finally a nice gif

Everyone take some time to look at this scene, please. 

Look at Stan. He is so sad that the kids are gone, and Ford sensing his sadness, wraps his arm around him sympathetically and gives him a look that says “Don’t worry, bro. You still have me.” And Stan, getting the message, smiles back. 

This was one of my fav moments from the finale. It brought a tear to my eye. I SO happy my two lovely grunkles are finally bonding and getting along nicely with each other again :*)

Im just gonna post it now.

tribute for the day. lol I finally drew something for Ruby.

Its been a good 3 years tumbling in this fandom (mostly in the oc community, doing comics and suffering), so this is a little art from the first red trailer to the current final? moment of RWBY.

Again nice to meet you all from this show, hope RWBY and anything relating to it will keep going.

Quand tu trouves quelqu’un de  sympa, attentioné-e, qui te fait rire mais aussi réfléchir, avec qui tu peux être toi-même et discuter des heures

When you finally find someone nice, who cares about you, who makes you laugh and think, with whom you can be yourself and talk for hours