finally a picture of these two idiots

Lucy/Wyatt fanfic; Friction

Sooo I did a thing based on THAT spoiler pic of the finale. Whatever that picture means, even if it means nothing. I don’t care because I love it.  That just ARRRRGMYGOD made me so obsessed and stupidly happy lol  I know it’s probably a stunt BUT I DON’T CARE, IT JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY. I’m so stupid in love with these two idiots GAH.

Title: Friction.
Summary: Somewhere along the way the lightening bolt hit for a second time.
Notes:  I wrote this super quick right now because it was supposed to be a flash fic for @maereed. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this little piece and I’ll try to update the other fanfic soon.

READ HERE ON AO3 or under the cut.

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IMAGINE ~ Charlie hardcore shipping you and Sam.

Back when you two were still two shy, oblivious idiots, Charlie and Dean would constantly team up trying to get you two to confess your feelings for each other. Then when you finally got together, Charlie started secretly taking pictures of you two hugging, kissing, holding hands or making hearteyes when you thought no one was looking. It annoyed you at first, but now both of you kind of like having pictures of each other—not that you would ever admit that to Charlie. She’s already made a ship name for you and everything; God knows what she’d do if she thought you were enjoying her fangirling.

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As you can clearly see from this array of oddly filtered Snapchat photos, my girlfriend, as indicated in the top picture IS NOT the same person as the picture below (my clone) with the lovely purple (pink? - what colour is that even?) lenses. So perhaps we can finally put this little issue to rest after receiving a bunch of asks about it between myself and my clone. It does seem to be widely unknown, but two people CAN JUST BE FRIENDS. :D

“You’re perfect, Kate!”” - “Shut up, Clint!”

Another picture of our Hawkeye² shooting finally arrived and it’s my absolute fave! I know the hair won’t fit 100% but I hope you can ignore this ♥ (I couldn’t find a proper one in the short time and so used my MCU!wig)

It’s inspired by this:

All credit goes to the wonderful artist @hoursago

Kate Bishop is the beautiful @commandercousland, me als Clint Barton!