank you so much Zed 😘😘😘😘😘
You know I’m a sucker for domestic eruri 😍
Warning for slightly smutty ending (I’m stuck posting on the app and can’t add a cut 🙁) :

Levi lets out an annoyed huff as he walks aimlessly through unfamiliar territory. He’d been here for barely even five minutes and he could already feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. He hated to admit it but he really misses his favorite supermarket. He and Erwin had been going there for years. Now thanks to a permanent ban for ‘inappropriate behavior’, they were forced to the outskirts of town in this horribly lit poor excuse for a grocery store.

Levi cringes as he hears a faint squeal approaching as Erwin arrives next to him with the cart. Just to make this shitty trip even worse, the only cart left to use had to have a squeaky wheel. “I found the vegetables you wanted.” Erwin says proudly as Levi peers into the cart to inspect.

“I thought you hated broccoli,Erwin?” Levi asks, confused as to why his husband would voluntarily add his most hated food to the cart.
Erwin looks away slightly. “Well, um Nile likes broccoli.” he replied quietly.

Levi pauses to shoot an irritated glare at Erwin. “It’s your fault we’re even in this shitty store to begin with, you’re the one who invited that annoying prick to dinner in the first place!” Levi responds angrily pointing the carrot he was holding like a sword towards Erwin.

“You know Nile is a good friend of mine Levi, he and Marie had us over for dinner last month, it’s our turn now.” Erwin chides as he plucks the carrot from Levi’s hand and places it back in the cart. “Besides, you’ve had Hange over for dinner twice this month and I didn’t complain.” He says, pushing the cart forward.

Levi stomps angrily behind, following Erwin. “I never invited Hange over, they invite themself!” He grumbles.
Erwin has grown bored and starts to fidget as he watches Levi inspect what seems to be every bottle of wine in the aisle. “Just pick one Levi, we’re running out of time.” Erwin whines slightly.
Levi clicks his tongue in annoyance. “Well excuse me for wanting to serve decent wine that doesn’t come out of a fucking box!” Levi practically hisses.

Erwin rolls his eyes. “You’re bringing this up again?, how do you even know it was boxed wine?”

“Because I saw it in the kitchen on my way back from the bathroom last time we were there.” Levi says as he finally places a bottle into the cart with a look of satisfaction.

Erwin just stares at him incredulously.”That’s why you took so long, everyone was worried about you!” He replies, slightly agitated by Levi’s habit of being a ‘wine snob’.

“It tasted just like the shit Kenny used to keep around for company when I was growing up, I wanted to know if I was right.” Levi replies triumphantly as he walks away. Erwin just shakes his head slightly and smiles, choosing to just let it go.
Levi makes his way towards the checkout where he had said he’d meet Erwin after he grabbed a couple of things they had forgotten. He arrives to see Erwin engaged in conversation with the young bubbly cashier who seemed to be blatantly flirting with him over a bottle of body wash. Levi couldn’t help but smirk slightly.
Having been with Erwin for at least fifteen years now, he had witnessed this type of situation countless times.

He never got bothered by it. People were always naturally drawn to Erwin. He was charming, handsome and had a way of talking that made you feel you were the only one in the room. Levi had been a victim of it himself and he was still surprised that when he had proposed to Erwin ten years ago, he had actually said yes.
Levi unceremoniously drops his items down on the belt with a thump. “You forgot the lube and that damn face cream you love so much.” He informs.

The cashier pauses seemingly trying to figure out what the hell this gorgeous man in a suit had in common with the short grumpy looking individual wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck’ standing next to him. Erwin chuckles. “Thank you Levi.” He says and turns to the cashier. “It’s okay to ring these up, we’re together.” He says snapping the cashier out of a trance. The cashier blushes slightly, feeling embarrassed for staring and finishes ringing up their order.

"Thank you for saving me today.” Erwin says to Levi as he waits for him to finish preparing dinner.

Levi finished his work and then proceeds to wash his hands and hang up his apron. “Are you serious?” He asks trying not to laugh.

"Yes, if you hadn’t come back, I might have died of boredom from being hit on under the guise of discussing brands of body wash.” Erwin replies, sighing dramatically as he falls back onto the couch.

"Poor Princess Erwin, I wonder what your suitors would say if they knew your favorite activity is watching QVC until you pass out snoring wearing nothing but your spongebob boxers?” Levi asks unable to keep from laughing.

"Hey, I thought you said I look hot in those.” Erwin says with a pout.

"You do.” Levi says moving closer to Erwin.
A mischievous smile spreads across Erwin’s face. “What would you say if I told you I was wearing them under this suit?” He says reaching down to unbuckle his belt.

Levi watches hungrily as Erwin reveals the top of his boxers only to interrupt him by crawling on top of him hastily. “I’d say thirty minutes.” Levi pants out rapidly.

Erwin looks at him in confusion. “Thirty minutes?”

Levi smiles seductively while hastily unbuttoning Erwin’s pants. “That’s how long we have until our guests show up.”
Erwin lets out a moan when he feels Levi’s grip on his erection. “Good answer.”

So there it is and thank you so much for the prompt Zed, I hope you liked it ❤️.

I doodled this last night and now, as I try to focus on finishing editing one of my final projects, all I can do is think about finishing this. My platonic bae @zerotruemark picked Danny’s outfit and it kinda went from there. It’s not a style of chibis I’ve drawn before, but I kinda like it. It looks a little like pennilessragamuffin’s style and that wasn’t intentional.


                                    Glory to Mankind.

My hand slipped—-but it was torn with what it wanted so it did two designs for him. NieR Automata has taken over my life and I weep for this game. I just had too design a thing for Prompto, but I definitely had a hard time trying to come up with something for his YorHa outfit more than the Resistance one! I like both though, y’all gotta stop me from creating AU’s for this man. It’s not healthy LOL 

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tell us a story about an insect

parker insists that he doesnt normally sleepwalk. 

i have no idea if its true or not; for the sake of anyone who lives with him (myself occasionally included) i hope it is. 

however. when he’s sleeping off a few injuries and is pain-medicated enough that its effective on his jacked up metabolism, he does

which would not normally be a big deal. thor sleepwalks too, and the only problem with that is he sleeps naked. so i thought nothing of it when peterbird wandered into the common room late at night with his eyes closed. he kinda just showed up and then stood there, so i figured id let him be and went off to go make myself some hot chocolate. ten or so minutes later, i stepped around the divider wall back to the common room. 

and promptly had the everloving daylights scared out of me. 

why? you ask, why were ten precious years scared off your ridiculous life, bucky???

well. because parker was standing right on the other side of the wall, about two inches from my face. with an alarmingly vacant expression on his face. because he was sleepwalking. 

he was sleepwalking on the fucking ceiling


when ppl ask why do you have three rings on ur ring finger and you’re like “I have three husbands, duh!”