finally an official announcement

~Thank you Club Penguin~

   Well, the day final came. Club Penguin has officially announced that it is shutting down March 29, 2017. I went on one last time before the site shut down. My penguins name was “A B C s” and she was 3251 days old, so about 8.9 years old. I was around 9 or 10 when I created my Club Penguin account.

Club Penguin was a very special site for me. As a child I would always go on it and play. I have a lot of fond memories. I just remember my mother taking me to work one day. I stayed with her in her office on the computer all day playing club penguin. It was good for both our sakes. It kept me out of her hair and it kept me occupied. It was a good site for children and it was so cute. 

Thank you Club Penguin for being one of the biggest childhood memories for me. Thank you. 2005-2017  <3

For Youniverse
For Youniverse

song for universe posted by kino in fancafe (translated lyrics); ©PANEM_PTG

his comment: ahhhhhhh i’m really really so happy right now ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ how much i waited for today ㅠㅠㅠㅠ as soon as I heard the official announcement was up, I suddenly came here. Finally I can call you “uni” (short name for UNIVERSE). I waited many days to upload this. I miss you. My only one Uni deuls :( Pentagon and Universe Let’s be happy together forever…sure sure. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love our Uni deuls very much <3 (translated by amazing_ptg)

I don't want to reblog that long ass BoL vs Coco post

But the amount of misinformation on it is astounding. When Gutierrez opted his movie at Pixar, he was turned down because Pixar was already optioning Coco, they noted similar themes, and while in the past they’ve completely cancelled movies to allow similar sounding projects from other studios a chance to flourish (the whole Newt/Rio thing), I’m guessing they didn’t cancel Coco here because at this point neither project had been totally green lit. Part of the reason BoL eventually DID get greenlit was because Fox saw the whole trademark debacle go down, prior to Coco being formally announced (remember the first rumblings of the project started spreading when Toy Story 3 hit theaters) and Fox saw it as an opportunity to get a movie made that could beat Coco to the box office and establish mindshare specifically so that when Coco did finally get announced this exact dumb comparison stuff would happen. You guys are doing exactly what Fox hoped would happen. And speaking of the trademark debacle…

Disney/Pixar did not try to trademark Dia De Los Muertos as a way to own the holiday and merchandising and distribution rights etc. It was to register the then working title of Coco, and start the ball rolling on all the work and contracts necessary to get everything from trailers to posters to yes merchandise made. The backlash to the whole misunderstanding delayed the project and made them have to wait until it’s final title was nailed down to officially announce anything. Keep in mind that other holidays and yes even Dia De Los Muertos have already/since been trademarked for the purposes of film and short projects, just as Disney was attempting to do 5 years ago. It doesn’t mean any of the distributors of those films can sue someone for celebrating or that they can commodify the holiday in any way.

Also, in what way is Coco existing a bad thing? The Book of Life is great, I like it, but it’s not a transcendental film that means there’s no room for similar concepts to be explored ever again. It was forced to include a marketable but relatively inauthentic cast, referenced to contemporary music and humor that could make for a sellable trailer. It’s frame narrative is heavy handed and clunky. Visually it’s absolutely ace though, and frankly, I think Coco looks beautiful too from what little we’ve been given. The casting for Coco is promising, the crew is promising, the intent and the amount of research has been promising. Disney/Pixar also has the capital and the reach to make this a film that will be seen by a far wider audience than The Book of Life was able to, and that’s important! We should be encouraging this! Assuming the movie doesn’t turn out to be a terrible and offensive garbage heap, which even given Pixar’s worst output, seems highly unlikely, how is it a bad thing for this movie to be made? Oh, I guess because in 120 seconds of broad strokes the teaser seemed too similar to The Book of Life? Why not give this movie a chance to come out, see it, and THEN make your comparisons? I know a lot of people feel that whatever came first cannot be topped and should remain unchallenged, but as a Mexican, I whole heartedly welcome attempts to introduce audiences to stories and themes I grew up with. A movie like this taking off opens the door for more, and more stories about my family’s culture, about different aspects of that culture, beyond DotD. DotD is mainly the go to because the core of the celebration is universal and we encourage EVERYONE to participate. It’s an aspect of our culture that we openly share already, but here’s another chance for it to be presented with a voice that can reach further. I’m stoked, to be completely honest.

Plus, while a lot of people on here are trying to be scorned on behalf of Gutierrez, and pit these two films against each other instead of letting them complement each other, Gutierrez was tweeting how excited he is to see Coco.


Okay I’ve finally gathered enough courage to officially announce my very own SpinOFF in development. Excite!

VERGE is going to be a fan prequel to OFF. You start playing as an aviator elsen from one of the new zones who is simply called ‘Pilot’, and as you explore the zones you gradually uncover the story revolving around the King, Hugo, the Guardians and the world itself.

I’ve been working on it for a while so here are some screenshots. (Click for captions)

Stay tuned! ❤️

The previously mentioned i7 Police 2: TRIGGER Part has finally been officially announced!  This bingo event will run from 17:00 JST on 4/18 to 16:59 JST on 4/24.

There will be four stages with three difficulties each. Clear at least one bingo card for each stage (4 cards total) to receive a TRGp R Nanakore. Clear all 12 bingo cards and you’ll get a special Event Badge.  And of course, by clearing bingo cards you’ll be able to read the new i7p story!

You can also use the items you gain from playing bingo in the special “Confiscation Gacha” to get Special Training items, Puddings, and more! Just look for the 押収 button on the event page.

As previously mentioned, i7p and TRGp cards will have special effects for this event:


  • R: Increase event items by 5%
  • SR: Increase event items by 10%
  • SSR: Increase event items by 15%


  • R: Increase event items and score by 10%
  • SR: Increase event items and score by 15%
  • SSR: Increase event items and score by 20%

Happy eventing!
Once Upon a Time's Emma and Hook Are Heading for a Fairy Tale Wedding — 5 Things to Know Right Now
It can finally be double-secret officially announced: Once Upon a Time’s Emma Swan and Captain “Killian Jones” Hook are heading for a wedding.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

It can finally be double-secret officially announced: Once Upon a Time‘s Emma Swan and Captain “Killian Jones” Hook are heading for a wedding.

The confirmation comes on the heels of this Sunday’s episode, in which some of Peter Pan’s magic from Neverland combined with powerful Pixie flower petals allowed Hook (played by Colin O’Donoghue) to return to Storybrooke, where he and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) happily reunited and reaffirmed their plan to walk down the aisle. (Elsewhere, Snow and Charming were rescued from the sleeping curse when Regina got the idea to “dilute” its power by having family and friends also partake in the spell.)

TVLine was on set for the filming of the wedding episode, on March 7 at the show’s soundstage in Vancouver. Many more, exclusive details will be served up as the Big Day draws near, but for right now, here are five things to know:

♥ Airing Sunday, May 7 at 8/7c, the wedding episode is titled “The Song in Your Heart” — because it is also the series’ musical episode (which TVLine was the first to tell you about back in January).

♥ The musical episode features seven original songs penned by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, with arrangements provided by Once‘s long-time composer Mark Isham. In addition to Morrison and O’Donoghue, Lana Parrilla, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas and Rebecca Mader are among the cast members you will hear sing.

♥ The episode has been in the works since last summer, when Once co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis met with Zachary and Weiner. “We’ve been planning it for a long time,” says Kitsis.

♥ Yes, the wedding is poised to mark Emma and Hook’s affirmation of love, but even more importantly, it signals how far the series’ central protaganist has come in six seasons, having first arrived on the scene with her emotional walls raised high and firm. “For us,” says Kitsis, “the most important thing [about the wedding] is that it was intimate and that you really understood that this was a real milestone in Emma’s growth.” One other goal? “Hopefully to make some people cry!”

♥  Yet despite such best intentions, the ceremony miiiiight not go off without a hitch. As Horowitz reminds, “Weddings on the TV series Once Upon a Time traditionally are fraught with unexpected circumstances. And this is no different.”

Will you RSVP for Hook and Emma’s wedding on May 7?

The event alluded to in the Zodiac gacha notice has finally been officially announced! Dance of the Zodiac -New Year’s Prayer- will start at 17:00 JST on 2/3 after maintenance and run to 16:59 JST on 2/9.  As our idols dress up in luxurious outfits as the members of the Zodiac, go around the shrine and offer up your own dance to them!

Like Taisho Roman, this is a Mission event.  Complete the available Missions in each Stage to move on.  Except for the Boss at the very end of the event, you cannot complete Missions simultaneously; you must choose a Mission to work toward and complete them one at a time, though you can switch Missions at any time.  Keep in mind that some Missions will require you to achieve their task in one play, while others may need more than one play.

Completing Missions and Stages will earn you various rewards, and clearing every Stage will earn you a special badge.  In addition, playing event lives will earn you event items that you can use in the Clearing House.

As previously mentioned, the Zodiac cards will give you a 20% bonus on event items gained in event lives.

Finally, your game needs to be updated to version 2.4.0 (iOS) or 2.4.1 (Android) in order to participate.

Good luck in the event!



note: reuploaded from a year and a half ago with edits.  (original blog was uyuagashi-fics but someone took my url already lol.)  

In the summer of 2015, BTS released their legendary Dope video, in which Yoongi is seen wearing a military officer outfit, and that drove my imagination into overdrive.  Cue Secret Agent AU.   The third installment of my secret agent au.  Read the first part and the second part.  Promotion smut ahoy.




Headquarters likes to keep relationship-related transfers quiet, but since Yoongi’s court-martialing and reassignment happen almost back to back, it’s certainly raising quite a few eyebrows.  Even though upper management allows your unit a one-week grace period before Yoongi is officially reassigned to Logistics, you don’t really get to see much of him since he’s in and out of debriefing for his remaining cases.  It’s amazing how much work your partner took on without you realizing it.  

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Hey guys

Sorry for the very long hiatus, not only had I gotten quite busy, but I had also lost a lot of motivation to answer imagines and such so I just kind of put this blog on pause hoping to come back later.

Also in these past couple of months, my views have changed quite a bit, so much of the stuff that I’ve written I’ve found that I don’t necessarily agree with it now, which for a while lessened my confidence in coming back.

But! Today I have gotten a spontaneous urge to try to slowly pick up this blog again and reconnect with everyone–especially considering a season 2 has finally been officially announced!

I’m surprised to see I still have so many followers that have remained so I hope that you guys will find this blog just a good–if not better–as it was when you first decided to follow!

~Mod Bukii

library administration FINALLY made the official hiring announcement for the new staff

the sub we had today congratulated me on the new position and i just had the biggest grin on my face. “you’re so pleased,” she said. yessss yes i am, i am the most pleased

i start in may, go full time in july!!

Announcing a temporary schedule change for Gulpin!

The next week or so is going to be a busy one for me, and I’ve lately had to prioritize things other than regular daily posts (including finally getting started on the not-yet-officially-announced project I’m working on for this blog), so my queue has run out and I won’t be able to build it back up for a while.

Because of this, Gulpin will be updating less frequently for a bit! I’ve provided a handy visual guide to illustrate the revised schedule.

(Also, a reminder that this blog does accept submissions, so if anyone wants to submit a drawing of Gulpin, that would be much appreciated and would help fill in some of the gaps!)

As always, thanks for following! :)