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How to force yourself to study

Pro-tip to force yourself to study, do HW, or work on projects: Study on campus. Seriously, get your laptop, books, notes, calculator and walk/ drive/ bike to campus.

The reason for the is quite simple: studying on campus associates the place you have lectures and take tests. This helps your brain make connections faster.

And even better: you will never get distracted. When you’re home you have all these distractions just waiting for you, making it hard for you to concentrate. When you are on campus, you have groups of other students studying, which gets you into the mental “study zone”. For even better results, don’t use headphones, but just get immersed in the “ambient study noise.” It’s something like the students are telepathically encouraging you to study.

And finally, it makes it hard to quit studying. To quit studying (or even take a “longer” study break) you need to leave campus and go back home, which takes time. This encourages you to stay and study until the end. (Obviously you can take short study breaks and do things like take a stroll around campus of something like that. In fact I encourage it.)

And just to prove that it works, I’m on campus every day of the week from 8am to 9pm and I always get all my work done. Yep, I’m the guy constantly in the 24-hour lounge with my laptop studying and doing HW. And it works.

Prodigy Lance Fic Part 13!!!!

Bee Note: I am so sorry for the long wait! College has been crazy, and my laptop REALLY hates me for some reason, but hopefully I’m back on my (chaotic) updating schedule! There will be one more final part to this fic (which I’m surprisingly ver my dad about; it’s like watching my child leave the nest). I hope you enjoy!! 🖤


To say Lance was excited was an understatement. Lance was practically bouncing off the walls. He hadn’t stopped thanking Allura and hugging everyone in his path, much to Pidge’s annoyance. Lance couldn’t help it. He was going home. To his family. And Lance’s excitement was contagious.

The whole team was radiant, excited to go back home. Allura had informed them that they would all stop and get in touch with their families, but they all agreed that they would see Lance’s family first. Which caused Lance to start crying again. After the initial shock and excitement settled, the team went about their normal business as they headed toward earth. Still being too wound up, Lance made his way to the observatory deck, watching the stars and planets pass by.

With each star and planet that Lance watched pass by, the more the excitement turned into nerves. Lance wondered if his family had changed. Did his dad find a new job? Were they okay? Were they upset at him?

Lance drew his knees to his chest, tucking them under his chin. He could feel the bundle of nerves form in the pit of his stomach.

What would he say to them? Would they greet him with open arms? Or would they turn him away, angry at him for not even telling them where he was going or doing? He had enough time. He could easily form a plan that would explain why-

“I can hear you thinking from the other side of the castle.”

Lance jerked his head toward the voice, startled. Keith was propped against the side of the door, arms crossed. Lance sent him a smile and patted at a spot next to him. Keith made his way toward Lance, gently lowering himself to the ground beside Lance. They both watched the galaxy pass by, a comfortable silence wrapping around them. Lance let out a small sigh.

“Do you think they’ll be upset at me?”

Keith peered at Lance, confused by his statement. “Who? You’re family? Why would they be upset?”

Lance pulled at a loose string on his jacket, thinking, not looking at Keith.

“I mean, I just left. Without saying a simple goodbye, or where I was going. I left them behind when they needed me the most.” Lance finished sadly, yanking the string from his jacket and forming it into a little ball.

Keith laid a hand on Lance’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, getting Lance to look at him. “Lance, there’s no way you’re family would be mad. Quiznak, you’re defending the entire universe, I’m sure they would understand that! You are still helping them, even when they don’t know it.”

Keith broke his gaze and turned toward the open space, looking at nothing in particular. “I may not know anything about having a family, but I do know that they won’t push you away. That’s not what a family does. They’ll be happy to have you back. Anyone would.”

Lance gazed at Keith, shocked by his words. He felt a smile creep over his face as he could see a blush spreading across Keith’s face, reaching the tips of his ears. Lance shook his head and chuckled around the lump that had formed in his throat. Lance scooted himself closer to Keith, sides touching, basking in the warmth the other gave. Lance felt Keith tense briefly, then slowly melt into his side, letting their sides be practically glued to one anther. The two sat in comfortable silence, watching the world pass by them. Lance then nudged Keith, drawing his attention away from the foreign galaxy.

“You know, I have a enormous family. Like almost a thousand siblings, and millions of cousins. There’s enough love to go around, you know?”

Keith arched his eyebrow and Lance just gave him a small smile.

“You can be apart of my family. Mama would love you. And if you let mi hermanas play with your hair, they’ll be your best friends forever. You don’t have to be alone, Keith. You never were, and I promise, if you’ll let me, I won’t ever let you feel like you are ever again.”

Keith just stared at Lance with wide eyes, not saying anything. Lance stared back, and was starting to try to figure out what he said wrong and try to create a solution when two arms wrapped around him, squeezing him so tightly that Lance felt the air rush out of him in a surprised “Oof!” Lance was frozen in pure shock, until Keith muttered a small “thank you” in Lance’s ear. Lance smiled brightly and wound his arms around Keith, giving him a small “You’re welcome.”

Keith pulled away after a few moments and the two just gazed at one another. When he realize this, Keith quickly pulled away and gave a small cough, trying to hide the redness that he was sure was covering his entire face. Keith rubbed the back of his neck and let out a chocked, “So, uh, you’re a genius?”

Lance chuckled and braced his self on his palms, almost laying down. “Yep.” He said, popping the p at the end. “Although I never really thought of myself that way. I just though I was different. I am glad though. Being normal seems far too boring.”

Keith couldn’t help but laugh, and Lance gave him a dazzling smile.

“Well if it means anything, I’m glade you’re different. We need people who are different. It makes everything more exciting.”

Lance gasped dramatically and fell on his back, squishing his face with his cheeks. “Keith you liiiiiiike mee!” He said in a sing-song voice.

Keith rolled his eyes at his antics. “And here I thought we were rivals and hated each other.” Then Keith remembered something. “Wait, if you never wanted to be in the Garrison or the top of the class, why did you always go after me?”

Lance gave him an apologetic shrug. “I had to pretend. I didn’t want anyone to know the real reason why I was there. I had been made fun of my entire life for wearing hand-me-downs, and coming from a poor family.” Lance set his jaw. “I wasn’t going to go through that ever again. And going to the Garrison meant that none of my siblings would have to go through that. We finally had enough money to buy new clothes, new school supplies. So I had to play the part. Had to pretend it was my life goal to become a fighter pilot. I had to sell the part. So what better way than to declare the top of the fighter class as my life long rival? Sorry about that by the way.”

Keith just shook his head and brushed it off, letting a small smile ghost his lips. “It’s alright. It was kind of amusing and entertaining. When you weren’t being an annoying little shit, of course.”

Lance laughed and sent him another apology. Keith then placed his hand on Lance’s arm, giving him a serious look.

“Lance, you know you don’t have to pretend anymore, right? We want you for you, not who you’re pretending to be. We accept you. Besides,” Keith gave a smirk. “We’re family after all.”

Lance rolled his eyes fondly and was about to recuperate with his own retort with Allura’s voice flooded throughout the castle.

“Attention Paladins! Please report immediately to the hangars we are approaching the Milky Way and will soon be in Earth’s orbit.”

Lance grabbed Keith’s hands and squeezed them tightly, smile beaming as he practically buzzed with excitement. Keith laughed and gave a reassuring squeeze back.

“Yeah, I know Lance.” Keith pulled him and Lance to their feet, throwing his head back when Lance pretty much began to drag him the the hangar.

“We’re home.”

First Class (M)

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Genre: Smut
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

A/N: Nothing to really say, found some inspiration to write…kinda. I might continue this one, I don’t know!

-Admin Moon

My tablet died…just what I needed in the airport while waiting for my flight. With my only source of entertainment succumbing to the low battery, my gaze went to the other passengers sitting at the gate. Most of the commuters travelling to Atlanta with me were slumped over, some just as bored as I was. At least we only had another hour to go and we would be on our way. The flight from Los Angeles was only three and a half hours and then I would be home. It was nice visiting my family, but there were only so many days I could spend with my siblings…. before I remembered why I had moved away in the first place.

My gaze fell on a man sitting a few rows of chairs in front of me. Not for any other reason except he was staring back at me. Even when I caught him he didn’t look away, holding my gaze long enough to make me feel awkward. I looked away abashedly, embarrassed to be caught staring, too. Clearly he didn’t have the same problem. I kept my gaze moving but it kept flicking back to him pulled like a magnet.

He was gorgeous, light brown hair and brown eyes that shined. He had the presence of someone powerful, someone not afraid to take what they wanted, and he was looking my way like he wanted to own me. An involuntary shiver ran down my spine as I pictured those powerful tan arms around my dark skin. His strong hands gripping my round ass, those pink lips on my generous breast. We would be beautiful together. At least thinking filthy thoughts helped the time to pass. The scene playing out in my head was far better than anything I could call up on my tablet.

The flight was called just as I was getting hot and bothered. We formed a neat line and filed onto the plane. I had to trudge all the way to the back of the plane seated firmly. Economy was full and noisy as we took off. As much as everyone told me the steel bird was safe, I never truly believed it. We were up in the air, where anything could happen. It wasn’t like we could pull off the road and fix something broken. There was only one way down with a plane.

I gripped the seat arms and tried to calm my racing heart. It didn’t help having a kid kicking my seat from behind. If I could let go of the seat, I would turn around and show him some manners.

“Excuse me, Ma’am,” the slight flight attendant said as she leaned over the guy next to me. “Yes?” I managed to choke out through some hyperventilating. “You’ve been upgraded. If you would like to come with me, I’ll show you to your new seat.” Upgraded? That had never happened to me before. The excitement of being upgraded momentarily overshadowed my deep seated fear of flying as I got up to follow the woman. I wasn’t going to miss out on a better seat for the flight. I was led through Business Class and went straight to First Class. It was like stepping into a whole other world. The seats were bigger and everyone was quiet. No screaming kids, no seats designed for skinny girls, and… they had free champagne here? First Class was officially Heaven.

“This is your new seat. Enjoy your flight.” The attendant gave me a kind smile as she gestured to my seat and hurried off in the opposite direction. My bag slid easily into the overhead compartment before I took my seat and buckled up. My ass fit so much better into these seats, my legs had plenty of room, and there was no one to kick my seat. “Welcome aboard.” The male voice startled my already frayed nerves. My head snapped around to see the man from the waiting area beside me. He was even more gorgeous up close. My stomach did a little back flip taking him all in. Those brown eyes were mesmerizing, it was like they could see right through me. “I hope you don’t mind I took the liberty of upgrading you,” he continued. He was still talking and all I could do was stare at him. “A beautiful woman like yourself deserves some luxury.”

“I…umm…thank you,” I stammered. “Wait… you did this?”

“You can return to your old seat if you wish.” His voice was like silk, washing over me like liquid. “No, no. This is just fine.” He settled back into his seat and turned his eyes back to his laptop. On the screen were spreadsheets with enough numbers to make me dizzy. I should have let him get back to work and enjoy the free champagne. But I wasn’t good at doing the sensible thing. “My name is Y/N,” I said. He didn’t take his eyes from the screen. “Namjoon.”

“It’s nice to meet you. Do you live in Atlanta or are you going there for business?” My mother always told me I asked too many questions. For some reason I couldn’t seem to control myself now. “I live there.” I really wished he would look at me again so I could catch another glimpse of those eyes. It was selfish of his laptop to take up all his attention. I had visions of closing it on him. My mouth continued its flapping. “I call Atlanta home, too. I used to live in Pasadena until I escaped with the excuse of going to college. I never went back, even though I graduated last year.”

Nothing. “Have you lived there long?” Finally, he turned his attention back to me. Instead of the annoyance I expected, there was amusement in his eyes. “All my life. Tell me something, Y/N, do you fly often?”

“No, I hate it. Does it show?” I asked shyly. I didn’t realize my fear had been so obvious. “A little.” He chuckled, just a bit. It was the sexiest sound in the world. The look in his eye suddenly came alive with fire. “I’ve heard there’s a cure for aviophobia.”

“Oh?” If there was a way to be comfortable with flying, I wanted to hear about it. I hated the fear and terror the big, giant bird inflicted on me. Namjoon leaned in closer so he was whispering in my ear. “Sex.” That wasn’t what I was expecting. Maybe hypnosis, maybe sleeping pills, but definitely not joining the mile high club. I laughed, trying to rid myself of the goosebumps he caused. “Are you offering?”

“It would be my pleasure.” Was he serious? It had been a long time since I’d been with anyone. I wasn’t the adventurous, one-night-stand type of girl. My few sexual experiences had been with my boyfriends and only then after observing the three month rule and the family approval test. But this guy, he was smoking hot. He had more effect on my body in the small time we’d known each other than any of my previous boyfriend’s. But… he wasn’t serious, was he? I giggled away his comment. “Yeah, right.” He closed his laptop lid with a decisive thud. “The bathroom in First Class is very generous.”

He slid the laptop into the seat pocket and twisted his body around to face mine. The next thing I knew, his hand was on my knee. His skin looked golden against mine. “I want you, Y/N.” Namjoon whispered. His breath on my ear sent shudders through me.

My breathing quickened as my mind raced. “But we don’t know each other,” I argued. The sensible in me was still fighting a battle against doing something so stupid. “I know I want you and I always get what I want.” His voice was so commanding, I found myself wanting to do whatever he said. I wanted to be commanded and ordered about. As long as he told me what to do with his hands as well as his lips, I would do it. I found myself nodding as the sensible voice was completely drowned out. I really was going to have sex with a stranger in a plane. It was really happening.

We stood and Namjoon placed a guiding hand on my back. He gently pushed me forward until we reached the restroom. He opened the door and we stepped inside like it was the most normal thing in the world. He wasn’t kidding about the First Class bathroom. It was much roomier than the tiny one in Economy but still squishy with two people. These things were designed for one person and one person only. Namjoon spun me around to face him only a second before his lips pressed onto mine. They owned me. My mouth parted to let his tongue in. He lapped and licked, our tongues mingling together like they had done this a million times before. His hands slid around my body until they found my butt cheeks. He squeezed them, making me wet with anticipation.

This wasn’t going to be a romantic encounter, it was going to be a quick fuck and I was completely fine with that. I reached for his black pants, popping the button and pulling down the zipper. He was wearing boxers underneath…somehow, I expected him to be commando. He was full of surprises. Namjoon tugged at my top until I held my arms up. He pulled it off over my head, exposing my bra. I clearly didn’t dress for sex or for anyone to see my underwear. He made swift work of my bra strap, disposing of the garment like it was nothing. My breast sprung free in all their glory.

His hands pulled at my breast, gripping one and placing it into his mouth. My head arched backwards as the waves of pleasure washed through me. His tongue traced circles around my nipple before he sucked like his life depending on it. I imagined those same lips around my pussy, sucking like that. My clit pulsed down below, demanding as much attention as my Breast. I had never wanted anything as much as I wanted him right at that moment. “Feeling better yet, princess?” Namjoon asked, keeping his voice down. “You have no idea,” I moaned in reply. He should not have been using his mouth to talk, he needed to be using it for much more pleasurable means.

His lips found their way to my neck, suckling on the sensitive skin before making his way back to my mouth. His hands made light work of my skirt, pulling it upwards so he could tug at my panties. I suddenly regretted the panties I had chosen because they matched the bra. They didn’t exactly scream ‘fuck me’. Namjoon pushed my panties down until they reached my knees. It was about as far as he could reach in the tiny restroom. We needed to be quick in case someone noticed us enter together. God, I hoped not. I could not sit amongst them all out there if they knew what we were doing right now. I wasn’t that kind of girl. Well, I guess maybe I was now. I was quickly pulled from my silent panic by Namjoon’s fingers plunging into my folds. He found my pussy and didn’t hesitate in sliding between my lips.

His hands were soft but they were powerful, and there was no question in his moves. He was doing whatever he wanted and was not going to accept any arguments. Not that I was arguing. I relaxed into his grip, letting the pleasant pulses run over my clit. His fingers slid up and down, breaking up the rhythm with a rub to my clit before delving lower again. I could take that kind of treatment for the rest of the flight. “You’re wet, princess, ” he whispered. There were too many endorphins spinning me into a happy daze for me to reply. His lips were determined to kiss every part of me while his hands focused on my pussy. It wouldn’t be long before I was going to come and I didn’t want to be selfish.

I managed to find the strength to grab at his boxers and push them down, careful not to hook his erection in the process. His cock was impressive, to say the least. My previous boyfriends had been well hung, but Namjoon blew them all out of the water. He was massively hard with pre-cum dripping from the tip. I circled his cock’s head with my thumb, spreading the moisture all around before sliding my hand up and down his shaft. My skin looked even darker against his tan. I loved the stark contrast between us. Namjoon moaned as his shaft grew even harder under my gentle touch. I wanted him inside me, sliding in and out as our bodies dancing together.

Just the thought sent a new wave of wetness from my pussy. He slid a finger inside me, making me rock back from the sudden motion. He took the opportunity to insert another one. His fingers were fucking me, sending me into oblivion. My pussy contracted around him as the orgasm took over. I bit my lip to stop myself screaming out. I had never had a man touch me so intimately before, let alone a stranger, but I couldn’t get enough. His thumb circled my nub, drawing out my pleasure for all it was worth. I didn’t realize I was squeezing his cock in my ecstasy. When I opened my eyes, he was trying to hold himself together. I’m not sure either of us were achieving that goal. I pried my fingers away from around him. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. You’re so gorgeous when you come. I need to have you now.” He took his hands back, the loss sudden. My clit cried out for his hands to return their relentless pillaging. But I was in for a treat with his cock, my pussy wouldn’t be left bereft for long. Namjoon pulled me closer so our bodies were pressed against one another. The only clothing remaining on me was my skirt and that was covering next to nothing. He was still wearing his white business shirt with his pants and boxers around his knees. I had to perch my ass on the tiny sink ledge so we could fit together properly in the small space.

Namjoon held me above his cock, teasing me with it. “You ready for this?” he asked. I nodded eagerly, anything he wanted to give me, I was ready and willing to take. If it involved that glorious piece of his manhood, then sign me up. Now. He slid my panties from my knees and they disappeared into his pocket. If he noticed the garish color, he never said anything. My legs were finally free to wrap around his waist as I pulled him closer. We needed to get this over and done with before the seatbelt sign was switched on and we would be evacuated from the restroom. His cock head peeked into my pussy, a glimpse of what was to come. I pushed forward, making it clear I was ready for our coupling and I wanted it now. Namjoon slowly plunged into me. I took him inch by delicious inch. He moved me around so I could take all of him, stretching to make sure I did.

Sudden turbulence made my stomach flip. I gasped as I held onto him tighter. My hands gripped his back, my fingernails digging into his skin. Pushing my fear aside, I focused on the man between my legs. If the plane was going to go down, then I was going to enjoy my last moments with delight. One of his hands held onto my ass while the other snaked between us. His commanding fingers brushed over my clit before applying pressure to my nub. He caressed me there with the same rhythm as his thrusting. Between him and the turbulence, I was on sensation overdrive. Our bodies danced together with his hard thrusting. My fleshy breast bounced against his chiseled chest while Namjoon took me in.

His eyes never left my body as he watched what he was doing to me. I couldn’t make any sound so we didn’t get caught. One of the hardest things was keeping the scream inside while the orgasm built. He was too much for me, the whole experience ready to send me over the edge and plunging into pleasure. “You’re so beautiful, princess” Namjoon whispered against my shoulder. His thrusts increased in speed and intensity, I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer.It only took one more press on my clit for me to go barreling head first into the orgasmic wave.

My body washed with pleasure. My skin tingled as I closed my eyes and let the ecstasy take control over me. My clit throbbed with happiness and satisfaction as Namjoon continued his caressing. He came with me, his cock bursting with his fluid as he contracted inside me. I felt every part of him as he came undone and lost control.

I saw a completely different side to him. He was so collected in his seat and at the airport. Right now, in the restroom, he was a slave to his carnal desires. We both were. I milked his cock for all it was worth, writhing on him and drawing out my orgasm. It was a miracle we managed to stay quiet. Only fear of being caught kept my lips firmly closed. I never thought an airplane restroom could be so damn sexy before. Joining the mile high club was not on my bucket list, but it should have been. I would have ticked it off repeatedly.

My nipples were extra sensitive as they rubbed against Namjoon’s chest. His thrusts had calmed down to a gentle movement but each one still sent jolts of pleasure through me. It felt like I would never extinguish the fire within. His hand finally stilled on my clit, releasing me from his hold. I was sated but my heart was still racing from the encounter. I had never been so fully satisfied before. Namjoon pulled out of me and I felt the loss immediately. I wanted him back inside me, the emotion taking me by surprise. I’d only just met this man and I was missing his most intimate part already. The plane lurched without warning, making me lose all feeling in my stomach. The seatbelt sign flashed on with a ding overhead.

Namjoon quickly pulled his pants up, tucking himself in and dressing in no time flat. He reached into his pocket and fished out my pink panties. Instead of handing them to me, he helped pull them up my legs. I needed him to steady me when I climbed off my sink perch. He helped my panties into place and smoothed my skirt down. I slipped on my bra and clasped it myself while Namjoon helped me with my top. We were dressed in no time, but that still left the issue of leaving the restroom without being noticed. “You should go first and I’ll follow in a few minutes,” I offered.

The turbulence was freaking me out but the embarrassment would be worse. “No. We go together,” Namjoon said before opening the door. “It doesn’t matter who sees us. Let them for all I care.” He pulled me out of the restroom before I could protest. We walked down the aisle with every eye on us. Namjoon acted like he didn’t have a care in the world while I tried desperately not to make eye contact with any of them. Our seats came far too slowly as we slid into them. I buckled up tight, trying to rid myself of all fear and embarrassment. If the powerhouse of a man beside me felt anything other than satisfaction, he didn’t show it. The flight only got worse as we continued to barrel through the sky toward Atlanta. I concentrated on not freaking out but it wasn’t working. “Put the blanket over yourself,” Namjoon said as he leaned over.

I didn’t see how the blanket was going to help me get through the turbulence but I followed his instruction anyway. Saying no to him seemed more difficult than obeying. They didn’t even have blankets in Economy but the First Class ones were luxurious. I pulled it over my lap and up to my waist, giving Namjoon a look that I hoped said see? Doesn’t help. His gaze turned straight ahead as I went back to picturing my safe zone. I was on the beach, the waves lapping at my feet, seagulls cawed in the distance, and…Oh. Oh. Namjoon’s hand had snaked its way under the blanket and between my legs. His fingers had slipped under my panties and were sliding between my pussy lips.

I subtly opened my legs to give him better access which he took advantage of instantly. He stroked long and languid up and down my clit. If I titled my hips upwards just a little, he would be able to reach my entrance. I did, greedy to be fondled there, too. The pressure on my sweet spot was completely distracting me from the turbulence. All I could think of was my whole body as it blazed an inferno from his touches. I closed my eyes, trying to keep a handle on my slippery sense of control. The heat was pooling in my stomach and rising to the top. I desperately wanted to rub my nipples but didn’t dare.

The writhing I was doing from the caressing was enough to betray what was going on. Namjoon kept his eyes fixed forward and his expression neutral. If anyone glanced our way they wouldn’t give him a second look. Me, on the other hand… My chest heaved with my labored breathing. The man next to me was taking my breath away with his gentle caressing. His fingers teased my clit, rubbing the lips between them with expert movements. His hand suddenly slipped lower, peeking into my hole and testing my tightness. I whimpered, biting my lip so I didn’t beg him to finish me off. I quickly glanced at the people across the aisle from me. Thank God for headphones as they watched their consoles and listened intently to the in flight entertainment.

Namjoon went in further as I tipped my hips to greedily take him in. He held his finger there for a moment before easing in and out of me. I was still wet from our previous encounter and he was making the moisture situation even worse with his strokes. His expression never changed even though he must have known what he was doing to me. I was about to explode with intense desire as my clit throbbed with need. I was desperately trying to hold on but it wasn’t going to work for much longer. “Come for me,” Namjoon leaned in and whispered, his only indication that he acknowledged my presence. “I’m not going to stop until you do.” The thought of Namjoon doing this to me for the remaining hour of the flight was too much to think about. He could do it to me forever and I wouldn’t complain.

The intensity was too much. With his thumb rubbing my nub and all the nerves singing with happiness, I had to let go of my control. I clamped my mouth shut as the orgasm tore through me. My pussy clamped around his fingers determined to keep them there in a perpetual state of ecstasy. I had never been touched like this before and certainly never in such a public place. If it wasn’t for the blanket everyone would be getting an eyeful. The orgasm filled every part of me, turning my limbs into jelly. My toes curled and my fingers tingled while my head was light and dizzy. Namjoon stretched out my pleasure for as long as possible, making it difficult to think about anything other than his hand and all the wonderful treatment he was giving me. I started to calm down as his fingers stilled.

He kept his grip on my pussy and his one finger inside me. He held them there for the rest of the flight. Whenever the turbulence was particularly bad he started rubbing again, taking my mind off it. It was the best flight of my entire life. Namjoon never said a word to me, even as we landed. He just held me there, only taking his hand out of my panties when we were safely on the ground and the seatbelt sign was extinguished. I wasn’t sure if I could stand after all the attention. My knees were weak as I tried them out. “Thank you for the upgrade,” I said, the only thing I could thank him for while others were listening. “You‘re welcome.” He smirked, showcasing the dimples in his cheeks. “Wait for me when we get off the plane.” We filed out with all the others. With every step I took I wondered what he was going to say to me outside the plane. Should I thank him for giving me three amazing orgasms on the flight? Should I give him my number even though he probably wouldn’t want to see me again? I was in complete turmoil for the whole walk. I stopped in the arrivals hall and waited. It wasn’t long before I felt a hand on the small of my back. Namjoon guided me over to a discreet corner. Just looking at his light brown hair and brown eyes took my breath away.

He handed me a business card. “I have a position open in my company that I want you to accept. You start on Monday at nine.” I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening as I took the card. Kim Namjoon, CEO. Kim International. So he was the boss of his own company? I guessed sitting in First Class wasn’t a coincidence then. “How do you know I don’t already have a job?” I asked, only the start of all the questions I was ready to fire at him. “Do you?”

“No, but…” He held up a hand to stop me saying anything further. “I will see you on Monday, Y/N. The address is on the card. I expect you to be on time and dressed appropriately.”

“But… what’s the job?” He was making it very difficult to refuse him and my curiosity was peaked. I was tempted just to say goodbye and turn up on Monday just to see what he was talking about. Namjoon smirked again, the same satisfied look he gave me when I came on the plane. He was a man that liked being in full control and being the only one to know all the answers. I arched an eyebrow, refusing to let him leave without some more answers. He took a breath before answering. “Let’s just say you will be the director of office satisfaction.”

“What does that even mean?”

“You’ll find out on Monday. When you show up.”

“And how do you know I’ll show up?” I asked him. Namjoon smirked at me, “We both know you’ll show up.”

“But you don’t know anything about me. Don’t you need to interview me or something?” Namjoon leaned in close, near enough to send a shiver down my spine. “I interviewed you on the flight. Congratulations on your appointment. See you Monday, don’t be late.” And just like that, he turned around and left me speechless. He quickly disappeared into the bustling airport crowd and was lost in the mass of bodies. I tucked the card into my bag and walked like a zombie to collect my luggage. Namjoon wasn’t anywhere in the terminal. I didn’t see him again before I left the airport. It was almost like he was a specter, not even real and only existing in my mind. Maybe I had made him up. But I did have a card and wet panties that proved he did existed.

The business card burned a hole in my bag all weekend long. It finally got the best of me on Sunday night. I pulled it out and studied every inch of it. Namjoon Kim, CEO. The situation needed some snooping. I typed his name into a search engine on my laptop and waited a whole two seconds for the results. Namjoon Kim wasn’t just a CEO, he was a very wealthy man from South Korea. He owned a string of companies, scattered around the world. Many of the pictures of him were at charity fundraisers with a model-type girl on his arm…sometimes several. He was a playboy and a billionaire. And he had spent a flight with his hand on my pussy, satisfying me like none other. The whole situation seemed bizarre and surreal. All I knew was that I had to turn up to his office at nine in the morning. Whatever the billionaire wanted me to do, I would do. He had me completely captured and I wasn’t about to turn down a job in this economy. I could hardly wait to see where it would take me.

Notice anything different about me? // Shawn Mendes

Request:  Can you do an imagine where y/n has her braces taken off and she doesn’t tell him but she’s waiting for him to notice himself? Thank you x

Authors note: Who is the worst at keeping up with her requests? I think its, oh right- its me

“Hey Hun,” Shawn says, placing his wallet on the table and leaning forward to kiss the top of my head. I was sitting at Shawn’s dining table at his apartment, waiting for him to get home from the studio to tell him the good news. After having braces for 18 months, this morning they finally came off.

“Shawn!” I say happily, closing the lid to my laptop and looking at him as he takes a set next to me.

“How was your day?” He asks, grinning back at me.

“Well, it was awesome,” I say, my smile widening. 

“Thats great Y/n.” he nods, his phone buzzing as he speaks.

“Yeah..” I trail off, waiting for him to pick up on the difference in my appearance.

He doesn’t look back up at me however, eyes glued to the phone screen as he chuckles quietly. He types something, his fingers moving quickly, then switches it off and turns his attention back on me.

He smiles warmly, his gaze scanning my face. I gaze hopefully at him, the only sound being the hum of the heater. 

“You want a coffee?” Shawn asks and my jaw drops.

“Are you kidding me Shawn?” Sarcasm lacing my words.

“Right sorry Hun, I forgot you don’t like coffee- you want a hot chocolate?” He entwines his fingers with my hand that was resting on the table top, thumb stroking my palm gently. 

“Do you notice anything different about me Shawn?” I ask, frowning slightly at him. 

“Uhh,” He stutters, leaning back in his chair to examine me. His eyes widen. “Shit, you got your braces off.”

I nod, laughing. “I did.” 

He reaches out, grabbing my chin with his hand. He pulls my jaw down softly, exposing my brace free teeth. 

“Look at you Hun,” He mumbles, tapping the side of my jaw.

“You like?” My voice comes out breathy, Shawn’s touch creating havoc with my emotions.

“You look damn good Y/n,” Shawn tells me, laughing at my flushed cheeks and his hand drops away.

We stare at each other for a moment, Shawn’s gaze flicking from my eyes to my mouth then back up. 

“So,” the word falls out of my mouth before I could stop it. My cheeks heat up even more.

“So,” Shawn replies, his arms resting on the table as he leans forward until I could see every fleck of green in his eyes.

“You still want that hot chocolate because I could probably go for one-”

I cut him off. “I can think of something much better.” 

“Yeah?” His voice comes out soft and airy.

“Yeah.” I grin, moving closer and pressing my lips to his.

“You’re right.” He mumbles against my lips and I pull back, sending him a  questioning glance. “Kissing you is way better then hot chocolate.”

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New Besties

This wasn’t actually requested because i have been having a really hard time writing requests lately. Fear not though the requests will get done at some point. 

Jughead x reader 

Reader is new to Riverdale and she ends up being friends with Cheryl but Jughead helps her end that friendship since she hates Cheryl

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

Being one of the river vixens was hard already. Put that on top of being one of the shyest people alive. Not fun. Cheryl Blossom had taken a liking to me if you could even call it that. I was new and right as I stepped in she came and spoke to me. It was nice to have someone actually speak to me since I didn’t know anybody but now I want her gone. She is the devil in a pretty girls body.The first time I noticed something might be off was when I talked about homework with her


“Ugh. my creative writing teacher is giving me an assignment.” I complained as I sat with three of the girls after cheerleading practice

“What’s the assignment” Anna, one of Cheryl’s minions asked me.

“I have to write a four-page love story with at least two cliches,” I said. I didn’t even know what the hell I was gonna use but then something or more like someone gave me an idea. “Maybe I’ll write it about a popular girl who is in love with a geeky guy nobody notices.” I started but Cheryl caught me off before I finish my epic story about my own life. I was unbelievably in love with Jughead Jones but he didn’t notice me.

“Ew. Those girls are so gross. Like if you’re popular you should try to keep being popular hanging with the outsiders isn’t gonna help you in the long run” she said. I didn’t really pay attention, though. Jughead had sat down and I noticed how he started typing away on his computer. “Right Y/N,” Cheryl said.

“Yeah sure,” I said not really having known what she had talked about.

End of flashback

I sat with the other cheerleaders talking about who our lab partners were. I was more than happy with mine. I had finally after 4 months of waiting been paired up with Jughead on something. “Yeah, that sucks. Luckily I got Reggie.” Cheryl said. I turned to look at her with a questionable expression.

“Really. You think that’s lucky. Reggie knows about as much as my little 3-year-old-brother” I commented making the other girls laugh.

“Yeah well at least mine isn’t creepy” she said referring to Jughead. I turned around and looked at him. He was sitting all alone in the corner of the cafeteria.

“Jughead isn’t creepy. He’s actually really nice, we have creative writing together” I said making Cheryl the one with a questionable expression.

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The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Prologue

gif creds to Admin Smuttyfairy

Summary: A soulmate!AU based off of Jungkook’s cute thought from an anime that when you hear bells ringing as you pass each other means that is the person you’ll marry/be with.

Member(s): Jimin x reader, Jungkook x reader

Genre: angst, fluff, soulmate!AU

Word count: 1673

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: Hello peeps! So for the longest time I’ve been wanting to write a soulmate!AU…AND WELL. Here it is! I hope some of you will find interests in reading this, I’d greatly appreciate. Also, thank you to Admin Jifairy for helping a homie workout this story and thank you to my proof readers

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Originally posted by itsme-hannahbaker

Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “6, 7, and 24 with Justin Foley please?”


6. “I despise you too, so don’t think that I’m fine with you texting me.”
7. “Never in your wildest dreams.”
24. “I knew you would end up together.”

Word count: 1.041

Posted: 30th of June 2017

A/N: Hey guys! A new imagine is up, finally! I am sorry for not posting much in these days. I worked in a hotel far from home and I just came back home. Unluckily, I will be going back there and work for another two months. I won’t have my laptop with me and I don’t even know if I will have a decent internet connection there. I hope that I can come up with something when I go back there.
I am trying to finish my requests and I promise that I will post them soon. I hope to write them all and I really can’t wait to be active like before. I miss you all and I love you guys so much. Thank you for the support and for the positive comments that I am receiving. I love you all.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines as I am still drowning in requests. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt List

Warning: swearing, like always, and (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

“Give me my phone back, Justin!” You stubbornly stomped your feet as the nuisance guy running in front of you started to piss you off. He was holding your phone tightly, keeping it safe, and you, seriously, hated him during that moment. You never liked it when someone would steal your phone away from your hand and would mind your own business, being nosy by looking at your notifications and opening some of your private messages. “Foley!” You shouted as you tried to chase him.

“I just want to have your phone number, stop shouting!” He halted himself from running and he led you to the empty corridors of your high school. You accidentally bumped yourself against his strong and muscular body and it caused for you to stop on shouting. You tried to snatch the phone away from his hand, but he was fast enough to raise his hand as high as he could so you couldn’t reach for it.

“Foley!” You frowned with your eyebrows furrowed. You then huffed in defeat and you decided to stop yourself from being desperate. You started to hear silence between the two of you and you saw that he already calmed himself down. “You can message or call someone else. I hate you and I don’t want for you to text me.” You lied through your teeth, being bitter and still annoyed at the teaser.

“(Y/L/N)!” He started to laugh loudly and you covered his big mouth before a professor caught you skipping your classes. The happening would ruin your perfect school records if ever.

“Lower your voice, Foley!” You complained with your eyes widened, but he wouldn’t stop from laughing. You sighed in annoyance and you took your hand off of his mouth.

You started to walk away from him as you were tired of playing children’s games with him. You weren’t one of those people who fought until they obtained the victory and you got annoyed and vexed quickly too.

“Oh, c'mon!” Justin stopped on laughing and he followed your soft and gentle steps, avoiding to tap his shoes harshly on the cleaned and candid floor. “I despise you too, so don’t think that I am fine with you texting me.” He explained playfully and you felt a painful pinch on your heart as you felt bad and neglected.

“Then give me my phone back, Justin!” You bitterly said, trying to be strong as much as you could. You had your barriers and you wouldn’t let anyone to break it, even though it was Justin. He already wrecked your shield once and stole your heart without any warning. Unfortunately, he despised you.

Never in your wildest dreams.” He smirked at you and you groaned once again. You angrily walked out of your school building and you heard that he followed you. “Hey.”

“What?!” You shouted as you stopped in the middle of your school’s garden. It was deserted as the classes were still going on. “Justin, you are annoying as fuck!”

“I just wanted to have some fun, (Y/N).” He downheartedly said as he gave the phone back. You roughly snatched the phone from his hand and your tears started to roll down your crimson red face. “What happened?”

“I,” You pouted as you let the weight out of your chest. “I don’t hate you, Jus.”

“Oh,” He quickly pulled you into a hug and you felt the warmth of his body. He rubbed your back as he comforted you, feeling bad when he remembered what he has said to you. “I don’t despise you either, (Y/N).” He left a kiss on the top of your head as he tightened his hug.

“You don’t?” You slightly pulled your body back so you could consider his bluish green eyes. They were glossy and full of pity.

“I don’t, (Y/N). Look,” He broke the hug between the two of you and he gripped on your shoulders to see your face better. “I could never ever hate you. Do you know why?” He looked into your watery and red eyes as you shook your head in response. “Because I love you, (Y/N).”

“You, what?” Your eyes widened as you heard his confession. You couldn’t believe it and you asked him to repeat it. How could he love someone like you? Oh, he stole your heart but you never thought that you were able to steal his heart too. Your tears suddenly stopped on flowing, but your cheeks were still wet.

“I lo-” He cut himself from saying it and he let his arms fell back on his sides. “You know what? Fuck it!”

He slowly pulled you closer to his body as he cupped your damped cheeks. He gently leant in to close the gap between the two of you, trying to eliminate the space in between. You were shocked at first, but you later kissed him back, starting to hear your heart beating in your chest. You both lingered the softness and the taste of your lips allowed.

He stole another thing from you, but you honestly couldn’t complain about it: he stole a kiss to confess his feelings for you.

“OMG!” You heard a very familiar voice from afar and you suddenly pulled away from him in shock. “I knew you would end up together.

“Jessica!” You both said in unison with a great big smile in your faces. After all, it was your happiness that counted. The cheerful expression of your friend let you know that she was really excited and very pleased for you and Justin’s new born relationship.

“Monet’s to celebrate?” She jokingly asked and you both laughed with a nod. Justin stole your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, making a strong connection between you and him.

“My treat, let’s go!” Justin winked at you and you just gave him your widest and sweetest smile. Your cheeks suddenly became dry and the tears you poured a while ago were replaced some positive emotions: face blooming and delighting slowly.

You named Justin as a thief in your head because he stole many valuable things from you, but the most important action that he did was to steal your heart and you weren’t regretting it, not even a little.

Not That Biased

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / JB / Jinyoung 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,210

Summary: You work at JYP as an analyst and are assigned to help a group of idols with their new collaboration song. Both Junior and JB are assigned to the project, which is very distracting since you bias Junior. All of this would be fine though - if only that Im Jaebeom weren’t such a pain in your ass.

Originally posted by jinyaung

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So there I was, sitting on my couch, duping dozens of super attack peas to sell on the trading post. I was finally going to fulfill my childhood dream of having a four maraquan draik account, and all it took was a little bit of rule breaking. All of a sudden I hear my door come crashing down. I turn away from my laptop screen in horror as SWAT members swarm into my home. They kick over all my furniture and break everything with their batons. They scream. I scream. They handcuff me. Shoved in the back of the van, I weep. I know where they are taking me. I have gone above and beyond breaking neopian law. TNT can’t just freeze my account; that would be far too light a punishment for a monster like me. I’m being taken to the government cyrogenic center, where I will be frozen forever, without a single maraquan draik to my name.


yo, guys, I’m leaving to Prague tomorrow (Monday September 25) for about a month because of work, and since I don’t have a laptop to bring with me, and the tumblr app doesn’t work on my old crusty iphone lol, I most likely won’t be able to post anything and answer your messages for the time being

that being said, I also won’t be able to make a recap for the latest three Teen Wolf episodes, because I don’t have the time to make them for ep 18 and 19 today, and I’m leaving early tomorrow, so I won’t even watch the finale until later

I will make them when I get back home, so they will be super late, but they will be done, real sorry about that

so! for now, you guys take care, alright? I’ll see you in a month!


Young Fem!Reader x Brother Figure/Alpha Scott

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Reader has nightmares of Isaac and Reader’s abusive home life

The plate dropped to the ground and your eyes locked on your brothers from across the room. The sound of it shattering into tiny pieces was almost like a warning bell for the both of you, Isaac quickly pushed his chair back as a glass was launched towards you, taking the blow as he crushed you to his chest and told you it was going to be ok.

“I’m sorry Isaac!” You yelped when he was grabbed and dragged towards the basement.


You threw you blankets back, gasping for air as the nightmare left your body coated in sweat, Melissa’s room was just next door so she heard you cry out and had hurried in. She wrapped you in a tight hug as you sobbed into her shoulder.

“It’s alright (Y/N), if you have a bad dream you can find me ok.” Melissa said gently.

“Ok.” You whimpered.

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It’s your birthday!

Originally posted by evresed-no

Happy birthday @hutchhitched! We are pleased to post this story for you, submitted by the always wonderful @norbertsmom. (Be nicer than this guy when you get your cake, yeah?) ;)

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this little story.

Rated T for mention of traffic accident and mention of death.

Guard You From Harm

Katniss walked into the classroom and smiled at the only person outside of her immediate family who had that effect on her.

“Good morning, Peeta,” Katniss greeted as she plopped down in her chair and handed him a cup of hot chocolate. “How was your weekend?”

“Great,” he grumbled while struggling with his laptop. He absentmindedly slid a bakery bag with grease stains over to Katniss. He quickly looked up and her and said, “It’s always nice when I can get home to see my dad. How was your weekend?”

“Ugh, don’t ask,” Katniss answered then opened the bag and inhaled deeply. She gave Peeta a quick grin, even though he was already back with his nose in his computer, and reached inside the bag. She pulled out a cheesebun and popped it in her mouth. She loved it when he went home on the weekends. He always came back with her favorite.

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Hello Hello

Jughead x Reader
A really shit, short imagine slightly based on Hello Hello by Fickle Friends (Please check out the song, and the band guys. I love them so much!)
Jughead and the reader are in a relationship but she worries about how much time he is spending on his novel. 

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

Hello Hello 

Your a problem but your mine. I think you hide it well despite the dark around your eyes. 

“Jug?” you ask, rising your head off the arm of the couch where you had been resting minutes ago. He was sat on the other side of the couch to you, squished to the other arm of the couch since you had curled yourself up on the rest. The only light in the room coming from his laptop screen which was balanced carefully on his lap as his long, delicate fingers typed away frantically. The light only showed a faint outline of his face which was pouting with concentration as he worked his magic. No reply left his lips, keeping them pursed and tight.

“Jug” you repeat, sitting up right and leaning over to touch his arm. Despite the touch being gentle and soft, he still jumps with surprise. “Jug” you laugh, his face looking as surprised.
“What are you doing awake?” he asks, his eyes scrunched up as they adjust to the darkness of the rest of the room.
“I could ask you the same” you laugh, looking at the bottom corner of his screen which displayed the time. 2am.
“I feel like I’m really getting somewhere with my novel.”
“I feel like you need to get some sleep” making a subtle remark to the dark circles which had formed around his eyes through the countless nights of staying up late working on his novel. You supported him so much with his work, always giving him space to concentrate. Sometimes you felt kind of pushed out of the picture, left out in the background of his life. But you adored his passion for his work, so often left him to do his own thing, appreciating the special moments you had together.

“I’m fine” he lies, turning his face back to the screen.
“Jug come on” you push, grabbing the material of his sleeve and tugging on it gently. You could see a little smile start to appear on his lips as you pouted your own lips like a child. He finally gives in and closes down his laptop as you drag the both of you upstairs to bed.

Sitting on my suitcase in the doorway out of spite.

“You don’t seem to get it” you sigh, leaning against the door-frame to Archie’s room. Luckily Archie and his dad weren’t home to listen to the two of you arguing cause they would have tried to calm you down, which would have made things ten times worse. Jughead was sat on the bed, laptop to the side of him as he kept glancing between the screen and you.
“Your not even listening now, are you?” You scoff, rolling your eyes. You loved this guy to pieces yet he could barely make the time to talk to you. This relationship felt completely one sided, it wasn’t fair on you.
“This is what I need to be doing Y/N. I’m sorry” He sighs, pulling off his beanie, a gesture he only did when he was stressed as being seen without it was like a criminal offence. He rubbed a band through his jet black hair, pieces of it springing back over his forehead, over his eyes. The bags were still dark and prominent.
“I’m worried about you” you finally admit. “Forgetting about us for a second, because there doesn’t seem to be an us right now. You barely sleep. Barely eat.”
“I’m… I’m focused”
“There is a difference between focused and obsessed!” You emphasis, maybe shouting a bit louder then you intended.
“Maybe I am obsessed Y/N!” he snaps, throwing his hand out in the air. You jump at his shout, surprised at the sudden aggression. “Maybe I am. But this is all I have right now!”

Your breath feels knocked out of your lungs. Nothing. You were nothing to him, and finally he admits it. You slowly nod your head to him, taking in everything he has said. Tears from in your eyes as you grab your sweater and walk away from the room.
“You had me” you sigh, before leaving the house, and Jughead behind.
Your a winner even though you think you’re not.

You sat in a booth at Pop’s with Betty sat opposite you. You had rang her as soon as you left Archie’s, in tears, in need of a milkshake. She sat comforting you as you told her the truth about how pushed out you felt, how much you adored him and his passions but you hated watching his destroy himself and ignoring you in the process.
“Y/N” a rough, breaking voice says next to you. You look up to see Jughead stood near the booth, his cheeks red and raw, his eyes blurred. You try to force a smile but you know it looks pained. Betty gets up from the other side of the booth to give the two of you some privacy. Instead of sitting opposite you, he decides to sit close to you on your side of the booth.

“Y/N I’m so sorry” he sighs, looking deep into your eyes.
“I just care about you”
“I know.”
“Then let me. Stop pushing me away” you sigh, turning to your milkshake and taking a sip, breaking the intense gaze he had been giving you. You couldn’t look at him without feeling sorry for him, looking at how tired he was. “I know how shit things have been recently. With the drive in being destroyed, and your dad… but I’m just trying to be there for you”

“I know. I know I’ve been so focused on my novel and not focused enough on you. You are so important to me Y/N” he says seriously, gently taking your hands and stroking your skin with the rough pad of his thumb.
“I know it feels like your not winning at life right now, I get that. Your always there for me when I need you. I just wish you would let me do the same”
“I’m always a winner, because I have you” he says, one hand cupping the back of my head, gently stroking parts of my hair. I give him a small smile as he leans in closer and presses his lips gently on mine. It only lasts a second but I know he means it.
“Just listen to me when I tell you to go to sleep” I joke, a smile appearing on his lips as he laughs.

Pls send in requests 

Missed A Lot

Prompt ~ Your father Bruce Wayne has always been very protective you which is probably why he sent you away to a boarding school. But now you are back. Having arrived in the morning you want to take a shower only to be met with a naked guy about to step out of the very shower - hint: it’s Dick. Shocked you run off to your father’s bedroom where the following dialogue ensures “There is a naked guy in the shower!” “Then use another one…” “That’s not the point here!” - please? :D

Extra ~ Dick Grayson x Reader - Bruce Wayne x Reader

 You groaned as you felt the cold floorboards touch your feet. They squeaked as you walked to the bathroom at the end of the hallway. You had just got back from boarding school, your dad, Bruce had sent you being his protective self. You didn’t want to go and leave your only friend behind. You went against your will, but you had finally come back home. You occasionally talked to Bruce through calls and skypes but it felt much more real in person.

 You pushed the bathroom door open to reveal a naked man, “OH MY GOD!” You cried out as you ran to your father’s bedroom. You swung the door open hitting the wall.

He looked up from his laptop, “There is a naked guy in the shower!” You flailed your arms for emphasize.

“Then use another one…” He trailed off as he went back to looking at his laptop.

“That’s not the point here!” You pointed an accusing finger at him, “Do I have brothers that you never told me about?” Instead of getting a response Bruce chuckled as your flabbergasted behavior.

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember Dick?” Your mouth dropped open, that couldn’t possibly be your lost friend. The one friend you had to let go of, how could small Dick become such a tall well developed man? Puberty must have done him a real number.

“Bruce?” A new voice called out, you turned around facing Dick. “Dick?” You called out to him, you quickly ran into his arms not caring that he was soaking wet. You hadn’t seen him since you were fourteen.

“W-who are you?” He stuttered pushing you back a bit, “It’s me [Y/N].” His eyes flashed different emotions, he quickly pulled you back into his arms.

“Have I missed much?” You asked looking up to him.

“Todd you insufferable scum, give me that back immediately!”

“Try and get it small fry.” Two unknown voice’s screams were heard from downstairs.

“You have missed a lot.” Dick grinned down at you.

What do I do?!

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 3549 (I totally did not mean for it to end up this long but it just came to life)

Warning: Language and fluffy love

“Get your ‘go bags’ and wheels up in forty-five minutes.  [Y/N], you and Penelope need to find background on the victims and their families.  We need to know everything we can before we land in Colorado.”  Hotch stood across from you as he gave the last of the assignments for the current case.  

“Yes sir.  We will send everything we find.”  You smiled as you slowly stood from your chair.  Derek slid his arm under yours helping you, scared you would fall.  Everyone else was eyeing you for the same reason.

“Thank you.  Damn that is getting hard to do.”  He grinned kissing your cheek and rubbing your rather large belly.

“Anything for both my baby girls.  Try to behave while I am gone.  Work, then home with your feet up.  Promise me?” You fought against the urge to roll your eyes.  Derek was just trying to keep you and the baby safe, but you were not a child.

“Fine, I promise.  Not that I have much of a choice.  One, I am the size of a house and I can’t move that fast anyway.  Two, you told Garcia to watch me like a hawk.  She is taking that job very seriously.”  He laughed as he put his arm over your shoulder leading you out towards your desk.

“Damn right she is. She loves you and this baby almost as much as I do.  So she will be staying with you at the house for the next few days while we finish the case up.”


“[Y/N]!  I have so much planned for our sleepover!”  Penelope all but jumped up and down as she walked over towards you and your husband.  “I’ve got great movies and we can order from that Thai place you love.  And I am going to make sure your toes are all pretty polished before that baby decides she is ready to make her debut!  It is going to be so much fun.”  Her excitement was adorable.  Penelope had become one of your best friends since you joined the B.A.U. She was the one that pushed Derek to ask you out in the first place.  This sweet little baby growing inside of you would not be here without “Auntie Penelope” as she now dubbed herself.  Therefore, you had to allow her to spoil you.  I would be nice to have your toes painted again and Thai sounded really good about now…

“Just make sure there is time in there enough for me to sleep.  This kid wipes me out fast.”  

You waved goodbye to the team and kissed your husband as they all left for the airport.  This was going to be Derek’s last case where he traveled.  There were only a couple weeks left before you were due and he did not want to be caught in the position of missing the birth.  This case was relatively short and they were expected back in three days.  You spend the rest of the day with Penelope in her office on the computer and on the phone with different people regarding the case.  To say you were sore by the time you left work, was putting it mildly. Everything started to hurt lately. The random leg cramps were the worst of it and was one thing you would not miss about pregnancy.

Derek called to let you know when they had landed and had been texting all afternoon.  You were not sure how he was able to get anything done but he was Derek Morgan so he could probably do it all.  Penelope followed you home and had the food already on its way by the time you walked through your front door.

“Okay what are we watching first?  Star Wars, any of the Marvel movies, Knocked up…”  The look you gave her let her know that the last option was not happening.  “Captain America it is!”

Both of you laughed as you went upstairs to change into something that did not feel so tight. Everything lately was getting to the point it would barely button.  The belly and the boobs were enormous and you were petrified that you would never feel like a normal person again.  JJ had to tell you repeatedly that you would be fine.  Sometimes you listened, other times the hormones took over and you sobbed like a fool.

You stole one of Derek’s t-shirts that was big on him out of the closet and put on the comfy nursing bra you had got from the baby shower.  Those were combined with one of the stretchy maternity shorts JJ had given you. Now you were comfortable and ready for dinner.  Stretching out on the couch Penelope had set you up so that your feet were up to help some of the swelling you now had going on.  The Thai food and the movie were helping relax you.  “Girl what mess do you have going on with this toe polish?”

“What?  I can’t put my shoes on by myself what makes you think I can actually paint my toes.”  The pseudo-stern look she gave you turned into that ray of sunshine smile of hers as she moved to pick out the all the colors she wanted to use.

“Well since I can’t decide what color to pain them I will use all my colors.  You will have the prettiest unicorn rainbow toes.”

“Whatever you want to do Penelope I give you free reign.”  A few minutes later while she was half way finished with the first foot Derek called on FaceTime to see how you were.  When you accepted, you found it was him and Spencer and probably the rest of the group at dinner.

“Hey beautiful how are you holding up?  Garcia treating you right?”  You grinned waving.

“Hey baby, heya Spencer. Yes, Penelope is the best.  I may trade you in for her.  She gets me my favorite food and watches Captain America with me.” Penelope laughed from down by your feet.

“Woman, don’t make me have to put up a fight.  You know I would.  How is my baby girl in there?  She kicking around?”  As you were about to answer Spencer popped into the screen.

“Derek babies move at a minimum of ten to fifteen times per hour on average, even with a typical fetal sleep cycle of a full term child.  The baby, as long as there is no distress, would certainly have moved since we left.  Given that she has also eaten, the baby would be supplied with the glucose from the breakdown of the food causing an increase in fetal activity.”  You snorted trying to hide the laugh.  Spencer pretty much told Derek ‘You’re an idiot, of course the baby moved.’

Derek rolled his eyes before looking back at you.  “Yes she has been moving a lot.  She really liked the noodles.”

“Good.  Rest up I will call you before I go to sleep.”  

“Okay I love you.  Be safe please.  All of you.”  You could hear a chorus of ‘we will’ in the background.

“Love you too.  Night baby.  Night Penelope.”  With that, he ended the call.  Even though he checked on you a lot, you still hated when he was out of town.  Nevertheless, you had Penelope to keep you entertained.  With the movie finished and the living room cleaned up of the sleep over mess, you waddled your way back up the stairs to shower and head to sleep.  Derek texted that they had a break in the case and would be going after a possible suspect.  He would not be able to call until much later.

It was a relatively good sleep; you only got up twice to go to the bathroom.  Both times Penelope came to check to make sure you were all right. Both times you told her to go back to bed you would tell her if anything was wrong.  In the morning, you were up early as you had a craving for a cheese omelet and a cucumber.  Penelope came down all dressed and ready for the morning looking for you as you stood at the counter cutting a cucumber. “What are you doing?”

“Making breakfast?” She laughed as she set her workbag on the kitchen table.

“What do you want for breakfast?  I want to take you out before we have to head in.”

“I want a cheese omelet and cucumber.  Hence why I am cutting this up.  I need it now…”  That caused her to laugh harder.

“Girl you kill me. Cut up your cucumber there and I will take you for the best cheese omelet in the city.”  A bright smile appeared on your face.

“Yay!  They better have milk too because this damn thing is going to give me heart burn.”  That famous Penelope look came over her face as she stared at you.

“Then why are you going to eat it if it is going to cause heart burn?”

“Because I NEED to eat a cucumber.  I am craving it so bad and if I don’t have some, I will think about nothing but the cucumber all day.  So I will take the bad with the good.”  She pushed her glasses up on her nose shaking her head.  You finished the slicing and put it in a little bag to take with you in the car. Penelope had to text Derek while you were distracted.

Your wife is insane.

I know.  But she is cute so I keep her around.  Was the response she quickly received.  He did not even ask to know what the insanity entailed.  He know it was something probably crazy and just chalked it up to the pregnancy.

Breakfast was amazing and you managed to eat the whole thing and a big glass of milk without too much issue. Baby girl in there was dancing a nice little number on your bladder by the time you made it into work.  The rest of the day was similar to the previous. You found information and leads feeding them to the team as quickly and efficiently as you could.  The chair you were not used to sitting in caused a horrible cramping in your back and forced you to have to stand for a little while to try to relieve it.  It did not work so you alternated between sitting and standing.  That just made Penelope crazy with all the movement in her space so you retreated to the conference room so you could take your laptop and would have the room to put your feet up.

By four, you were over it all.  You were uncomfortable and swollen and you were just done.  There was no way to sit or stand in a comfortable position.  Your back was aching in a way it never had before. Nope you were done.  You were going to go home and wait out Derek coming home and this baby to finally show her face.  Picking up your laptop, you walked back to your desk.  Penelope ventured out of the hole of her office looking concerned.

“[Y/N], you okay?  You look like you are going to cry.”  As much as you wanted to hold it all in, the hormones surged forcing you to cry uncontrollably.  

“No I’m not okay.  I’m tired, my back hurts, and I cannot do this anymore.  I need to go home and sleep until this baby decides she is ready to come out.  Which at this rate may be never.”

“Oh honey…”  She pulled you into a tight hug, rubbing your back. “She will come out I promise.  It will be soon.  Come on I will take you home.  Let me call the team and let them know, okay?”  Wiping your face, you nodded.  Penelope let the team know both of you were headed back to the house. Derek was worried and called your phone to check on you.

“[Y/N] what’s the matter? What’s going on?”

“I’m just a mess.  I need a nap and bottle of wine, which I am not allowed to have now.  My back hurts and I am just done.”  

“Let Garcia take you home. I will be home tomorrow night, okay? We will curl up and watch whatever stupid thing is on TV, eating tacos and any weird thing you want to put on them this time.”

“That sounds good.  Taco’s actually sound really good.”

“Good.  Go home and rest baby.  You are worrying me.  Make Penelope stop on the way home for tacos.”  You could hear it in his voice that you were definitely worrying him.  Now you felt guilty.

After a few hour nap on the couch, you woke up feeling a little better.  However, the ache in your back was getting worse.  Maybe the baby was sitting on something wrong.  Whatever it was, hurt.  Penelope was reading a book on the love seat; she looked over when you sat up.  “Feeling better?”

With a short nod, you stood up feeling like an old woman.  “Yeah a bit.  I need something to drink though.”  The steps into the kitchen were slow and deliberate.  That was the only way you could move at this point.  It felt like you had a bowling ball in between your legs.  As you opened the fridge, the baby gave a hard kick and something felt like it popped.  Then warm fluid started to seep through your clothes quickly collecting to a small puddle beneath you on the kitchen floor. “Oh shit…”

“What’s the matter honey?” Penelope got up from the chair and walked towards you.

“Umm I think my water broke…”  Her eyes went wide in panic as she stepped closer.

“Oh no… Derek isn’t here. This wasn’t supposed to happen yet. Derek isn’t here!  What do I do?”  It was almost comical right now how calm you felt given what was about to happen.

“First go grab some towels so we can clean this up.  Then I think I am going to change and get a shower.  If you will call Derek for me that would be great.  And Penelope just breathe.”  She took a long slow breath before going to find the towels.  Sometime in the middle of the shower, you heard your phone ring.  You figured it was Derek but you weren’t getting out to talk to him now.  Exactly two minutes later Penelope came rushing in.

“Are you okay?  Derek is freaking that you didn’t answer the phone.”

“I’m in the shower. Did you tell him that?”

“No…”  You laughed as you rinsed the rest of the conditioner out of your hair.  Thankfully, you had not had any painful contractions yet.  It gave you time to enjoy feeling clean before having to leave for the hospital.  

“Tell him to give me five minutes I will call him.  I just need to get dressed.”

Derek called exactly five minutes later, damn FBI agents and their exact timing, as you slipped on your flip-flops.  “Hello my love.”

“You sound way too calm right now.  Are you in pain?”  He was the one that sounded like a hot mess now.

“Do you want me to freak out too?  Because honestly I am too tired for that.  When will you be home?”  You could hear Hotch in the background though could not hear exactly what he was saying.

“Wheels up in an hour. I can’t leave any sooner than that. Then it’s going to be a four-hour flight.  So minimum of five hours, praying that traffic doesn’t try to keep me longer.  I’m sorry baby I should have stayed home.  I thought we had more time.”  He thought you were upset with him.  Honestly, you loved his devotion to his job and his family. You could not be mad.

“Derek don’t be sorry. Everything will be fine.  Just be safe and I will see you at the hospital. I love you.”  A pain started to roll over your stomach.  It was uncomfortable enough to make you gasp a moment. Well that must be what a contraction is.

“Baby girl what’s the matter?”  Oh yeah Derek was still on the phone.

“I’m okay.  I think it was probably a contraction.”

“Damn… okay.  I will be there as soon as I can, I swear.  Let me see if I can push anyone faster.  I love you, [Y/N].”  He ended the call without receiving the reply.  

It helped Penelope to calm down seeing how calm you were.  She timed the contractions now and encouraged you to breath.  They progressively got more painful during the twenty-minute drive to the hospital.  JJ was not lying when she talked about bad the contractions would get.  They were getting to be pretty nasty by the time you were admitted to the hospital.  Penelope held your hand through all of the pain as she reminded you to breathe slowly. After the IV was placed and the nurses were monitoring the baby the doctor came in to check you.

“Well you are five centimeters dilated.  You are half way there!  I hope you husband is on his way.  I would start thinking about pain options sometime soon before it’s too late.”  You nodded unable to answer as another contraction hit.

“Wow those are really close together now.  [Y/N] what can I do?  I feel so helpless.”  Smiling over at your friend, you squeezed her hand.

“Just keep doing what you are doing.”  She beamed over at you as she scooted closer.  

“Alright well let’s breathe some more then.”

Over the next several hours, the pain had reached a new level of ridiculous.  You had been trying to do without medication but you were on the edge of begging for something.  Penelope had been helping you walk around the room and rocking back and forth with you when the pains were at their worst.  The birthing ball helped for a bit but then you needed to get up and move around once more.  After a while, you could not stand walking around anymore.  Laying on your side was the only position that was tolerable and even then, it was not all that tolerable.  “Where the hell is Derek?  I swear he better be here before she comes.  It’s been forever since he called.”

Penelope frowned as she stepped away to call again.  The last four times she tried, it had gone right to voicemail.  This time though it actually rang.  “Penelope I am almost to the hospital.  Is [Y/N] all right?  I didn’t miss it did I?”

“No, Derek you haven’t missed it.  But you better hurry she is miserable and she needs you.”

You could hear what she was saying but the pain was far too distracting to keep your attention on anything else now.  With the next contraction, something changed.  “Oh oh oh… oh shit… Penelope… I need to push.  Like I really need to push now.”  

“Oh okay honey… Derek hurry the hell up!”  She threw her phone down on her chair and was at your side.  She pushed the call button summoning the nurse to the room.  Relaying the message to the nurse, you were checked and were given the go ahead to start pushing.  That was when the tears started.  You did not want to do this without Derek.  Penelope brushed your hair back over your sweaty forehead as the next contraction started.  It hurt so badly and you could not do anything but push, there was no stopping it. You grunted and pushed down with everything you could.

A knock at the door pulled the nurses attention.  “Mrs. Morgan your husband is here…”

“He better get his ass in here now, if he misses his daughter’s birth I swear to God he is going to live with Spencer.”  Your voice sounded foreign and almost demonic in your ears.  There was a collective laugh as Derek barged through the door.

“Baby I’m here.  I’m here.”  Penelope moved to the other side of the bed to take your other hand as Derek kissed your forehead.  

“Good because this kid needs to get out of me.  Please can I push?  I really want to push.”  Thirty minutes later Callie Morgan took her first breath and stole the hearts of her parents and Auntie Penelope.  There were many tears as she was placed on your chest and as she cried letting everyone know of her dislike for the cold outside world.  Two hours after lots of cuddling of your daughter, you and Penelope were both passed out.  You still in your hospital bed and her on the couch.  It had been a long day for you both.  Derek stood holding Callie talking quietly to her as the rest of the team came in the room.

There were words of congratulations and how beautiful she was.  Everyone agreed how much she looked like you.  They did not stay long, wanting to give the new family their time alone and you the rest you needed.  Derek sat back in his chair just staring down at her in his arms.  He kicked himself for almost missing the most important thing in the world.  Now that she was here and you were sleeping comfortably close by he let himself relax and enjoy the start of the best time of his life.

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whitetigerfire1  asked:

Might i ask what made you desire to create the potatoes?

This requires a little bit of back story! 

In 2015, after much planning, I left my home in New York in search of a path that would lead me to a better life. My adventures brought me all over the country, leading me to California where I had aimed to be an audio engineer! Things weren’t quite that simple, however, and I found that all I wanted to do was draw. I was completely torn. 

I had done a lot of moving around after that realization. I moved to 3 different cities in California and finally ended up in Sacramento. 1 full year since I had left New York, I came back to visit! It was a surreal experience to see how my home moved on without me. Seeing old friends, indulging in aspects of my prior life that started to feel new to me. It was a very extraordinary time.

One night, while I was lying in bed, I was on my laptop and trying to think of something to do. I suddenly got the urge to draw a small lil pony, which great big curious eyes. I had to get him out of me! So I drew him up, and posted him to tumblr. 

Someone shortly after sent me an ask stating, “That’s one very cute pony”

And I responded

“He’s a little Pony Potato!”

And for whatever reason, after that, the name stuck. Any time I wanted to draw some random small pones, I called them Potatoes. At first I thought nothing of it. It just seemed like a random little thing that I had adapted to keep my hand moving between projects, but eventually the Potatoes started to show their true shapes. They started getting smaller, and smaller! Eyes getting bigger and wider. They started to become more and more animated, and before I knew it, they were all I was thinking about. As they developed, I would post them to my art blog, and everyone seemed to just adore them as much as I did! Someone had suggested I create this blog for them, and I followed up on it.

Thus this blog was born, and the Potatoes came to be!

Since then, they’ve become a huge part of my life. I wake up every morning and they’re the first ones that wake up with me. They’re the last ones I say goodnight to, I always carry them close to me, and they bring me a feeling of pure joy that I’ve never experienced through anything I’ve ever created.

They are the most magical beings I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. 

They mean the world to me, and I really hope to bring them as far and wide as I possibly can~

So yea!

That’s how Potatoes came to be! <3


More from Design process - but I am going to start posting some stuff from my other classes. I failed to grasp what my previous crit told me to improve upon but there was some unexpected points as well. WELP I GET TO REDESIGN THEM ONCE MORE BEFORE THE FINAL COLORING !!

Anyways - I was thinking of opening up commissions again cause I want to raise the funds to get a laptop and a tablet so I can go to school AND work more. ( Massively harder to post my work when I always have to travel back home.) Anyways - I’ll keep y’all posted with the happenings and I hope you all have a good eveing /morning (depending on where ya at lol)

Your Fault: Anti Prt 2

I seem to have lost the ability to write short chapters for this. Not that any of you are complaining…..right?

I was a lot happier with this one since I was able to show case Dark and Anti’s inner dark traits a lot easier. Hope you all enjoy! And sorry for any typos. Also at times Anti and Dark will have their words “Like this” because I wanted to emphasize the fact that they’re voices are going darker and more twisted like how we know them to be from the videos.

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