finally did some digital drawing again

Short Ninjago Art Dump

Here are some Ninjago thingies from… WAY too long ago X’D

A “draw the squad” meme… (sorry, my phone camera is the absolute worst)

A little love-struck Zane…

Skylor, terribly and with limitless mistakes (obviously I totally screwed up the mouth) X’D X’D…

And finally,  a Pixane WIP…

Sorry about the terrible quality,  again I hate posting drawings using my phone! At least I did my best (?)

Anyways, I know this was small but I’ll be doing more art soon!


After days of procrastination, I finally drew Victor Nikiforov from Yurri on Ice!

The next thing is an art style experimental thing. Not too different from my style now, but a bit.

After that I want to experiment with some Sailor Moon-ish style, because I want to draw girls again and I love the style :3c

Fanart Monday!!

Ooooh yeah! I think I’m half-free now!! Yesssssss let’s do thisss!!!

I want to draw SO BADLY!! Yaaay!

Thank you everyone for your support, and for understanding <3 there are a LOT of fanarts today, wowie! Thank you!!! ^_^ Love you, guys!!!

Let’s do this!! >:3c

Fanart of the week by Nona!! This is wonderful <3 my children!! All my children are here <3 <3 I am so touched QuQ first fanart of all my babies! Thanks a lot, Nona! It’s wonderful!! THANKS!!! <3

More under the sexy cut!!

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WILDHEARTS HICCUP AGAIN! I finally got myself a drawing tablet (yehey)! As an experiment for my first digital drawing, I remade the hiccup drawing I did. This took awhile to finish (I think I forgot to put some other wildhiccup features?) and I wanted to color this sooo badly, but as an engineering student, time has never beend friendly with me. For you hiilikedragons (I apologize for tagging you again. This is like, the third time already? idk.)

You may color this if you want, just message me :)



So I finally got back to pencil sketching it’s only been like…. forever….. Damn my tablet. But there is just something you can’t get on digital. It was just like a wake up call of wow, I remember why I loved this so much! Mostly thanks to my boyfriend who bought me a NEoLucinda for my birthday last month and it inspired me to start pencil drawing again, even though I haven’t had a chance to use it yet… -_- grrrr…… But It DID lead me to a brand new art store in my town and WOW do they have everything and then some! 

And GODDAM look at that hair! I started to get worried I’d gotten in over my head but NOOOO No I didn NOT I had so much fun with it! And I think it looks pretty fricken awesome too!