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I wanted to remind people that when your therapist ask you if you’ve tried exercise like… actually try exercise. Even if you just do jumping jacks for like five minutes. It really can change your mood.  


trying out different journaling styles! + finals are in less than a week and tbh i’m so stressed :(

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I just hope I’m not around the day that pot finally boils over.

Hey there! I was in the military in 2014 and unfortunately suffered a debilitating injury during training that left me in a wheelchair for months and then mobility reduced. I was 168 lbs at 5"6 this summer when I was cleared to start working out again. I started eating ketogenically, quit smoking, started doing yoga and had a strict weight training regiment. I am not 115 lbs and could not be happier (Yes, it was quick weight loss but mostly due to me finally being able to be active after a year of injury) . There will be a lot of obstacles on the journey to weight loss, but never give up !

Meet the JSE community

I’m FINALLY joining this event @no-strings-puppet created a prompt list for! Wanted to do it for ages but completely forgot, oops…
Here we goooo!

1. Name, age, country:  
Stef, 16, Germany.

2. Appearance:
I don’t want to post a picture of me yet. I could draw me, but I’m not that motivated at the moment. I can describe myself. Well… I look older than I actually am, at least everyone says that and I don’t get asked for my ID when I buy beer so, heh. I’m 1.70m/5'7 tall, so average I guess. I’m not the skinniest person but not overweight either. I have short hair - the best way to describe it: I have Jack’s haircut :D My natural hair colour is dark brown, almost black, but I like to try shit out: It was blue, turquoise, green, yellow, blonde and red before. Right now, the red faded to a light orange. Which I’m fine with, the crazier the better xD The next thing I’ll try is purple! I usually dress black or dark in general, maybe slightly punk/goth at times… I do NOT use make-up though. Hate it. Always hated it. Will forever hate it.
(Maybe one day I’ll be confident enough to post a picture…)

3. Hobbies:
Games, write fics, draw (traditional), read books, scuba diving, listen to music (electro or metal), think (yes, that’s a hobby for me), sleep and dream, watch movies (horror), watch youtube (Jack)

4. What’s your dream job?
I’d love to be a psychologist one day, hence the ‘hobby’ thinking. Or a graphic designer. Or a dentist. Or a teacher. But anything psychology related would be really super cool. Make it happen, universe.

5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?
Phone, rubik’s cube, usb stick, wallet, headphones, keys. I hate bags though. Backpacks are much nicer.

6. How would you describe your personality?
Hm… Calm and quiet, pretty shy and introverted at times but I can talk a lot if required. So – ambivert I guess? Will need to recharge after being around people. Bad at making the first step. Night worker. Dirty jokes - all the dirty jokes. Wants to do so much shit but ends up doing nothing. Trying to think positive, smiles and laughs a lot but once I cry I can’t ever stop again. Can get lost in dark thoughts very easily. Will scream at you in case I didn’t down enough coffee. INFJ.

7. When did you find Jack’s channel?
Around March/April 2017. Generation yellow floof. I’m so sad I didn’t discover him earlier! (Finding out and researching everything about Anti… it took me some months.)

8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!
ANTI (of course), Chase (mah duuuude), Schneep (he’s alive btw) and Marvin (yes, I know that’s 4, but Marvin is a sweetheart)

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch?
Undertale (oh man, just a good time), Outlast 2 (not ‘nostalgic’ but one of my favourite series), RYC in general (we get to know Jack so much better), ANTI (not a series but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)

10. Would you describe yourself as an active or quiet member of the community? 
Pretty active. Writing theories and observations during a storm and reblogging a lot during peaceful times. And of course, the fics. Ohoo THE FICS. Writing is life. But pain. I love it. And even when I’m not posting… I’m constantly watching everything. Not an hour without tumblr goes by :D

BONUS: 11. Favourite Anti moment(s):

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I am IN LOVE with this moment. This expression of pure rage and fury, lashing out at the audience and screaming with anger. Gives me chills every time.


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“Laughter is the best medicine… for death!

Simply because that was the beginning of something… great. He showed himself again after a long, long time… Oh, the nostalgia!
(I was still new to the community at that time. I was still doing my research about Anti to properly know what I’m talking about when I’d finally start being active here… Let’s just say I was exuberant that day.)

So yeah… Hello! It’s me!



Why Won’t You Kiss Me? (Baekhyun)

request:  Hi! Can I get a first kiss scenario with Baekhyun? Where you haven’t had your first kiss yet and he is super experienced and wants to make out😚 *sorry for my potatoness* I love your scenarios so much!!! Thank you!!

Can I request a Baekhyun scenario where his girlfriend is afraid to have her first kiss because he is her first boyfriend? Super fluffy please!!! Thank you💕

genre: fluff, gets a bit heated at the end but not much lol

word count: 492

author’s note: yay for me being active finally ^-^ hopefully i’ll be like this for a while. be sure to send me all your requests because i need some more inspiration hehe. hope you cuties enjoy~~

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i hate sexuality isnt a choice discourse sm honestly cus like yeah ofc i get it ugh it reminds me of like how homophobes are always being like umu they were born that way so we have to pity them for their condition instead of respecting who they are

and some ppls journey of discovery is so so long! and it is a choice to explore and come to terms with who u are, finally being able to actively call myself a lesbian despite my anxieties and become active in the comm after like years of feeling like i wouldnt be accepted was a choice,

like no straight persons going to wake up tomorrow and be like oh i’m gay now.i’ve decided to be gay for the day. but theres really no harm in ur lgbt siblings seeing their path as a choice, a path they took that was not controlled by some outside force, instead of believing you were born the way you were. cus then youre like how did it take so long? shouldnt i have known? am i failure? arewho realized faster are better than me? some ppl, its empowering, this is who i was born to be, others, this is who i’ve become after this journey, you know. the way you see ur gay awakening isn’t harming anyone. no need to get on ppls case about this. its rlly not that big of a deal

ya girl is ALIVE after like, months of weird inconsistent activity – expect a giveaway, video, & new pictures this week along w finally being a consistent and active poster… it’s been a while since i’ve felt so motivated & i’ve let go of a lot of excess baggage over the course of the last two or three weeks, so i’m ready to get back to shit & kick some butt >:^0

So it’s finally happening...

After not being active for over a year. I’m finally calling it quits on ACT.

I loved doing this blog and i am grateful for all the friends I have made over the years through Chubby Twilight. Flips,  Zach, Slots, AA, Cocoa, Everyone.

The problem is that I finally have reached a point where I can’t draw fat art anymore. I try and try, but nothing looks good to me anymore. I’ve decided to pursue art in a SFW matter and work more towards my game development, the one thing I always dreamed of doing.

I am going to do one final post though, and it will be a sequence to give twilight her dream size in a growing sequence ^^. I will be streaming it tonight as my last and final stream. I want to thank everyone for the support and love that you have given me over the years. ACT grew so much more then i could hope for.

Thank you for 5 years of fatty twilight fun


“Manik, I’m scared.”

“Scared..from me?”

“Yes. You’ve always apologized for hurting me, but you never apologized for leaving me. You never said, ‘Sorry Nandini, I shouldn’t have left you like that.’ You know what was the first thing I noticed about you, it’s that you were a great friend. Maybe the world’s most loyal friend. And I don’t want to take that away from you. That’s why I know, if such a thing was to happen again, where you’d have to choose between your friends and me, you’d choose your friends. Right? Please say something, I want to know.”

“Yes, I will choose my friends. Do you want to know why? Ask me, 'why?’”


Because I have to be with them, always. To protect them from the world. Like, you protect me. Always. You said it once Nandini that you were my star. So yes, you are my shining star.“