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Okay so here’s the lowdown. I found 4 sets of medium format negatives while I was thrift shop hunting a few weeks ago. They were sitting in a box of old vintage photographs in these plastic sleeves, and from what I could tell, they had been taken sometime in the 50’s. So obviously I brought them home, and today finally had them scanned in, and holy wow they are beautiful!!

NOW this is where I need the Internet’s help. I would absolutely love to find the women in these photographs/the photographer who took them. The only info I have is that the negatives were found in a thrift store on Hull St in Richmond, VA. They are medium format, and judging by the style of dress, made in 1940-1950. The owner of the thrift store had no idea where they came from. I’m posting the best/clearest scans of the images, so if y'all could reblog the shit out of this, I’m hoping we can find the owners of these amazing images.

This teacher is history.

Kinda long, but I got rid of a backwards old man from teaching sooo….

So back in high school I was good kid. As and Bs, all AP, top twenty, the whole deal. The point is here that I am good at the school. My grandma was a college History Professor and she raised me to be a lil nerd. I was not used to bad grades, she was not used to me having bad grades as there was some extreme pressure on me to do well.

This is where HE comes in. It was Senior year. I had already rocked through all my APs thus far with 4s and 5s, all I had to do was rock out my last few and I would graduate with 36 hours under my belt and be pushed into my sophomore year of college, heck yeah, less money right? This particular teacher taught AP US history, a subject I was well versed in thanks to the gma, one I should have no problems with. I went through the first test confident in my knowledge and not having read out of the book, my first mistake. Now it wasn’t because I didn’t know my stuff, but I digress. I got that test back with a big shined red F.

Needless to say I was frazzled. I did as any student should do and write better notes, convinced it was my own cockiness that brought my downfall. Still didn’t read the text book because I had better resources at home, so I studied the appropriate material in my grandmas books. Mistake number 2. Second test comes back to me with another shiner. I didn’t understand I knew my material! Rinse and repeat until midterms right before winter vacation. My grandma was livid. Absolutely furious with me for doing so poorly in history of all things, and demanded that I request to bring my tests home to study my mistakes for my midterm. But when I asked my professor said no because he didn’t want tests circulating around. My grandma called about twenty times and finally he relented.

I brought home the tests and she sat down with me, my text book, my stack of Fs and her books to drill the knowledge into me. She looked at the first test, then the second, then the third, so on and so forth with out saying a damn word, with me sitting in my chair convinced she was about to bring forth the righteous fury. She did, but not on me. “I don’t understand, these questions are wrong? Your answers are all correct to them.” I shrugged, just as confused as she was. She cracked open my text book to see if there was any correlation and bam. There sure as hell was.

Not only was some of the info plain wrong, but it dated back to before the fricking civil rights movement. That’s right kiddos, it didn’t even mention the 14th amendment, or anything remotely “current”. Oooo boy was she PISSED. She revoked everything she had taken from me as punishment, and stacked the tests and books together, and silently got up. The very next day my grandma was at the school speaking to the principal, and on conference call with the superintendent.

Let me tell you why this text is especially bad where I’m from. I live in Texas. The school boards and stuff are VERY strict about anything to do with race because they don’t want to be seen as backwards hicks, so all those inflammatory news stories you hear? Yeah they get taken care of real quick once brought to the attention of the right people. Mr. US “History” professor was done with by then end of the year. “Retired” they say. Sure okay.

Unfortunately he stayed on teaching the way he had the rest of the year and I did poorly on the AP because he wouldn’t let me study the right stuff in class. You win some, you sorta only kind win some.


Trapped - Dean Winchester

Summary ;; part I. demon!dean decides that he doesn’t like dean’s long term girlfriend, y/n, and makes a harsh attempt to get rid of her for good.

A/n ;; gifs are not mine !!

Warnings ;; shit tons of violence, near death of reader, some swearing, angsty angst, season ten spoilers

Words ;; 3.3k

Published ;; 8th april, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🍁

When you sleepily awoke late at night to the sound of a deep growl and exasperated shouts emitting from down the hall, you pieced together that Sam had finally located Dean and brought him back home. Whether it was willingly or not, you didn’t know just yet.

He had been out searching for your boyfriend for the past week while he made you sit in the bunker in your lonesome, refusing to let you hunt alone or join him on his travels as he repeatedly told you that Dean was dangerous at the moment, as if you didn’t understand.

You sat up slowly, holding the warm duvet around your body tightly as you eyed the door, second-guessing whether this was another one of your reoccurring nightmares or reality. However, when Sam’s resentful and deep voice bellowed his brother’s name heatedly, you shoved the covers away from your frame and jumped up from your bed, nevertheless.

You jogged down the lonely hallway, any traces of sleep rapidly erased by the time you reached the dungeon and knocked on the door, your hesitancy clear. “Sam?” Your voice was hushed and seemingly small as you asked for the younger Winchester through the silence on both sides, “What’s going on?”

The sound of said door unlocking from the other side rang through your ears and you subconsciously held your breath, anxious for what you were about to witness. You expected to come face to face with the two arguing brothers, jumping down each other’s throats for what had happened previously.

And you expected to see your boyfriend of three years who you hadn’t seen since he been deprived of existence by Metatron, and you did. However, things were different. Your eyes instantly landed on Dean, who was heavily roped to a chair smack bang in the middle of a blood red devil’s trap and a cocky, sardonic smirk written on his lips. You couldn’t stop yourself from drawing in a sharp breath, your body freezing as you stared into his cold, desolate, void eyes.

“And here come’s the useless one, (Y/N)! Nice of you to join the party,” He let out a snarl, leaning forward in his seat as the harsh glare in his eyes bore into yours and you had to avert your teary ones away, your heart thumping tremendously loudly in your chest at the scene.

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Ma and Pa Kent are the best things about the DC universe omfg.
“Alien baby crashes into their backyard? BETTER ADOPT HIM HE’S ADORABLE.
Alien son comes home with a clone of himself created by his worst enemy?



anonymous asked:

Hiii~ How do you feel about writing some angst? How would RFA+V+Saeran react if MC died giving a birth? I hope that is not too much... ♡

Anon, this was so sad. We’re gonna have to write some fluff after this one. :,( They got long, so some of them are under the cut. 

Trigger warning: Themes of death


  • He was so excited when you tell him the news
  • He starts saving up for a home or at least a bigger apartment
  • Meanwhile, he redoes the whole guest room, changing it into a baby room
  • You two spend every weekend painting little things on the walls
  • He’s already buying little microphones for the baby
  • Eight months go by and everything seems fine
  • But then you wake up in the middle of the night with extreme pain
  • He’s panicking but he manages to dial for an ambulance
  • The hospital won’t let him in the room and he’s getting really angry
  • He calls the first person that he can hit in his contacts, trying to make sense of things
  • Surprisingly, it’s Jumin
  • Jumin somehow deciphers what he’s saying and rushes to the hospital
  • He manages to calm Zen down while you’re in surgery
  • The doctor comes out and says they managed to save the baby, even if he was born prematurely
  • While the nurses escort Zen to see his son, the doctor tells Jumin the news about you
  • He knows Zen would be unstable and it would be better for a friend to break the news
  • Jumin waits until Zen returns to tell him that you didn’t make it through the birthing process
  • Zen completely shuts down and says he needs to go for a smoke when he hasn’t smoked since you two started dating
  • When he’s outside, he swings his fist at the wall in anger and sorrow
  • Jumin helps out when he can as Zen through the grieving process
  • But Zen acts like he’s okay, and he eventually gets through it
  • He does his best to take care of his son alone, but he has his moments
  • He never remarries and he makes sure his son knows everything about you


  • We know this man was eager to have a baby
  • Finally, it was happening and he was ecstatic
  • You both had saved enough to finally buy a house
  • One day, he brought home so many stuffed animals for the baby
  • He would put up a chalkboard on the fridge
  • You two wrote potential baby names on it every day
  • The day finally came and you two were on your way to the hospital, baby bag in tow
  • Everything seemed to be going normal until suddenly the doctors were pushing him out of the room
  • He kept asking what was wrong, but they wouldn’t tell him and insisted he wait outside
  • He knows his mental state is fraying so he calls Jaehee, the most practical person he knows
  • He’s so worried, he can’t stop talking to her and asking for reassurance
  • Finally, the doctor comes out and delivers the bad news
  • You hadn’t made it
  • He keeps denying it’s true
  • “No, no. That can’t be. She’s fine. She was fine. I want to see for myself.”
  • Knowing he would get no peace, the doctor allows him to see your body
  • He collapses next to your bed and his crying, clutching your lifeless hand
  • He suddenly regrets becoming a vet
  • He thinks that if he became a regular doctor, he could’ve saved you
  • Jaehee has to almost drag him away when they need to collect the body
  • She manages to calm him down when she says, “You need to go see your daughter.”
  • Yoosung didn’t the baby made it and takes it as a sign
  • He doesn’t want to go back to the place he was when Rika committed suicide
  • So, he pours all he has to make a good life for his daughter
  • He’s so glad she grows up to look like you and constantly reminds her of that


  • Your husband had died two months before you joined the RFA
  • You hadn’t realized you were pregnant until a month after the party
  • Not knowing what to do, you turn to Jaehee
  • After supporting her through everything, she’s more than willing to help
  • She tries to make life as stable as she can for you
  • Has you live with her at least during the pregnancy, so you don’t have to live alone
  • She throws you a baby shower and makes sure you have what you need
  • Finally, the day comes and she waits patiently in the waiting room at the hospital
  • She starts getting worried when she sees an extra team of doctors rush towards your room
  • When the doctor comes out, he asks Jaehee for any family contact info
  • When Jaehee asks why, the doctor says that you had died giving birth to a baby boy
  • Jaehee is devastated
  • You are the only true friend she’s really had, and now you were gone
  • When Zen hears the news, he takes her out and tries to comfort her
  • Jaehee appreciates the gesture, and ends up explaining a lot to him
  • She said that your family never approved of your marriage, so they didn’t want the baby
  • She starts sympathizing with the baby boy, since she too lost her parents and her other relatives weren’t exactly kind
  • She comes to the conclusion to adopt the baby herself
  • She raises the baby as her own
  • Even though she doesn’t know much about being a mother, she tries to be the kindest and sweetest she could
  • She works hard to make sure he was whatever he needs in life
  • She doesn’t tell him what happened to his real mother until much later in life when he’s ready


  • When you told him you were pregnant, he was simultaneously excited and nervous
  • He had to make sure everything was perfect for you and the baby
  • He made sure he had the best doctors and you were well fed and rested
  • He barely let you lift a finger, since he was so scared something might happen
  • He didn’t want to hire anyone to do the baby room
  • He wanted you both to work on it together, and so you did
  • You even caught him attempting to make baby booties by hand for the child
  • The day came and you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl
  • He was holding her and talking to you
  • Everything seemed fine, except that you seemed a bit tired
  • Then suddenly you started convulsing
  • Jumin panicked, unsure what was happening
  • Doctors rushed in and pushed both him and your child out of the room
  • It wasn’t long after that the doctors announced that you hadn’t made it
  • Jumin is quiet, a few tears streaming down his face
  • They let him see the body and he just holds you hand for the longest time
  • Just as they are about to take you away, he presses a kiss to your hand
  • “You said you would never leave me. You broke your promise, my darling, and I don’t think I can forgive you for that.”
  • After the funeral, barely anyone sees him
  • The only person he lets come to the penthouse for a long time is V
  • He cuts down on his work majorly, so he can take care of his daughter
  • He tries to make sure everything is perfect for her
  • He never wants her to feel the sadness of losing her mother


  • He always wanted a family with you
  • So, when you told him you were pregnant, he started crying because he was just so happy
  • He starts adding things to the baby room
  • He’s especially excited about building a crib for the baby
  • He also adds a mobile with little cats and spaceships
  • The day finally comes, but he can’t help but realize that you seem in bad shape on the way to the hospital
  • Turns out his bad feeling was right
  • The doctors don’t even let him come into the room as they rush you away
  • The only thing keeping him sane during the waiting was Saeran who had met him at the hospital
  • When the doctor comes out, he doesn’t even let them speak
  • He pushes past them and rushes into your room
  • When he sees your lifeless body and the dead monitor beside you, he completely loses it
  • He’s weeping, holding your body in his arms
  • None of the nurses have the heart to pull him away
  • He spends hours begging you to wake up and apologizing for no reason
  • When Saeran finally comes in, Seven had cried all his tears and numbly asks, “Are you here to tell me my child died as well?”
  • Saeran shakes his head and informs him that a healthy baby girl was waiting in another ward
  • Seven names the child after you
  • He can’t stand the memories of you all over his house, so he and Saeran move elsewhere with the girl
  • He retires early with all the money he saved up and pours his entire life into making sure his baby girl is happy and healthy


  • When you first told him you were pregnant, he was shocked and very nervous
  • It wasn’t as if he hadn’t expected it, but he didn’t prepare himself mentally for the actual reality
  • After a few weeks, he starts warming up to it
  • He’ll come home from work one day with a small pair of shoes
  • “I wasn’t sure if this would work, but I thought maybe…maybe the baby might like it?”
  • He was trying so hard to prepare, it was so cute
  • You buy him a mug that says “#1 Dad”
  • You tell him to look at it every time he needs to take care of the baby alone when she’s away from the house
  • Especially when changing diapers gets frustrating
  • He got a call a few weeks before the due date that you had gotten involved in a bad car accident
  • He drops everything and rushes to the hospital
  • You’re in bad shape when he gets there, but the doctors don’t dare refuse him access
  • He’s stroking your hair and asking you to hold on
  • You keep saying “As long as the baby is safe…as long as the baby is safe, it’s okay.”
  • Your heart monitor goes dead as he’s clutching your hand
  • Doctors start shoving him out of the room
  • He’s going crazy in the waiting room, shouting and screaming
  • Seven has to almost physically detain him to keep him calm
  • Hours later, a doctor comes out and says they managed to save the babies
  • “Babies?”
  • Saeran rushes over to see his twins that had miraculously made it unscathed
  • At first, he didn’t want to look into the babies’ eyes, scared he might feel resent that they lived and you died
  • But he finally caved in, and he fell in love with his children
  • Despite the following months being hard, he dedicated himself to being the best father he could be in memory of you
  • For years, he kept the mug you gave him tucked away in his room


  • When you told him you were pregnant with his child, he was beyond happy
  • He felt like it was a testament that you both were starting a new life together, forgetting about the past
  • He started decorating the baby’s room with a bunch of pictures he had taken
  • The room was cactus themed with mint colors everywhere
  • What in room decoration
  • You seemed a lot more tired than usual, so the doctor assigned you to bed rest 
  • Just as you thought you were getting better, you collapsed in your home
  • He called an ambulance and rushed you to the hospital
  • He has a really bad feeling when the doctors take you into another room
  • Suddenly, the doctor comes out and tells him to come and meet his son
  • He’s so happy when he gets to hold his little boy
  • When he asks the nurse how you were, the woman just blinks
  • “They….didn’t tell you?”
  • He takes the news that you hadn’t made it surprisingly calmly
  • When they take him to see your body, he keeps trying to bargain with them
  • “Please, I’ll pay anything. Just bring her back, please!”
  • For a little while, they think he’s having a mental issue, but know it’s just the grieving process
  • Soon, he’s crying quietly beside you
  • He thinks its his fault that you died
  • Bad luck seemed to follow him everywhere, so why wouldn’t this be any different?
  • To make it worse, his baby gets very ill while in the hospital
  • V cuts off all relations he has, including the RFA and Jumin
  • He moves to America in attempt to find the best treatment for his son
  • While his son eventually does get better, V stays in the States so he could start a new life

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Baby Blues - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1382 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Postpartum Depression, Mentions of implied rape 

A/N: Ana wanted the reader’s backstory. Ana’s getting some backstory. 

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

Crying. That’s all you heard coming from JoJo’s crib but you couldn’t bring yourself to touch her. You sat on the bed, staring at her through the crib bars. You’d tried everything and she wouldn’t stop. You were an absolute failure as a parent and now all you could do was sit there, frozen, tears running down your own face. You should’ve known better than to bring a child into this world with your own upbringing.

You were so lost in your own little world, thinking back to your childhood and how shitty it was, and how ill equipped you were to raise a child, you didn’t hear Dean enter your bedroom. “Y/N, she’s screaming, what’s wrong with her?” Dean scooped JoJo up in one arm, bouncing and shushing her, quieting her almost immediately, something you hadn’t been able to do for over 45 minutes while he’d been gone. “Shh. Shh. It’s ok little bug, daddy’s gotchya. That’s my big girl. Go back to sleep.”

“I – she – “ your bottom lip trembled and Dean finally looked at you, immediately putting JoJo back in the crib and rushing to you, taking your face in his strong hands. “I can’t do this, Dean, I can’t. I can’t be a mom. I can’t have a family. I can’t stay here I need to leave.” You pulled yourself away, running to the closet, tripping over yourself and grabbing a duffel, throwing clothes in it haphazardly before you finally collapsed in a heap on the floor. You couldn’t breathe through the sobs, you couldn’t see, everything you’d been feeling since you brought JoJo home finally had come crashing down around you in a matter of weeks.

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Meeting the Family

Originally posted by davinaclaires

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Tom finally meets your family and he’s really nervous You are from a different country and culture so there are language and cultural barriers and that makes Tom even more nervous. (The request was edited a bit) Requested by @letsgoflyawaybirdie

Word count: 714

A/N: Hope you guys like this imagine. I tried to make it work with as many cultures as possible :)

Bold text is spoken in your language

Today was the day. Tom was going to meet your family. For a week Tom had been googling and studying your country and its culture. He didn’t want to come off as rude or ignorant in front of your family. He studied all the customs in your culture. Should he buy flowers to your family, bring food or a bottle of wine with him? He also tried to learn your language because he knew that some of your family didn’t really speak English that well. He learned some basic things, greetings, how to say ‘thank you’, ‘how are you’ et cetera. He was really nervous. He wanted to make the best first expression he could. Your family was so important to you and such a big part of your life. The last thing he wanted was your parents hating him.

You had a big family and everyone was coming to meet the guy you had fallen in love with. You knew that they were going to love Tom and you tried to get him to relax. You loved how much work he did just to impress your family.

You arrived at your parent’s house and walked to the door. “Tom it’s going to go fine, they are going to love you! Just relax, okay?” You could feel how nervous he was. He just nodded and took a big breath. He had bought your family a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a (way too expensive) bottle of wine.

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New Dad / K.L

Requested: Yes

Summary: Kian’s a new dad.

Warnings: Cuss words like always.

Word Count: 682

Kian Lawley x Reader

A/N: Kid imagines break my heart, I love them so much. Also, you didn’t say if you wanted the kid to be a boy or girl so I’m choosing girl due to the fact that Kian would love a little princess one day, and please don’t fight me on this! Hope you enjoy! xx

You smiled down at the little infant laying on your bed, tears welling in your eyes. Your little baby girl has only been alive for a week but it feels like you’ve spent forever with her. You wrapped her up, cradling her as you walked downstairs being welcomed by Franny.

“She’s gorgeous!” Franny squealed, pushing the blanket back. 

“She is, isn’t she?” You smiled down at the little bundle of joy.

You handed her to Franny so you could take a quick shower. You jogged back upstairs, grabbing some of Kian’s clothes. Stripping out of your clothes, your eyes immediately went to your stretch marks. The old you would’ve hated every single one but the new you appreciated them, just the thought of carrying your beautiful daughter for nine months just made it all worth it.

“Baby?” You looked back, telling Kian that you were in the bathroom. 

You leaned over and started the shower, immediately feeling a sting on your backside. 

“Kian!” You groaned, wrapping your arms around Kian’s torso, earning a little smirk from him.

“Don’t bend over like that.” 

You rolled your eyes and grabbed a washcloth, stepping into the shower. 

“Have you breastfed y/d/n yet?” 

“No, I was going to when I get out. I felt nasty.” 

You leaned your head back, the water drenching your locks. You opened your eyes, smiling when you saw Kian standing in front of you. 

“I’m so proud of you.” He mumbled, putting some shampoo in his hands, slowly massaging it in your scalp. 

“Why’s that?” You hummed.

“You have birth. You carried our beautiful daughter for nine months. You fought through those contractions like a champ – I know I couldn’t have done it. Your stretch marks just make your body even more beautiful to me, it just takes my breath away how easy you made it all seemed and it just blows my mind how you just, did it.”

You smiled, turning around to wash out the shampoo, feeling Kian’s fingers trace over your marks, making your heart beat faster. You reached up, leaving a kiss on his plump lips, earning a smile from him. You had no doubt in your mind that he was going to be a bad father and you also had no doubt that your kid was going to have a boring life. She’s growing up with this crew, she’ll never get bored. 

You quickly finished your shower, already missing your little girl. You quickly dried off and informed Kian to go get your daughter. You threw on one of Kian’s long black v-necks, the cloth falling down just above your knees. 

Crawling onto the bed, a smile spread across your face seeing the sight of Kian delicately holding your daughter in his arms, leaving little kisses across her face.

“She’s so beautiful.” he whispered, carefully handing her to you. 

You agreed, awing over her once more before feeding her. Kian watched as if it was rocket science happening right in front of him. He was always interested in watching you, which you didn’t mind at all. 

You blushed as Kian pulled out his phone, pointing it towards you and your daughter.

“I’m going to do instagram live to give everyone an update.”

you groaned, telling him that it wasn’t polite with your boobs hanging out.

“Hey guys! So, it’s been about a week since we finally brought our princess home and everything is going well. I love her so much! Sadly, I can’t show you guys what she’s doing because she’s busy eating. Anyways, thank you for the love and support during this time! We’re literally just now getting settled down.”

Kian answered some fan questions, ending the video after a couple of minutes. Once she finally finished eating, you handed her off to Kian, a smile spreading his face.

“Dammit, I can’t get over how beautiful she is.” 

“Kian! Don’t curse around her!” You yelled, tossing him a spit up rag.

“Sorry, it’s a habit worth breaking for her though.” 

You smiled and watched as the two slowly drifted off to sleep. You quickly snapped a picture, posting it to instagram.

‘@/yourinstaname: only two people I need’


Shirogane meets Lavender Beds complete!! Thank you so so so so so much to @rolanberrycheesecake @sedatayuun and @dravanian for shoving all these mats together and making the parts and everything just everything. thank you to @skeletonjam and @zevet-xiv too!!!!!! what a good way to end a night of moving i’m so happy my house is so lovely i could cry

The Joker x Reader - “Mommy”

It was a well known fact The Joker’s girlfriend left him with four young children and disappeared. It was also known that his ex stepped up and took care of them even if she didn’t have to. The King of Gotham might have lost his woman, but he never lost his Queen.

You had no idea why The Joker kept on getting her pregnant; she definitely didn’t like to take care of their children nor had any interest in them. But it was none of your business so you kept your mouth shut. J wanted you to continue to work for him and you had no objections: he trusted his ex and you loved what you were doing so it was fine.

They were always fighting and his girlfriend disappeared for days and sometimes even weeks without a phone call or text. The Joker would ask you to babysit Kase while he searched for Anya; the baby was adorable and you didn’t mind.

Even when she was home, you still had to keep an eye on the little one because that woman would simply neglect to change or feed him. J would snap and they would get in such heated arguments you were surprised they didn’t kill each other yet.  If The King of Gotham was the one realizing his kid was lacking the proper nurture, you clearly don’t have too much going on in the motherhood department.

It broke your heart when you would go over to the penthouse and find Kase crying in his crib, hungry and really needing his diaper changed. J was gone with business and she would wonder off God knows where as soon as you stepped inside.

“Oh great, you’re here!” Anya would roll her eyes and sneaked out, leaving without any other explanation.

“Hey buddy, don’t cry. I’m here now,” you used to comfort him and the baby would stop crying as soon as he was changed and fed. Kase sure got a lot of kisses and snuggles since you felt sorry for the poor tiny soul. I mean, what fault did an innocent child had in any of it? None. Absolutely none.

One month after giving birth to the twin boys, Anya was nowhere to be found: three small beings left at their absent mother’s mercy. This time, J didn’t have to ask you to get involved: you offered and he didn’t object. It was exhausting to tend to a toddler and two newborns but you had all the supplies you needed plus help whenever required.

The Joker searched for his woman like crazy and finally found her in Los Angeles and brought her home again. At that point, you were basically staying at the penthouse, raising kids that weren’t yours yet you couldn’t help it. You were attached to them and had the feeling they would end up dead without somebody to care for them.

“Why is she here, hm?” you would hear Anya shout in the middle of the night, the argument escalating with alarming velocity. “Are you fucking her again?”

“I’m not fucking her !!!” he would yell back and it was true. “My ex-girlfriend is here taking care of our children because you don’t !!”

“Why don’t you take care of them? I didn’t get pregnant on my own now, did I?!”

You were sleeping upstairs in the same bedroom with the twins and had to close the door in order not to hear anything anymore. Thank goodness Zane and Aiden were actually pretty good babies, didn’t wake up very often and noise didn’t seem to bother them.

But it pissed you off she was such an ungrateful person! Anya had no idea how many dates you canceled in order to be a surrogate mother to her kids. Your boyfriend lost his patience and dumped you simply because you couldn’t abandon your self-imposed maternal duties.

You and Frost were in charge of J’s security, but you found yourself in charge of his offsprings also. And the bitch was getting on your nerves with her irresponsible and entitled behavior.

When she got pregnant the third time, you got mad. Another kid ??!! Because, you know, things were so great with the first 3!!

Mia was born on a Sunday and Anya vanished two weeks after having her. You were the one that find the note on the kitchen table: “Don’t try to find me, I’m not coming back. Keep the kids.”

The Joker had a terrible fit but didn’t pursuit the idea of going after her, which surprised you in a way. Who knows what was going on in his mind; you didn’t bring up the sensitive subject and J didn’t elaborate more than a few sentences about it.

The Clown Prince of Crime definitely wasn’t the epitome of fatherhood, but he made sure the babies had everything they needed. This desire was mostly coming only from his strong sense of possessiveness: he just knew that they belonged to him and that was it. Besides that, J was completely lost and unable to show anything but very basic emotions, if you could even call them that.


When you are away, the little ones miss you. You just came back after a 5 days trip to New York so the kids follow you around the penthouse like ducklings, wanting attention: a four year old and two year old twins. You are holding the seven month old Mia in your arms and the boys clench to your long dress, stumbling into each other, but not wanting to let go.

“Moooommy,” Kase whines, jealous his sister is getting kisses.

“Mommy, kiss !” Zane pulls on your gown and you have to stop and get down on your knees.

“Who wants kisses?” you smile, letting Mia crawl on the carpet while the boys pucker their lips, impatiently waiting. You snatch all of them in your arms and randomly start kissing them in a frenzy while they giggle, ticklish.

The Joker mutters something on the couch, watching TV. You have an idea about what he might be: he probably made a comment again about the children calling you mommy. You told them to stop calling you that, but they continue to do it. After all, you are the only woman constantly around, taking care of them.

“J ?”

“What?” he bitterly answers.

“Did you even hold them while I was gone?!” you sigh, having a feeling he didn’t since they are so clingy.

“I was busy,” he grumbles, scratching his Batsy tattoo.

“You don’t seem busy now,” you get up, taking Kase’s hand and leading him to his father.”Here,” you help the young boy sit in J’s lap and wrap his arms around his son.

The King of Gotham is not very excited about your move; still he takes a deep breath and asks:

“What’s going on, kid?”

Kase’s eyes get big; he just couldn’t wait for his parent to show some interest in him. The boy starts talking up a storm, something about Legos and his toys. The Joker tries to understand every single word but some are mispronounced and he kind of gets the point, but not entirely.

“U-hum,” he nods his head and the boy rambles on, excited, playing with J’s gold chains.“A-ha, “ he agrees again, intrigued.

“OK daddy?” the question pops up and The Clown Prince of Crime takes the easy way out:


“Yaaayyy, daddy!” and J gets a kiss on the left cheek, then Kase jumps off his lap, running around the living room, screaming and making airplane noises.

“Y/N, what did I just agree to?” a very confused Joker needs to know.

“More toys, especially Legos,” you bring to his knowledge, urging the twins to follow you and you place them on J’s knees.

“Oh, great, because they don’t have enough!” This time he holds them while they bounce their legs, enthusiastic, bickering about who should get more of their father.

“Aiden, don’t slap your brother! How many times did I tell you not to hit each other? If you do that again, you’ll be in trouble!!! Don’t make me repeat myself! J ?? Are you just going to sit there and not react?!!” you scold, picking up Mia since she crawled back you your feet again.

“I think we’re in trouble,” The Joker whispers, rolling his eyes. “Stop fighting I guess,” he enunciates without any trace of enthusiasm. The kids chuckle, pushing one another and cuddling to J’s chest in the process.

“Com’ere, chubby,” the little girl gets a few kisses on her rosy cheeks and she babbles, yawning. “Are you sleepy? I guess it’s time for your nap, hm? Hey J, did the boys eat?”

“Yeah,” he answers, bored and you go to the kitchen, prepare some formula and bring the Princess back. You signal the twins to go play and you place Mia in The Joker’s arms, handing him the bottle.

“Here, feed your daughter.”

He scoffs, not thrilled but does it anyway.

“Aiden, don’t put that in your mouth!” you rush to take the shoe from him and he yells, running to his brothers, taking refuge with everyone under J’s purple coat. They all hide, whispering and thinking that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them either.

“Brats!” you mumble, letting them be for the moment and open the pantry in the hallway. “J ?” you get annoyed, “why do we still have a bunch of baby food with carrots and peas? You know Mia doesn’t like it, I told you to throw it away!”

“I forgot, woman! Give me a break !” he huffs, quite immersed into his current task. The little girl’s eyes wonder off, searching for you and stops sucking from the bottle until she sees you, then begins eating again.

“Moommyyyy,” whining is heard from under the purple coat,” Zane bit me!”

“Don’t bite your brother!” you raise your voice and there is fighting going on and more complaints.

“Mooommyyy, Aiden pinched me!”

Muffled laughter and more quarrel.

“Don’t pinch your brother!” you admonish, taking Mia away from The Joker since she’s fussing and refuses the bottle. “Come on, nap time for everybody!”

The boys emerge from under the jacket, tossing it on the floor and trampling on it, while their father gasps:

“That’s my favorite coat!!!!”

“Moommmyyyy, ice cream?” Zane follows you and you don’t have time to reply because J grouchily interrupts:

“Quit calling her mommy!! She’s not your mother!”

It feels like a slap in the face.

You abruptly stop and the boys bump into you. You turn towards The Joker, your blood boiling with indignation.

“I didn’t teach them to call me that and you know it ! I told them to stop and they won’t ! What do you want me to do, hm?! Glue their lips so they won’t talk?! I know I’m not their mother, you don’t have to remind me!”

J has some elaborated comeback but he doesn’t get the chance to continue because you literally burst out.

“Do you think it’s easy for me to take care of children you had with another woman?! Do you remember what you told me when we were together and I brought up the subject of having kids? You told me you don’t want any!!!! And then you met Anya and you had four !! Which means that you just didn’t want to have children WITH ME in particular ! Do you know how much that hurt?! But I stepped on my pride and raised them for the last four years because I realize they have absolutely no blame in this circus! You don’t like it they call me mommy??! Then bring back that trash-excuse-of-a-girlfriend and make her take care of them!!!!”

The boys shove themselves into you, startled and Mia whimpers, uneasy. You start walking again and J is speechless.

“What the hell was that, Y/N?!” he shouts and you can’t let it go so you extend your tirade. He’s really getting on your nerves.

“In all these years, did you ever thank me for everything I do?! Not even once!!!! And don’t think I’m not aware you sabotage my dates! I know you are saying things to the guys I like, don’t try to deny it!!!!” and you stump up the stairs, get everyone in the twins’ bedroom and slam the door shut.

J takes deep breaths, staring at the ceiling, talking to himself and nothing sounds nice. A few minutes pass and he decides to go after you and barges into the bedroom without knocking. Mia is almost asleep on top of you and the boys are gathered around your body, ready to doze off. They pout, frowning at their father: all they know is daddy said something that upset mommy. You truly look like Mother Hen with little chicks to shelter from the world.

“Building yourself an army with my kids, hm?” J sucks on his teeth and the boys give him mean glares. You reach to kiss the top of their heads, ignoring his remark. “I have a date tonight so I need you to babysit. I hate it when I have to bring others to watch them.”

“Fine, I don’t care. I missed them anyway,” you grumble, getting comfortable; might as well take a nap also.

“OK, done deal,” The Joker lingers in the doorway, debating on a simple idea that came to him while he was downstairs.


You enter the kitchen and notice the table full of boxes: Chinese food delivery from your favorite restaurant. J is already at the table, sitting on a chair and apparently waiting for you to show up.

“Don’t you look dashing,” you make an effort to start the conversation since you are still mad at him.

“I always look dashing,” he scoffs, pushing a chair towards you with his foot. “Sit!”

You hesitate and he insists:

“I said sit!”

Great, you will have to listen to him lecture you now. You do as asked, keeping your composure.

“It’s 8pm, aren’t you going?” you tap your fingers on the table, smelling the delicious food and it makes you hungry.

“As soon as the kids are tucked in and asleep,” he gives you a stupid reason, pretending to give a damn.

“They are asleep, just changed Mia and placed her in the crib.”

“Eat,” J leans over the table and gives you chopsticks. “I ordered your favorites,” and you seem a bit confused when he grabs a pair of chopsticks, opening a box and calmly begins to eat.

“Didn’t you say you have a date?” you bring it up, wanting him to disappear so you can relax and enjoy some quietness.

“I do,” he growls and your reaction is not a happy one when you realize what he means.

“Uggghhh,” you strain to contain your displeased attitude.

“Shut up and eat !” he kicks your chair and you drop the piece of sushi you took a bite from in your lap. “ You made me feel sorry for you since apparently you are not interesting enough to keep a man,” he smirks, pleased he can elaborate on his favorite subject.

“Yeah… right…” you stab your plate, poking a piece of fried calamari. “You’re the one chasing them away.”

“You have proof?”

“I know you are!”

“Ha! I don’t have to, Y/N. You’re just boring.”

You exhale, aggravated, changing the subject.

“Any news from The Queen?”  

Anya randomly calls him from time to time.

“She is no Queen !” J’s eyes suddenly lose their glow, his voice getting husky. “In order for a woman to be my Queen she has to earn my trust; you stopped being my girlfriend a long time ago, but you never stopped being The Queen of Gotham.”

The unexpected disclosure almost makes you choke. The Joker hears you sniffle and sees the tears rolling down your cheeks.

“You need a binky? We have plenty lying around.”

“N…no…” you barely chew on your food, not wanting to cry.

“Anya did call while you were in New York,” J admits and you lift your gaze, interested. ”She said she wants Mia. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!” he sarcastically laughs,  “Like I’m going to engage into a custody battle of some sorts with her? Our children don’t even legally exist ! You know what else she said?”

He’s getting worked up and you assume the worst.

“She said she wants Mia because she’s not mine! Can you believe that?!” he slams his fist on the table and it makes you anxious.

“What?… No way! Of course she’s yours,” you wipe your watery eyes, the new revelation making you alert again. “The children are all yours !”

You surely don’t like the new twist on this night and leave your chair, going around the table and cup his face, wishing to calm down the demons before they break free.

“Look at me,” and the blue eyes meet yours. “All four are yours. Don’t listen to her; you know how she lies and manipulates things!”

“Mommmyyyyy,” you hear from upstairs. “Moommyyyyy!”

“I think Zane had a nightmare again. I’ll be back,” you caress his hair for a few seconds then leave, insecurity already creeping up in his mind.


The next day you are going out with Alex, one of J’s smugglers. He is picking you up at the penthouse and hangs out with The Joker in the living room, waiting for you to get ready.

“Alex?” J casually scrolls through his phone, smacking his lips.

“Sir?” the guy’s body stiffens, not knowing what to expect.

“If I hear that you upset Y/N in any way, besides the fact that she will break your neck first, I will PERSONALLY make sure your body is never found again. Do we understand each other?”

This is what J always tells to all the guys you date: his way of being protective and he genuinely means it.

“Y-yes sir,” Alex nervously gulps, praying you’ll hurry up so he doesn’t have to be around The Joker’s menacing presence anymore.

An hour into your date and his cell rings. He picks up.

“Hey J, how are the kids?”

Alex’s voice is heard in the background, cracking up about something.

“The kids are fine!” J snaps and hangs up.

How rude, you think, returning to your drink at the bar and partner.

Another hour and a half pass, you call him again.

“J, it’s me. How are the kids?”

“They’re fine woman; go back to your date! The guy is gonna dump you tomorrow and then you’ll blame me again!” and he hangs up.

Jesus, what’s wrong with him? you crack your neck and go back to the table at the restaurant.

Two more hours and another call. This time you don’t even get to say a word before J screams:

“They’re fine!!!!!!” and he hangs up.

Wow, so ungrateful, and you wave Alex to come over on the dance floor since you really want to have fun.


As soon as you get back to the penthouse in the early morning, you go upstairs to check on the children. They are sleeping and you wonder where J went since he is not in his room. You search around and don’t have to go too far: he’s on the balcony. It’s snowing and the pale dawn makes Gotham sparkle under the heavy snowflakes.

“I’m back,” you announce and bundle up inside your coat; it’s chilly and windy. “Insomnia?” you address him, noticing the dark circles under his eyes. He stares at the city he owns, the tall buildings still lit. “Are you ok?” you touch his hands resting on the railing and they are as cold as ice.

“She’s not mine…” J utters, frozen after being outside for hours.

“Huh?” you get closer to him to hear better because his lips barely moved.

“Mia is not mine,” he digs in his coat’s pocket, giving you a few papers and you turn the pages, stunned: they contain paternity test results. It is a match for the boys but no match for the little Princess.

“When did you do this?” you inquire, still in disbelief.

“While you were gone, after she told me. I wanted to make sure and I got the results yesterday after you went on your date,” J sighs, a sharp ache clawing at his heart. “She’s not mine…what am I supposed to do with her now?”

You don’t like the question.

“What do you mean?”

“Mia is not my daughter. I obviously have no use for her; I don’t want her here,” The Joker’s poisonous comment gives you goosebumps.

“How can you say that?! She’s just an innocent baby! It’s not her fault!”
“I don’t want her here!” he barks, lifting the collar of his furry coat.

“Well, I do!” you take action, scared of this new idea of his. “If you don’t want her, I’ll take her! She’s my little girl,” you start crying, hoping to change the outcome of his plans.

“None of the kids are yours!” he pushes you away and storms inside, leaving you petrified on the terrace.


You couldn’t sleep for a second so you spent the last three hours organizing documents and ammo in the basement. You go up to the penthouse again, checking to see if the children are awake. The boys are still dreaming, but when you step inside Mia’s bedroom, her crib is empty and your hearts stops.

“Oh my God!” you immediately wake up from your sluggish state, frightened. “Love bug? Where are you?” and you sweep the room – of course she’s not there.

Your legs are getting shaky as you go downstairs, desperate to find her.

“Jaaayyy? Jaayy?” you call his name and surprisingly he answers from his office.


“Where’s Mia?” you run around, panicking.

“I dropped her at the orphanage downtown, told you I don’t want her!” he snarls from beyond the cracked door and you grab your car keys in a hurry, scared to death. The Joker hears the elevator going down and comes out of the office, holding Mia in his arms.

“Where the hell did that crazy woman go?! It’s a blizzard out there!” J lifts her higher on his hip and she baby talks, smiling so innocently he feels awkward and since there is nobody around, he kisses her forehead repeatedly, squeezing her more to his chest. “Oh, shit, you think she went downtown?!” he asks for the little girl’s opinion like she understands him. “That crazy woman!” The Joker huffs, “She completely lost her mind!”

Mia wiggles in his arms, cooing and making cute sounds.

“I’m glad you agree,” J take his cell out of his pocket and dials your number but the phone goes off on the coffee table: you left it there and he can’t reach you. “Great!” he hums, dialing Frost’s number and his henchman picks up.

“Frost, we have to drive downtown.”


It was very hard to drive on the stormy weather, but you made it to the orphanage and your heart stopped when you heard no child was abandoned there this morning. Did he leave her outside in the cold snow and someone took her?!  You circle the huge building several times, bawling your eyes out because there is no trace of Mia. You even ask a few people brave enough to walk in the tempest but no one saw anything.

You don’t even know where to go; how could he do something like this? Discard such a sweet angel like an unwanted object when you made it clear you would take her. Where is she? Did she crawl somewhere and she is buried under the snow?!

All these thoughts race through your mind as you make your way around the building one more time, cold and tired but not giving up.

You hear heavy steps behind you and The Joker’s voice echoes in the white stillness:

“Are you looking for this?”

You turn around and there she is: he is holding Mia, the baby bundled up in her pink furry coat, wearing that adorable cat ears hat.

You almost trip and fall in the snow, but get to him and snatch her from his grip, distancing away as fast as you can.

“My little love bug,” you keep on kissing her, running towards your car, feverish and anxious while her tiny hands clutch to your jacket.

“What are you doing?” you hear The Joker approaching and you walk faster.

“I’m taking her away!” you shout, struggling to find your car keys and he pulls on your hood, slowing down your movement in order to catch up with you.

“Away? Where, to the penthouse?” J pants, not willing to chase after you again.

“No, away from you where she will be safe! “
“What about the boys?” the problem arises and you become more nervous.

“You left her here in the cold?” you punch his shoulder, trying to pass him but he walks in front of you.

“Are you insane?! Of course I didn’t abandon her in the cold; she was in the office with me!” The Joker growls, pissed.

“You’re a terrible person! I was so worried!” you begin to cry again and Mia winces, uncomfortable in your tight hold.

“We have to go back; the storm is only getting worse. I am fucking freezing since I had to leave the penthouse in a hurry wearing just my purple coat and a shirt, looking for a crazy woman downtown Gotham in this snow storm!! Come on, we’ll send for your car later. Frost is parked across the street,” he gestures, pointing at the black van.

You hesitate and J needs to bring out the mommy in you.

“The boys are probably up by now, wondering how come you’re not there to make them pancakes. You want them to starve to death?!” he over exaggerates, flaring his arms around.

“No, of course not,“ you mumble, following his steps, convinced nobody else on the planet makes better breakfast than you.

“Then hurry up, your kids are waiting!” he has an outburst of clarity while you lean on him for balance, careful not to slip.

You didn’t even realize he referred to his children as yours too, but this is probably why your heart is beating faster.  And all you can think right now is what else you can cook for breakfast.

That’s what mothers do.


Mystery Snore-er

So, here’s a wee ficlet for you guys. I’m still in the middle of trying to graduate, so I don’t really have time to dedicate to my ongoing series at the moment. It’s killing me as much as it’s killing you, I promise. But I can do wee blurbs like this one. Huge thanks to @diversemediums for helping me out when I got stuck. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Inspired by actual events…

A loud snore woke Claire. Grumbling, she nudged Jamie and got him to roll over. When the awful noise persisted, she nudged him harder. It was unlike him to snore so loudly. Glancing to the end of the bed, Claire wondered if the cat was responsible for the new sound of Jamie’s. Perhaps he had an allergy to the wee ball of fur he’d brought home for her. Finally, though she nearly pushed him from the bed, the racket stopped. Settling back down, Claire fell back to sleep.

She got up a little before sunrise, leaving Jamie still asleep in their room upstairs. If she worked quickly, she might get a decent breakfast cooked before he came down. The wood creaked above her as she started putting the food out on plates. Jamie rubbed his eyes and sat down on the bench, staring up at her.

“Good morning, darling,” she said, pouring him a cup of chicory coffee. “Did you sleep all right?”

He groaned.

“I’ve slept better.”

Her brows went up.


“Aye. I fell asleep wrapped around ye, holding yer briest in my hand. And woke up this morning wi’ my arse hangin’ half off the bed!”

Claire pursed her lips, trying to hide a smile, and folded her arms over her chest.

“Well someone decided to saw a bunch of logs while I was trying to sleep, so I had to do something.”

Jamie blinked.

“I’m no’ pickin’ up what yer putting down, Sassenach.”

Claire choked on her tea. She waved weakly at him when he started to get up.

Where on earth did you learn that? Oh goodness, I think I’ve inhaled half my cup.”

“Brianna,” he said, a fond smile on his lips. “Better to join the daft talk than fight it, Sassenach. And speaking o’ daft… I dinna snore. You, on the other hand…”

With the handkerchief Jamie handed her, she wiped her mouth.

“I do not snore.”

“And how would ye ken? Ye only snore in yer sleep, aye?”

“Well, yes, but-”

Jamie poured her another cup of tea and grinned at her.

“Then ye canna ken if ye snore or no.”

“That’s… Well fine, you’ve got a point there. But you’ve never complained about my snoring in the past.”

He took the cup from her hand and placed it on the table, turning to pull her close.

“There are few things about ye I’d complain about, a nighean.”

“Oh?” she asked, moving her hands to his shoulders.

“Aye,” he replied, smirking. “The majority of those involving your uncanny knack of getting yourself into all manner of mischief.”

He laughed as she swatted his ear, then held her wrists against his heart.

“Arse,” she said mildly.

Still chuckling quietly, he leaned down and kissed her. In the quiet of the morning, a soft sound echoed down the hall. Claire pulled back and looked up at Jamie, brows lifting in question. He shook his head and they followed the noise until they found the source.

Claire leaned against Jamie and watched Adso’s little furry body move as he breathed. He was curled up in a tight ball on top of a basket filled with strips of clean cloth. As they stood silently, he breathed in again and Claire nearly gasped.

“Roosevelt Christ! That snoring was the damned cat?!”

Jamie started laughing.

“So it would seem, Sassenach!”

Daddy’s Eyes

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,056

Prompt/Summary: ‘I’m pregnant.’ (dialogue prompt) / Negan and his wife decide to have a second baby together.

Warnings: Very light smut.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: This is another one set in my pre-apocalypse AU… I swear someday I’ll write a story about Negan that’s actually set in TWD world, lol. Sorry I didn’t go all the way with writing the smut; I’m really not good at writing full on smut. And sorry for the odd title. I am the Worst at coming with titles for fics and often just use song titles.

Also, I may do a part two to this one where Lucille meets her little brother or sister, just because I think that’d be cute AF.

Tagging: @grimes-slut, @negans-network, @jdms-network, @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm, @jeffreydeanneganstrash, @sweetsweetpeach (Want to be added? Send me an ask!)

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Anywhere I go, There You Are

Anonymous request: So, seeing as we’re both from Canada, I figured that you might be willing to write something where Bill’s girlfriend is Canadian & she goes to Sweden with him for the first time (maybe her first impression when they arrive in Stockholm is: ‘well, the cold weather’s definitely familiar to me’). Anyway, he takes her on a series of mini dates which revolve around sightseeing/relaxation; then, for the last one, he takes her on a very fancy dinner & proposes.

Disclaimer: Sorry in advance if you aren’t Canadian! Just close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by a bunch of igloos and majestic moose, sipping on a large double-double coffee with two creams that you paid for in loonies, with a bowl of steaming poutine sitting next to you! 🍁🇨🇦💙 

It starts off as a playful conversation between two long-term lovers. You’re seated face-to-face, the only source of light in the darkened room emanating from varying degrees of melting candles. “If you could have anything for Christmas this year, what would it be?” Bill’s arm is slung over the back of your wooden chair, his other hand resting loosely around the stem of a white wine glass.

You push the almost empty plate of food out of your way and steeple your hands under your chin. “This is a loaded question.”

Bill shakes his head grinning, he lifts the glass to his lips and takes a hearty sip. “Its not, because I have a feeling I know exactly what you’d like. I’d like to hear you say it.”

You take a sip of your own wine, savoring the slightly bitter tannin against your tongue and set the glass down with a resounding clank against the marble tabletop. “I’d like to travel to Sweden with you. More specifically, Stockholm. You’ve been home to Canada with me a few times. You’ve met my family and vice versa, but it’s just… time.”

Bill tips the last of the wine into his open mouth, his gaze lingering on yours. “Well,” He beams brightly and produces two folded sheets of paper from his denim pocket. “I can’t even begin to fathom how much more beautiful Stockholm will be with you in it.”

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Fake AH Crew Jack Pattillo is so good.

Jacklyn Pattillo who got fucking sick of getting passed over for jobs for being a woman. Jack Pattillo who found out at 16 that she could never have kids of her own because of some horrible fluke of nature. Who started going by Jack when she was around 20 cause she was sick of losing out on things and people treated her like a boy half the time anyway so why not. 

Jack Pattillo who worked as an RN for YEARS because she just wanted to help heal people. She met Geoff working Emerge when he came in at like 4 am covered in major abrasions and limping on a shattered ankle. She doesn’t ask what happened because she knows who he is, she’s done work for the LS gangs on the side for extra money, she’s heard tell of Solo Heister Geoff Ramsey and she knows someone crashed through a window at the bank downtown that night because they keep the news on in the Emerge waiting room, she knows what breaking through a second story window and hitting the ground, even at a roll, can do to you. Jack fixes him up though, puts butterfly bandages on his cheeks and nose where the cuts are smaller, and stitches shut the bigger wounds on his arms and chest. She calls the doctor on call to set his ankle, and stands by watching as he works. As Geoff leaves he slips a card into the pocket of Jack’s scrubs on the sly, it’s got a phone number, a name, and an address.

So she goes by, this is before Geoff is big time, before the Fakes have banded together, at least a year before their golden boy flies over from England, fleeing for his life, almost two before they find Ray and the Vagabond roaming the streets of Los Santos. Jack gets the job immediately. Geoff tells her he needs a partner, especially one with medical know how, he tells her he’s got a spare bedroom in his kinda shitty apartment, and he can’t pay her much yet, but he’ll get there soon, he knows it. 

Jack Pattillo, who finds most of the other Crew members, dragging them into her and Geoff’s ever growing apartments to patch up and feed. It starts with Gavin. Jack is casing a joint, she’s sweet looking and chubby, no one sees her as a possible threat. She’s about to get back into her car when she sees him stumbling down the street. Gav clearly hasn’t eaten properly in days, maybe even weeks, all his spare money went into buying a plane ticket here. Jack approaches him, her hand hovering over the back pocket of her shorts where her knife is, just in case, and she asks him if he’s alright, he looks at her like a kicked dog and she’s struck by him, by just how young he really is, he looks like he’s barely more than 17, so Jack takes him by the arm and leads him to her car. Geoff is about to blow a gasket at this random kid being brought into his house like Jack what the fuck babe? Who is this kid he could fucking kill us! And Jack gives him that look, the most protective af Mama Bear look and half-carries Gavin into their spare bedroom and sits him down, she cleans him up and gives him one of Geoff’s tank tops left over from when he was in the army to put on instead of his grimy bloody t-shirt. She patches up the little cuts and sets a few gnarled broken fingers after rebreaking them with as much care as possible. She bustles, and that’s the only way to describe how she moves when she’s focused, out into the kitchen and makes some broth for Gav with some small frozen veggies and a bit of shredded chicken, and feeds it to him until he croaks out that he can’t eat anymore, and then she tucks him up in the bed and sets a glass of water on the bedside table and a note letting him know where things in the apartment are. (Geoff never realized before that night just how much he loved and treasured Jack.)
She finds Michael not long after, an angry boy, running away from his New Jersey Mob family, a trans boy, too fucked up in his father’s eyes to get to stay around so he hopped ship to Los Santos in the middle of the night, enough money for gas and some shitty rest stop snacks, but he makes it, and hears whispers of the Gang Nurse Jack Pattillo on the streets, and prays she can help him get on T. He seeks her out, learning her favourite haunts from people on the street, and approaches her. She can tell he wants help before he even asks, so she asks him his name, where he’s from, doesn’t question when the feminine face tells her his name is Michael, calls Geoff in advance telling him not to be a dick when they get there, tells him she found another kid, she gets a fond groan and a promise to behave. She gets Michael on T within the week, books him into a therapy appointment not long after, just in case. 
Jack Pattillo who’s starting to become a Mom anyway. 

Ray and the Vagabond come next, she finds them on the same day, Ray first, then Ryan. She picks Ray up because she notices the blood on his face, and the blood seeping through his sweater sleeve where he was branded for trying to leave another gang. She pulls him in and takes him home. Patches him up, cleans up the brand, tells him that if he takes good care of it it’ll heal alright, and Geoff knows a guy that can do a mean cover up tattoo, and she leaves him with her other boys to go do another “Door Step Check” (Geoff called them that after they got Gav, Jack was like the women running an orphanage, taking in the children left behind). Sure enough she finds Ryan, half-way dead and all the way traumatised from his own last gang. She and Geoff are in the process of moving to another bigger place, she takes Ryan there, patches him up as best she can, makes him some food and gets him to eat it, shows the Vagabond the first real love he’s gotten since he left his mom back in Georgia. She stays with him in the quiet of the new place for a few days, nursing him back to half strength, and very quiet tales of what he left behind (a vow in the back of her head to get Geoff to deal with those fuckers), and she slowly starts integrating the others in, first Geoff and Ray, because each is so calm on a whole, then Michael and Gavin last, because as much as she loves her boys the two of them together are a hurricane force. Ryan loosens up as the house comes to life, talks a little more, eats much more. One afternoon he asks Jack if she can take him into a garden center to pick something out for his room, and that’s when she knows for certain he’ll be okay. 
Then she found Jeremy, on the run, scared for his life, leaving behind bad jobs and an even worse childhood. She finds his shivering under a thin coat one night in mid-January, it might not get freezing in LS but it gets cold enough. She offers him a bed and some hot food and he jumps at it, she helps him up into the penthouse, another stray for her mismatched family. With a goodnight’s sleep, a shower and some food Jeremy is holding his own with Gavin’s energy in no time flat.

Jeremy’s the first one that calls her mom. It was late a few weeks after she brought him home, her little family finally feeling really complete, she’s sitting up with Geoff, cuddling on the couch watching some nonsense on TV, when she hears distressed noises from Jeremy’s room, she disentangles herself and makes a beeline for his door, letting herself in quietly. She moves slowly and carefully to the bed, where Jeremy is sitting straight up, sweating and crying. Jack sits next to him and pulls him into her arms so his head rests over her heart, and she just comforts him, mumbling gentle words of reassurance to him until he’s calm enough to breathe easy. And Jeremy gives her a watery smile and tells her she’s the best mom in the world, and hugs her as tight as he can, and if she cried happy tears into Geoff’s shoulder that night when they went to bed he won’t tell. The other Lads take up the affectation in no time, Gav wondering why he never thought of it in the first place, but after that he changes her contact in his phone to Mum and when the Lads give her gifts at Christmas they’re always addressed to ‘Mom’ or ‘Queen Mum’ because Gavin thinks she’s the Queen of all Moms. Ryan never picks it up, since they’re closer in age, but starts calling her Jacky like Geoff does, and always gives her a bouquet of Peonies on Mother’s day to recognize her status as Mom of Four.

Jack never thought she’d have a family of her own, and now she has four adopted sons, a goofy husband, and the brother she never thought she’d have. And she loves all of them more than anything