finally a kiss and an i love you

Slow dancing with Sherlock one evening. You by trip over something, and as you fall you pull him down with you. Because of this, he lands on top of you with his face just inches from yours. The two of you look deeply into the others eyes, neither you nor Sherlock willing to say a word. After what felt like an eternity, he finally whispered softly “I love you”. You grinned wildly knowing that he loved you back and before he could ask why you were smiling, you pulled his face to yours for a love filled kiss.
It didn’t last long because Mycroft had just walked in, obviously needing to talk to Sherlock.
“Am I interrupting something, brother mine?” Mycroft asked. Both Sherlock and you said “no” with red faces, then busted out laughing.
After the Holmes brothers had had their talk, Mycroft left, leaving you with his brother. He pulled you close and kissed you softly.
“Should we take this to my room?” Sherlock quietly asked, unsure if he had asked it right.
“Sure” you replied. And the rest of the night was one neither of you would forget.

Unpopular opinion

I fucking loved the final problem can everyone stop bitching now please.

I actually loved the fact that Sherlock and John don’t have some big epic “I love you”/kiss scene because so often now in media something is not classed as cannon unless there’s a kiss. At the end of that episode we got a beautiful scene with John and Sherlock living together again in 221b. Raising Rosie together with Marys blessing. To me that scene of showing them as a domestic couple is so much more powerful for same-sex relationship representation then some heated kiss, because it’s more permanent. So many people have this weird mind set that queer relationships are short when they’re not, so by showing them rebuilding 221b together it demonstrates a side that is rarely seen. It’s the small moments matter most in a relationship not necessarily the big romantic ones.

Also while sherlock may have had some huge character growth in terms of emotional connection I don’t believe that at the end of The Final Problem he could fully invest in a full term relationship. So if he had made some big confession of love at that point in time he wouldn’t have been able to sustain that commitment
But instead one day Rosie’s starts calling him Papa and it just clicks perfectly into place.

I think people also tend to forget that Sherlock and John aren’t that young anymore and the big romantic gestures you often see in media are by much younger people. That’s not saying that older people can’t be romantic but I think that after everything they’ve been through they’d both be content to raise their daughter without much fuss.

So with the possibility of there not being a season 5, to me Johnlock is cannon and I’m happy.

littleneko1923  asked:

Blaise And Hermione "stop distracting me, I'm reading"

“Stop distracting me, I’m reading!” Hermione finally snapped as she flipped through another page irritatingly, glaring at Blaise who was gently biting on her neck.

He slowly pulled himself away from her, and looked totally undaunted as he smirked, “Love, it’s called revenge - you distracted me from reading first and it’s only fair that I get to do the same.”

“I didn’t do anything!” Hermione narrowed her eyes at Blaise skeptically.

“You didn’t have to,” Blaise shrugged, as he leant towards her and planted a kiss on her cheeks, “your stunning beauty and wildly untamed gorgeous hair are enough to distract me without you actually have to do anything, darling.”

Blaise Zabini Challenge

Do not fall in love with people like me.
I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth.
I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.
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the crunchyroll anime awards are taking votes now!!! Please go support Yuri on Ice! It’s been a wild ride and now you can vote to show your love for the anime and it’s characters, scenes, and music. ((WE GOTTA WIN)) 

Yuri!!! on Ice is nominated for:

anime of the year !!!!!

best boy (our boy yuuri <3) 

best animation (i mean,,,, the intimate scenes were done really well)

most heartwarming scene (it’s the kiss!!!)

best couple (throw that in the anti’s faces)

best opening (time to make some history y’all)

best ending  (you only live once so use it to vote lmao)

let’s make another big impression on crunchyroll (bc we crashed them for the finale) and make some more history!!! <3 <3 

  • dave tearing up behind his shades: i cant believe where finally MAKIN THIS HAPEN
  • karkat, just openly sobbing now: I KNEW YOU'D MAKE THAT STUPID JOKE! AND WE ARE! WE'RE MAKING THIS "HAPEN"!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
  • dave, also sobbing: okay, kanaya, rose, y'all gotta turn around now so we can kiss
  • kanaya: I Think That Is Against The Point Of Witnessing
  • rose: Just do it, darling. It's their ceremony, they can conduct it in whatever ridiculous way they wish.

Man, I love Kubo Mitsurou’s (creator of Yuri on Ice) tweets. Like, take this one:

“It’s good that in the venue (ice rink) for the Cup of China, the place from which the skater starts their program and the spot where the kiss and cry takes place are quite far away from each other so that the coach has to run after the performance (to greet the skater). In other venues the exits and entrances can be either close to one another or can be the same place, but it’s the distance that makes the difference.”

(Please correct me if my translation is wrong.)

I love how they thought about the smallest details and the mounting suspense of the fact that Victor would have to run, to somehow decrease the distance between himself and Yuuri which finally culminates in the kiss (and cry haha). They really pay attention to the small stuff here.

You can just tell how much she loves this production and I adore that.


“We’ve always made a conscious decision to have Lukas express his emotions through silent gestures, be it through giving Philip a Polaroid camera, walking out on a motorcross sponsorship and giving Helen the gun, or finally by kissing Philip openly in front of people who know them. That says ‘I love you’ louder than any words ever could.” 

When I saw you, I knew I was going to love you.
Parts of me were afraid,
But never resistant.
The rest of me breathed you in
And sighed with relief.
The rest of me thought,

When I kissed you, I thought,
“Maybe God IS real.”
Because your skin made me want to sing hymns.
Because your caress was a blessing, a baptism.
Because there was no way
You were created just as simply as I had been.
Created as a universe’s afterthought.
You were planned.
Something out there saw the terrifying beauty of our cosmos
And put them in your eyes.
And it said,
“This… This is my masterpiece.”
An I couldn’t agree more.
—  Lauren Lujan

“Back off, Ren! I’m TRYING to make my daily ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!”

Kylo interrupts the General during one of Hux’s daily intercom announcements to the crew of the Finalizer.

//i’m obsessed with Hux’s daily announcements (x) hux says that only people who are acting “suspiciously” should be detained… and the stormtroopers detain him! Why was he being so suspicious ? maybe a little kylux action on the bridge? #LET HUX LIVE 2017!


Have you ever met someone at the wrong time in your life but then the right time came around and somehow now you’ve been given the chance to finally make each other happy?

Thank you for loving me @ktorr19 ❤️

  • yoi fandom: wouldn't it be nice if this doesn't end up as queerbait? lol as if
  • show: steady meaningful deepening of viktor/yuuri relationship
  • yoi fandom: *allows self to hope, just a little* haha imagine if they acknowledged their feelings
  • show: yuuri declares love on national television
  • yoi fandom: OH. well. a kiss would be cool, you know, at the end when yuuri wins the grand prix. that'd be a good finale for the show
  • show: episode 7
  • yoi fandom: hOly ShIT they're canon gays. imagine if they got engaged at the end
  • show: "it's like a proposal"
  • yoi fandom: *screeching* what do you mean "something round and golden"????????
  • show: episode 10
  • yoi fandom: !!!!!!!!!!
  • show: ;)

does the sound of me getting ready in the morning comfort you? when you’re in bed and I’m having a warm shower, does the sound of the water running lull you back to sleep? what does it feel like to have me crawl back into bed with my wet hair and kiss your warm back? and what does it feel like when I finally have to leave?


sherlock and agra having a final showdown and she, as petty and hateful as she is, says “and john? you love him so much, it’s so obvious, but you know he isn’t gay” and at that very moment that epic, tab styled throat clearing sound comes and the camera shifts to john and he stands there all bamf and says “i may not be gay but i am bi as fuck” and he kicks her out of the way and sherlock does his little smile and john does his big smile and sherlock says “there’s always something” and they smile AND KISS AND ASDSFDGFGJGHMJH

this is it guys, the last few hours until we see either the most groundbreaking romance ever aired on television or the floor is lava literally?? 

i want to thank all of you so so so much im not being even fucking soppy i’ve been through SO FUCKING MUCH these past 3 years since i joined this fandom i battled so many demons including depression, eating disorders, and just everything shitty and you, all of you helped me live through it all and here i am - waiting for the most beautiful thing to happen - sherlock holmes and john watson to kiss for the first ever time in 130 years 

i owe you my life guys, if it werent for you i would 100% dead im not even exaggerating i love you i love you i love im fucking drunk but johnlock helped me learn whats love and i finally escaped from a physically abusive relationship so thank you so so so so much

i want to break my heart into tiny tiny pieces and give it to every individual here and for all the people who follow me i love you u cant comprehend how grateful i am to be with you -  @bimartin (ily so much u fucking idiot), @quietlyprim @marcelock @cuccaine2 @glassofteajlc @hotsmugstache @johnlockfulfillment @teapotsubtext @cloisteredself @softlavenders @propergenius @johnlockogie @johnsjawline @1895ad @1895 @nondeducible @writemeastoryofsolitude @kinklock  @rainlock @szpok @gayufo @brothersholmes @sadlawyer @warmth-and-constancy @darkmofftiss @deserthearts @darlingbenny @deducingbbcsherlock @deducethegay @detectivelyd @dry @dramaqueern @drool-is-love @shylocks @shylockgnomes @thediogenes @balletlock @softelytjlc @jeslock @syupon @paintingwithpablo @theymakemagic @heartoftheconspiracy @sherrinfordholmes @grumpybijohn @grumpy-swoop @graceebooks @gaytheist @greglestrade @cakepopsforeveryone @therealmartinsgrrrl @rosegoldsherlock @rominatrix @susscx @theneckstroke @thecumbercollective @thetwelfthpanda @the-7-percent-solution @taikova

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because of you i am still alive and well and i cant wait till sherlock holmes and john watson kiss

i love you so much!!! thank you!

“i used to believe that everyone deserved true love, and that it should last as long as your life does, but it wasn’t until i met you that i realized that’s not the case,” she says to him.
“what do you mean?” he asks.
“people hear the word forever and they expect it to last until the day they die, but sometimes, forever is only a year, and sometimes it’s only two or three years. for us, forever was a little less than a year, but during that time, you gave me the best forever. you showed me love, compromise, you showed me adoration. you showed me how two broken people can come together and make each other whole, even if it is for a little while. you gave me a forever i’ll never forget and i thank you for that,” and with this, she gives him a final kiss and turns to walk away from her forever.