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“She was the first one to cry for someone like me

With her clumsy way of showing love

she firmly made my heart melt.

The time that had stopped slowly began moving once again.

Before I knew it I wanted her to smile at me , and maybe one day

Next to me”

It’s 3 am and after 8 hours it’s finally finished! I’m expecially satissfied with the last panel!☺😍🤔Any thoughts on it?

Revenge Served Hot

Request: Damon smut where you he got in a fight with you so you buy lingerie, wear it around the house to mess with him and end up having make up sex? – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 1618

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Damon’s POV

I love (y/n) more than anything but she can be a total bitch most of the times, which makes her the perfect fit for me, the downside to it, we almost always argue about the little things. May it be when I don’t put the toilet seat down, or forgetting to turn off the light, or maybe forgetting to gas up her car when I use it. As of the moment, our current argument is that I finished the toothpaste and didn’t get a new one.

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How to fish in Stormblood

Step 1) Decide you already have fisher at 60 and may as well continue it, its not too bad, maybe a little fun even…
Step 2) The fish gets away…
Step 3) After hours of effort, finally unlock spear fishing and explore the beauty of the ruby sea
Step 4) The fish gets away…
Step 5) Decide that the fish getting away is kinda frustrating on an RNG system and just buy GC turn ins
Step 6) Thats too slow for you, back to fishing it is, a little exp is better than none
Step 7) The fish gets away…
Step 8) Fall into an endless lunacy as all your fish continue to escape your grasp, cherishing the few that you manage to catch and snapping at anyone who tries to take them away from you.
Step 9) The fish gets away…
Step 10) Embrace the darkness that now surrounds you, there is nothing, only the one fish you have caught in the last 2 hours, that fish is your only friend now, he will never leave you like that useless snail before did
Step 11) You did it, you finally made it to 70…You got a friend to help you get a full set of HQ 70 Gear and jewelry and even the fishing pole… No more fishies will be getting away from your grasps
Step 12) Laugh like a maniac on your way to start getting red scrip for your Folklore tome
Step 13) The fish gets away…
Step 14) The fish gets away…
Step 15) The fish gets away…

Quiet- Zach Dempsey Smut Part 2

Sorry, it took me so long to get this out, I had to rewrite this like 10 times because my computer sucks :( But I hope you enjoy !

-Warnings: Swearing and smut:)

     I squinted at the pale sun peeking through the partially opened blinds. As I rolled over I saw a sound sleeping, Zach. His chest slowly rising and falling and his face soft and still signaling that he was in a deep sleep. I carefully slinked out of bed and began to get ready for the school day. After changing into jeans and a t-shirt that I have left here and brushing my hair I heard a loud groan come from the bed letting me know that Zach was awake. I moved to sit on the edge of the bed and lightly placed my hand on his back.

     “Do we have to go to school?” He asked squinting up at me. I smiled at him and rubbed his back as I nodded to him.

     “Sadly, yes,” I replied and started to get up to finish getting ready until I felt two strong arms wrap around me.

     “Let’s just stay here,” Zach suggested as he looked up at me. I shook my head and pried his arms off, standing up and finishing brushing out my hair. Zach let out a large sigh and then there was some shuffling around so I knew he was getting dressed. When I turned around he was wearing khakis and a t-shirt. I walked over giving him a hug.

     “Let’s get going,” I said softly resting my head on his chest.


    I knew something was bothering Zach. From him not wanting to get out of bed and going to school to the painfully silent car ride. When Zach pulled into a parking spot and turned the car off I grabbed his hand and he gave me a confused look.

    “Zach, I know something is wrong, please tell me,” I said in almost a pleading tone and his eyes softened at me.

     “I just can’t stop thinking about Bryce, what he did to you, I just wish I came sooner and stopped him.” He explained and my heart shattered from the pain in his voice.

     “Zach, you can’t beat yourself up over this, you did everything you could’ve and I can’t thank you enough for that. I’m okay so don’t worry about me.” I reassured him and he put his head down.

     “I should’ve punched him.” Zach murmured. “The whole Hannah thing is fucking me up too.” He added and I nodded in agreement. Hannah and I were okay friends, like a friend you’d smile at in the hallway and say hi to in class but never got super close.

     “Me too, maybe we should just do a half day today.” I offered and Zach fixed his gaze from his lap to my eyes.

     “I’d like that very much.” He smiled and I nodded, getting out of the car.


     After 3 dreadful hours of school, it was finally lunch and I quickly found Zach sitting with the rest of the guys on the basketball team. I sat down next to him and Jessica, quickly starting up a conversation with her. Although, it wasn’t long until she excused herself to go talk to Alex. I didn’t mind until the unoccupied seat was soon taken by the one and only Bryce Walker. Bryce shot a smile to me and Zach but quickly looked away once he saw Zach shooting daggers at him.

    “What’d you guys think of that party last night?” Bryce asked chuckling and Zach quickly got up, whipping his phone out.

    “Hey, Justin, did I ever show you this photo?” Zach asked walking over to him. My blood boiled at the thought of him just leaving me here next to Bryce. I squirmed being so close to him and I did my best to shift away without anyone noticing. Zach looked up at me and I shot him a glare but he only replied with a smirk.

     “Ah, shit. You know I think it’s actually on (Y/N)’s phone, (Y/N) can I see your phone?” Zach asked and my brain clicked with the idea that he was doing. I jumped up and walked up to the two boys and handing my phone over. Zach pretended to Justin a picture but in reality, they were just looking at a black screen. Justin let out a chuckle and a nod going along with the plan. Not too long after the lunch bell rang and everyone began to file out of the lunch room. Zach and I made our way to the office and signed ourselves out using the excuse that we were still shaken up about Hannah Baker and needed some time to mourn. 

     The car ride back to Zach’s house was nicer. One hand was on the steering wheel and the other was intertwined with mine. Music was playing and we both happily sang along. Once we were back at his house we both went to his room and changed into sweats, lying down and putting on a movie.

     “I really like your little plan at lunch.” I smiled at him.

     “I just wish I could avoid him.” He sighed and I sat up looking over at him.

     “He’s a senior this year, he’ll be gone in a few months.” I offered and he raised his eyebrows.

     “Not soon enough,” Zach muttered and I crawled over, placing my lips on his.

     “Don’t worry, nothing will come between us,” I said quietly against his lips. Zach replied by kissing me once again, this time deeper and more passionately. I pulled away to catch my breath and I noticed his eyes dark with lust. I moved so I was sitting in his lap and grabbed his face beginning to roughly kiss him. He lightly bit down on my lower lip and I moaned, allowing his to slip his tongue into my mouth.Our tounges felt as if they performing a dance routine with the same in sync motions and I could feel his dick slowly grow hard and poke through his pants.

     Zach’s hands roamed my body and my hands tangled in his black hair, lightly tugging at it with every motion causing him to groan with pleasure. His fingers played with the hem of my shirt and I broke the kiss allowing him to pull the shirt over my head. Zach sat back for a second, drinking me in.

     “You’re so beautiful.” He muttered into my ear before planting kisses down my neck making my heart flutter and make me wetter at each word. After every couple of kisses, he’d bite down on my flesh, purposely leaving a mark. Once he pulled away I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off making me smirk at his toned body. Zach flipped us over so my back was pressed against the soft bed and he hovered over me with both hands on either side of my head. Zach scattered kisses down my body until he reached the waistband of my sweats. He looked up at me as if to ask for permission and I nodded quickly. 

     Zach quickly slid my pants off and proceeded to the same to himself. He hovered over my face afterward and kissed me hard. As he did so, he brought his hand down to my underwear and moved them to the side to insert a finger into me. My back arched and I moaned into his mouth at the feeling. Zach took this opportunity to place another finger in and begin to slowly thrust in and out.I let out a sigh of pleasure as he did so and grabbed his face, moving it to the side to leave a trail of marks down his neck earning several moans from him. Zach quickly began to pick up the pace making my moans get louder. As soon as I felt a knot forming in my stomach Zach pulled his fingers out and I let out a whimper.

     Zach got on his knees and reached over to his bedside drawer to grab a condom. Once he rolled it on he moved to look me in the eyes. 

     “What do you want me to do?” Zach asked me seductively and I grew wetter just by his words.

     “I want you to fuck me,” I whispered into his ear and he groaned and carefully shoved himself inside of me making my jaw drop and my back to arch. Zach took my facial expression as a green light and began to slowly thrust in me sending a wave of pleasure over me each time. I let my nails drag down his back which made him let out a line of swears from his mouth.

     “Zach faster, please.” I breathed out and Zach quickly picked up the pace, hitting my g-spot and making the knot that began to grow in my stomach build up more and more. I let out moan after moan and Zach attached his lips on mine for a deep and loving kiss.

     “Zach, I’m going to cum,” I said breathlessly and Zach nodded. “I know, me too, just go baby girl.” I melted at his words and unraveled, releasing the knot in my stomach and groaning out loudly. Zach came not too long after and made a soft moan afterward. He slowly peeled off of me and took the condom off, throwing it away before returning to me and laying by my side, pulling the blanket over us. I shifted over so my head was on his chest and Zach wrapped his arms around me.

     “I could get used to coming home early.” Zach murmured into my hair and I laughed.

     “Don’t get too used to it.” I smiled and he nodded.

     “I love you (Y/N)” He said and my heart leaped with joy at the words.

     “I love you too, Zach.” I smiled into his chest.

btw sorry if this sucked I haven’t really written smut before :)


OH MY JEEZ I FINALLY FINISHED THIS AFTER LIKE WHAT, 3-4 HOURS? New respect for edit/moodboard creators jfc… Anywho, this is a moodboard for Corrupted! Chase. Please to not repost, edit, or steal any picture from this moodboard/grid if it has glitch effects on them, even very faint ones. I worked really hard on this so I hope you like it! @ego-protection-squad @chase-brody-protection-squad @wholesome-pasta @brinanalovesyou @leana1297 @peka-iz-krov

(Edit): This is my first edit. xD

After Zero Hour

Fandom: Star Wars Rebels

Word Count: 2854

Characters: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Agent Kallus, Governor Pryce makes a brief appearance

Summary: Set immediately after the events of Rebels season 3 finale, “Zero Hour”, but something different happens to Kallus. Lots of talking. A little fluff. Heavy references to the old Expanded Universe canon in preference over Disney’s new canon.

Contains spoilers for Season 3 finale “Zero Hour”

Pocket-Sized to Perfect-Sized {1/?}

Originally posted by missmanfreda

Member: Kim Jongdae/Chen

Genre: Uhhh….That is yet to be determined 

A/N: Okay, so. I saw this EXO pocket-sized fanart on pinterest and got inspired to write this. So please enjoy this pocket-sized fic with our lovely Kim Jongdae. ((Have no clue how long this will be. Oh well))

-Part 2-   -Part 3-


When you came home from work that day, you didn’t expect to find your apartment a complete mess.

“What in the world?”

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anonymous asked:

How do u draw bodies bc I am no good :^( ily 💕

ngl.. me neither xD idk why you’re asking me anyway cause I seriously doubt you’re worse than me (ALSO I LOVE YOU TOO ANON <3)

because im bad at explaining and constructing good proper advice.. here are a few tips/pointers from a bad anatomy artist ;P

there is so much more to ramble on about small details like how fat settles on the body, the bones and how it affects the curvature, and SO much more, but this is all I could fit in a simple and terrible tutorial (it isn’t even that) but hey!! here are a couple of links that might helpful and that I found useful:

also i thought I’d mention some artists that you might wanna look at for unique style for bodies!! (totally off of the top of my head rn):

@me-za-me-ro, @syrva, @thunderpot, @lackadaisycats!!

thanks for asking anon!! sorry im so late to replying tho haha ^^;

edit: don’t forget that bodies don’t have to stick to just one type of shape per body!! feel free to explore different shapes and sizes for the body ;P thanks again <3


Traveling with BTS {1/7}

• Nervous af
• checking everything for the 10th time
• matching outfits
• be at the airport for 20 minutes
• buying snacks- too much snacks
•playing little games before you’re in the airplane
• holding your hand
• taking photos of you secretly
• when you’re finally in your hotel room SLEEP
• waking up after a 3 hours nap
• Matching outfits for the rest of your vacation
• taking SOOO many pictures
• did I said it would be the cutest and softest vacation you will ever have ;-)
• sending all the pictures to the other members
• “Do you want to make them jealous?” - “ Of course, I have the cutest girlfriend”
• dinner would be so romantic and cheesy hElp
• walking through the city while holding hands
• “I don’t want to leave this beautiful place, let’s come back okay?”
• So many soft moments I am crying ;-;

cat was treated rudely !

this morning i, cat, was storving to death after 3 hours of empty food bowl. human finally get out of bed and i think she going to feed me. she take cat food dish and wash in sink and then put on floor. i run to dish for eat at last but dish still EMPTY! human not put food in bowl for five MINUTES while she do nothing but drink disgust coffee!

almost died. was very disrespect to all feline kind

Finally, after 3 hours, I finished this!!!!

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i suffered for this

{L to R: Yin Yang (II), Al (TC), Jenny (WWH), Bo (Storybots), Phat Beet (PvZ), Chuck (AB), Fluttershy (MLP), Tune (OM), Ruby (BFDIA), and Tetris Block (OT)}