finally a picture of these two

Beach with Grayson would Include

• Him teaching you how to surf

•Eventually surfing together without you wiping out every time 

• Racing down the icecream truck as it left

• Finally getting some cute popsicles 

• Shoving some icecream in his face

•Building sandcastles together

• Tanning together

• Gray falling asleep in the sun and being a crispy piece of bacon

• Drinking out of coconuts together

• Watching Grayson struggle to open a coconut

• Backflip contests

• Snorkling

• “Damn babe looking sexy in those goggles!”

• Grayson freaking out over a dolphin thinking its a shark

•Eventually figuring out it’s a dolphin and taking pictures of it

• Both of your twitters being flooded with cute pictures fans took of the two of you at the beach

• Him floating in the water, with your legs wrapped around his waist

• Little ocean makeout session

•  Watching the sunset together over the water


summer commissions!


  • Humans: Characters, oc’s, etc. Preferably girls, but i can try to draw others also
  • Shipping art
  • Mild gore


  • NSFW
  • Mecha

OTHERS (Depending on difficulty):

  • Nudity
  • Furries/Fursonas
  • Complex background
  • Ask for any others if you’re unsure whether i can draw it or not

Generally i can get single character pictures done in a day or two, maximum a week. For specific styles (such as my geometric one, lineless, etc) please specify which artwork i use it in and depending on the difficulty I’ll determine the price change.

The prices shown above aren’t final, but the commission’s price will be around the prices shown. Prices are in Euros, and the commissions are payed through Paypal invoice.

For more questions or requesting commissions, please contact me at: or through tumblr

I ship it pt 2

Remember when I said I ship Prompto and Gladio ? I mean, I guess it’s also fine for me to ship Ignis and Gladio right ? It’s like they have a mother father relationship that looks super cute. Most of the pictures that I’ve also seen in the game is Ignis and Gladio spending time with each other. Also not to mention, that when ever the party is standing still, I’ve seen Gladio trying to get Ignis’s attention, or the two of them dancing around each other. Like- it’s so cUTE

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Phichit/Victor - social media whores - platonic

  It had started as a friendly conversation, and then moved into a friendly challenge, and now was an all out war. Phichit didn’t take kindly to people claiming to have more social media power than he did, not even Living Legend Victor Nikiforov.

  They would take pictures in the exact same way and in the exact same places to see who would get more hits. Then they would share the same opinions on things, worded in their own manner, to see who had the most influence. At one point, they challenged each other to see whose fans would contribute the most to a charity they agreed on.

  Yuuri finally became overwhelmingly frustrated with the two. Having a competitive streak was one thing, but they were taking this more seriously than their skating careers. So with the help of friends and coaches (who were also burnt out on the war of pettiness), Yuuri arranged a face-to-face meeting with the two social media tycoons.

  “You two are not allowed to take any pictures,” Yuuri stated with authority. “You will get along together and pretend to be friends until you actually are.”

  Phichit pouted. “But my fans have never gone a day without hearing from me!”

  “But I don’t want to not have memories of our time here together!” Victor wailed.

  “Fine!” Yuuri pulled out his phone. “Then I’ll be the one taking pictures and will tag you both.”

  That caused the pair to gasp with delight. “You’ll be so popular, Yuuri!” They practically said simultaneously before looking at each other in shock.

  Yuuri wasn’t sure how he felt about them bonding over such a thing, but suddenly they were discussing all the ways they could make sure Yuuri’s posts became the most popular yet. By the end of the day, Yuuri had taken an obscene amount of pictures, and the poses in some of them had left him in fits of giggles — Victor giving Phichit a piggyback ride, the two of them sprawled in front of some monument, Phichit blowing kisses to a dramatically swooning Victor. At least everyone was enjoying themselves.

  At the end of the day, they insisted on taking a picture of the three of them. At the last moment — as planned by the two conniving skaters — they dropped a kiss, one on each side, onto the cheeks of a shocked and blushing Yuuri. Phichit snatched the phone in order to post it before Yuuri could delete it and Victor distracted Yuuri long enough for Phichit to succeed.

  Out of all three Twitter accounts, it became the most popular post.

Just finished Episode 25.

It was…exactly how I pictured it to end. Every bit of it. It was the best choice to have Akko and Diana stop the missile together. Two “rivals” becoming their closest allies at the end.

I teared up when they were all patting each other on the backs after they did their parts in boosting the Ultra Rocket Broom up, especially at Lotte and Sucy’s part.

And when the song came up at the final act. Oh my god…

Thank you, Trigger and Yoh Yoshinari, for such a wonderful series. Yes, it has its flaws, but it has its amazing, wonderful parts, too, that I will always love. Little Witch Academia will always be special to me. It was when the OVA came out, but right now, more than ever, it will always have its own spot in my heart.

Be sure to support the English dub when it comes out on Netflix! And buy the DVDs, Blu-rays, and merchandise if you can!

Hello everbody! So if any of you have been up to date in the hamilton fandom, you know theres been a lot of discorse lately, one of the main things being skin color.
So, after seeing @johnlaurensprotectionsquad ‘s lin comparison color pallete, i decided to make a color palette for some of the Hamilcast.

For this, i will take two pictures per cast member and pick three shades per picture. I will use a picture with not as much lighting or edititng ( resulting in a darker looking skin) as well as a picture with lighting, causing a lighter looking skin. After, i will blend the resulting six shades together to get one final shade for each cast member.

here is a list of the pictures i used:

These are the results: 

And, if these arent totally accurate, thats okay. I only reffered to two pictures, so please keep that in mind. There would be so many more skin colors if i had refered to more pictures per person.

Have a good day y’all <3

“Gentlemen don’t cry, Jeremy.”

Happy Father’s Day :^)

I asked my parents where babies came from when I was very, very young. I was satisfied with the simple answer of “from inside the mother’s womb” until I was about three.

One night, out of nowhere, I slammed my spoon down on the table. “I don’t get it!” I said. “How does the baby start growing in the mama’s tummy?!”

I was satisfied with my parents’ evasive answers, so the next morning, my mother drove to the bookstore and bought a picture book that explained different kinds of reproduction, starting with flowers, bugs, and progressing to mammals and finally humans. I thought it was scandalizing and hilarious, and promptly told every other child I knew. I was the purveyor of secret biological knowledge for years.

A few weeks later, my mother got a call from my preschool teacher complaining that I’d told my entire class that two bugs were mating and making baby bugs, just like their parents made them. I also told everyone about mortality and how we were all going to die one day, much to their dismay.

I guess I was the prototypical Scorpio all along…


Finally I’m able to contribute something to the new Thor movie!~ I’ve been working on this for almost two months now.

The picture was kept mostly plain and gray on purpose, to better highlight the colored parts like the eyes and the facepaint.

I admit that I was a little shocked when I first saw the new changes on the character Thor in Ragnarok. I did not very like them, especially that they cut his hair… Actually, I still have to get used to the short hair part (that just doesn’t look like Thor…).
But at least it inspired me to draw this piece!~ :D
(I hope the metallic thing in the front can be recognized as the dreadful tool scissors that cut Thor’s majestic hair.)

But nonetheless I’m still excited for the movie!

Thanks for taking a look, I hope you like it!~ :)


pt1 | pt2 | pt3 | pt4 | pt5 | pt6 | (6/?)

pairing: jimin x reader, jungkook x reader

genre: smut, angst / punk!jikook

word count: 17,335

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana” / music playlist

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook.


The slight tremble in Jimin’s fingertips developed into a full-blown tremor as he closed the door to his studio, effectively leaving you behind — but it wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t that simple because he wasn’t just leaving you behind. He was leaving you behind with a guy that you were completely in love with… Which kind of blowed considering he was starting to fall for you himself.

The music from the party was reverberating inside of his chest and he knew that his ears should be ringing with anger, but instead he just felt numb. It was like he couldn’t hear anything; no music, no crowd, nothing. It was all one giant blur that didn’t seem to make sense to him, and all because his mind was screaming that nothing else mattered right now — nothing except for you.

Jimin knew very well what leaving you in that room with Jungkook meant. It meant every single feeling that the two of you had ever had for each other would inevitably rekindle, and compared to what Jimin had with you, even if he did consider it one of most amazing stints of time of his entire life, it didn’t hold a candle to what you and Jungkook had, and probably always would have.

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7000 Follower Giveaway!

well.. I’m not exactly at 7000 yet, but close enough and I’m too excited to wait to post this!!

I have been trying to do a giveaway forever now, but college kept me too busy. Finals are done, I’m moved out, and Summer is here! I have two prizes to give away. Both feature decks that I hold dear, but just do not click with me. I’d love to find them new homes!

First Prize:

  • The Tarot of the Hidden Realm, a gorgeous fae deck with amazing art. It is perfect for communicating with the fair folk and for divination in general.
  • A wooden deck box ft. a hand carved faery star.
  • A amethyst cluster
  • A quartz point
  • A tumbled rainbow moonstone 

Second Prize:

  • The Fantastical Creatures Tarot, a wonderful deck featuring mythical and magickal creatures!
  • A drawstring deck bag (not pictured)
  • A sodalite tumbled stone
  • A pink dyed quartz point
  • A tumbled coprolite stone, perfect for animal magic! It goes with the deck theme well :)


  • This is a giveaway for my followers, so you must be following me @witchy-oates to enter.
  • You must be 18+ or have a guardian’s permission to enter.
  • This is an international giveaway, but I can only provide free shipping to US residents. Those outside of the US will have to pay shipping costs only.
  • Only reblogs count as entries. You can reblog as much as you want, but do not spam your followers with reblogging. It’s annoying and I’ll notice.
  • Do not tag this as “giveaway”. Tumblr might delete it and you’ll ruin the fun for everyone.
  • The winners must respond within 24 hours with their shipping addresses or I will have to redraw the winners.
  • If you enter from a sideblog, please let me know with the reply function and tell me your main.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • This giveaway ends on 6/6/2017 at 11:59 EST, a month from being posted!

Prompt: HI HI HI HI! Can I request a batmom in which after something dangerous goes down and BATMAN saves her she kisses BATMAN and the next day all the papers have “ Y/N WAYNE CHEATING ON BRUCE WAYNE WITH BATMAN?!?” And then they all have to answer questions on the “affair” and then they have a press conference where Bruce forgives her for the affair


You cling to your husband as he carries you out of the warehouse. Riddler is tied up inside, the boys took care of that while Bruce untied you.

“Are you alright, Y/N?”

You nod, your face buried in the Batman armor. “’m fine”

“Let me see, sweetheart” he whispers. Setting you gently on a bench, his cape flares behind him when he crouches down, “You’re alright now. I promise”

You nod again, this time leaning forward and pressing a quick kiss to Batman’s lips. Unbeknown to the two of you, someone had snapped a photo of that kiss.

The next morning you’re woken up by a series of kisses being trailed down your spine, “Mmm, babe, no. I’m asleep”

Bruce’s throaty chuckle sounds by your ear, “Obviously not, love. How’s your cheek?”

“Fine, a little sore, but nothing too bad”

“Good. I know Riddler isn’t the most dangerous villain in Gotham, but he still managed to get you”

You curl up, nuzzling into Bruce’s chest, “I don’t wanna get up”

“Neither do I, but the boys are all here, and they want to see you. They won’t admit it, but you scared them last night”

“Alright, I need a shower, and then we can head down”

Bruce gives you a smirk, “We can always share, save the water”

“You don’t need to save water! You’re a billionaire!”

The two of you finally manage to get downstairs an hour later.

“Good morning, Ummi.”

“Morning, Dami. Morning, boys”

Tim looks nervous when he glances at you and Bruce, “Mom, you might want to come look at this”

He holds out the newspaper article, and the first thing that catches your eye is the title, ‘Y/N WAYNE CHEATING ON BRUCE WAYNE WITH BATMAN?!?’ A grainy picture is beside the title, it isn’t clear enough to show you actually kissing Batman, but both of your faces are close enough for people to assume.

Bruce glances over your shoulder at the paper, and promptly bursts into laughter. You whirl around, “That’s not funny!!”

“Sweetheart, it’s hilarious. We’re going to have to set up an interview to explain this”

“I’m gonna have to apologize for kissing ‘Batman’ aren’t I?”

Jason chuckles, “Looks like it, Mom. That’ll be funny”

You smack Jason with the newspaper, “Hush, you. God, this is a nightmare! “

Bruce leans down, his forehead gently pressing against yours, “Don’t worry … I forgive you for cheating on me”

Everyone’s silent for a minute and then they burst into laughter, “That’s not funny!!”

“Hey!” He holds up his hands innocently, “I’m not the one caught kissing a vigilante”

Bruce ends up scheduling an interview with Vicki Vale two days after the news article was released. The two of you are sitting across from the Gotham Gazette reporter.

“Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne. I’m sure all of our readers and the viewers here” she gestures to the camera crew who are filming everything live, “are eager to know what happened”

“Of course”

“The first question I have is for Mrs. Wayne. How long have you been having an affair with the Batman?”

You straighten up, “I am not having an affair with Batman. I kissed Batman on the cheek, perhaps relatively close to his lips, in order to show my gratitude. He had rescued me from the Riddler the night the picture.”

“So you claim that you aren’t having an affair? Mr. Wayne, do you believe her?”

“Of course I do. It is well known that my company sponsors Batman, I have met him multiple times. He explained what happened that night when I contacted him, it is one of the reasons I agreed to this interview.”

“Mrs. Wayne, how did you explain yourself to Mr. Wayne? Do your children know about this scandal?”

“My children were actually the ones to show up the news article, so of course they know. I’m positive that they are all watching this interview right now. As for explaining what happened to my husband, he knew that a kiss on the cheek means nothing. Bruce knows that I love him, and I know that he loves me.”

“I will admit, for a split second I feared for my marriage. However, once everything was explained to me I apologized for jumping to conclusions.”

Vicki Vale raises an eyebrow, “So, Mr. Wayne, you apologized, but did Mrs. Wayne apologize for causing this scandal?”

“I did, actually. I apologized to my family for making them go through this nonsense, but to satisfy everyone I will apologize again.” You turn in your chair, facing Bruce, “I’m sorry for causing such a confusion for everyone. What happened a few nights ago was not what everyone thought it was. I would never have an affair with batman … if I was going to have an affair with a hero it would be with Superman”

After that you quickly walk off-stage, trying to reign in your laughter at Bruce’s face. You know the next time you see Clark you’re going to have to apologize, but for now, you’re going to enjoy what you just said.

Consider this

Prompto taking two-person selfies with each of the bros, not just Nᴏctis.

Selfies with Ignis often catch Ignis with a relaxed smile on his face, hand raised in a half-wave. Sometimes he takes his glasses off like he does in his solo photos. Ignis appreciates when Prompto wants to take a picture with him and always tries to look good for the camera (quickly combing his hair with his hand, straightening his clothes, nothing too big) and Prompto tells him to relax. “Selfies are supposed to be casual!” Nonetheless, Ignis keeps preening himself before a photo. On occasion, Prompto catches him off guard and takes a selfie with him. He always finds Ignis’ expression in those hilarious.

Selfies with Gladio are always silly, always lighthearted. Hell, Gladio sometimes will interrupt Prompto while he’s choosing the perfect angle and join in. When Prompto asks him to join in for a selfie, Gladio’s always willing to pose for a photo. A typical Prompto-Gladio selfie consists of Gladio giving the camera a thumbs-up with a big grin on his face as he sneaks bunny ears behind Prompto. Whenever Prompto spots these when they’re back at camp, he gives a groan. “Dude, can you not?” Gladio just lets out a hearty laugh. Nonetheless, selfies with Gladio are common. A lot of the time, Prompto miscalculates Gladio’s size and his–or Gladio’s!– face is cut off. Prompto chuckles nervously and quickly deletes these.