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No Romo by waitineedaname | Playmoss playlist
Not every song needs to be about romance

No Romo / Not every song needs to be about romance [listen]

01. Gold Guns Girls Metric 02. I Am Not A Robot Marina and the Diamonds 03. King Of The World First Aid Kit 04. Love Song Sara Bareilles 05. Never That Young Kyla La Grange 06. Sick Muse Metric 07. Another Night On Mars The Maine 08. You’re My Best Friend Queen 09. Oh No! Marina And The Diamonds 10. Hello Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette 11. Alone And Sublime Mother Mother 12. Time Is All Around Regina Spektor 13. Heart Heavy Mother Mother 14. Flirtin’ El Pus 15. So-So Baek A Yeon 16. Romance Is Boring Los Campesinos

Done Chapter 3: Hush in the Room

Alright chapter 3 and once again more shout outs. Thanks to its-moonie-chan for all of their help in the last chapter and for being so amazing and supportive of my writing. Now onto the fic.

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Chapter 1/Prologue / Chapter 2

In the castle, most people wake up for breakfast around 7 in the morning. However, unless they all wanted to eat the food goo again, which had quickly become their least favourite non-toxic food in the universe, it meant you could find Hunk in the kitchens cooking up something new for them to eat a little earlier.

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if you’re bleeding from the heart

words: 8.6k

pairings: none

summary: Keith’s impulsiveness has never had dire consequences before—at least not ones that affect anybody but him. 

So when a split-second decision changes one of his teammate’s lives, he doesn’t know what to do. 


Keith had heard Shiro yelling in his earpiece. He heard Lance and Allura and Pidge and Hunk, too. But he didn’t listen. That’s nothing new. He usually doesn’t.

Shiro’s told him before that he needs to think more before he acts. Instincts are good, and it’s important to rely on them, but you have to use to your head too. He’d kind of written off those lectures, filed them away in the back of his mind. His instincts had never steered him wrong before. And isn’t the Red Lion’s pilot supposed to rely on them? Isn’t he supposed to be impulsive? He’d always thought so.

He’d always thought so.

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{Wonderland AU} - W i i s h u I n W o n d e r l a n d

Signe is just getting settled after a lengthy move-in with her boyfriend, Sean, when a mysterious dream creeps up on her–and refuses to let go. Becoming more of a waking nightmare and less of a dream, she finds herself stranded in Wonderland, a war-torn country ruled by the ruthless King of Hearts, a man who beheads all those who oppose him.

While there, Signe encounters plenty of movie-trope oddities–from potions that make her small, to tea parties full of what may or may not be lunatics. This is where she meets the charming yet insane Jack, the Mad Hatter who shares a striking resemblance to her boyfriend and Ethan, the lovable door mouse who never seems to stop laughing, and a mysterious voice with a sickening smile, reminding her to keep her name secret if she wants to survive.

But before long, Signe is forced to confront the King of Hearts himself, Mark. He seems to be all fun and games, accepting her into his court with an elegant grace, until he stumbles upon a white rose in his gardens. In a pure moment of horror, King Mark murders the gardener right before her eyes, splattering the rose with his blood. This isn’t the first time, and the flowers aren’t the only thing he’s determined to see in red.

With all the odds stacked against her, will Signe ever be able to get home?

“I feel like I’ve lost my mind.”

“So has everyone else. After all, you won’t need it when you meet the king.”



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TOM! Did YOU see the monster?! IT WAS AWSOME!

Tom: À̡͟r͜͝҉e̵͠ ̷y̨͝o̶u̶͘ ̵̀t̀a̛l̕҉ki̵͜͠n̡͠g̷͟ ҉̸̛ą͡b͜ou͠҉t̵̶͘ ͞me̸?̸ ̸̷͘Ha͟h̷̷͜a̵̛͡ ͠v̢̨é͘͘r͠y̴͠͝ ̧f̧u͘n̸n̴̡y̡͞,̡̕ ̴͟t̡҉h̵̀̕an̢k̵͡s ̨f̸̧o͜͞r͝͞ ͝҉t̷́̀ḩę̸ ̧̛̕r̴e̷m͡i͘n̕d͜e̵͘r̴̀͟.

[M!A Monster Tom ask 1/6]


Holy dick. It’s finally doneeee

okay so basically, I was in the stream with a few other awesome people including VessHS when I decided to make some fanart of @godd707. She said okay, sent a selfie, and here it is!  It’s pretty bad compared to how much I hyped it up, but still. + it took like 3-4 hours lmao what’s wrong with me;;. 

What I got from the new Boruto chapter

So Boruto defeat Momoshiki then has a whole The Last Hinata thingy where he is in subconscious.
Appearantly Boruto has the the Byakugan but cannot unlock it because of his Blue eyes? Yup it’s cursed now.
All the Genins wanna kick Boruto’s ass but then realized he like killed a god or whatsoever then wants to kick his ass more.

Also where the fuck is Sakura on that rooftop?

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though us old followers still have a vague memory of how u look like from when u *did* post pics of urself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I rest safe in the knowledge that not only do I look completely different now but I’ve also grown several inches and dress completely differently too so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) good luck NSA