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Unfortunately, I didn’t do it on the day when I was first tagged as a result of which I will have to answer 66 questions instead of 11 ‘cause I was tagged by 6 amazing people ❤

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lezzipride  asked:

Voltron legendary defender Shallura "Guess I'll just have to make do"

Shiro stares at the pile of dirty clothes in front of him. He’s finally, FINALLY managed to snag a date with Allura. After months of awkwardly making conversation and walking her to her car at night only to just stand there in silence before shouting “well bye!”, and rehearsing lines in his head, HES FINALLY DONE IT. Well ok, Lance had done it. He had asked Allura for him, BUT SHIRO WAS PRESENT! And Allura had said yes!

He was going to pick her up in an hour, it was actually happening, but being a college boy with a thin grip on reality, he had completely forgotten to do laundry. All his chinos, button up shirts, sweaters, vests, everything was dirty. He had nothing. He briefly considers calling Allura and cancelling, BUT NO, who knows if he’ll ever get this opportunity again. He begins to ransack his drawers, searching for anything clean.

He finds a pair of jeans from when he was a junior in highschool. They’re ripped and impossibly tight, but they don’t have ketchup stains on them, so Shiro pulls them on. He finds a white singlet. It’s not fancy at all. Just white cottton, and should be reserved for working on a car or wearing underneath a shirt, but it’s all he has. He pulls it on, then finishes off his outfit with a leather jacket and boots. “Guess I’ll just have to make do,” he sees himself in the mirror and groans.

He shamefully knocks on Allura’s door. He winces when she answers in a spring dress that matches her eyes and cute low heels. She looks immaculate. She always does.
“Hey Shiro! Thanks foHOOOOOLLLLY shiiiiit….”
Allura’s eyes widen when she gives Shiro a once over. She visibly swallows.
“S…sorry could you just give me one second! I think I uh… I just need to do get something!!”
Allura doesn’t wait for Shiro’s reply. She whirls back into her house and grapples with her purse for her mobile phone. She hammers out a text in a panic.

Lance: date going well?
Allura: Shiro just showed up to my house looking like some kind of 1950’s bad boy.
Allura: Lance! I can’t handle this
Allura: how did I not know how big his pecs were!
Allura: his ass lance! HIS ASS!
Lance: have fun ;)
Allura: Lance no! He’s literally the embodiment of “get you a man who can do both”!

Guardian tag

Rules: This is for your guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer (if you have more than one OC then please feel free to do as Manu of these as you want!)

I was tagged by @amauruss thanks for tagging me

Tag more than 6 ppl : @incorrecteldarya @mcl-pauly @vyxens-mcl-eldarya @eldarya-love @eldaguardian @eldaryavibez

i have two ocs so i will fill this in third person 

Name (or if she has a nickname) : Mei, she doesn’t have a nickname and Elina she goes by Elie 

Gender : female

What race is she (faeries/Human/ or something in between : Mei is100% human, Elina is a witch 

What guard is she in? : Both are in the Absynthe Guard but Mei mostly helps the Obsidian guard because she can’t understand alchemy at all and just loves fighting 

Which Companion does she have? : Both have Ciralaks and both of them are males 

Favourite food : Mei loves all types of seafood, Elina loves sweets and especially cookies

Favourite Color : Mei likes blue and black, Elina doesn’t have a favourite color she likes everything except orange

Crush (and why) : Elina’s crush is Valkyon because she likes quiet people that don’t get bothered by long periodes of awkward silence and she likes boys with soft hair in general, Mei has a crush on Ewelein but she kinda likes Ezarel too and since she doesn’t like getting herself into complicated situations she just ignores her love life and tries to avoid talking about it

Describe Yourself in 5 words : Elina would describe herself: as shy, strong, confident, pushy, and bossy as for Mei: lazy, reckless, loyal, possesive, self-conscious

What does she like to do in her free time? : Elina explores the forest and helps Kero and Ykhar sometimes with paper work, Mei takes naps and play with her familiar and sometimes she helps jamon to train the members of the guard

What does she think of the Human World? :

Mei gets homesick often although she had some rough times in the human world, her sister and friends and other people she treasures are there and she misses them, Mei too misses her parents and friends

What your Guardienne looks like : 



A Blog Renovated.

After 2 days of intense working, the new blog is finally done. Attending to the design requests that many people had and with a few extra tweeks here and there. I Sure hope it will attend everyones needs now. 

I’d like to send a big thank you to my good friend  @digittleartnix for the enormous help he provided on this, since much like the PPGs Talking dog, I may be able to talk, but i sure can’t web design. 

Well, let me know what you guys think of it.

Did you liked it?

Fuck the lot of you...

Dear you people in own life that thing roleplaying, writing fanfiction it’s silly and childish, 

Well, let me tell you something I guess all the TV show you watch are just Silly and Childish since if you really look at it, they are fanfiction they made up but someone and then they are then roleplaying but actors to then is placed on TV.

So does that also make you silly for watching it, for watching people roleplay what they have read but other people, 

So go fuck yourself you fucking fuckers, 
Leave us alone to do what love to do, 
You don’t see us getting in your way of stuff you like to do, So I don’t see why you have to rip apart what we like to do just because it does not fit with how you want us to be.

Becuase I'll tell you this I have been through so much shit in my life as well as other people who think the same, and am at the point where I am finally done with people telling me who I should be and what I should fucking do, Do I see your name when I look at my birth certificate NO I see my name, my life, and my way of how I want to live it..

So fuck off and live your own life and leave mine the fuck alone…..


Hey guys! I’ve finally done an official demo reel! Give it a listen and tell me what you think!