finally being active


I just hope I’m not around the day that pot finally boils over.



Hey there! I was in the military in 2014 and unfortunately suffered a debilitating injury during training that left me in a wheelchair for months and then mobility reduced. I was 168 lbs at 5"6 this summer when I was cleared to start working out again. I started eating ketogenically, quit smoking, started doing yoga and had a strict weight training regiment. I am not 115 lbs and could not be happier (Yes, it was quick weight loss but mostly due to me finally being able to be active after a year of injury) . There will be a lot of obstacles on the journey to weight loss, but never give up !

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Germany - I have a crush on my teacher and I am so so so annoyed that happened and I'm trying to forget it but he always favours me and encourages me, I hate PE so thanks to him I finally feel confident being active, also thanks to him I got the courage to work out. This is so weird. I hate it, but I don't really...I am so confused.

Well tbh this is seriously weird, but the thing is you should probably forget him because first of all it isn’t even allowed to have a realationship with your teacher and I think he could lose his job because of that and the other thing is that it’s honestly pretty hopeless to actually get in a relationship with him


“Manik, I’m scared.”

“Scared..from me?”

“Yes. You’ve always apologized for hurting me, but you never apologized for leaving me. You never said, ‘Sorry Nandini, I shouldn’t have left you like that.’ You know what was the first thing I noticed about you, it’s that you were a great friend. Maybe the world’s most loyal friend. And I don’t want to take that away from you. That’s why I know, if such a thing was to happen again, where you’d have to choose between your friends and me, you’d choose your friends. Right? Please say something, I want to know.”

“Yes, I will choose my friends. Do you want to know why? Ask me, 'why?’”


Because I have to be with them, always. To protect them from the world. Like, you protect me. Always. You said it once Nandini that you were my star. So yes, you are my shining star.“

Hello pumpkins!  I am a (kinda) new studyblr ^^

I have finally started being active again on this studyblr like two weeks ago, even if I had it for a year or so (oops!). I have found that it helps me stay productive in my class work, and that following a lot of you inspires me to work and to create nice things!

I am Victoire and I live in France. I will be 19 in 4 days (April 15th), and I am currently finishing the first year of a two-year course in Audiovisual and Cinema in Paris (basically I study Cinema and Art History as well as Physics and Technology, but I also have practical classes where I learn how to use cameras and lights properly ^^)!

I speak French, Spanish and English, and as of today, I am learning Italian (Duolingo is my friend <3)

I love movies, videos and photography, learning things from others (especially if they show me new music), studying with music and drinking too much coffee :D

Some of the most inspiring studyblrs for me at the moment are @studyign, @studypetals@organised-student, @ashleystudies, @hermionegoals, @alicethinks, @hayley-studies, @studyrelief, @bohoberry, @studytildawn, @studysthetics and all those I have forgotten (sorry <3)! Thank you for everything you do!

If you see this post, thank you for your motivation, and maybe reblog or like so I can follow more of you! See you around ❄️