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Okay so here’s the lowdown. I found 4 sets of medium format negatives while I was thrift shop hunting a few weeks ago. They were sitting in a box of old vintage photographs in these plastic sleeves, and from what I could tell, they had been taken sometime in the 50’s. So obviously I brought them home, and today finally had them scanned in, and holy wow they are beautiful!!

NOW this is where I need the Internet’s help. I would absolutely love to find the women in these photographs/the photographer who took them. The only info I have is that the negatives were found in a thrift store on Hull St in Richmond, VA. They are medium format, and judging by the style of dress, made in 1940-1950. The owner of the thrift store had no idea where they came from. I’m posting the best/clearest scans of the images, so if y'all could reblog the shit out of this, I’m hoping we can find the owners of these amazing images.


I can’t wait to start working on this thing once it warms up here more.
I’ve wanted a 50th Anniversary Edition Z31 since I got into these Z’s and finally hunted a genuine one down and brought her home.

Good stuff for 2017 👏 More to come.

Eurus wanted to have Sherlock all for herself. By killing his best friend, she was SO sure she would get that. But when Victor went missing, all Sherlock did was to spend all his waking hours in desperate attempts at finding him and failing. Being fully aware that Eurus knew where Victor was. Eurus knew she was failing too, and she didn’t like it. And not knowing what to do about it, she decided to kill Sherlock too.

After years, she re-created the whole thing again. But this time, this time Eurus knew she was wrong. She knew she was lost. And by admitting that she was lost, she finally had the brother’s affection she always wanted. 

It’s a complete circle. Eurus undid what she made Sherlock into. And Sherlock brought her home. She was finally home.

Team Bobsled - The Morning After

Isn’t this utterly adorable? A watercolor commission by @artbylexie of Martin and Theresa snuggling after their first night together. In his flat, of course. (The duvet cover came from his mom, as did the green pillow case. He doesn’t tell Theresa that, because who wants to mention their mom when they’ve finally brought their girlfriend home to spend the night? But of course she knows, and finds a way to tease him about the flowery duvet…later. Much, much later.)

i’m finally on spring break….i brought 5 bags home with me and 4 of them were laundry….sheets and towels but mostly sweatpants and old slam shirts…..i ran out of socks a week before finals ended and had to make do…..i felt weird when i woke up at noon today and realized it was because i had taken 3 exams in the 2 days since i last showered….college is hard

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Thank you. Due to your VERY helpful information about the doberman breed and your wonderful relationship with your own dobe it has convinced my mother that they aren't as terrifying as she thought which in turn has lead to me being able to adopt a beautiful rust male with chronic head tilt. I have had my eye out for dobermans from a young age and absolutely love them! It means everything helping my mother overcome her fear and be more openminded, from me and my new dobe thank you.

You’re welcome! I’m super excited to hear about your new boy and your mom’s change of heart. My father used to be terrified of dobermans and adamantly refused to accept Creed until I finally just brought him home, and then suddenly he loves and adores Creed with his whole heart. He calls Creed his grandson and proudly displays any ribbons and certs he gets next to photos of his actual, human, grandchildren. These guys are really awesome dogs and it’s so great to hear that someone else was able to change their mind because of Creed’s blog.

today the school newspaper interviewed me for an article because i’m known as the parka girl at school and honestly i feel like some kind of cryptid

“c/a are called lovers by nojima”

but when nojima writes about cloud saying he’ll be okay because he has tifa in a “different” way and smiles at her, cloud telling tifa he’ll remind her of her previous self while he blushes, and cloud finally smiling when tifa says denzel was brought to their home and not just him, it doesn’t matter who wrote it! and when a couple has a bit of a rocky period in their relationship, it means they shouldn’t be together because realistic relationships obviously don’t go through tough times! that’s ridiculous!

Looking Ahead; Glancing Back

Cris lay awake, staring up at the dark canopy of the bed he and Yuki shared in her townhouse in Divnity’s Reach. The distant thunder of the siege soothed his frazzled nerves after the debacle that had been the so-called trial of the Vice-Legate.She’d snared him too easily. Much too easily.

Maybe I am loosing my edge.

He was in his fortieth year, although his actual fortieth birthday wasn’t until near Wintersday. Still, he felt the years pressing down on him. Another distant boom as a shell impacted the Queen’s shield led his mind deeper into the past. As a boy, these sounds, so terrifying to the people living in this city, had been as a lullaby. Ebonhawke had lain under siege for two centuries, until the recent treaty had finally brought peace, and an unfamiliar quiet. Now it was almost like being home again, even if they were too far away for the other sound of battle. The screams of wounded men, the clash of steel, and the sonorous chorus of rallying battle cries.

Thoughts of war brought him back to the present, and he glanced over at Yuki, who slept beside him. Countess Lovine had deftly discredited him in public. He didn’t believe she was Mantle, but she obviously was not the Royalist sympathizer she’d claimed to be. Her actions bordered on open insurrection and sedition. The only saving grace for her had been that some of what she’d used against him was true. And very likely would be the final nail on his coffin.

Whatever the Queen decided, the Master would not tolerate the sort of public spectacle that the hearing had become, with such open hatred for the Crown, and he the embarrassing, and embarrassed, focal point. Coupled with the recent reprimand for crossing the line for the third time with his violent methods of dealing with the Mantle, it was unlikely the court marshal that awaited him once the war against the Mantle was won would end in anything less then his head on a spike.

He’d known since before graduating the Academy what the consequences for failure and betrayal were, and he’d brazenly courted that line for most of his military career. And now, just when he was finding something other then duty to live for, it would all be taken away before long. 

He’d have to plead guilty of course. Sparing Yuki and the rest of his family any risk of collusion was paramount. Still, the idea that his little girl, his little fighter, would grow up being told her father had died a traitor pained him. He’d led a loyal career, and decades of service, using whatever methods he’d deemed necessary to guarantee mission success. And only on extremely rare occasion had he failed to deliver.

His expression became melancholy as he watched Yuki sleep. He had to find a way to tell her. To prepare her for the inevitable conclusion that was the price for his sins. He prayed someday maybe she’d forgive him for being a fool, and leaving her to raise their child alone. But he would abide by the other High Exemplar’s decisions, and the Master’s, when the time came for him to face them. He’d accept his fate as a proud Shining Blade.

Martin McGuinness: Thousands of mourners line streets of Bogside to bid farewell to former IRA commander

Thousands of mourners lined the streets of Londonderry’s Bogside to pay tribute to the veteran Sinn Fein figure Martin McGuinness.

The body of the former Stormont deputy first minister and ex-IRA commander was brought through the streets around his home for the final time.

Former US president Bill Clinton and ex-Democratic Unionist Stormont first ministers Peter Robinson and Arlene Foster were among those attending Thursday’s funeral.

Mr McGuinness died on Tuesday from a rare heart condition aged 66.

Irish President Michael D Higgins and his predecessor, Mary McAleese, also attended the funeral, as did Taoiseach Enda Kenny and former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

Mr McGuinness’s beloved Bogside neighbourhood came to a standstill as his remains - the coffin draped in the Irish Tricolour - were walked to St Columba’s Church, led by a lone piper.

Addressing mourners at the ceremony, Bill Clinton made a plea for people to finish the peace building begun by Mr McGuinness.

The former US president, who was central to the Good Friday Agreement negotiations, implored today’s leaders to pick up where Mr McGuinness left off.

“He persevered and he prevailed. He risked the wrath of his comrades and the rejection of his adversaries,” Mr Clinton said.

“He made honourable compromises and was strong enough to keep them and came to be trusted because his word was good.

"And he never stopped being who he was. A good husband, a good father, a follower of the faith of his father and mother and a passionate believer in a free, secure, self-governing Ireland.

"The only thing that happened was that he shrank the definition of ‘us’ and expanded the definition of 'them’.”

Mr Clinton added: “Our friend earned this vast crowd today. Even more, he earned the right to ask us to honour his legacy by our living. To finish the work that is there to be done.”

Bishop Donal McKeown, Bishop of Derry, welcomed dignitaries, public figures and politicians from Ireland, Britain and the US but, turning to the McGuinness family, added: “For you this is not the funeral of a public figure.

"This is a funeral of a husband, father and a grandfather and our first thoughts are inevitably with you.”

And he thanked those who had been involved in securing the Good Friday Agreement who travelled for the mass.

“It’s a tribute to those who didn’t just talk the talk but walked the walk of implementing the Good Friday Agreement that all three of those strands are so well represented here,” he told mourners.

Inside chief celebrant Father Michael Canny began his homily by asking mourners to join him in sharing thoughts and prayers with the people of London following Wednesday’s terror attack.

Mourners were told Mr McGuinness was the IRA commander who became a mainstay of the peace process.

“Republicans were not blameless, and many people right across the community find it difficult to forgive and impossible to forget,” he said.

“By any standards, Martin McGuinness was a remarkable man and his life was a remarkable journey. The values he had, the principles he championed are still very much alive.”

During the slow procession to the church, family members shouldered the coffin, as did members of the Sinn Fein leadership, including Mr Adams and Michelle O'Neill.

Spontaneous applause broke out among the crowds as Mr McGuinness’s wife, Bernie, carried the coffin along part of the route the civil rights march took on Bloody Sunday in 1972.


So I felt like posting an update of my rescued kitty, Madame Curie Belle. She is the cat from the post to the right, which I posted around a year and a half ago. It got reblogged a zillion times, so I get pic requests all the time! I snapped this one yesterday and I loved it so much.

My husband found her next to his work site, which involves nuclear stuff, hence where the name comes from. (She wasn’t anywhere near the actual stuff though!! He hardly ever is either!!) She was a charming little stray that he suspected had a litter of kittens at some point. He waited eight weeks from when he found her to bring her home, just in case, but no one ever found hide not hair of the kittens unfortunately. She was being fed by the crew, so she wasn’t bone thin when we finally brought her home but she was skinny.

She’s adapted to being a perfectly spoiled little house cat. She’s still timid around strangers or if there’s a lot going on in the house, she doesn’t like to be held but she loves to snuggle up next to us. She adapted well to traveling by car for a long trip a couple times a year. Her fur is her pride and joy, fluffing up so much with regular meals, and she’s always grooming herself. She’s soooo soooooft.

The most precious part of her personality though is that she’s so gentle ALL THE TIME. She will often chirp softly to ask permission before she sits next to me on the couch and when we play, she is so careful not to bite or scratch. I trust this cat to never hurt me, she’s just… the epitome of sweet.

We love her so much and she constantly reminds me that rescue cats can flourish into the best pets ever.

open to: f/m/nb

     Rosy lips parted in shock, her head shaking lightly in a meek attempt at waving off the emotions climbing to the surface. But apparently she was in for surprises of all forms, the all to catch up unexpected, as was the revelation of why they were back in the first place. Not that she’d let it bring her down, reunions like this held no place for regrets and half-wished daydreams, and Imogen wouldn’t let silly hopes taint the fact that her best friend was finally home – no matter whom they’d brought with them. “No, of course I’m happy for you – look at you! You’re practically beaming.” Despite the odd lilt to her voice, she forced the thought to resonate within her entire being. It’d been years, after all, ones she’d spent back in their childhood town while they’d gone off to the big city to pursue their dreams. She’d never wished anything more than for them to fulfill their dreams – to find happiness somewhere else if they hadn’t thought they could find it at home. The thought of something changing between them had always been a doomed what-if, one that she’d entertained once or twice, but nothing more. They were long past the times when they’d been inseparable, best friends and self-ascribed soul mates, back when they’d both been too young to fully understand the term. Even in high school, things hadn’t changed, although Imogen hadn’t been blind to the wandering eyes that had followed them, and her own that had often lingered longer than they ought to have. But nothing had ever happened, college tearing them apart before she’d mustered up the courage to say anything, and they’d each gone on to live their own lives. Apart, although she’d tried to keep a connection there with the odd letter or phone call. But it was evident now that while her future was still rooted to her past, she couldn’t blame them for moving on to better things. Attempting to keep nostalgia from creeping into her veins, she pushed back the lingering regret and forced a smile, “So, how long are you back for? We haven’t caught up in forever – you’re not getting away with just one meet-up for coffee.”

Headcanon: Modern AU–To help out a friend studying photography at uni, Peter agreed to be the model for a final project. Unfortunately, his friend brought the final photos to his house when Peter wasn’t home. Edmund got a hold of them and plastered them on their bedroom walls like posters. Peter was so embarrassed but couldn’t take them down. They’d always end up back on the walls.

(Pic from men-men-everywhere)