finally finished another one


Still alive!! Finally finished the 4th installment for Race To the Edge with another one of my highlight videos for each season. Links to others:




This was supposed to be for you, @tarched for your B-day…but uh….I am most embarrassingly late for that *Sorry creative crisis* So this will simply be a dedication buddy. I know how much you liked this song from theFatRat off YT. (Plus it had the sincerity needed for the intimate Hiccstrid moments along with a random instrumental section for the highlights.) Hope you enjoy this messy compilation! (Again, not one of my better works but its supposed to be simple/raw/basic so I can make it quickly. *rolls eyes*)

Thank you again Tarch for being there for me when I needed you! Keep shining my friend…YOU’RE THE BEST!!  :)

Dangerous Dance

(Hoseok drabble #3)

W: Smut. Just plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

a/n: A little gift for @the95liner, @kareverie & @musicobsessedreject, also tagging @fairyjeons cause I promised to tag her in everything lol. Sorry if this is lame, just needed to let something out to rid my writer’s block^^

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Finally i finish a monster high fanart series, i hope made another one soon

Clawdeen - 13 Wishes

Ghoulia - sweet 1600

Lagoona - Frights, camera, Action!

Draculaura - Skull Shores

Frankie - Frek du chic

Cleo- I heart Fashion


Here’s a picture of the child’s apron. :3 I was finally able to finish it ^^

Next, I get to make another one but by myself. These are the materials I’m going to use. Think it will sell? :3
Third Time's the Charm Chapter 5: part 5: safe, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
Being divorced is hard for them. It's even harder since there's a kid involved, but that's not even really taking into account the fact that they're both still in love with each other.

part 5: safe 

pairing(s): bixlu. hints of bixerva and jellu. 
words: 5,720 (total: approx. 26,000)
rating: T+ (although chapter 5 should probably be M for language + hints of sexy things) 
genre: romance, angst, family 

I finally got around to getting another chapter finished. This one was surprisingly fun to write… Poor Jace… 

Modern mythology edit: Muses (9/9) Clio 

{Adelaide Kane}

Clio was one of the nine muses, godly sisters in charge of Arts and Sciences and daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus. She was the muse of history and historical poetry, and her name came from the Greek “to make famous” or “to celebrate”. She is often represented by a scroll or a set of tablets, and according to a few mythological accounts, was also the muse of lyre playing.

Another (Selfie) One…

Finally pushed another one out. That sounded kinda dirty…

Anyway, finally finished another pose pack. Got the idea from seeing so many amazing selfie packs on here that i wanted to make a not so serious one. Cuz seriously, y’all selfie game is on point. I’m still looking for the point.

There are 3 single poses and introducing my first couple’s Pose (YAY!) I know I’m late, just let me have it!

Shoutout to all the creators for their awesome cc and allowing us simmers to utilize it. Sorry I don’t remember everyone to credit everyone, but if I’m able to find the links or if you want anything specific of course just ask. (Although you might have everything i have already. I’m late as hell on all this shii..,)

P.S. This is in dedication to my friend Roman. Badoo!!!

Hope you Enjoy!

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I’ve Been Going Crazy, Don’t Want to Waste Another Minute Here.

Pairing(s): Nicomaki, Nozoeli, Kotoumi *hinted*.

Words: 3400.

Rating: T.

Summary: Just a glimpse of BiBi working at Hot Topic. All them trying to get through the last bit of their shift, but not before dealing with relationship drama & your nerd friends first.

Notes: So here it is guys, the first of my many one-shots for my Mall Rats AU. It took me a little bit to try & write this, but it’s finally finished! I plan on writing another one in the next few days, so be on the lookout for that! I’d like to thank both @theasteroid-blues​ & @nishiklno​ for giving this a look over, you’re both saints! If anyone needs a refresher on what my AU is about, you can find it linked here! If I made any grammar/spelling errors, I’ll correct them later.

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