finally a perfect screencap to use it with!

Fallout 4 Screencap Guide is finally here!

So I finally made my own guide for screencap lovers! This took me weeks to put together, I wanted to make sure I covered everything and made it detailed as possible on what I mostly use to get the perfect screencaps. I hope most of you who have PC (or planning) will find this guide super helpful.

Please note that I don’t present all console commands. What I’m about to teach you are certain commands I use in conjunction with some mods to get the best out of my screencaps. There are other ways to do it, so there isn’t a wrong or correct way. I’m showing you in this guide the way I normally do it.

To make life easier, I wrote my entire guide in file forms. You can download and keep them on your computer (or wherever you normally store files).

Fallout 4 Screencap Guide folder - Download both files

  • First one is a Word document is my entire Fallout 4 console command guide for screencaps, where I present how to use them step-by-step, and links to other resources. 
  • Second one is an Excel spread sheet containing the list of console commands, idles, links, etc. you can quickly refer to, instead of scrolling through pages on the Word document.

I made sure that this folder only is set to public that way anyone can view/download the files whenever. If you are having trouble viewing or downloading them, please let me know. I can email them to you.

Just a reminder, I may be revising these files. Check back at my folder for an updated version. I will always make a note on them when it was last edited. 

Enjoy, and have fun! If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Hidden City Glitch

Hello everyone! Wayfarer yourspacestepmom here to give out another little glitch tutorial of my favorite backstage (And to quickly excuse for the length of this post again-)

The sand slide glitch! I’ve called it that, but there’s multiple names people use for the levels in the game. (The most popular name for this glitch is actually the hidden city, last time I’ve heard?) I’m just technical and call the levels by their defining gameplay and all.

I’ve recently realized that I never elaborated on this particular glitch in my more popular guide I did a few months back, so I’ve decided to give a tutorial now (Complete with pictures! And a kind of low quality video)

First off, just go all the way down to the end of the level. Yup! Do whatever you feel like until that point! In fact I actually recommend collecting most the symbols you can get from the levels prior for your first few attempts to get in, the more air time the better!

Alright so after the little falling cutscene you should find yourself facing the white ancestor shrine from the middle of the big room. Turn around and face the wall behind you

There should be 3 pillars pointing up and this edgy outcropping going on in the wall you fell down from

You’ll be heading to the wall that the circle covers

If you get confused, there’s a horizontal pillar sticking out of your wall of interest just a little up of the ridges

Your main goal is to climb up this wall, utilizing the ridges to fly up higher and higher up the wall to where the invisible wall ends. Where does it end?

If you walk to the left following the wall you’ll eventually find where the light brown wall meets black rock. The black rock is your general target, where you can scale over the invisible wall

With that said, let’s do this

A closer look at our wall of interest (You can still see the pillar to the top left) You’ll notice some ridges that look almost at an angle one could walk up

Surprise! You actually can almost stand on the tops of the rock ridges! I put an emphasis on almost, as you will still slide downwards when you land on them, so hug the wall and jump whenever you have to to keep from slipping off. These ridges are important to remember because standing/sliding down on them will still recharge your scarf. This gives you the energy to keep scaling up, now aim for the pillar I kept pointing at (It has the same sliding physics as the ridges on an important note)

Now that we’re at the slidey pillar, you may notice there doesn’t appear to be any more close ridges. Don’t be fooled, there’s still more. Fly higher up and to the left still hugging the wall, and there are more solid ridges to be found

(Pat yourself on the back, you’ve gotten pretty high from where you began!)

Now the ridge outcroppings end for sure after this one, well, where next?

The top of his pillar. It will be your last slidey recharge/pit stop before the clip

And would you look at that! There’s our wall noted before we started going up! Make sure you have sufficiently full charge before leaping and


And here we are! The hard part’s over! Now then, for the real fun of the glitch, it may be hard to notice but there’s this huge sand mountain that looks white to the left because it’s a little far. Perspective thing.

Fly towards it and admire it’s hugeness, then start climbing up it and moving slightly to the right towards this 90 degree angle of sand off to the right while moving up (My footage ends here, I take shots from the original video I used for reference my first few times now)

A better shot of the aforementioned 90 degree angle of sand

Once there, climb up it! I’m not even kidding, as long as you just keep pushing into it and flying your scarf will always recharge! Scale it all the way to the top, annnd~

…The result is a surprise I really don’t want to spoil, but I can give you a hint and say, you’ve seen that place before. For an added surprise, turn your camera towards where you came from. Once you desire to leave, there are two exits:

1. Just jump back into the sand slide, it should be to the right if you are facing away from the area where you entered. Make sure you come in from a high angle to avoid squeezing yourself between invisible walls (It can happen)

2. Return to the small hill where you came through the clip from and follow the path the other way until you see the blue light you see when walking into the next level, then walk towards the gate doors. It’ll load up the next level right away as if you had walked through it normally

So in case anyone was wondering as a little tip, you want to touch as many ridges on the way to the clip, by the way. Each ridge you touch gives you a higher maximum flying height to help reach the height of the clip.

And a last note just as a precaution, I recommend signing off of the ps3 network while practicing this (Home button -> Network Tab -> hover over Account management -> Press triangle). This prevents getting any innocent cloaks caught up and possibly stuck in between walls in an attempt to follow you. I’m noting this because this clip can be particularly pesky sometimes with new timers and I’ve lost a few myself while trying out between the walls/didn’t make through with them and had to watch them disconnect when they gave up. Practice makes this perfect and easier to pull with companions!

For a final bonus to help people understand the glitch workings more clearly, I’ve taken the liberty of uploading my recording I took my screenshots from for everyone to see. Mind the really bad quality/lack of capture software <:U; It’s also a little obvious where I stop or try too hard to take a good screencap

And here’s the alternate video I used as a reference for when I was first trying this glitch! (And in much better quality!)

well, i’m going to go ahead and call this finished for the time being. my injury makes it difficult to work on it any more than 15 minutes at a time.

i wanted to edit a screencap in a way that reflects how lazare actually looks ICly– it’s not perfect, but it’s much, much closer than the in-game model is. i just wish i knew how to paint fur, and paint it in a way that mirrored the game’s style… his tail looks extremely out of place to me. the hair, too, could use a lot of work… but. oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

maybe when i’ve healed i’ll be able to practice some more!

anonymous asked:

can you post some kind of tutorial on how you draw full people? i'm doing better on faces but i can't figure out proportions and making it look good :/

oh gosh i don’t know that i’m the best person to answer this but i’ll do what i can! i’m going to use the buckynat ballet piece i did earlier because i actually followed some kind of process so here we go

okay first you want to USE. REFERENCES. i think i had about 5 different photos to look at for this one- i just pull them up in preview next to drawpile and switch back and forth depending on what i need at the moment

1. Start with very very basic shapes and lines. Your only goal is to make sure proportions are right and you like the composition. 

2. On a new layer, flesh out your people (with a different color). I use ctrl+Z about?? 800 trillion times during this part. You do NOT have to make it look perfect from the very beginning, this is when you draw a line, erase, draw it again, erase, until you like the way it looks overall.

3. Line. You can see how I just traced over the sketch with black and then added details. I didn’t screencap after that but once I finished lining, I cleaned up the sketch layer and used the same color for shading/detail. If you aren’t using the sketch layer in your final work, just hide/delete it and you’re ready to color! 

4. I always create new files with a resolution of 72 and about 10x10 inches. When I’m done I open the file in Preview, then Adjust Size and up the resolution to 300. This is crucial for me because I zoom in and out about 3000 times when I’m drawing so it ends up looking a little bit of a mess, but upping the resolution cleans up all those lines and edges hooray!

160214 — swj blog update with key

key: the final day of kobe concerts has ended~
today, jong-kun is also able to stand on stage, and finally we’re complete as five members. it’s not a perfect stage, but i’m happy that we’re able to do it with all the five members.

for these three days, to everyone who came to the venues and to everyone who gave us a lot of support/cheer, really, thank you very much.

(t/n: kibum has taken a liking to calling jonghyun, jong-kun, during their concerts)

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