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It Has Always Been Forever - Part 16

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Part 16.

 After a number of failed attempts to sync up their schedules (seeing as how they covered shifts for each other), Claire and Joe finally sorted out the particulars with the hospital and both got a Sunday off. Jamie, who’d been talking nonstop about meeting Joe and his wife Gail, could not make up his mind about what he wanted the meal to be. Every time Claire came home, she was inundated with questions. What did Joe like to eat? What did Gail like to eat? Were they allergic to anything? What about waffles for dinner? - Waffles? she’d thought amused, someone’s been watching Parks and Rec. Formal or informal? And on and on. She answered as best she could, but after yet another menu change a few hours before the Abernathys’ were meant to arrive, Claire had had enough.

“Pizza and beer,” she said with finality. “Oooh and some spicy chicken wings for me. I’ve been craving the buggers all day!”

“Sassenach! We canna serve them take out! We have to make something special,” he said, exasperated. “And I’ll order some wings for ye, from the Indian restaurant ye like so much,” he added, giving her peck on the forehead.

“Thanks, love. Extra spicy, yeah? And no. No more menu changes. No more questions. Pizza and beer - and orange juice for me,” she said as she dialed Joe’s number. “Hi, Joe. Pizza ok?” she asked trying to hold Jamie off as he made to grab the phone. “And the toppings?” - she jerked out of Jamie’s reach and round the kitchen table so it stood between them - “Perfect! We’ll order when you’re on your way. Yup, 7:30! See you guys then!” - Jamie lunged across the table, but she dodged past him and ran behind the sofa. “Its done, Jamie! No-no-no-no stop!” She shrieked with delight as he picked her up and dumped her on the sofa, and began ruthlessly pinching her bum.

“Why would you do that, woman?!” He said, interjecting every word with pinches.

“Because,” she said breathless, slapping his hands away to no avail, “ow! You were driving me insane! Joe’s a very laid back guy. He isn’t one for fuss making.” She got hold of his wrists then and yanked him on top of her. Like a magnet, his lips found hers.

“Aye, well…” he said, when he eventually came up for air - shifting so he didn’t squish her - his nimble fingers having already unbuttoned her top. “What time did ye say they’ll be here?”


They sat around the coffee table - Claire and Gail sitting on cushions on the floor opposite Jamie and Joe on the sofa - and had made their way through two large pizzas (Claire’s discarded chicken bones scattered in one of the empty boxes), and were slowly nibbling at a third - a fourth pizza sat untouched on the kitchen table, with a fair amount of beer bottles strewn around them.

As it was, Claire and Jamie had been rather preoccupied when they heard a cheery knock on their door promptly at 7:30, realizing with a sudden shock, they hadn’t ordered dinner yet. But in true Joe and Gail fashion, they didn’t mind, it gave them time chat while they waited for the dinner to arrive. Conversation came easy and they all soon found their rhythm.

“So how d’ye two meet?” Jamie asked, taking a sip of beer.

“Well,” Joe began, settling himself more comfortably on the sofa, looking at Gail over the pizza boxes. “I was here with a few friends for a two week vacation, and a few days in - while they were getting piss drunk in the middle of the afternoon, I took a walk, got caught in the rain and ducked into a building that turned out to be the Museum of Edinburgh. I walked around for a bit, then heard this sweet, powerful voice, with an American accent, giving what sounded like a tour.”

“But, alas it was just me jabbering on to a couple of girlfriends,” Gail coquettishly put in.

“I discreetly - and in no way creepily - followed them around awhile.” Joe said, sheepishly.

“Then he finally gathered up his courage and came up, asking me out for drinks.”

“Turned out, she was living here. Studying Art History.”

“He-” Claire cut in, pointing at Joe in mock accusation, “-gave up a Harvard scholarship, to move here and be with her.”

Joe threw a crumpled up tissue at her. “I didn’t give anything up I wasn’t willing to part with in the first place. Best decision I ever made.” He leaned over to grab another slice, giving Claire a gimlet eye, “and you’re one to talk, LJ!” Turning to Jamie, he continued. “In all the years I’ve been at the hospital, she never once took any extended leave, no matter how much they urged her too, apart from a couple of days here and there when Frank blew into town, or a weekend off for studying. She took double shifts or switched with those of us wanting nights off. She worked her ass off - that is, until a few months ago. All of a sudden, she’s clawing like crazy for days off and shift changes… Wonder why that was!”

Jamie laughed, seeing Claire’s cheeks flare. “Aye, that may have been my fault,” he said, nudging her outstretched foot under the table. “And ‘LJ’?” he looked from one to the other, but Joe answered readily enough. 

“Ah, yeah, that was me. Her accent, you know. Sounds like she just had tea with the Queen. Very posh and authoritative,” he mimicked terribly. “Reminded me of the heroine in this raunchy and highly cheesy romance novel that’s been in the doctor’s lounge forever.” Much to Jamie’s amusement, Claire’s cheeks flushed even more.

“Yeah, I think it’s time for dessert, wouldn’t you say, Gail?” Claire said, as she got up, clearing some of the mess around the table, not meeting Jamie’s eye.

“I think you’re right,” Gail replied, following Claire to the kitchen, three empty beer bottles in each hand. They’d brought a box of cupcakes with them, and all Claire had to do was make the coffee.

As they watched the ladies chatting in the kitchen, Joe turned to Jamie, his expression stern. “I’m glad we have a chance to talk alone for a moment,” he said in hushed tones. “LJ doesn’t have much in way of family, and I’ve come to care about her a lot over the years. She’s a little sister to me. I see she cares for you - as I hope you do her. A lot. Like I’ve never seen her before.”

Jamie, affixed with solemn look and all, listened to Joe, nodding when he needed to, agreed when appropriate, but wanted nothing more than to give the man a hug. He found he loved Claire having someone to look out for her as Joe was doing. A comfort.

“I just,” Joe said, earnestly. “I don’t want to see her get hurt.” Jamie looked over Joe’s shoulder and watched a moment as Claire fiddled with the coffee maker, before answering. His eyes then focused squarely on Joe’s.

“I willna hurt her. Ever. She’s…” his voice unexpectedly caught in his throat and he had to take a swallow of beer to clear it. “She’s my heart. As I am hers. Ye have my word.”

Claire and Gail made their way back to the living room, cupcakes and coffee in hand, Claire laughing at something Gail had said. Joe clapped Jamie on the shoulder and whispered, “well I do believe you, brother. But just so you know, I’m pretty efficient with a scalpel,” he added with a cheeky little wink, as the ladies sat back down.


The Abernathys left well after midnight, all having lost track of the time as they were never left wanting for conversation. As Jamie shut the door on their departing guests, he turned to find Claire cleaning up, humming quietly to herself. She moved slowly about the kitchen, shoulders slumped a little, he could tell she was spent, but knew she hated leaving dishes undone. But despite her fatigue, she was radiant, her skin flushed with more than just the evening’s exertions. She hadn’t really started showing yet but for the smallest of small swells straining slightly against her fitted shirts. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“Leave it be, Sassenach, I’ll sort it out tomorrow,” he said coming up behind her, placing his hands on her waist. She gratefully leaned back, pulling his arms tighter about her.

“You’re sure?” she asked. He wasn’t one for cleaning, but did keep his word when he said he would.

“Aye, dinna fash yersel’. Tighinn an seo, mo ghràdh,” he said turning her around and lifting her onto the counter so he stood between her knees. She wrapped her legs round his hips and lightly bit his bottom lip, pulling him closer. He kissed her hungrily, hands slipping beneath her shirt. She breathlessly moaned against him as his fingers found the sensitive peaks of her breasts, her nipples aching for him.

“I’m sorry,” he said after a moment, drawing back. “I ken yer tired, but I just canna keep my hands from ye.” He slid his hands into the back of her jeans, squeezing gently.

“You don’t ever have to apologize for this,” she answered, unbuttoning his khakis, which promptly pooled around his ankles - his boxers immediately following suit.

“Here?” Jamie asked cautiously, yet slowly undid her jeans and tugged them off her hips, watching all the while as she shed her top and tossed it to the floor. Then, rather roughly, yanked his over his head.

“Here,” Claire said, definitely, and in a manner that brooked no argument, as she guided him inexorably into her.

He didn’t argue.


The grand piano has stood in the corner of their salon next to the large windows for as long as Eren can remember. His mother had often played for him when he’d been younger, and on a few occasions had even allowed Eren to run his fingers over the keys as he sat on her lap. The ebony ones had produced more discordant sounds which he’d been particularly fond of, slamming his hands down on them with much more force than necessary and creating a cacophony that in no way resembled his mother’s beautiful playing.

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RWBY4 Theory


Okay I dunno if anyone has made this connection yet but at the end of the finale this Sunday, Nora, Jaune, Ren and Ruby (Team RNJR ffr) walked off in a fairly familiar pose to something often referenced in RWBY lore…

Which lead me to a conclusion: The new Team RNJR can be Wizard of Oz characters!!

But wait- We already have those in Oz, Glynda, Qrow and co. That’s true, but themes can be common!! So anyhow- Here we go for theory.

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We all know that the lovable Ruby is totally our Dorothy, what with her dark hair and cute dress- and her loyal little dog with a four letter name, but what about _NJR?

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Here’s where things get hella speculative.

Originally posted by stray-fromthunder

I postulate that Jaune could be the Scarecrow. Not only does his yellow colour scheme have relation to straw and yellow fields, but his implied lack of knowledge on aura usage and his demonstrated combat skills draws comparisons to the missing brain of the scarecrow.

Originally posted by kuroijuryoku

“But he is a good tactician!!” But that is so rare! He is in need of some serious work and development with his thinking - hence his placement as the scarecrow.

Originally posted by simplyhowell

Moving on- Ren is the Tin Man. He has been portrayed primarily quiet and without emotion, becoming drained after short fights, like with the battle with the Nevemore in Season 1. Maybe this is because he needs to find his heart.

Originally posted by abyssticus

Of course, maybe he has and just need to accept it… But that’s just me being a Renora fan.

Anyway! This leaves but one member of team RNJR. 

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I know this seems like an unlikely call, but Nora is definitely the Lion. She is proud and brave and bubbly, but she still has something that undeniably places her as the Lion…

Originally posted by abyssticus

Her meltdown immediately after this point at the start of Volume 3 shows Nora as potentially having anxiety. This shows she needs to find her courage, in this case so that she doesn’t worry about what is going to be happy and safe. 


The Green Tide!

On Sunday, I finished off the final miniature for my Orcs & Goblins army, and I am so pleased to now be the proud owner of another fully painted and modelled Age of Sigmar army!

I started this project at the beginning of the year (2016), so what you see in the images above is the result of just over six months of assembling, modelling and painting.
I love the army, and do have plans (and extra miniatures) to add to the army but I am calling it complete for now.
The theme for the army was basically a ‘classic’ Games Workshop Greenskin army, with lots of infantry, some crazy war machines, a few monsters and some wacky characters.
It’s important to note that I am not a gamer, so I do not have the restriction (some people would say focus) of choosing an army based on the roles and strengths of each unit on the tabletop.
I simply paint the miniatures for the sheer enjoyment of it, and collecting armies appeals to my rather meticulous nature.
So I have no idea how this army would fare in a game, and frankly it doesn’t bother me at all.
Also, I know a lot of folks will look at the square bases and note that I’ve kept the army on squares as opposed to round bases (with the exception of the Fanatics).
The reason for this is simple, I quite enjoy looking at ranked units of troops, and as I said before, since I don’t game, and these models are really just for my enjoyment, I chose to base them how I pleased (I also didn’t want to pay more money for all the new round bases when every model in this army came with a perfectly usable square base).

When painting the army, I tried to push myself a bit further than I have gone when painting previous armies, to try new techniques and basically try to paint every model to the best of my ability.
I think I’ve stuck to that goal pretty well, even though it was hard at times to keep up the level of concentration when layering highlights over forty Night Goblin noses!

This army also represents me achieving something I have longed for ever since I began this hobby almost 17 years ago.
Right from my beginnings in the hobby in 1999-2000, I had always loved the Warhammer Orcs & Goblins, and bought some models piecemeal over the years, but I never managed to sit down and actually paint an army.
Now, that has changed, and I am genuinely so happy that my miniature collection includes this army, fully painted and based, and with a heap of effort and devotion from me to get it to the stage it is at today.

In short, I am super proud of this army, of setting myself a goal and achieving it, and of the way I have improved my hobby skills along the way.
The army is now sitting pride of place in my display cabinet above the Skaven army I completed last year, and I am super motivated to get stuck into my next project, keep an eye on my tumblr to see what it is!

Happy Hobbying!

me: freaking out cause theres not a lot of episodes left for something to build up to a brallie moment
me: remembers they kissed outta nowhere in 2a. last episode. no warning. no lead up. just making out while the credits roll
me: remembers they had sex outta nowhere in 3a. second last episode. no warning. no lead up. callie even kissed aj but it didn’t matter the minute she saw an opportunity to be with brandon again.
me: the secret that they had sex hasn’t come out yet and it’s stupid to think it won’t

This semester sucks.

I can’t sleep.
My call time is at 2:30 am and I’m so nervous about fucking up my lines even though I have them memorized.
I’ll end by 9 am then have class at 1 pm, where I’ll have to give a presentation on casting. I’ll be out by 5 and have another class at 6 that ends at 9.

Thursday I have a location scout and my film festival class.

Friday I have work and my preproduction packet due in class.

Saturday I work.

Sunday I’m finally off but have to write two scripts due on Monday.

Oh and I’m going to start my period at any moment.

I’m trying to keep it together but your girl might just pass the fuck out.

Montreal Canadiens Aesthetic

part 2

Mike Condon: finally paying off student loans, watching Sunday night football, studying during the intermission of the game, mint  

Jeff Petry:  taking a bite out of a raisin cookie and being pleasantly surprised when you realize its actually chocolate chip, dinosaurs

Devante Smith-Pelly: unexpected phone calls from old friends, inside jokes, balconies over looking city lights, photobombing, cinnamon raisin toast

Andrei Markov: Silent films, misplacing your keys, good Russian vodka, History classes, feeling nostalgic

David Desharnais: new car smell, saying tabernac, being taken to Isengard, mini versions of your favorite food, squinting when you look up at the sun, homemade soup

Marc Bergevin: 1st edition of your favorite book, your hot high school English teacher, pats on the head, Chianti, Rolos, online shopping

Michel Therrien: toe socks, having to pay interest, finding decomposing food in your fridge after returning from a long trip,  tumblr updates, nose bleeds, finding a hair in your meal, spam mail.

Once Upon a Time Bosses Tease Emma's Darkness and Cruella's Happy Ending, Answer a Burning Q

Author, Author! ABC’s Once Upon a Timehas finally revealed the person who put to paper (at least some of) the tales in Henry’s storybook. Now, it’s a race to see who can hunt down the slippery scribe and request (or demand) a rewrite. All the while, Emma continues to reel from the reveal of her ‘rents’ dark secret.

With the final salvo of Season 4 episodes kicking off this Sunday at 8/7c, TVLine invited co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis to give a peek at what’s ahead, as well as field a burning question.

TVLINE | The Author (played by Patrick Fischler) is on the loose. Is it not just about who can find him first, but who can convince him to do their bidding?
That’s certainly a large part of it. We wanted to get to the reveal of the Author sooner in the season that we thought people might expect, by bringing him out when we did, and now it’s about what happens with him out, what happens with who he winds up in contact with, what is everyone’s agenda and how do they cross? And what does the Author himself want? Where did he come from and what is he all about?

TVLINE | He does seem to have some sort of agenda, seeing as he was a somewhat mischievous “recorder” of stories and took some liberties.
Absolutely. In the episode that just aired, we saw that he was banished to the book for “breaking the rules,” for changing things, so the question is: Why does he want to change things? What did he change? When did he startchanging things? Where did he come from? All these questions are ones we’re hoping the audience is asking, because were about to give you the answers.

TVLINE | By the way, great casting there with Fischler. He’s great at playing weasely types.
We loved him when he was the comedian on Mad Men, and he played a Dharma guard for us on Lost. We’re just huge fans. And in an episode coming up, “Sympathy for the De Vil,” we not only really get to unleash Cruella but you’ll also see a lot of Patrick in that, and he’s justfantastic. We’re really happy with what he’s doing.

TVLINE | Gold has hinted that he has something that will compel Regina to do his bidding. What can you say about that something‘s nature?
It is going to be revealed Sunday night — and like all good villains, they take what you love and use it against you.

TVLINE | Only because it was revealed off-camera over a commercial break: Did Emma learn the whole truth about her parents’ secret?
Yes. Yes. But more of that is explored right from the get-go in this Sunday’s episode. We’re going to dive head first into what Emma has learned about her parents and how she feels about that, and how that shapes their relationship going forward.

TVLINE | Because thus far she seems “significantly peeved” yet perhaps not “overly incensed.” Or should we not stop worrying about her crossing over to the dark side?
We should be concerned about the Charming family and their relationships, with this new stake of the potential for darkness in Emma. It goes beyond just your normal family spat. It’s much more dangerous.

TVLINE | And what’s going on in this week’s flashback with Robin Hood and the Wicked Witch?
It’s a lot of fun for us to dip our toes back into the world of Oz. We obviously love Rebecca [Mader], so it was so great to have her put the “green” back on. It’s fun to see Robin Hood kind of in his prime as the classic Robin Hood character, on an adventure that takes him out of Sherwood Forest and right into Oz.
KITSIS | And we’re going to see how he first met Will Scarlett.

TVLINE | “Sympathy for the De Vil” (airing April 19) has to be among your, what, Top 3 episode titles?
It is. The [writers] room knows that we’re very big Rolling Stones fans, so they actually came out with this pitch and it got a big yes from us. It’s a favorite.

TVLINE | Are we going to learn what Cruella’s happy ending is?
We sure are!

TVLINE | Have there been any hints? Could a viewer have surmised what it is?
There may have been some hints, but our hope is that what it actually turns out to be will be a surprise to everyone. It’s a story that we had a lot of fun concocting, and we think that Victoria [Smurfit] is spectacular in that episode.

TVLINE | OK, because I have zero theories on what it could be, so I’m rather curious.
You know what, Matt? It’s probably one of my personal — this is just my opinion! — Top 5 favorite episodes of Once, ever.

TVLINE | And speaking of happy endings, a burning question: If villains cannot get their happy endings as long as the Savior is around, how was Ursula able to get hers?
It was because of a couple things. No. 1, her happy ending really was about the restoration of something that was taken from her. She wasn’t asking for anything she didn’t already possess, so that puts her in a different situation. And as we saw, Ursula was much more of a scorned, tortured villain as opposed to a true villain. People like Rumple and the Evil Queen, they’ve done much darker deeds in the past, whereas Ursula was kind of in our “evil is made” [category]. She wasn’t a full-on villain.


With its final seven episodes kicking off on Sunday, AMC’s Mad Men is coming to a close after almost eight years. It’s hard to overstate the phenomenal, uncommon level of cultural saturation it’s achieved. Ask someone who doesn’t watch it what Mad Men is about, and they’ll mention the clothes (divine), the decor (sleek), and of course — always — the drinks.

The show not only introduced us to the impossibly suave, lantern-jawed Don Draper, it also introduced a new generation of TV viewers to old-fashioned cocktails like Manhattans and martinis, gimlets and sidecars.

Drinking With ‘Mad Men’: Cocktail Culture And The Myth Of Don Draper

Photo credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Here it is, the final reminder: #ClackWeek finally kicks off this Sunday, August 7! A bunch of you guys have seemed so excited about this, which in turn has made me incredibly excited to see what everyone has planned!! As announced in the previous posts, it’ll take place this year from AUGUST 7 - AUGUST 14. As a quick reminder, the themes for each day are as follows:

DAY 1 (AUGUST 7) - Firsts -or- Clack Aesthetics
DAY 2 (AUGUST 8) - What If? -or- Official Art
DAY 3 (AUGUST 9) - Lyrics -or- Genderswap
DAY 4 (AUGUST 10) - Crossover -or- Comical
DAY 5 (AUGUST 11) - Happy Birthday, Cloud!
DAY 6 (AUGUST 12) - Favorite Moment -or- Favorite Quote
DAY 7 (AUGUST 13) - Remake -or- Favorite Headcanon
DAY 8 (AUGUST 14) - Bonus Free Day!

For additional explanations of some of the prompts, please be sure to check out the original announcement post here. Any and all creative content will be welcomed and appreciated. Show your love for the pairing through fanart, gifs, edits, fanfics, fanmixes, meta, headcanons, cosplay, videos — basically anything you can think of!

Whatever you choose to do, just be sure to tag all your posts with #clackweek or #clack week!

This blog will serve as the official hub for #ClackWeek, so please do follow it to stay up-to-date and to see all of the (hopefully many!) contributions, which will be reblogged as they start rolling in. And if you have any last minute questions/comments/concerns, please direct them here or to @daisyridleys.

As always, please reblog to spread the word!


So, completing the current line-up of dolls is FrogMaster Raymond, wearing his amazing technicolor coat of the Dark Arts!

The idea of him actually being a frog came very early - I knew I could never find a doll that would resemble Master Raymond, and so thinking laterally, a soft toy frog seemed logical! 😀 Then, of course, I had to find one. I did try and find a Kermit, but alas no such luck. But many Sunday mornings spent at car boot sales finally paid off!

Obviously I had to simplify the coat, and in fact made it a waistcoat, mostly because of his large arms! 😆 And each panel picture was somewhat simplified too, the bottom left one particularly : I only embroidered one wing, but I didn’t want to overpower the panel with too much needlework (or my fingers, tbh).

And of course, he had to have a wig! 😆

With a little perspective, FrogMaster Raymond’s costume is one of the outfits I am most proud of. 😬

You can’t tell but I’m dripping in sweat after this Crush workout… Immediately after I collapsed on the floor and stayed there for about 30 minutes haha.
Felt really good to sweat it out today especially after feeling bloated these past few days after all the food/drinks I consumed this weekend that I don’t have on a regular basis. My stomach has always been super sensitive so I’ve been feeling kind of off since Sunday, but finally starting to feel better!
Moving Wednesday and then this weekend going on a spontaneous road trip with my best friend… We’re thinking somewhere in Wisconsin, maybe Milkwaukee because they have a few festivals going on this weekend so if anyone has any suggestions message me!

I finally made it back into the gym after taking both Saturday and Sunday off and I actually went for a leg day! Just fronts today so no bootywork, but it was hard, I was feelin the burn, and it felt so amazing to get that workout high again!

2/8 Workout:

Sumo squats: 4x10 50#
Bulgarian split squats: 4x8 50#
Walking lunges: 3x10 40#
Calf raises: 4x15 70#
Treadmill: 50 mins walking at 4.0 speed