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I wanted to remind people that when your therapist ask you if you’ve tried exercise like… actually try exercise. Even if you just do jumping jacks for like five minutes. It really can change your mood.  


I just hope I’m not around the day that pot finally boils over.

Hey there! I was in the military in 2014 and unfortunately suffered a debilitating injury during training that left me in a wheelchair for months and then mobility reduced. I was 168 lbs at 5"6 this summer when I was cleared to start working out again. I started eating ketogenically, quit smoking, started doing yoga and had a strict weight training regiment. I am not 115 lbs and could not be happier (Yes, it was quick weight loss but mostly due to me finally being able to be active after a year of injury) . There will be a lot of obstacles on the journey to weight loss, but never give up !



Why Won’t You Kiss Me? (Baekhyun)

request:  Hi! Can I get a first kiss scenario with Baekhyun? Where you haven’t had your first kiss yet and he is super experienced and wants to make out😚 *sorry for my potatoness* I love your scenarios so much!!! Thank you!!

Can I request a Baekhyun scenario where his girlfriend is afraid to have her first kiss because he is her first boyfriend? Super fluffy please!!! Thank you💕

genre: fluff, gets a bit heated at the end but not much lol

word count: 492

author’s note: yay for me being active finally ^-^ hopefully i’ll be like this for a while. be sure to send me all your requests because i need some more inspiration hehe. hope you cuties enjoy~~

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Maybe you got to my head - a Souji/Yosuke fanmix | picture credit

Animal - Neon Trees | Shark Attack - Grouplove | Got To My Head - Waters | Naive - The Kooks | Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy | High - Young Rising Sons | Luck - American Authors | Faster - Matt Nathanson | Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye | Quiet - Lights | Paris - Magic Man | Thunder Clatter - Wild Cub

gay teenage romance at its finest

finally!! a second mix. i have two more in the works that should be out this summer 8’) hooray for finally being active on my 8tracks. anyway, enjoy!

          So because of finals and the activity being messed up, I’m going to have to like, drop some threads because I hecking lost most of them. So all threads will be dropped except for those with

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          Also, any starters that are made for me and I haven’t managed to get to yet because of the end of semester hell I just got past will also be answered soon !

          I will make a starter call later today and if I accidentally dropped a thread that you wanted me to keep, please let me know !


“Manik, I’m scared.”

“Scared..from me?”

“Yes. You’ve always apologized for hurting me, but you never apologized for leaving me. You never said, ‘Sorry Nandini, I shouldn’t have left you like that.’ You know what was the first thing I noticed about you, it’s that you were a great friend. Maybe the world’s most loyal friend. And I don’t want to take that away from you. That’s why I know, if such a thing was to happen again, where you’d have to choose between your friends and me, you’d choose your friends. Right? Please say something, I want to know.”

“Yes, I will choose my friends. Do you want to know why? Ask me, 'why?’”


Because I have to be with them, always. To protect them from the world. Like, you protect me. Always. You said it once Nandini that you were my star. So yes, you are my shining star.“


((And with this post, I am officially off hiatus! 

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So now I can finally get back to being active on here with school over, so I’m gonna try to get to replies and other stuff as well! Man you guys have no idea how glad I am to be back here :’D

Back in business!

//Eyyy, mun Arashi is back!~ :D 

My exams finished yesterday and now I can finally start roleplaying and being active!

I don’t think I did that well, though… I mean, I did get a pretty horrible grade at IT and Algebra (I asked the teacher about IT, and I am sure about Algebra because I suck at it), and I am worried about a couple other subjects too. But for now, I can enjoy the ten days of holidays that I have, until I get to have afterschool summer lessons (bc this country sucks in terms of education). 

Anyway, big news is I’ll be reconstructing this blog. New header, new profile icon, I’ll be redoing the links, etc, I’ll be making icons, and all the jazz. And of course I’ll be having a tagging system. I can’t believe it took me this long to decide on one, what the hell XD

On a side note, I’ll shortly be replying to my roleplays! So if I owe you a reply, keep an eye out for that! :D