finally ... it's happening

Mod Natsuki would like to say that she just did 18 10-scouts and went without a single SSR. (Half were saved, half were paid but saved from before.)

Mod Natsuki is very sad.

Mod Natsuki needs to re-evaluate herself.

And panic because she’s sure SSR Rina will happen soon too. Permanent Natsuki and Takumi in due time.


Prompto: *shivering* g-guys i’m kinda cold

Ignis, Gladiolus: *simultaneously hand over their coats*

Noctis: hey i’m kinda cold too

Ignis: well noct it’s not my fault you didn’t bring a jacket i told you to but you just never listen-

Gladiolus: BE A MAN.


In this place, in this universe, we are together for eternity


- Osamu Dazai, The Setting Sun

Happy 5 year anniversary, Tokyo Ghoul! I’ve never been invested in a manga as much as this one, and I thank Ishida-sensei’s brilliant writing, art, and his undeserved dedication to fans of his work. His remake of chapter one is the main inspiration behind this piece. I hope to evolve in my abilities as much as he has over the course of these few years!

johnny debuting is like Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an oscar. what are we gonna make memes of now?