finally continuing this countdown

Batfam Week - Countdown to Final Burnout - 14

Continued writing the ‘Paparazzi’ chapter:

- It’s now 11.2k long.

- I wisely decided to stop before the most heartbreaking scene, because I don’t want to finish my day with a downer.

- The Good Brother™ torch is slowly being passed from Tim to Dick.

- I swear there’s going to be a heartwarmingly happy ending in there somewhere…

- I am really trying not to start freaking out because there are only two weeks left.

14 days and counting…

It’s the Finals Countdown.

Closed for @lilxlionxman. Continued from this.

Jay gave him a smile, it was painted with a knowing empathy. She saw the faint darkening under his eyes, the tension that had built up around his shoulders more so than usual. She pulled a few hairs that stuck out from his hair to put back into place.

“Hi,” she set the first of five plates down, avoiding his question all together. “I figured it had been a while since you last ate something that wasn’t a donut.” 

Honestly she had gone on another cooking spree and ran out of room in her fridge. She knew he wouldn’t complain about free food and so she had a solution to the issue. She could read the fatigue in his body from the near constant studying that he had been doing. She had been in his shoes before as finals kicked her ass too. It wasn’t the the material that sent her to sleep. It was the waiting between tests that did her in.

“Eat up, you need the energy to get though this.” She went about making fresh coffee. She readied two cups while she waited for the liquid to brew.

“I haven’t seen you in three weeks I was getting worried that you died.”

Batfam Week - Countdown to Final Burnout - 8

Continued writing the H/C chapter today:

- It is now 10k long and almost finished.

-I wanted to finish it today, but it’s 4am, the sky is turning blue and the birds are starting to sing and I really need to get some fucking sleep.

- Thank the Irish for Monday bank holidays!

- All this C in the H/C is giving me fuzzy, warm feelings.

  8 days and counting…

Batfam Week - Countdown to Final Burnout - 25

Started writing the day 1 story, theme ‘Family’, today. I was afraid that this was going to be a lot harder than the other two so far, since it is the beginning of a three-parter, but somehow, it actually turned out pretty well:

- About 3k words written so far.

- Still about 4/5 to go.

- All the backtracking through previous fics to make sure that this can fit into Batman: Arkham Compendium, if people want it to x_x

25 days and counting…