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ok but.. imagine lance breaking his leg while he’s out on a mission?? by himself?? imagine him having to drag himself back to blue while he’s trying to hold back his screams so no one else has to hear him over the comms?? because he doesn’t want to bother them???? and then when he finally gets back to the castle nobody’s there because they’re all out on their own missions, so he has to drag himself to the med bay and just. wait for them to get back?????? and THEN when they FINALLY come they find him passed out next to a cryopod????????

and let’s just say that the cryopods are conveniently broken or smthn (because let’s be honest, they’re really fucking annoying). so cue the rest of the team panicking because they don’t know how to set a broken bone

somehow they figure out how to do it but at this point lance is awake and he can feel e v e r y t h i n g and it’s really, r e a l l y painful.

but then!! after all of that, imagine lance hobbling around w/ crutches and feeling super shit abt himself because he can’t train or help out cause of his leg

okay i’m gonna stop bc this turned out way longer than expected but still
i love making my son suffer what can i say

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Hey, I'm looking for a phanfic where phil could read people's minds.

Mindreader Sex - Imagine Phil could suddenly read Dan’s mind whilst they’re in bed together…

Nous Academy - Dan’s family has been hiding his secret for fifteen years, but finally the government finds out and sends him to a school with others who are similar to him. (Phan Superpowers AU!)

Thinking Out Loud - Phil is telepathic and who is this boy who is always thinking about what other’s think of him?

You Have To Kiss Me - Dan had a random thought. It’d be really cool if there were any telepaths in this room. Cough if anyone can hear this. Dan nearly had a heart attack as someone coughed. His head shot up. Who did that?

also check out the powers tag as this was a pretty vague description :)

Me: Oh no Jar Jar Binks is alone and living life as a clown how sad.

Me: Jar Jar Binks was exiled by his people and had to live on his own when he was a young adult, but then he found friends and adults who tolerated him and even liked him in spite of all his shortcomings, but then every one of those friends died, one by one, during the course of a war that never claimed his life, so he got to sit on his planet and realize that he had been the one manipulated into giving power to the most evil tyrant the galaxy had ever seen, and there was no one to console him or reassure him because anyone who had genuinely cared about him was dead and anyone who admired him only did so because they mistook him for a war hero when he had only had a series of happy accidents, none of which had mattered in the end save to worsen the darkness in the galaxy, if this old Gungan can finally find love and admiration in the eyes of children, if he can make the next generation happy and keep them from witnessing the horrors of war, darn it, that’s the happiest ending any character from the prequel trilogy can have, I am so happy for him.

hey just because it was “”never EXPLICITLY stated in canon”” (translation; no smooch) doenst mean you can earase the struggles of a young queer boy who grew up with an abuse guardian finally finding happiness in someone who loves him in a healthy relationship while discovering who he is and who he loves. 

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They've been one of the only things that's gotten me through my depression besides finally finding the right medicine to help, no one really truly knows how much they've helped me besides my best friend. They may be across the world but to me they're very close in a sense. I love them. Each and every one of them. Obviously, I do favor Hyukjae-ah but I mean who can blame me? :p

I’m so sorry to hear the tough time you’ve had. 

Hopefully things are better now. I know I’m probably a stranger to you but if you’re ever sad or bothered, you can always talk to me about stuff. I don’t judge and I’d love to help cheer you up. (This goes for everyone else too.)

They’ve gotten me through some touch times too so I understand what you mean. I’m glad you found them. No, I don’t blame you for favoring Hyukkie. 

Get outta here Hyukkie. XD 


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do