finally continuing this countdown

LOL okay watched the new Teen Wolf trailer and I AM FUCKING DETERMINED TO ENJOY SCOTT’S LAST TEN EPISODES SOMEHOW but goddamn if the show isn’t gonna pull out all the stops trying to make sure I don’t.


1) Scolia - I’m happy for all the people who are fans of the Scott/Malia ship and glad they’re getting this I’m just super not stoked because this is literally the most predictable thing they could’ve done and the easiest/most convenient way to give Scott a romance arc for the final season, look at Teen Wolf pulling through with the ‘how do we put the least amount of effort into making Scott happy’ right to the end, LOOK I ADMIT IT, I JUST WANTED HIM TO KISS A BOY.

2) Ethan and Jackson who have never even met in canon before now walking down the hall in a scene like they just showed up together with no sign of Danny aka literally the only thing that could possibly connect these two characters or explain them even knowing each other. *eyes narrow into slits* okay but if they pull some bullshit like ‘now that Haynes is out we’re going to make Jackson gay and oh look, he just so happens to be dating his best friend’s ex-boyfriend but haha we don’t need that best friend around, they’re doing just fine without him’ - I will rage. LOOK I ADMIT IT, I’M GONNA RAGE REGARDLESS, I JUST WANTED DANNY BACK.

3) Theo and Peter and Gerard are still not dead, okay but consider this, what if they were dead though. 

4)  lololololol at that blatant baiting with Stiles and Derek showing up together for what will probably be the cliffhanger of the second to last episode, like holy fucking hell, show, learn to love yourself because S/terek fandom definitely doesn’t love you and you’re already cancelled SO WHY ARE YOU STILL TRYING TO SUCK UP TO THEM WITH THE EASTER EGGS, THEY DON’T LIKE YOU THAT WAY, YOU NEED TO MOVE ON ALREADY. Plus uh, ‘you didn’t think you were going to do this without us did you’ I mean, yeah, we hoped, but if you really wanted to help, did you even consider bringing along Derek’s girlfriend aka the badass with a shotgun, you know the woman who actually has a WINNING TRACK RECORD when it comes to winning her fights unlike you two losers?


1) So much talking about Scott, so much focus on Scott, they probably said Scott’s name more in this trailer than they did all last season *sobs* see was it really so hard to make something that actually PUTS SCOTT FRONT AND CENTER AND SHOWS THINGS BEING ABOUT HIM??