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UNDERTALE: One Year Anniversary WalkingMelonsAAA COLLAB!!

IT’S. FINALLY. DOOOONE!!! It'sdoneit'sdoneIt’s duhuhuuuunn…! X’D Oh my god I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks now and I’m just so glad that it’s finally done…been my main reason for the lack of sleep this last week…

This is the final part of the WalkingMelonsAAA COLLAB. First part being her MTT pic, second being this; she sent me the sketches of MTT EX and Muffet. Honestly though this was super fun to do! Gave me some great practice for BGs, fire and special effects, and then some. Unfortunately the speedpaint probly won’t be up for a min. because… A) I have over 60-70 hours of footage to go through and cram into 15 min. B) This is actually my birthday weekend lol, goshdarn the timing Toby!! He had to go and make an amazing game 2 days before my birthday…So the speedpaint will HOPEFULLY be up by this weekend, I wanna put it up on the week of Undertale’s Birthday, but the reality, probly whenever I get to it next week… :(

But I’m so excited. This is literally the launch point for Crystal Kitty K that I’ve been dreaming of since we kicked this off during the summer. CKK Flourishing: I’m gonna post the QnA a week after this speepaint comes out, and from there; commissions will be open, I’m gonna have a new banner and avatar, get a Patreon, and hopefully finally change my Deviantart account to Core and finally properly change my name to Crystal Kitty K. And it’s all thanks to Melons investing the time to work with me, and I sooo appreciate her humble generosity. I have told her a million times over and over again, but Melons, I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work with you. I’m so incredibly grateful in words that I can’t properly express here, but in the QnA hopefully you’ll get an inkling of how appreciative I am. Not only has this done wonders for my artistic career, but I feel like we really bonded through this entire ordeal, so thank you so so sooooo much Melons for EVERYTHING you’ve done for me. Thank you! XD

And thank you to every single person that has joined me during the streams, and has subscribed or watched me up until this point! I definitely wouldn’t be here without you guys so thank you…~

Whether they like it or not, I have some honorable mentions of people that have been in almost every single stream since the beginning, and have stayed up with me to sometimes well past 3 in the morning! You ridiculously loyal peoples…~ Owo

And thank you to everyone else that has joined me in the streams! You guys make my streams so much more enjoyable, more than you think! See you guys in the QnA!



In which Akashi Seijuro spoiled you a tad too much…again

pairing: young adult!akashi x young adult!reader

genre: fluff i think

words: 2580

note:  according to different sources, a young adult is of age 18-35. the characters here are most likely in their mid to late 20′s, i hope you wouldn’t mind guys. inspired by runaway by the corrs. for hot2dmen (first place in the giveaway) and myself.

The first thing you knew was that you got home with a note on your front door from your boyfriend saying that his driver would be picking you up at 17:00, things happened so fast because the next thing you knew was that you were about to hop on the elevator after receiving the instruction of going to the rooftop. You were clueless about the happenings, making you feel agitated with every second passing by, but knowing that it’s all Akashi’s doing, you somehow managed to calm down yourself.

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Finally doooone moving 😄😄😄😄 . Not done unpacking but that’s another story 😂 . Gonna have new vids up on my site by this weekend ! And of course back to my posts on here . Thank you guys for always being so patient with meee 😘 .

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