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“Buffy and Angel gives us the romance of great literature. Great loves that can never be, what’s more powerful than that?” - David Fury

There are roses on Derek’s doorstep.

No note. No scent trail. After determining that there is nothing inherently magical or deadly about them, he spends the entire rest of the day researching symbolism and archaic demon customs, trying to figure out what kind of death threat he’s just been handed.

It doesn’t occur to him until nightfall, when the neighbors start discussing their romantic dinner plans at a decibel he has trouble tuning out, that he realizes the flowers might not have been delivered with malicious intent.

Because, apparently, today is Valentine’s Day. And apparently someone decided that Derek should receive flowers to celebrate the occasion.

Derek Hale has a secret admirer.

He honestly would have preferred the death threat.

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Polydeuces and Castor, “the great Twin Brethren to whom all Dorians pray.”

- Edith Hamilton's Mythology

Sad Songs for Lonely Lovers

A/N: Saved this last because………… this one really struck right at home. Also, song reference is Ghost by Lianne La Havas.

Anyway. May I interest anyone in some Iggy angst?

(ETA: Tagging some precious humans because tbh one of the many reasons I reclaimed my fuel to write again is at some point I’ve read their writing, so. Hi! *waves* @hypaalicious @louisvuittontrashbags @eternallydaydreaming2015 @nifwrites @cupnoodle-queen)

You and Me and The Bottle Makes Three: Noctis | Prompto | Gladio | Ignis 

Ignis has never been a fan of surprises.

Most of his closest friends can attest to this, including you. He makes a business out of anticipating the worst-case scenarios; he detests feeling helpless and having no idea whatsoever on what to do next. Planning is his forte, and he greatly prefers having different plans and strategies available at his disposal, from Plan A until all the letters of the alphabet have been consumed.

So when he sees you on his doorstep at precisely two-fifteen a.m. rain-drenched and rather buzzed, all his wits fail him.

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Semi-old Gorillaz fandom things

- Getting severely hyped when Jamie posted a new pic.
- “The blue light shining on Russel is Del.”
- Everyone thought the Saturnz Barz worm alien was also Del.
- Short lived mini memes like Del Hell, no neck bungus and Kerdoc.
- “This picture of Noodle looks a lot like Cyborg. Maybe she’s finally back!”
- 2D ate Massive Dick.
- Everyone going crazy over Murdoc’s uncircumcised donger in The Book of Murdoc.
- Also going crazy over Cyborg being in The Book of Murdoc.
- When everyone thought the preview pic for the Noodle Jaguar commercial was gonna be her riding a mechanical bull.
- “Does the slight reddish-ness in 2D’s eyes mean he’s lustful or angry?”
- *Jamie posts that one pic of Murdoc’s ass as a teaser back in like October* “MURDOC’S SO THICK 💦💦💦”
- When people thought the teaser pics for Saturnz Barz was gonna be 5/4 finally getting animated.
- Is it “from harm” or “among”?
- Everyone thought that the new album was gonna be called Hallelujah Money (if i remember right it was before the song even came out.)
- The Happy Landfill Gorillaz Chatango (rest in peace)
- “2D’s licking a window lol”
- The “Murdoc’s gonna die” theory getting so popular Jamie himself has to confirm that it’s not true.
- March 19th.
- …September….23rd……….
- The countdowns…leading to nothing but Damon getting hacked…
- damon albatn

he ate my heart (ii)

i’m finally getting this done!! aaaah!!

“Y-You…You’re a demon?” she was barely able to speak the sentence.

“Yes,” he scoffed. “I’m the demon that you summoned to kiss you, so let’s get this over with.”

part 1

3:36 AM

“Well? Are you shocked that you were actually successful?” His smirk grew as he took a bite into the peach, rather sharp teeth easily piercing the fruit’s flesh.

“I…” She attempted to find the words to explain herself, but they were nowhere to be found. “It was… an a-accident.”

“And you didn’t actually expect a demon to show up in your kitchen and steal your produce, correct?” He placed the peach on the counter and wiped his lips with a dark sleeve of his robe, and she felt her cheeks instinctively heat up. This wasn’t actually going to happen, right?

“Of course, it’s ‘actually going to happen’.” 

“Of course,” she thought. “demons can read minds.”

“Now, you should allow me to get this over with so that I can get back to some more important things.” The smirk began to fade from his face as a large hand grabbed hold of her cheek, pulling her face closer. His skin was warm to the touch, warmer than any human.

“W-Wait! I…I would like to get to know you a little bit before you take something so precious to me.” She delayed the inevitable by altering the truth. It was true that she wanted to know more about him, but not for the reason that she needed this to be meaningful.

“Very well.” He sighed to himself, gently tracing his thumb over her bottom lip before pulling back completely, leaning against the kitchen counter. He’d only done it to make her flustered, but the feeling of her lips against his fingers ignited something in him that he was afraid of.

“I’m Kylo,” he began. “Normally, I wouldn’t get summoned for these minuscule mortal tasks, but you must be a very powerful witch.” He attempted to seem nonchalant as he crossed his arms, hoping that the darkness of the room would hide how flustered he felt.

“I highly doubt that.” She scoffed, sitting down onto the counter before wincing at how cold it was on her bare legs. Kylo watched and faked a cough to hide the smile that he knew was growing on his lips. 

She’s adorable, powerful, and beautiful. He worried about the thoughts in his head as he frowned, reminding himself that he could never fall in love with a mortal. The kiss would be a bad idea for everyone involved, but once a demon was summoned and agreed to help a mortal with their task, the deal was made, and it could not be broken.

He figured that he might as well enjoy it.

“It’s true. I’m not some low-ranking demon that you could summon in the blink of an eye.” Each of his impossibly warm hands rested on her knees as he looked down at her, even as she sat on the counter, he was much taller than her.

“I-I don’t buy it.” Her cheeks grew more red, and her stubbornness awakened a need to boast his power.

“Believe me. I’m a Knight of Ren.” His smirk was so wide that his pointier fangs were on display. Before she could tell him that it was impossible, he added, “Not just a knight, I’m the master of them.”

“Prove it.” Her mind was filled with doubt, there was no way that she could summon a demon so powerful.

“You know what? I will.” He couldn’t resist visiting her again, and this was the perfect excuse to do so. “I’ll come back later with proof and that first kiss of yours. Goodbye, my witch,”

His soft, warm lips pressed into her cheek and before she knew it, he had vanished.

You know, my initial reaction to Civil War was “Neither side is right or wrong, and that’s the point” and while I still think that’s what the filmmakers were going for, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t care one way or another who’s right or wrong because aside from that ONE SCENE depicting the Avengers debating the Accords with good points on both sides, the movie really never has anything to do with them from that point on beyond “thing that is occasionally an added annoyance for everyone”

Like Steve’s entire plot is about first trying to keep his friend from being murdered without due process and then trying to stop HYDRA Takeover 2.0 which just happen to be things happening at the same time as the Accords stuff (which I don’t think were even ratified at that point due to the UN getting blown up?) and are in no way a deliberate rebellion against it and let’s be real, even if Steve had signed that would have gone right out the window anyway as soon as Bucky was threatened

Just like any validity of Tony’s points about responsibility went straight out the window when he decided to ignore all that and do exactly what he wanted anyway by doing things like disobeying orders so he could track Steve and Bucky

Even Zemo’s scheme didn’t have anything to do with the Accords, since it’s not like their existence somehow caused his family to die or retroactively changed time so that the Winter Soldier killed the Starks in front of a convenient video camera, like all the Accords did for him was get the UN people all in one place which they do for other things anyway

so in conclusion nothing has anything to do with anything, the rules are made up and the points don’t matter, everyone’s an imperialist, and this is what happens when you force the writers to shoehorn in a plot point that made even LESS sense in the original comics just to try and make a competing film with Dawn of Justice, which no one should have been concerned about competing with in the first place let’s be real

hamletthevain  asked:

okay but a production of Hamlet where Gertrude planned to commit suicide to follow her husband immediately after his death, but learned of Claudius' plans to usurp the throne before Hamlet could make it back from Germany. Though unaware that Claudius had murdered the King, she still didn't trust him to keep Hamlet safe, so she married him in order to hopefully influence him and keep her son safe. It makes Hamlet's actions against her all the more tragic I think

Honestly, I am constantly so torn between secretly mastermind good and secretly mastermind evil Gertrude and I love this interpretation.

It adds an interesting dynamic to Claudius’ niceness towards Hamlet at the beginning of the play. Not only does he want him around to keep an eye on him (or so Hamlet can “accidently” meet a tragic fate), but also to please the ever sweet Gertrude. What if Polonius was in on Gertrude’s plan? Ohhhh….

the redbirds must have their due. oh you, wicked children who come close to the banks of the river, do you not know what waits for you? do you not hear them coming, wading, reaching out with blood red hands to tear you asunder, to eat you whole? is this not the fate that awaits you for your terrible deeds? the redbirds must eat. they must eat. they must feed.


A couple of years ago, I had a dream about a pretty frightening scenario concerning a race of strange creatures with origami birds for heads called Redbirds, who lived in the water and snatched any children who wandered by to eat them alive. My brain comes up with some pretty cool (but scarily weird) concepts, what can I say!

 I could imagine these origami killers (see what I did there) as a sort of grand antagonist in a short story - perhaps a mother needs to find a way to kill them for good before they set their sights on any other child who comes too close to the water…