finally finished !

I swear I’m not looking for excuses to draw these two… yes I am.

But seriously, I’m on a personal challenge in my spare time to go through my ancient sketches and older works, picking out my favorites, updating and applying what I’ve learned since then, and finally finishing them. This was one of the sketches that survived to see color!

And I added in my own little headcanon touches: Vinnie with red markings and more freckles, Penny Ling with a bit of fringe and pretty painted claws. ✨

Now I’ll be a good girl and work by butt off on commissions and art trades, I swear. :’D

I really loved the panning scene at the beginning of Off Colors. 

It took forever but I edited it together in this one really, really, really long image. There camera was zooming as well as panning so it’s not perfect and that really bothers me but it’s all breathtaking nonetheless!