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And at the centre of it all, of the Mountain, of the rebellion, of the entire world, were seven straight backed girls with circlets of flowers and steel upon their foreheads, thick blood upon their hands, loose wildfires in their hearts and fingers laced together.



the morty protection services were formed by a group of ricks to save mortys from realities where they are in situations of sexual and physical abuse from ricks 

that means every universe where ric/km/orty exists.

these guys go in, save the mortys, and dispose of the ricks

and they have a lot of fun doing it :-)

  • Yoosung: Hey, Seven? Can I have some Honey Buddha Chips, please? *proceeds to take some chips*
  • Seven: *slaps Yoosung's hand away* No, I asked you in the store if you wanted something and you said no.
  • Yoosung: Yeah...but you always make it look good when you eat it.
  • Seven: I'm sorry, Yoosung. You should have thought of that when we were there already.
  • Yoosung: *moves closer to Seven and looks at him seductively*
  • Seven: Yoosung what are you-
  • Yoosung: *whispers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) in Seven's ear*
  • Seven:
  • Yoosung:
  • Seven: *gives Yoosung half of his chips*
  • Yoosung: *kisses Seven on the cheek* Thanks, babe.
A Dropped Call

Part of my Special Relationship AU (AO3)

April 29th – 8:15 pm EDT

The beginning riff of The Clash’s “London Calling” echoed through the room, and everyone froze mid-sentence. Steve, hands tangled in a half-tied bowtie, jumped away from the cell phone vibrating against his desk. He swore under his breath and gestured frantically at the still-ringing phone. The members of the National Security Council all shifted away, some more obviously than others, until White House Chief of Staff James Barnes was the closest to the desk.

He glared at Steve, who tried to shrug apologetically, but instead managed to cut off his air supply. He gasped and frantically tried to dislodge the small piece of fabric from around his neck.

Bucky rolled his eyes and snatched the phone off the desk. “President Rogers’ phone, this is his Chief of Staff speaking.”

Steve grimaced and, still coughing, yanked on the silk tie until it ripped, the pieces drifting to the floor. He took a deep, relieved breath, and motioned the rest of the NSC out of the Oval Office.

“Thanks, guys,” he whispered as Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose, phone held slightly away from his ear. “We’ll pick this up after the dinner. This call is just the first of many we’ll have to deal with over the coming days. I’d like a report on the source of the leak—this Miles Lydon kid—on my desk by 7:00 tomorrow morning, as well as a full analysis of media coverage and of the national security implications. See you all tomorrow.”

Once the room was clear, Steve squared his shoulders and reached for the phone. Bucky nodded and said, “Sorry to interrupt, ma’am, but Steve’s now available to talk to you.”

“Oh, now he’s ready to talk to me,” the woman on the other line shouted, and both men winced.

“Here he is.” Bucky shoved the phone into Steve’s hand hurriedly, uninterested in continuing to hear the lecture clearly meant for Steve.

“Hey Peggy.”


Peggy was furious. She had been rudely woken early in the morning when the story broke, and her dark mood had only increased every hour, as she sat through meetings and strategy sessions full of equally angry and sleep-deprived politicians and staffers.

“How dare you,” she hissed into her phone, heels clicking as she paced around her now empty office.

His sigh rattled over the line, followed by the quiet click of a closing door and the shuffle of footsteps. “Listen, Peggy—”

“Spying on your own citizens? Your colleagues and friends? I can’t believe you would do something so stupid!”

“Now wait a minute—” Steve growled, an engine revving in the background.

“What were you thinking? How reckless and irresponsible and hypocritical—”

“Oh, please.” She couldn’t see him, but she could hear Steve rolling his eyes an ocean away. “First of all, don’t act like you’re surprised. We’re doing the exact same thing every other country in the world is doing, including you. Don’t get all high and mighty with me—we just happened to have our programs leaked to the press by a contractor. I inherited the program from my predecessor, as you well know, and no, it wasn’t perfect, but you would have done the exact same thing in my situation. And last time I checked, I’m the President of the United States, and I run my country as I see fit. I don’t report to you, thank you very much.”

Peggy picked up a pen from her desk and threw it at the wall. In her mind, the pen hit him between the eyes. “And monitoring my phone calls and personal correspondence? How do you justify that, Mister President?”

Fabric rustled against leather seats. “I didn’t—it was never—”

She scoffed. “Spare me your sad attempts at bullshit, Rogers. If you stop trying to spin this for a second, you’ll realize why I’d be so upset. Beyond the obvious breach of trust and invasive surveillance.”

The line was silent.

You call me on this phone, Steve. This—this could ruin everything. I could lose my job, my credibility, any shred of respect people have for me around the world. Do you have any idea—I am the second woman to be Prime Minister. Ever.  I could ruin the careers of all future female politicians with this scandal. You know I didn’t want to tell anyone, but now it could come out anyway. Because of a program you refused to dismantle!”

“Everything was classified—”

“Well, fat lot of good that does us, hmm? The existence of the surveillance programs was classified too, right?”

“They don’t record the calls.”

Peggy pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to relieve the pressure growing behind her eyes. She didn’t need a stress migraine on top of the current crisis. “But they do keep a record of the phone numbers and the duration of the conversations. How would it look if I spent two hours on the phone with a Washington, DC, number—one that belongs to the President—almost every night?”

On the other end of the call, she could hear the click of a door latch and the excited cheers of a crowd. There was a soft rustle of fabric—presumably Steve exiting the limo—and he sighed. “What do you want me to say, Peggy? What’s done is done, I can’t—”

There was a loud pop, almost like a car backfiring. Peggy heard Steve gasp, take a choking breath, and then there was a deafening crunch.

Peggy held her breath, trying to hear something, anything, on the other end, but it was silent.

“Steve?” Peggy heard her voice break, but she couldn’t stop. “Steve? Steve!”   

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anonymous asked:

Can you continue the 7 Minutes in Heaven story? ^-^ it was really good!

Not going to lie, I had no idea what to write for this story until I sat down. I hope it was worth the wait! Thank you for the request and liking my writing!

Killugon, college au

First part herethird part here

Killua had been lost in a kind of heavy, daze-like state when the knocks finally came.


Killua inhaled sharply at the unexpected sound and the growl that came from Gon’s lips as they pressed against his neck caused a shiver to cascade down Killua’s spine-

“Gon, Killua! Your seven minutes is up, you guys can come out now!”

“Shit,” Killua breathed, letting his head fall back against the closet wall with a dull thud.

Gon’s grip on his waist tightened. “Was that really seven minutes?” he mumbled into Killua’s neck.

“I guess.” Killua’s chest was still heaving from lack of air and his heart wasn’t slowing down even though they’d stopped moving. His whole body was tingling all over, almost like he’d been shocked with electricity. 

He probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference even if that was the case, Kilua thought distantly. His head was swimming with an overload of scents and flavors- and overload of Gon- and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Gon,” he said lowly. “They’re gonna come get us if we don’t move.” 

Despite his own warning, Killua didn’t bother to move his arms from where they were currently wrapped around Gon’s shoulders. Gon, on the other hand, ignored Killua entirely; instead, he pressed even closer, until Killua’s back was flat against the wall and Gon’s muscled chest lined up against his own.

They were so close Killua could feel Gon’s rapid heartbeat matching his. Their breaths mingled in the air between their mouths and Killua burned with the aching desire to get rid of that distance entirely.

What he would give to see Gon’s face right now.

“I don’t wanna leave you,” Gon murmured. Fingers caressed Killua’s cheek and he melted at the soft touch.

“W-We can, uh.” Killua swallowed thickly. “We can always go back to this, later…”

The fingers paused and Killua nearly whined. Why did Gon stop? That had felt so good-

“Really?” came Gon’s excited question.

Heat- the embarrassed kind, this time- bloomed under Killua’s skin. “Yeah. Really.”

“You won’t run away?”

“Why the hell would I run away from someone I’ve been wanting to kiss for three years now?!” Killua snapped. Too late, he realized what he had just confessed.

There was a slight pause.

“You…you’ve had a crush on me for three years?” Gon asked.

“I, uh-” Fucking shit why did he just say that what was wrong with him tonight, “- well, maybe not that long, but…”

Gon’s booming laughter made him want to die.

“Awww, Killua! You’re so cute!”

Strong arms wrapped around his middle and Killua suddenly found himself squished against Gon’s torso.

“I em naht cute!” Killua argued venomously, voice muffled against the fabric of Gon’s shirt.

“Yes, you are! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’ve liked you since the day we met!”

Killua stiffened. No way. Was Gon seriously telling him that Killua could’ve been kissing that stupidly perfect face of his this entire time?!

Gon’s nose nuzzled into his hair. “Its okay, though, I know you get shy about this kind of stuff. At least now we can finally start dating!”

Killua’s stomach flipped. 

“You. You want to date me?” 

“Well, yeah, of course! I thought the making-out session would’ve made that kind of obvious.”

Irritation swelled up inside Killua like a wave. He lifted his leg and brought his heel down onto Gon’s foot with enough strength to make his family proud.


Gon’s arms around him vanished. A muffled crashing noise echoed around the closet as Gon fell to the ground. Killua didn’t wait around to see if Gon had survived, instead shoving the closet door open and storming off without looking back.

Everyone looked at him expectantly as he stomped into the room. Their expectant expressions dropped the second they saw the murderous anger in his face.

“H-How did it go?” Palm asked.

Killua just glared at her. “Don’t,” he said shortly.

Gon stumbled into the room less than a minute later, spiky hair tousled and cheeks stained red. Killua’s heart twisted at the sight; why did Gon have to look so good disheveled like that?!

Gon plopped down onto the floor next to Killua. For a few moments, they didn’t say anything, quietly listening to their friends’ laughter as they shared a story after story from their freshman years.

Then, Gon leaned into Killua’s side, tan and calloused hand moving to cover Killua’s. Goosebumps broke out across Killua’s pale skin as Gon whispered into his ear-

“Wanna come back to my apartment after this?”

Killua smiled to himself.

“Of course. We’re dating now, aren’t we?”

Gon’s grip on his hand tightened and Killua’s chest swelled.

He had his answer.

(part three)

Miraculous AU Week Day Seven - Favorite AU

AND FINALLY DONE! The pose took the longest because I didn’t know which one would be juuust right, but here’s akumatized Ladybug and Chat Noir. It’s my favorite AU type before kwami swapping though the story behind this version of them being akumatized is dark… and on my sideblog.

They’re a cruel couple, but love each other intensely. They don’t… attack just anyone, and who they do, you definitely don’t want to become their target. 

ANYWAY, with this week over, I will… get ready to open commissions in April. SO if you want one, check back on the first of April! No fooling! Later followers!

707/Saeyoung Choi

-has kissed Every Member of the RFA
-he wanted to know who the best kisser was?? so he found out!!!
-it was a Christmas fundraiser after party and there was strategically placed mistletoe involved
-V and Yoosung kissed back
-Zen almost DIDNT, but Seven had mentioned in the chatroom that he wondered who the best kisser in the RFA was, so Zen took it as a challenge
-as per Seven, the best kisser is Zen Zen’s p sure it’s actually Seven but would Never Ever admit it out loud
-as per Seven, the one with the best left hook is Jaehee Kang
-proudly presents the selfie of him with that truly nasty black eye to MC
-MC is frankly not surprised..
-Seven deserved it
-he’s a big goofball, but he recognizes when he should be serious (there are often times when he ignores this)
-he actually can not be goofy 707 at all hours
-he might try, but it’s exhausting after a while
-and MC gets it
-they understand and support him
-there are times when he just……. can’t.
-just can’t.
-his depression hits hard sometimes
-and he is so so grateful for MC’s patience with him
-he’s clingy and obsessive and easily made anxious about MC
-requires words of affirmation, reminders that MC loves him, chose him, and doesn’t plan on leaving him
-loves to make MC laugh and smile (he insists these are MC’s best features)
-there are days when all Seven and MC do is lie on the couch, Seven’s head on MC’s chest, listening to their heart beat
-it’s….. really really reassuring, ,, not to mention soothing
-Seven can, has, and will fall asleep like this
-he’s always loved building things
-even just like mashed potato volcanoes with gravy for lava
-boy is nearsighted as hell
-can wear contacts but prefers his glasses
-usually has restless hands. he needs to DO something a lot of the time
-which is part of why he loves building things
-makes friendship bracelets for everyone
-the best at drawing out of the RFA
-doesn’t have a mouth filter around MC anymore. just kind of spouts out everything that comes to mind without really thinking about it
-embarrasses himself way too easily bc of this
-owns like fifty puzzles ranging from 250 to 10,000 pieces (several are like…… Lisa Frank puzzles)
-almost never finishes them

The Lord of Unstable Effort

Upright: betrayal, deception, stealth, impulse, indication of triumph in the face of adversity, lack of purpose, no real progress

Reversed: mental challenges, counsel, and specific advice; surrender when victory is almost in sight; failure of nerve and indecision; inability and reluctance to complete what has been started

How dark can I make a composition? For @kyluxtarot anything is possible.

Burrito Reviews: Regular Show Season 8 (final season)

Regular Show is done. After seven years of surrealistic stories, the crew decided to serialize the final season into a big space adventure with Pops as the main character. It went with a bang, closing almost all stories. But something is pretty sure: we won’t forget one of the best animated series of this decade for sure and part of the Pantheon of 2010 Cartoons.

Serializing Regular Show was a big change that went well in order to tell the final story properly. There were lots of fourth wall breaks and demolitions, meta moments, emotion, fun, references/parodies and licensed songs. New characters, like Rawls or even one-hit-wonders like Roxy, were nice additions.

The introduction of the first half had many good episodes, mostly funny ones (Lost and Found, Can You Hear Me Now?) but also deep and emotional ones (Stuck in an Elevator, The Dream Warrior, Welcome to Space), and don’t forget the action ones (The Space Race, The Brain of Evil, Cool Bro Bots).

On the second part the serialization was notorious with the quest of the key to the Universe, in which emotional and action moments took the lead on the arc while Pops found out the purpose of his existance and why his sibling was hunting him.

The finale left us with our jabs on the floor. Killing off a main character is a huge and polemic move. But it was the final episode, anything could happen and believe me that everything happened on those three part episode. Obviously it hit right on everyone’s feels not only with those scenes, but also with the future moments after the Park musicalized with David Bowie’s Heroes.

At least 80% of the main and secondary characters got their stories closed. There was some controversy on how it was handled (I’m watching at Pops, Benson, Mordecai, CJ, Thomas’ endings eh), but in general they were okay. There was also time of self-criticism/fans point of view on Meet The Seer, or some epic meta moments on No Train No Gain and Christmas in Space.


This final season had heavy stories. But @bentonconnor/ @yeaboiiiii duet did the best episodes (without counting the finale, that isn’t rated). First, Space Escape had all kinds of emotions in 11 minutes giving us the heaviest moment to end the first part of the season. And second, Meet The Seer broke the fourth wall like never in the show (it was broken after that episode, but The Seer analysis was incredible). Special mentions to @oweeeeendennis /Sean Glaze for the amazing The Space Race, and @madelinequeripel /Alex Cline for the beatiful, emotional Welcome To Space.

Voice acting was great as usual, and Robert Englund (aka Freddie Krueger) joined the party as Anti Pops/Malum Kranus that was pretty well done.


Storyboarder Madeleine Queripel did a series of comics with Margaret Smith as the main character called “Dear Eileen”. They were letters written to Eileen about things that happened in Earth while she was on Earth. According to her creator, those were non-canon, but I think they were nice aditions to the main story in space.

On the finale, we could see the return of Andrés Salaff as a storyboarder after three years (he went to work on Adventure Time and voice Princess on Harvey Beaks). And do you remember that smooth animatic of Anti Pops rising? It was animated by the one and only Jaaaaaaames Baxter. The day of the finale, Regular Show was trending topic on every social media: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook… Even on Google+ (?).

The last season of Regular Show was the end of not only a seven-year series, but also of a process that began on late Season 6 which was the strong development of many characters:

  • Rigby finally matured, dated Eileen and got his GED. He became more serious, although he still did some dumb things, and made better decisions. And his dad was finally proud of him!
  • Mordecai recognised he was depressed and began a road to overcome it. It took him many years, but he could do it and he finally found a life partner (Steff the bat)
  • Pops had to leave his comfort zone to save not only the fate of the universe, he had to save his friends. So he chose sacrificing himself
  • Benson knew Dumptown wasn’t the end of the road and he had to do stuff to leave the depression zone. Also make other know he was the boss and he had to make others to show respect to him, no matter if they were from the Park or out of it
  • Muscle Man and Fives strengthened their friendship like never before, no matter if there was a fight or a lightning strucked them. They couldn’t be away from each other
  • Margaret used all her skills to become a very important reporter and then an anchorwoman
  • Eileen finished her college studies but also found a new, big challenge on space that tested her skills (and she succeeded)
  • Maellard understood that sacrifices must be done, despite he wasn’t prepared yet to send his son he loved so much to his probably death

Seven years, +250 episodes, a movie, many shorts, comics, loooooots of merch, countless OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHS, threats of fireing, my mom jokes, angry rants, fanciness, awkwardness and punchies. Regular Show left us with an unforgettable bang, like many of the animated shows born on this decade (besides, it left the stick very high for other shows like Adventure Time, that ends next year). I would like to thank all the people who worked on this jolly good show, that was anything but regular, that made me believe again on cartoons after many years. And I wish them good fortune on the projects they’re going to work on.

captain-crayon  asked:

Oso: If he has enough control he can warm up homeless people/start fires for them Kara: He can put out fires and save people Choro: Make plants grow and save the ecosystem, maybe even save a few plant species Ichi: When he gets better, communicate with the dead to help people who lost loved ones have closure Jyushi: Can always start up electricity if there’s a power outage Todo: just a shipping beast that destroys ships he dislikes. Pretty much a chaotic neutral.

Osomatsu: These are all great ideas buuuuuuuut do you think we’ll get rich off of this? I’m not gonna do it for free!

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After many months of work, the free FE Brave New World Fanfiction Anthology is finally done! Inside this book you will find seven amazing stories about the characters from Fire Emblem Awakening, all centered around friendship and family, made by and for the fandom. Enjoy our reading our work! (The printable version works better on mobile devices and kindle readers, while the web version is optimized for desktop.)

Art by Vy. Stories by Abby, Acqua, Brenna, Emma, Rashi, Rose and Yuki. Beta’d by Sarai and Arihime. Organized and assembled by Emma.

Please let them know what you think of their hard work! More information about the individual stories below the cut.

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anonymous asked:

hi! I'm not sure if you've done something similar to this scenario before but could I request rfa + saeran with mc who's really into art and music? like could talk about it for hours and goes to galleries and concerts all the time? ps I love your blog :>> thanks!

You’re the sweetest oh my goodness thank you so much for your kindness!! I’m not really that knowledgeable with art or music but this was still a lot of fun to write! Let me know if there’s any way I can improve it but I still hope that you enjoy!! :)


  • Yoosung adores the fact that you’re passionate about art and music
  • It’s like he sees his own love for LOLOL in you whenever you talk about art and music, and he absolutely loves that
  • He’s doesn’t have the greatest knowledge about art and music, in fact he’s pretty clueless, but Yoosung is definitely willing to learn more from you
  • After seeing your love for art, Yoosung decides to take you to an art gallery for your first date together and this boy tries to prepare himself
  • But Yoosung is completely lost on what any of the art means and gets embarrassed when you see him looking clueless
  • You take Yoosung’s hand into your own and explain the art pieces to him, relieving this poor boy
  • Yoosung starts to develop his own love for art thanks to you, even painting you a picture of your favorite art piece for your birthday


  • Zen was literally shaking from excitement when he heard about your passion for art and music
  • Never in his life had Zen found someone with such happiness when it came to two of his favorite things
  • He loves to play the piano for you and watch your eyes fill with happiness
  • Not just because Zen was showing off, he partly was, but seeing you so happy when it came to music made Zen’s heart sing with joy
  • You always get front row seats to all of Zen’s musicals and even the rest of the cast can see your love for music
  • For your anniversary, Zen takes you to a concert of your favorite musical artist, the two of you smiling the entire time
  • Zen had to constantly remind himself that he’s not dreaming when he found you and loved the fact that your passion for art and music is just as large as his own


  • Jaehee is excited when she hears that your obsessed with art and music
  • Of course the first type of music she makes you listen to are songs from Zen’s musicals while she explains to you how Zen’s music is true art
  • But Jaehee is also totally willing to listen to your type of music and finds out that she really enjoys studying art with you as well
  • She loves visiting art galleries with you and her favorite thing in the world is the look of happiness in your eyes as you look at a piece of art
  • Jaehee also loves taking you to concerts of your favorite musicians although she makes you promise to go to Zen’s musicals at another time
  • She even gets so into music with you that the two of you have friendly debates about each of yours music preferences
  • Jaehee is honestly so happy that you got her into art and music, it’s a good way for her to unwind after a long day of work appreciating something with the girl who she loves


  • Jumin is intrigued by your love for art and music
  • He was forced to learn all about proper art and music when he was younger so he’s a bit confused at first as to why you’re such a fan
  • But the first time Jumin sees your eyes light up when you view a piece of art makes his heart race
  • Jumin takes a mental photo of how happy you looked when looking at the art and decides that he wants to share your passion
  • The first time you take him to an art gallery, Jumin’s not that impressed since V’s taken him to plenty in the past
  • But again, the look of utter happiness on your face makes Jumin himself happy
  • And from that point on, any piece of art that you see and like Jumin will immediately buy it for you because he’s Jumin Han what else do you expect?
  • He loves having long conversations about art and music with you and enjoys telling you his own input as well
  • Jumin is happy that you have a passion for art and music, he’s always happy to discuss them with you plus it’s something that the two of you can bond over, making Jumin extremely happy


  • Seven is interested in your obsession with art and music
  • He’s never really understood art or its meaning and finds music just something that he can use for background noise
  • But whenever Seven sees your love for art and music, he decides to try and hopefully build a closer relationship with you
  • The first time you took Seven to an art gallery, he was bored out of his mind and was still confused by the art even after your explanations
  • When you took him to a concert, that was more fun to him since he would find the musicians soothing, no matter what type of music they played
  • He’s gotten a lot better when it comes to you wanting to talk for hours about art and music, Seven use to fall asleep within the first few minutes of the conversation, but he’s improved greatly
  • Seven makes it his new mission to love art and music as much as you do since the happiness in your eyes when you talk about art and music is something that Seven wants to cherish for forever


  • V’s finally done it
  • He’s found his soulmate when he meets you
  • Never in his life had V met someone who shares such a passion for art and music as you
  • The two of you will literally spend all day just talking about art like the other RFA members have to call you two to make sure that you’re both still alive since neither one of you go on the messenger and just chat to each other instead
  • V absolutely loves taking you to galleries, the two of you will spend hours there just appreciating the art and holding hands
  • He also dedicates his own newest gallery opening in honor of you and has a private look at the gallery with just the two of you
  • Since his eye sight is still poor, V enjoys listening to all different types of music with you while cuddling on the couch
  • Plus the two of you go to concerts basically every other night since V has connections from other artists
  • V never imagined that he’d find such happiness in his life until he met you, the two of yours passion for art and music is what makes your binds together inseparable


  • Saeran was honestly so lost as to why you were so into art and music
  • He just didn’t get the appeal and why you were crazy in love with art and music
  • One day you convinced Saeran to go out in a date with you to a gallery, to which he annoyingly agreed to
  • The moment he saw your eyes light up at the gallery made Saeran realize that if something like art made you truly happy, then he’d start trying to appreciate it more for your sake
  • Over time, Saeran started to find his own love for art and music, it even became somewhat therapeutic for him when you and him talked for hours about art and music
  • He loves taking you to concerts and you’ve even caught him smiling a few times when you weren’t looking
  • Saeran is truly happy that he’s found something for you and him to bond over, though of course he’d never admit it out loud
Bad Days-Shawn Mendes X Reader

Title: Bad Days

Word Count: 933

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Warnings: Fluff? I never know if I should tag that as a warning.

A/N: I’m tired. It’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded last. Per tradition, it’s very late and I should be asleep. I wrote this because I felt like that and needed that but I didn’t get that so I pretended I got that by writing that. 

(A poem by me) Lol, jk. But it is late and I’m tired and I need that, that’s true. Okay, I’ll let you read it now.



Today had been bad. You had been surrounded by people the whole day, barely getting a moment for yourself, and it didn’t help that you were anxious to begin with.

It wasn’t like you had Anxiety with capitalized A, but you were probably more anxious and had a lower self-esteem than the average human. Some days were good. Some days you could talk with people, go to the store, go to school or work or a hobby, you name it, and you would feel good. You would feel great actually! 

Then there were the bad days. Those days where you barely got out of bed, where you dressed in the most comfortable clothes you owned, but you still felt like you were wearing some tight ass clothes woven with acid and itching wool. Where you debated whether to have your hair in a ponytail, which was more comfortable, or down so you could hide your face. Where you got annoyed if anyone talked to you, and where you spaced out just because you couldn’t be socializing right now.

This was one of those days. You had gone to school in your baggiest sweatpants and your darkest hoodie. You had spent the day with one earbud in and a book in your hand, but everyone just absolutely had to ask you something all the time. 

When those torturous seven hours finally were over, you were done. Which was why you canceled your plans with your friends and sped out of the school, and finally home. Finally your sweet bed.

The first thing you did was take a nap. When you woke up, disoriented and groggy, you checked your phone. On it lighted a message from your boyfriend, Shawn.

Are you okay? Your friends told me you had been crabby all day and that when school was over, you had canceled all plans and sped out like the school was on fire?

You smiled, thinking how lucky you were to have a boyfriend who cared so much about you. You knew many girls with boyfriends who didn’t give one damn about their partner.

It’s just been a long day. My anxiety is worse today.

You had told Shawn about your bad days, and he had been 100% supportive. He asked what he could do and regularly checked to make sure you felt fine in his presence. You were sat, staring at the white wall in front of you, too occupied with what was going on your head when your phone plinged, signalizing a new message from Shawn.

:’( Come over? The house is empty and I have an internet connection ;)

You laughed and shook your head, but got your car keys and jacket anyway. Maybe some socializing wouldn’t be too bad?

When you arrived, you walked right in. Shawn was your childhood friend and by you were ten you had gotten a key to the house. You had even gotten a plaque one Christmas that said: ‘Honorary Mendes Family Member’

Shawn wasn’t downstairs, which meant he was in his room upstairs. When you walked up you could hear music, and when you opened the door to his room you almost gasped in surprise.

Shawn was sat in a chair in the corner, plucking on his guitar. That wasn’t what surprised you though because that was completely normal. What surprised you were the snacks in bowls filling up both his night tables. Popcorn and chocolate and chips and dip and candy. You had never seen that much snacks in one place, but that was probably because you barely ate it at home and you always missed out on the movie nights and game nights at the Mendes’ Household.
Shawn looked up, his bright brown eyes glittering, and smiled that perfect, pearly white smile of his.

“You like it? Because I have Hotel Transylvania ready on my laptop and this candy will only be eaten while watching a movie.”

You nodded as you grinned. You were almost to tears, mostly because you were very emotional and sensitive at the moment, but also because Shawn was so great and you didn’t deserve anyone like him. Gods he was amazing.
He told you to get comfortable, so you crawled down under the cover and made the pillow sit comfortably in you back while he turned off the lights and got his laptop from the desk. Soon enough you were sat, you leaned into him, watching Hotel Transylvania.

You were about halfway through the movie, and halfway through the snacks when you noticed Shawn staring at you with a smile on his face.

“What?” you asked, and he shook his head.

“I don’t think you realize how beautiful you are, especially when you’re laughing.”

You blushed and hid your face in his chest, but he paused the movie and gently cupped your face as he tilted it up to look at him.  

“I mean it. You are beautiful, and I love you, and I want you to be happy. Never think you can’t come to me with any of your problems because I will fight the world to make you happy.” He said, his face serious, and you started to cry again.

“Thank you.” You sobbed. You didn’t know you needed to hear that until now. 

You looked up at him again with tears streaming down your face. “Thank you.”

He smiled and pressed a soft kiss to your hair. “I love you.” You whispered back.

And like you stayed for the rest of the movie, his arm tightly around you and you leaned your head on his shoulder.