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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Theory

Theory 1


The Link that is being awakened is the Hero of Time.

No matter the timeline Link always has a bad ending.

Adult Timeline: Zelda sends Link back in time to relive his childhood leaving his world defenseless against Ganon.

Child Timeline: Link’s information gets Ganon sealed, however it’s well known that he feels remorse and becomes the Hero’s shade.

Finally we are left with the Fallen Timeline where The Hero of Time dies.  

Link is being awakened in a place called the Shrine of Resurrection. There is only one cannon timeline and game where the hero fails. The Hero of Time is being called back into action to save Hyrule and become the hero he was destined to be.

Theory 2


Where does Breath of the wild take place in the Zelda timeline? A popular question that has spanned multiple theories across the internet, some place this in-between OoT and WW while others are saying it’s after WW. A few of the crazier theories claim that they will be a second split in the timeline however; I believe that this game will be a unification of all the timelines thanks to the paradox of Link’s failure.

If we take a look at the map we can see that Nintnedo is incorporating different aspects of past Zelda games. Along the right side of the map you can see a similar map to the original Legend of Zelda for the NES. The middle portion of the map is Ocarina of Time map supported by the Temple of time in a relatively similar spot with Death Mountain behind it. Finally the left side of the Breath of the wild world map is early similar to Twilight Princess.

Why do the timelines combine into one?

The number one reason why all 3 timelines will combine is Ganondorf. At one point or another each reincarnation of the hero successfully defeats Gannon however it is shown throughout multiple games that he can be revived by his followers. What happens if Gannon and Ganondorf are separated from one another? Gannon is a representation of Demise hatred. In Wind Waker we learn that Ganondorf acted in behalf of his people even gaining some sympathy from Link and the players.

“Do you sleep still? Wait! Do not be so hasty, boy… I can see this girl’s dreams… Oceans… Oceans… Oceans… Oceans… Oceans as far as the eye can see. They are vast seas… None can swim across them… They yield no fish to catch… What did the King of Hyrule say?… That the gods sealed Hyrule away? And they left behind people who would one day awaken Hyrule? How ridiculous… So many pathetic creatures, scattered across a handful of islands, drifting on this sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool… What they can possibly hope to achieve? Don’t you see? All of you… Your gods destroyed you!”

Ganondorf resented the chosen people claiming the God’s favored them over his own this anger attracted Demise and the power of the Triforce. The same Gods that protected the people of hyrule viewed Ganondorf worthy of possessing a portion of their sacred treasure.

“Though this is not the end. My hate… never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end!”

Demise placed a curse upon the land that no matter what happens he will return. The demon we see in the E3 trailer is not Ganondorf but Demise power manifesting once more without a human host. This power is so grand that is spans across multiverses causing each timeline to intertwine with one another.

The Oldman in Breath of the wild states that Gannon is hell bent on destroying the world Ganondorf never wanted to destroy the land of Hyrule he simply wanted to rule over it to give his people a fair chance at life.

The loss of the human host cause the curse to be unleashed once more creating a catastrophe so grand it effects the whole multiverse.

Theory 3

The Oldman

The top two theories out in the world is that the Oldman is either King Hyrule or Ganondorf. I am starting to lean towards the side that believes the Oldman is Ganondorf who has finally been exorcised of Demise’s curse. Ganondorf wants to rebuild Hyrule and in a way redeem himself from his past actions.

Theory 4


Alright the final part of my theory redemption. The hero of time is being revived to correct his failure and finally defeat Demise. The paradox caused by the hero’s death caused the timelines to split creating a multiverse, when Ganondorf/Gannon was defeated by the hero’s incarnations in all timelines it caused Demise’s curse to break free of its human host.

Without Ganondorfs influence Demise came back into the world with one purpose to destroy everything the Goddess Hylia fought for. Demise resurrection caused a ripple effect throughout the multiverse causing them to intertwine. This is why we will see aspects of Twilight Princess (Great bridge of Hylia) the Korok of Wind Waker and landmarks of the original game.

If the Oldman is truly Ganondorf he is seeking help from the one person he knows has the power to rid the world of Demise, the hero of time. Both Link and Ganondorf will be looking to redeem themselves in Breath of the wild by destroying Demise and bringing peace throughout Hyrule and possibly save the multiverse itself.

Breath of the wild could be the first game where all 3 entities that represent the Triforce will gather together to defeat a greater evil.