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I watched Deep Down again today, and something Fred said to Wesley got me really riled up.

Fred: You really don’t care anymore, do you?

Me: Oh no no no no no no. Uh uh. You did not just say that to my boy. Sit down and lemme explain you a thing.

You don’t know the first thing about how much Wesley cares. You have no idea how dedicated he is to all of you. The man gave up everything trying to keep Connor safe, and you all turned your backs on him for it, and he still didn’t stop caring.

Yeesh, I mean look at Angel and Cordelia. They were the ones he’s known the longest and was the closest to, and they seemed to be the ones who hated him the most after what he did. But when they went missing, he spent months relentlessly searching for the both of them.

Look at this. Look at this freaking screencap here and tell me what you see.

You know what that is? That look in Wesley’s eyes? That’s love. That is absolute, unconditional love. Love for a man who hates him. Love for a man who tried to kill him the last time they were in the same room together.

Want more? How about this?

Fire is raining down from the sky. The world is coming to pieces around them. And Wesley is clinging to an injured Gunn, keeping him safe in the middle of all the chaos. Gunn, his former-friend-turned-romantic-rival. Gunn who can’t stand him anymore. Gunn who would be just as happy if Wesley had stayed away from the team for good.

It didn’t matter how much his friends hated him, Wesley never stopped loving them. He never stopped caring.

And another thing. Nobody ever taught Wesley how to love unconditionally. That’s not something he had growing up. It’s something he had to learn on his own. And he still does it better than a majority of the people in either series.

Don’t you dare say Wesley doesn’t care.

10 Bias Tag

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Omg you tagged me! ~ ( ノ ゜ロ ゜) ノ *:・゚✧ But my list is very short I don’t even have 10 biases. >< I’m sort of ‘new’ to the whole world of kpop, I’ve known of it but never got into it. Yes, I live under a rock. Call me Patrick. No-one I know here likes kpop, so never been exposed to it much before, that was until a kind soul on tumblr recommended them to me. I’ve listened to a lot of different groups, especially BTS and TWICE, but I haven’t chosen a bias in those groups. No other group has grabbed me into the void like VIXX has. My list is just VIXX ヽ(*>∇<)ノ so I relate to your disclaimer. So…here’s the mess of an explanation of the woes that is the VIXX bias list.

1. Taekwoonie ~ he isn’t moving he’s stuck there I really tried to ignore him, once you’ve zoned in there is no zoning out, it definitely is Lesinset.
1~2. Jaehwan~ah!  ~ technically joint 1st really but misses maybe by like this 👌 much he was supposed to be my distraction from Woonie, he was, until I saw them interact more ~ betrayer! Don’t even get me started on Keo
2~3. Wonsikkie! ~ he be creepin’ 👀 but he’s not pushing his way up, he can keep his marshmallow ways to himself

See my top 3 are a mess, seriously I’m this chair…

Jyani what are you doing? Omg Woonie, don’t let go, get up! Rabi nooo, get off him! Hyogi don’t encourage them. Chabean you are no help what so ever. T T

4. Hakyeon ~  Aww, everyone needs one ~ tho he has a libra moon, eviiill >_>
5. Beeeeeeaaaannn!!! ~ Evil Libran! All librans are secretly evil don’t let them fool you ~ my sis is a libran I have years of experience with them ~ though I can’t say much, my ascendant is libra, heh heeeeh.
6. Hyukkie Duckie ~ another one with a libra moon don’t trust him either! ~ I keep referring him to that of a baby bird, he’s now a big bird lol Have any of you seen that Sylvester and Tweety cartoon where Tweety is hyde (look) that’s Hyuk and we can guess who Sylvester is LOL

And then we have four slots open ~ for those undecided on.

I won’t tag anyone because I think everyone I could tag has been tagged already.. Ah, I guess I can tag some of you that I have talked to at least once or twice, or sent you a message, or you know, we’re mutuals: @saltykong @royalbins @ottokaji-vixx @chained-up-taekwoon @tranquies @lissachan504 @hoseoks-kitten 

If you’ve already done this or don’t want to do this it never happened it’s all a dreeeammm *dream sequence music*

Btw anyone can tag me in anything like this if they ever so wish, I don’t mind, I’ll get to it as soon as, also you can send me asks of all types, even if it’s just an Hi….This blog is so ‘ask’ and ‘mention’ lonely

Remember that sketch? I was looking forward to finish it and couldn’t be more happy with the result. Tried another way of coloring again, faster and completely different from the Cecil I made once, but I enjoyed it a lot :D

So here we have Kain contemplating what he can’t have :P 
For a moment I considered adding Cecil to the picture, but meeeh I don’t want to have to draw and color his armor again any time soon LOL 

Anyway, hope you like it! \o/


Judai and Yubel interaction? Why not Judai and Yubel interacting with the family?? Most of them hardly notice them (except for Yugi, who can see duel spirits), but Yubel’s got their back without them knowing! And of course they’re there to keep an eye on Yuri.

PS. Happy Birthday Judai~