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‘Sherlock’ Review: ‘The Final Problem’ Proves to Be A Problematic Season Finale
If Season 4, Episode 3 was the last “Sherlock” ever, was it satisfying?
By Kaite Welsh

“The brave choice would either be letting Euros be a full-on villain or acknowledging Sherlock and Mycroft’s culpability in what she became. The brave choice would be having Sherlock, not Euros, breaking down and needing to be guided home. The brave choice would be Molly saying sorry, but actually she isn’t in love with Sherlock anymore because love can’t survive in a vacuum and that’s all he’s capable of offering. The brave choice would have been Sherlock and John acknowledging their feelings for each other with or without Mary’s assistance from beyond the grave. Actually, the brave choice would have been leaving her alive and exploring good old fashioned polyamory.

Instead we get clichés, queerbaiting and a modern adaptation that manages to feel more staid than the original.”

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A Preview of the new Touch It remix for Final Fantasy and further Announcements

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