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Merry Pitchmas!

@princessxkaidence I was your pitchmas santa and i wote you a little (Not little at all) bechloe fic. I hope you like it and have a great day!

Holidays With The Beales

“Rough day?” Chloe said as Beca unpacked her laptop bag, back to her best friend who was sprawled out on her bed, scrolling on her phone.

“My dad called again, asking if I was coming for Christmas with him and Sheila again this year.” She began setting her laptop back up, taking her headphones out of her bag and placing them beside it before turning to finally face chloe.

“And?” Chloe moved over, leaving a Beca sized gap for the woman to crawl into, making herself at home in the gingers arms.

“I told him what I did last year. That I already have plans. Then he bitched at me about how family is important and that I’m always welcome there bla bla bla.” Beca let out a long sigh, pulling Chloe’s arm around her waist and playing with long fingers as they cuddled.

Chloe waited a few moments before responding, letting her friend calm down a little before suggesting something new. “You know, you could always come with me instead of staying here alone. My parents wouldn’t mind at all.” It was quiet, barely above a whisper, but Chloe stayed hopeful as she waited for Becas response, her other hand combing gently through brown locks.

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More from Design process - but I am going to start posting some stuff from my other classes. I failed to grasp what my previous crit told me to improve upon but there was some unexpected points as well. WELP I GET TO REDESIGN THEM ONCE MORE BEFORE THE FINAL COLORING !!

Anyways - I was thinking of opening up commissions again cause I want to raise the funds to get a laptop and a tablet so I can go to school AND work more. ( Massively harder to post my work when I always have to travel back home.) Anyways - I’ll keep y’all posted with the happenings and I hope you all have a good eveing /morning (depending on where ya at lol)

I finally made it home after spending the whole day in airplanes and airports with a dying phone and terrible reception.  As soon as the taxi dropped me off, I ran upstairs to my apartment, threw my luggage on the floor and went directly to my laptop to watch Not Today.  

My initial thoughts:


2. Our baby Jungkook doesn’t really look like a baby anymore.  At all.

3.  I could tell that was Namjoon immediately from his walk.  I love him to death, and he is probably the member that I would be most compatible with in real life…but he is so awkward in his movements.  Bless his heart.


5.  I love it when they focus on one member than BAM! Other members jump into the shot.

6. I have a very hard time focusing on anyone else when Jimin is dancing.  Is this normal?

7.  Tae has the best facial expressions.  Also… so pretty.

8.  Hoseok really can’t stop himself from smiling.  He’s got a pretty good mean face going on and then, whoops!  He breaks into a smile for a second before going back to mean mugging for the camera.

9.  I heard the complaints about Jin not getting screen time, so I’m trying to focus on him when he’s in the shot – but there is so much happening!  I can’t concentrate!

10.  Not a fan of the autotune part of the song.  Hoping it grows on me later because everything else is stellar!

11.  Dammit Jimin, why does my eye always go to you?!?!?!

12.  I think I like this choreo, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and visually assaulted, can’t focus, I have no idea what is happening.  Better watch it again!

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Today, I fucked up... by ordering loads of pizza

So this happened last night. I went out for a meal with some friends then went back to drink at theirs. A lot of drinking occurred. At about 2am I realised that I was pretty much unable to focus on what was going on around me so promptly got a taxi home.

Now, the fuck up. I was starving, and my incoherent brain wanted pizza, I vaguely remembered a dominos deal going on so I grab my laptop. I order a large mighty meaty, then change my mind. I change my order to a tandoori hot. Then a pepperoni passion, then a texas BBQ, then a sizzler. This went on for a while. When I finally settled on one, I sat on the sofa and went to sleep.

This morning I wake up to 7 missed calls and texts from an unknown number, and flatmates woken up by knocking at 4am. I missed the order. I’m pretty annoyed but hey its £10 right? Wrong. I ordered 8 large pizzas, thinking I was changing it each time. I then slept through the delivery and never saw the delicious pizzas.

This is quite possibly the single worst thing that has ever happened.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Mini hiatus

I don’t know when I’ll get the itch to retexture hairs again, so I don’t know when I’ll be back.

Lately I’ve been busy with work, I was hired on full time and usually work 9-5 & 11-7. When i am home, I’m usually spending time with my boyfriend. I’ve also finally got a PS4, along with Rockband + drums, Uncharted 4, and The Last Guardian.

When it comes to my laptop, I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley and my boyfriend grabbed the latest humble bundle with 48374948 games. We share libraries and there’s so much to try out.

Then I have furrballs of my own & tend to foster animals…

As you can see, life is really interesting and busy right now 💙 I still check Tumblr to pass time in the car and read my favorite stories, so I’ll be around to answer my inbox.

Thanks for sticking around :)

Tell me your worst procrastination story!

I’ll go first.

One time in college, I flew to visit my friend in another country during reading week (the week before finals that you’re supposed to spend studying). I was set to come back to school the night before my final, which I thought was a take-home final. On the last day of my visit, we went out and got really drunk (her fault… probably). Next day, I drag my hungover ass to the airport in total agony, get to my gate, sit down, open my laptop to study for the first time and realize that I had been mistaken. My final the next day was in class. Not take home. And I had not studied at all. And I was too hungover to function. Well, I thought, I guess failing isn’t the worst thing in the world. There’s a first time for everything.

My flight was delayed, and I ended up not getting home until 9pm. Still hungover, I begrudgingly stayed up most of the night trying to scrape together what I could in hopes of pulling off a miracle. After all, I’d spent years honing my procrastination craft. Don’t fail me now!

I went in the next morning aggressively ignoring my classmates. The last thing I wanted to hear was how hard they had been studying. The professor passed out the exam, and as I flipped through it I realized, holy crap, I can do this! I don’t know how I am possibly about to get away with this, but I am! 

As I walked out, I heard a few classmates remark how hard they thought the exam was. I couldn’t believe it. I ended up getting an A- and my favorite story of my entire academic career. Thank god for my insane BS-ing skills.

So, since I’m procrastinating right now, what are your best procrastination stories?

Story Time: My First Law School Final

Soooooo today was my first law school final.

Prior to me taking my Contract final, I unpacked my things only to discover that I left my MacBook charger.

Keep in mind that my final was THREE HOURS! But me believing my Mac was fully charged, I wasn’t going to stress it… until I turned my laptop on.

DAWG, MY LAPTOP WAS ON 25 FUCKING PERCENT! I almost broke into tears because I had 30 minutes until my exam so I couldn’t even go home. So I’m walking up to 2Ls or 3Ls, because they didn’t have exams like, do you have a MacBook Charger?

Of course, no one did. So I walk towards the IT office to ask for a charger and if they didn’t I would borrow a fuck ass PC laptop. When I walked in, no one was there.

Bruh, I literally shed a thug tear because I already accepted the fact that I was going to fail my final exam before even taking it. So I walk back to the classroom and see one of the IT guys. Bruh, I literally fainted in God’s anointing like:

I asked the IT guy if he had a charger and he did! All I had to do was go to his office and get it. I walk in, see the charger on his desk, and I’m like:

Plug the joint into my computer and my computer was charging, leaving me to take my exam in peace. WON’T HE DO IT?

When I finally get a new laptop next month im going to start writing Malec fics, but like I hate angst soo don’t expect much of that. Time Travel and Single Dad Au’s are my shit so that’s probably what my basic ass will start with aha

I already have a pretty clear idea of how I want one particular fic to go, and it involves Alec deciding to run away from his problems back home, by moving him and his 2 delightful children Madzie and Max clear across country. He wanted a fresh start, a drama free life for once, and ends up moving next door to Magnus Bane, an eccentric proclaimed psychic detective.

It’ll be pretty weird, mostly humorous and should be posted on Ao3 at the end of march!

Finally back home! It would seem that my main computer died while I was away, but my laptop seems fine with running Photoshop, so that’s something!

While I was travelling the 30+ hours it took to get home, I decided to read @abadtime‘s BOTWOT. I LOVED IT. Aghhhhhhhh. So here’s some fan art of that. Can’t promise that there won’t be more in the future XD

EDIT: I forgot to remove my glow palette. Ahahahahaahaaaaaaa. I need to get in bed =_=

I finally got the house to myself for a day and my parents just got home to a completely dark house and just me on the back porch in the dark on my laptop and she was freaking out because she thought someone kidnapped me until she saw the vague glow coming from outside

Stress (NSFW)

Hello love~ I’d like to officially request some Yixing smut, with whatever your heart desires whenever you have time xo @layhyunnie

AN: I hope you enjoy this Noona and I hope work hasn’t been stressing you out as much. Anyway, please enjoy~

!!WARNING!! this contains a care giver/ little relationship, otherwise known as a Daddy kink.


I groaned loudly as I shut the door behind me. Finally I was home. I dropped my bag on the floor and kicked my shoes off beside it before heading to the living room and flopping down on the couch with another groan.

“Welcome home baby”

I looked up to see Yixing sitting at the table with his laptop and notebook. I pouted at him before dropping my head back down to rest on the soft cushion. I heard his chair move against the floor and his steps approaching me before feeling his hand on my back as he crouched beside me.

“Baby? What is it?”

I turned to face him “Work was absolute hell today” I sighed and closed my eyes as his hand rubbed small circles on my back.

“Oh baby…Do you want Daddy to help you feel better?” I gave a small nod and he sat on the couch, his strong legs either side of my body. He began to work his hands over my back, focussing on my upper torso where I was most tense. Slowly, he worked his hands down my back to my butt, softly squeezing. I let out soft moans and whined as he moved away, sitting further down the couch.

I sat up and he chuckled, pulling me onto his lap.

“My baby isn’t feeling too good” He ran his hands up and down my arms and I pouted again, shaking my head. “Do you need a kiss sweetheart?”

“Yes please Daddy” I looked up at him shyly as his hand slid to my neck and he leaned in, softly pressing his lips to mine. The kiss quickly became heated and Yixing pulled my skirt up to reveal my panties. He pushed his fingers against my clit, rubbing small circles against my sensitive skin.

I let out a soft moan, my head falling forward to rest on his shoulder, my shallow breaths on his neck causing him to shiver. After a moment he pulls his hand away and I make a sound somewhere between a whimper and a whine before I feel his hands gripping my hips, pushing me down to press against his thigh.

“Daddy wants you to ride his thigh, okay my little one?” He says low and soft by my ear and I groan, biting my lip.

He begins to guide my hips, pressing my sex against his strong muscles and soon I’m rocking my hips on my own. I continue to moan softly, my head still resting on his shoulder and my arms around his neck.

He let out the occasional soft groan, enjoying that I was enjoying this too.

“Oh baby, you sound so beautiful. Moaning so well for Daddy” He began to leave lingering kisses over my neck before flipping us over so I’m laying on the couch under him.

With one hand he begins to unbuckle his pants.

“Touch yourself while Daddy gets ready baby” I nod and slide my hand down my body to gently rub my clit over my panties. I watch Yixing as he undresses quickly, desperate to touch me again.

Once he’s left in his boxers, he’s hovering over me again, staring into my eyes as if he’s searching for my soul as he slowly pulls my skirt and underwear off my legs. I bite my lip and feel myself blushing, the intensity of his eyes making me a mix of lustful and bashful.

He leans down, kissing me deeply with his sinful but heavenly lips as he gently slides his fingers up and down my heat, spreading my wetness around.

“Shit baby you’re so wet” He moans rubbing my clit, harder than before and I gasp.

I whine.

“Daddy I need you”

“I know baby, hold on”

He pulls off his boxers and tosses them to the floor. With one hand on my hip, he lines himself up and pushes in slowly, moaning sweetly as he goes. I let out a long moan that sounds more like a whine and slide my hands up to grip his arms, feeling his biceps flex beneath them.

He rests his head on my chest and I can hear him taking deep, shaky breaths. It’s hard, but he’s holding back. I buck my hips and he whines.

“Daddy won’t last long if you do that baby” He looks up at me with big eyes and my heart melts.

“It’s okay Daddy, I can tell I won’t last long either.” I pause to kiss his cheek

“Please don’t hold back Daddy”

He looks at me for a moment before he starts moving, fast. He groans but it turns into a moan, his brows creasing together. I gasp and moan loudly, gripping his arms.

He’s touching me so perfectly and I’m surrounded by him. I can feel my release building up, getting closer and closer and by the way Yixing sounds, I can tell he’s not far from his own release.

“Daddy” I pause to moan “I’m so close” I whine.

He leans down and we kiss, moaning against each other and then my orgasm hits. Spilling over, like a dam breaking. My clenching and twitching around him causes Yixing to cum, his hips stuttering to a stop. He groans and sighs, laying against me. He doesn’t pull out and we just lie there for a while, holding one another.

He presses a few soft kisses to my forehead, petting me.

“I love you so much baby” He whispers and I can tell he means it, a feeling coming from so deep in his soul. I press my lips to his, perhaps a little too hard.

“I love you too”

We end up falling asleep there.

AN: I hope you enjoyed this~ I’m sorry it took so long but things happened and yeah. But this was really fun to write :3

- Admin Olli

I’m back, unfortunately :c I miss the ocean already ;A; I wish I could stay there forever, it’s like an entirely different planet than where I live! Jumping with the waves is the best ever feeling there is. And all the ocean creatures are so cuuute, like lil aliens! But the sun sucks, I got a horrible sunburn on my shoulders/upper back on the first day. I was in the ocean water most of the time so I forgot to reapply my sunscreen nuu. On the drive home my burn pain finally subsided but then I caught a cold! So I had to eat cough drops the whole way back and now today I’m still feeling sick ;A;
It feels nice to be back on my laptop, it was fun having a break from it but I missed it, it’s like my baby lol. There’s 67 asks in my inbox now, it’ll take me a little while to answer them, I might delete a few, so I’m sorry if I never reply to your ask. But I read them all c:

Today, I fucked up... by going to the movies

I forgot my ticket at home so I had to rush back. Made it just in time, sat down with my nachos when I realized the screen was all blurry. It was the 3D version, I had not realized I bought tickets for the 3D version. Rushed to the clerk to ask for 3D glasses, rushed back and finally could relax and watch this movie. When it was over I went for a piss, then casually strolled to the bus station. Saw the bus leave right in front of my nose, looked at the bus schedule and realized it was the last bus of the night. When I finally got home after a 40 minute walk I opened up my laptop, checked my email (after first IMDB'ing the movie I just watched like I always do) and noticed an email from the cinema I just went to : ’ FREE BIRTHDAY COUPON, GO TO THE MOVIES FOR FREE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY’. It was my birthday..

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.


Spring Vacation ♥

Heys there! I know I’ve been MIA so much but my computer broke and I doubt you’d want iphone quality pictures so I just waited until I got a new laptop.

Meanwhile, Sayoko (a fellow blog mom) and I got together for spring break and planned a trip to my beach house in Puerto Rico. It was SO fun and exciting to finally meet a mommy who I’ve felt like I have known online for so long but never met.

Trip Details..

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