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1x01 “A Study In Pink”

Greg Lestrade: “Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day, if we’re very, very lucky, he might even be a good one.”

4x03 “The Final Problem”

Someone: “Sherlock Holmes is a great man.”
Greg: “…He is a good one.”


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I don’t think we can blame John for “not knowing” because he didn’t know it’s Mary’s choice, that’s why he blamed Sherlock(but Lestrade and Mycroft knew, look at them when John finish speaking, look .. how they look at Sherlock) but I blame John for “cheating” on Mary and “sending her to the death”

Speaking of cheating. I don’t think that he’s actually cheating on her… I mean he is, but not because he doesn’t love Mary. I think he’s just looking for something/someone… ordinary? I mean .. like Sherlock said in HLV? people around John(even himself) didn’t have a certain/normal lifestyle and he’s lied and hurt by Mary, the woman he loved. I believe he still loved her, but not as much as the time they married. The usual thing about John is that he always ended up being in a dangerous situations; let’s say.. it’s the same feeling when Sherlock’s excited, enjoyed all the cases. it’s dangerous, IT’S CHALLENGING. So yeah.. cheating on someone, right or wrong, it gives you thrills, and it’s dangerous.. John’s thing. So I’m not really that surprised, but disappointed at him. How the hell can he not knowing or noticing something’s off about the lady? HE LOOKED AT THE PHOTO ON THE PHONE, HIM WITH MARY AND THEIR BABY YET HE CHOSE TO KEPT THAT LADY’S NUMBER. HE SENT A MESSAGE TO THAT LADY TO END HIS THING WITH HER BUT WHEN HE SAW HER AT THE BUS STOP, HE SMILED. HE HAD CHANCES TO END IT, BUT HE DIDN’T DO IT. AND HE EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT HER WHILE HE’S STILL WITH MARY.

What I meant about John was “sending Mary to the death” is the moment when Mary said they should stay at home(after Sherlock texted both of them) John told her to head to the aquarium first and he’ll go later AND HE INSIST IT EVEN MARY SAID NO. When he arrived after Mary protected Sherlock from being shot, all he saw was her half sitting half lying on the floor, covered in blood, and died in front of him. He knew that it’s his fault, but he CHOSE to blame Sherlock.



John thought Sherlock didn’t want to protect Mary. He even hurt him by not responding his texts, and with those words that Molly said.



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         You absolutely loved your job, and you were the sunshine of the press. Not a soul has ever seen you frown, and believe it when I say they’ve tried. Some people even make bets that they could finally make you crack, it never worked. You smile in you sleep and wake up happy; Only once in your life had your smile faltered without your consent, and that wasn’t going to happen again. You weren’t going to lose control, that past you, that thing, it was dead. You didn’t want people to look at you like that, no, not again. Your smile made everything better, made everyone smile. It was perfectly practiced, the most effective smile; You’d show your teeth but not look like the Cheshire Cat, Laugh but not for too long and bring your hand up to cover it just right. Make them believe you were the cute little school girl, innocent and pure, but your soul was stained you couldn’t help it.

         Practically skipping all the way to your boss’s office, you’d greeted everyone, even the ones that looked at you with disgust. ‘Jealous are we?’ You giggled to yourself before opening the door. “Heya boss,” You bring your arm up in a clumsy mock salute, “What’s on the agenda today?” Just as always, you made the old man laugh in seconds. “Good morning, (Y/N). I actually have a very important task for you, Involves some packing.” Moving, you wonder where you’re going this time. Last time you were sent somewhere for a job, It was a torn up shack in the middle of bat shit crazy nowhere. It was boring, but one of your many best articles after you left. Everything you wrote was a murder case, not at first of course, but you could always make the day better. They were always crazy in the first place, the head cases were always left alive to take the fall without knowing it. It was always too easy, you got the town full of fools and were sure the next would be no different. 

           Your boss hands you a file, full of faces and a passport. You looked into where you were going and smiled, “London, an article on a sting of murders, Jack the Ripper style?” You looked at it with fascination, you’d looked into murders of that area before, mainly cases saved within a blog by a John Watson. Your boss wheezed out a laugh and clapped a hand onto your back. You did your best not to cringe at the close contact, human interaction was always hard. “Yeah, We finally got you a free pass to your favorite historical place. I knew you’d love it, (Y/N).” You gave him your best, daughter like smile with a grateful soft voice, “Thanks Harvey, I totally owe you for this one.” He brought you into that usual disgusting hug. “It’s no problem at all, (Y/N). Just get us another one of your masterpieces.” 

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