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This is my first time posting a fic. Basically, the storyline of Mulder’s depression got me thinking: What if Scully was depressed first? This is the result.

Please be gentle, and if you enjoy what you read, I would absolutely love feedback or maybe even a reblog? Only if the spirit moves ya. Thanks for reading, and special thanks to @storybycorey for her notes. 

In the beginning, life consisted of shared hotel rooms in remote locations, secret late-night meetings with old contacts, mid-afternoon lovemaking.

“We made it,” she’d declare, her voice breathless, “We’re still here.“ 

“As if there was ever any doubt,” I’d reply, even though we both knew better.

I would pin her to the mattress as she giggled and squirmed beneath me before softening into my arms, her curves filling in all my empty places. I spent that entire first year staring into her  eyes, memorizing the rhythm of her smooth hips, reading every inch of her body like Braille with my fingertips.

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Cover art by the lovely @queencarolinemikaelson

Policeman Klaus Mikaelson thought it was going to be a quiet shift until he comes across a cute, feisty blonde chained to a tree in protest.

“Save our park!” Klaus could hear the chanting wafting through his open window as he pulled up his police car nearby.  The last thing he felt like on a Friday morning was a few college students who decided it would be a fun idea to stage a random protest. This wasn’t his first one though and Klaus knew it wouldn’t be his last.

He’d entered the Police Academy as soon as he finished high school much to the disappointment of his parents who thought he was wasting his impeccable grades and talent on what they deemed a thankless profession. Klaus was yet to understand how serving and protecting the community fit into that category.

He’d done the hard yards for a few years but knew that the promotion to Detective he’d worked for was within his grasp.  So in that context he figured he could handle a few more protests if necessary.

The site before him wasn’t unfamiliar. A group of young, idealistic and energetic people waving placards and chanting slogans he’d heard before. It was then his eyes rested on a particularly enthusiastic blonde shouting at the top of her lungs, her creamy cheeks flushed with excitement. She was beautiful and Klaus couldn’t help but think she didn’t quite belong in the angry sea of faces.

“This tree is set to be bulldozed tomorrow to make way for a car park,” the responding officer filled him in as he approached. “We arrived on the scene an hour ago to find these eleven chained to the tree.” Klaus nodded, before one of the protestors piped up.

“Officer!” The noisy brunette exclaimed. “This is uncivilised.”

“I’m being uncivilised?” He asked curiously, his eyes straying distractedly toward the beautiful blonde by her side.

“This is about the environment,” the blonde in question added. “Maybe that’s a foreign concept for you.”

“I know all about the environment,” he shot back, trying not to imagine running his hands through those blonde waves. “I’m just not normally in the practice of chaining myself to it.”

“Maybe if you did you’d understand our protest,” she cried, her blue eyes blazing. Klaus didn’t usually let himself get caught up emotionally in his work but she had well and truly piqued his interest.

“Well, by all means,” he gestured. “Don’t let me interrupt.” She crossed her arms defiantly then huffed loudly for added effect.

Eight Hours Later…

“And then there was one,” he whistled, taking in the site before him. A very dejected blonde with her eyes downward and slumped against the tree that she was apparently so desperate to save. The chain which once stretched around ten other energetic protestors hung lazily across her waist for an easy escape. If Klaus was being honest he felt sorry for her.

“Damn, I thought you’d left for good.”

“I’m impressed your tongue is still as sharp after all this time,” he chuckled, taking a seat on the grass nearby. “I was told everyone had packed up and left but thought I’d drive past just in case.” Klaus had been surprised to hear about their departure and was disappointed he wouldn’t see her again. Driving past the park was his last hope.

“Do you want a medal?”

“No, but I would like to know what happened to your friends and why they left you here all alone.”

“They didn’t leave me,” she bit out, still refusing to meet his gaze. “I chose to stay.”

“In a public park, at nightfall,” he baulked. “Didn’t your parents ever warn you about doing things just like this?”

“Could you spare me the lecture, I already have a mother for that kind of thing, officer.”

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