finally all in one beautiful shot!


Does anyone else remember the time a one shot masked character named Teehee Tummytums was so beautiful that he turned every dude in Stormalong gay when he finally showed his face and everyone started throwing money at him just so they could look at him and it apparently happened all the time because I do 

xixinergy  asked:

Hi, thank you for posting so many victuuri recs! Are there any rec lists where Victor proposes to Yuuri??

Thank you for these requests! I freakin’ love proposal fics! I read these all the time, so get ready for a lot of fics!

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Proposal Fics

Round and Gold by oh_imintrouble, Gen, 1.4k
Yuuri wins the Grand Prix Final and gives Victor something round a gold. Victor gives him something else round and gold in return. One shot proposal fic. I’m totally not crying, there’s just something in my eye…

we’ll call this place our home by perennials, Gen, 1.3k
The Big Day approaches, and Viktor seeks advice from various members of the Katsuki family. SO CUTE!!!!

properly by Aimerz, Teen, 3.1k
In which Victor is shit at proposing, and Yuuri wants to do it all over again. Thumbs up!

A Beautiful Morning by Jawbones, Mature, 1k
Viktor pulls him even closer, moving to lie on top of him, burying his face into his chest. Yuuri looks down, is greeted by bright blue eyes and a smile. I’M SCREAMING THIS IS SO PERFECT

Settle Down by EttaMills, Teen, 2.7k
Yuuri remembers when Victor once said, during an interview, that if the marriage doesn’t work out, it is no big deal. Unfortunately, he remembers this during Victor’s proposal. It goes about as well as can be expected. Bonus clueless Victor!

5 Times Yuuri Tried to Kiss Victor + 1 Time he Did by kireiflora, Gen, 7.2k
Yuuri has always wanted to kiss Victor, and he has, many times since he burst into his life, but there are five attempts that stick out most. And the most important one that actually happened. SO FRICKIN’ CUTE OMG

Anything You Want by Flightless_Bird, Teen, 2.6k
Victor’s heart stung. He knew that he shouldn’t get annoyed when he was clearly in the wrong; but it still hurt to think that Yuuri believed a few flashing cameras were more important to Victor than him. This is a rollercoaster of emotions but there’s a happy ending, don’t worry!

Say Yes by CutesyMe, Gen, 1.5k
Victor asks for Yuri’s parents for approval! SO CUTE OMGG

Happy Valentine by katsudonfemmefatale, Explicit, 6.8k
Yuuri has forgotten a particular day he’s never had caused to celebrate… but his fiancé certainly hasn’t. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

Etched in the Ice by SharkGirl, Teen, 1.5k
“Since when did you get so good at this sort of thing?” Yuuri reached for one of his hands, lacing their fingers and bringing them to his lips. “I learned from the best.” CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING OMGOGM

Advent Calendar by sushicorps (Inclinant), Teen, 2.3k
“I’ll skate for you. Not for a medal, not for myself, but for you.” Yuuri gives Victor an advent calendar!

Language of Love by OrionsProdigy95, Gen, 694 words
Victor is going to propose to Yuuri, but he’s just not sure how. So what’s the harm in trying it in Russian? Yuuri couldn’t understand it anyways, right? LOVE!

lay us down (we’re in love) by chromyrose, Teen, 4.8k
It was Viktor’s love that taught Yuuri how to love himself. SO MANY FEELS

Hey Baby! I Think I Wanna Marry You! by Sandyclaws68, Gen, 1.3k
Viktor had hedged his bets in Barcelona by never specifying which gold medal would result in their marriage. The fluffiest!

Proposal by Aggie731, Teen, 3.1k
Yuuri won gold at the Grand Prix Final. Viktor surprises him. Love this!

Life and Love: Agape by makkachincrossing, Explicit, 5.2k
“Viktor…” he murmured as he pulled away gently from the kiss to cast his eyes up slightly, meeting mine again. “If I win gold at the Grand Prix final… will you marry me?” Definitely recommend!!

a thing to be shared by radialarch, Gen, 794 words
Two things happen in Barcelona. VERY sweet!

The Prince and His Servant by BigGhost, Teen, 1.8k
Victor likes to be dramatic. Yuri doesn’t realize exactly how dramatic. This is great!

to me, only you by katsukis, Gen, 3.2k
Despite the rings however, Viktor doesn’t know if they really are engaged or not. Tonight, Viktor is going to propose to him, properly, and he’s got it all planned out. *queue gross sobbing*

On Absence, Fondness, and Never Leaving his Side by BeautyButterBae, Teen, 12k
“Would you do me the great honor and marry me, Katsuki Yuuri?” Wow! This is a must-read!

Interlude by TheRavenLady, 3.5k
After they get back from the restaurant, after Viktor has decided and proclaimed to their closest friends that he intends to marry Yuuri, they go back to the hotel and have a little heart-to-heart about it. Lots of fluff!

Marry Me? by sergeantwinter, Gen, 322 words
Viktor smiled, moving the hair out of Yuuri’s face and leaning in to kiss him again. SUPER quick fic that gets your heart all fluttery!

The Preacher’s Daughter

Author: @stilinski-jpeg

A/N: This collab is so funny because I literally had this idea and Camile was like “I’m already writing one.” Nia and Camile strike again. This is going to be a series, so buckle up babes it’s going to be a hell of a ride. I have to thank @minhosmeanhoe (Camile) for pushing me to do this when my motivation was lacking and always being there for me when I get stuck. She also proofread and edited this because she’s literally the best. Okay, without further ado.

Paring: ReaderxMitchfuckingRapp

Warnings: Is it a stilinski-jpeg/minhosmeanhoe fic without smut?? Otherwise, no warnings.

Word Count: 4682

Camile’s version: here

Song: Good Kid by Former Vandal

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Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 1]

Originally posted by dimblethum

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut


A quarter century had passed since your birth and here you stand. Your emerald evening gown is pulled up, helping you to move quickly into an empty room somewhere in the plaza. The sounds of the string quartet your parents hired to play at your birthday party are muffled as he shut the door behind you.

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Happy-Meo MASTER LIST !!

I try to update this as often as I can cause I know how hard it can get to find your way around LOL :) As always I really appreciate every one who has subscribed to me! Thanks for taking the time to read my writings ^_^

Freshly updated on 7-23-17

* = new stories since last update/reblog of the Master List

VIXX Stories:

Keeping Secrets (Neo; Hongbin x Reader): [COMPLETED] 
Chapter Links 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 (Finale)

Summary: Every person usually has their own set of secrets, but when your interest lands you in the biggest secret in Jellyfish, you’re in for a whirlwind as you find yourself in different predicaments trying to keep it. 

VIXX! Father Series (Fluffy one-shots with VIXX as fathers): Leo | Hyuk | Hakyeon | Hongbin | Ravi | Jaehwan

Brains & Beauty (Hyuk x Reader fic; school au)
Summary: I never really sought out K-pop or was too fond of it. Until K-pop found me in the form of Han Sanghyuk.    


ONGOING Series: 

* Save Me (Yoongi x Reader ft. Jin & all the other BTS members; Secret Agent Au) [Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, and bullying)]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Parts:  Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Vampire! Tae: The Unlucky Ones (Tae x OC) [Fluff, Angst]: Vampires have soulmates too. But there were unlucky ones whose soulmates turned out to be human.
Part 1 | Part 2

Don’t Judge Sweet & Sour (Yoongi x OC Lee Maia x Jungkook with BTS members) [Fluff, Angst]:
Chapter Links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14
Summary: Through a series of events, Lee Maia becomes BTS’s manager, specifically genius producer Min Yoongi’s, in order to become a Big Hit trainee. However, Min Yoongi is infamous among staff for being rude and particular and no other staff members were able to handle him for more than a few days. Will she survive the year and achieve her dream of debuting as an idol?

When Music Meets Lyrics (Yoongi x OC) [Fluff, Angst]:
Summary: Min Yoongi had been having trouble creating music lately, especially coming up with meaningful lyrics. But that all changes when he hears the words of a new mysterious lyricist.

Part 1 | Part 2  


Masquerade III (Jungkook x Reader x BTS member - read to find out >:] ) [Fluff & Smut]:  [COMPLETED]
Summary: With Club Masquerade’s original hosts “graduating” one at a time, it’s up to the newcomers to pick up the slack and keep the customers happy. And who better to take the reins than the notorious Red Mask’s prodigy, Jeon Jungkook. But things become a bit difficult when you come into the picture, with your desire to do research on the rules of love and dating through your experience with your host. Will Jungkook be able to satisfy your curiosities… or will someone else?

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 (Finale)

* FORGIVE ME. Sequel to “Hug Me” (see below).  
(Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope & his daughter; Hoseok x Reader) [Angst] 

Summary:  How can one gain forgiveness from someone who is no longer in a position to give it? How can one be forgiven if they refuse to forgive themselves? How can one move forward to the future… if the past was so much better?  

(Yoongi x Reader ft Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters) [Office Au; Rom-com, Fluff]:

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

Out of the Egg [COMPLETED]
(Jungkook x Reader; War Au/ Rebellion Au) [Fluff, Angst; mentions of violence, death, sexual harassment (briefly), and warfare]

Summary: The world you had once known is now bare and rotting with evil. Families were torn, houses were burned, and businesses were shattered by the Oppressors. In your world, there were only two possibilities – if you weren’t working with them, you were owned by them. However, a new faction arises that sings of hope and taking back the world that was once for the people, calling themselves “The Changers”. Although you tried to go unnoticed by either of them, out of fear of being killed or captured, you soon find yourself deep in the middle of the rebellion after an unexpected encounter.

Parts: | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Finale)

Bangtan Mission: Get BANG'ed (OC x Bang PD ft. all of BTS)
[Fluff, Romantic Comedy]

Summary: With all the fame and fortune they have been receiving, the boys can’t help but grow increasingly grateful to the man who gave them the opportunity to achieve their dreams – “Hitman” Bang PD. In their struggle to come up with the perfect Christmas gift to express their love and admiration for the very man who continues to inspire and motivate them, they find that their boss actually and very secretly only wants one thing for Christmas…their beautiful Head Coordi-noona. Put seven crazy boys on a secret match-making mission and one very shy CEO together and you have a recipe for a comedic disaster. Will they succeed in getting their Coordi-noona “Bang”-ed?

Masquerade  [COMPLETED]
(Jimin x Reader x Hoseok) [Fluff & Smut; Office Au, Hosts Au] 

“With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.”

Summary: To secretly relieve your stress about your single life and your hard times at work, you cave and decide to give this mysteriously alluring club a chance. At Club Masquerade, you can indulge in your fantasies and indulge in who you really want to be without strings attached. So when you waltz in and realize you’re not exactly sure what you want, two of their best hosts swoop in and are more than willing to help you figure it out… But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets in your office.

Parts:  Part 1Part 2  |  Part 3 | Part 4 (Finale)

Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls [COMPLETED]
(Fluff & Smut; Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au)  
DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them… But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

Parts:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 (Finale)

WORLDS. (Yoongi x Reader x Hoseok; ft rest of BTS) [Fluff & Angst; Childhood Au, School Au, Best friends Au]  [COMPLETED]
A collection of your life growing up with your two best friends Yoongi and Hoseok. From the small pains of childhood to experiencing the trials of school life, love, heart break, and finding your passions, you three were always inseparable…until one day, you were forced to grow without them and it was then that you truly discovered yourself and each other.

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Finale)

Hug Me (J-Hope/Hoseok x Reader; Angst, some fluff): 
You and Hoseok were married, but the married life you thought you would be living is nonexistent now. You two were like strangers living in the same house. You knew his heart was no longer yours, but you still loved him. When the end of your marriage was near, you made him promise to stay with you for just one more month. One month was all you needed to finally let him go.

Past, Present, Future (Jin x Reader; fluff w/ mentions of bullying and body shaming) : You weren’t the ideal body type, far from it, but Jin loved you all the same. 

Feel the Rain (Namjoon x Reader; Fluff): In the midst of your mundane routine life, you meet a man who changes it all.

~Accidentally in Love~ Series (BTS x Reader; Fluff): We’ve all had our clumsy moments but what if those embarrassing moments, where we hoped no one was looking, actually led us to the right person?
Jungkook | Namjoon: Part 1 / Part 2 | 

Wings: An exposition of what I feel like all the BTS short films and titles were trying to exemplify about life and growing up on a general, relatable sense.

“First Meetings” Series (Fluffy one shots of the reader meeting BTS members; different story per member): Namjoon | Jin | Taehyung :“Sunflower Boy” | J-Hope : “Sun & Moon” | Jungkook : “Picture Perfect” | Yoongi : “Infires” | Jimin : “Flights & Fate”

Growth (Namjoon x Reader)Namjoon was everything you weren’t but you were everything Namjoon wasn’t.

Funnies: (My Random Troll thoughts)


Reaction to the new songs on the BTS “You Never Walk Alone” album.

Reaction to AGUST-D

Yoongi’s hint at Hobi’s WINGS Introduction 

A short one-shot inspired by Hiro Mashima’s art.

Summary: Sorcerer Weekly wants to do a spread over the wizards at Fairy Tail. Lucy’s looking forward to the simple photo shoot, but with Fairy Tail, is anything simple? (Canon verse)

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Genre: Humor, Friendship, slight Romance

Word Count: 2,133

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Lucy couldn’t help but scoff when she came out of her bathroom, seeing the fire dragon slayer sprawled out on her bed. “Are you really wearing that?”

Snapping out of his daze, Natsu glanced at his outfit, smiling when he turned back to his partner. “Of course! Don'tcha think it looks nice?”

Shaking her head, Lucy ignored the question. Today Fairy Tail was doing a photo shoot for Sorcerer Weekly, and everyone was asked to dress up for the occasion. Lucy sported a little black dress that hugged her curves comfortably and matching black boots while Natsu… Well, he went in a different direction.

Dark green pants tucked into black rain boots, his blue shirt matching nothing while his scaly white scarf hung loosely around his neck. Add that to his pink hair and Natsu equaled a fashion disaster.

Still, she had to admit it looked exactly like what someone would expect him to wear. He was always pushing the boundaries with his outfits. She had a feeling he was competing with Gray and his wild fashion sense, but she dismissed the thought in favor of fixing her hair.

Natsu raided her kitchen while she pulled her long blonde hair into two pig tails with black bows. She left a lock of hair free on both sides of her face to frame it. Smiling, she thought she did pretty well considering she didn’t ask Cancer for any help.

“How do I look?” Lucy asked when she walked into the kitchen, paling when she saw Natsu shoving a whole turkey leg into his mouth, bones and all.

“Hmfph?” he asked, green eyes flitting until they landed on the form of the celestial wizard. Choking, Natsu pounded his fist against his chest until his airway was clear. “Damn! Why are you dressed like that?”

Under his intense gaze, she blushed. “Master told us to look our best… Why? Do you think it’s too much?”

Realizing she misunderstood, Natsu shook his head. “It’s not that, it’s just…” He didn’t know how to say every guy -and probably a few girls- wouldn’t be able to keep their eyes off her. He always knew his partner was beautiful, but today she looked drop dead gorgeous.

He had half a mind to kidnap her and keep her all to himself instead of going to that photo shoot, but he knew Lucy was looking forward to it. Why? He didn’t know. Sorcerer Weekly always printed articles about him, but he never felt flattered or thankful.

Of course his articles covered a lot of the damage he did to cities while on missions, but that was another story.

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Pluviophile || Do Kyungsoo

Requested : Yes / No

Word Count: 1,094

Do Kyungsoo + Reader + Fluff

Rainy mornings are the right time to admire your boyfriend’s beauty.

July has finally come.

The rain now often visits Seoul as if Zeus himself had dropped all of his powers to produce the most comforting rains on a pleasant Saturday morning, like a hot cup of tea. The temperature drops at the break of dawn, making a person cling onto their thick duvets for dear life to chase the warmth they desire. Mornings suddenly turned slow and lazy inside your cozy home.

Outside of your comfort zone, the city was busy and alive. People are rushing to chase their bus to work, cars are continuously honking at the stressful traffic jam, while some are still half asleep; in desperate need for coffee in their system to function properly to survive the day.

The city was the color of black and white with all the boring workaholics dressed in suits and pencil skirts roaming around, and the constant routines of society that tricks them into thinking they have created progress to raise the economy. The gloomy skies had matched the atmosphere of the dull city.

But your home was the color of warm hues of autumn on a summer day. Kyungsoo’s arm that lazily rested around your hips created an imaginary color of honey gold, while his breath that touched your skin whenever he exhales formed a mixed color of caramel and beige; sending cold shivers down your spine with goosebumps forming under your cold skin. You shifted your body on the bed, turning around to face your sleeping boyfriend. Intoxication soon ruled your body as you drank in the beauty of Do Kyungsoo; sending you to a high cloud nine to enjoy the pure bliss. Eyes still shut and lips slightly agape with a sound of light snoring. His face was paler than before.

‘With this kind of weather, you’ll easily get sick. Always remember to take your vitamins.’

A voice whispered inside your head as if you were silently communicating with your sleeping boyfriend. With a sly smile on your lips, you took your time to stare at the beautiful art that slept in front of you. The small crack on the curtains allowed the light to peek through as it shined down on Kyungsoo’s face with shadows of raindrops shaping perfectly on his features. You thought about the possibilities of someone being so perfect just by sleeping, and you calculated the percentage with Kyungsoo being the answer.

You found yourself tracing his facial structure with your fingertips. His eyebrows scrunched at the sudden action being put upon his skin, but soon relaxed when you massaged his temples with your thumb; he hummed in satisfaction. Your touch lingered softly on his silky white skin before finding the small beauty mark at the corner of his eye that you admired.

Your eyes flickered down onto Kyungsoo’s bare top that hid under the white duvets you two shared. He was resting on his side, facing you, and you chuckled when you noticed his bangs was getting long for it to finally reach his eyes. The shade of brown suited his skin so well.

You lifted your hand from your sides to lightly push Kyungsoo for him to lay on his back. He shuffled and adjusted himself under the covers before finally relaxing with his legs and limbs sprawled out to reach you. 

The heater of your home did no justice in keeping you warm, but somehow the warmth that was emanating from Kyungsoo’s body made you feel like a summer’s day with blooming flowers and sunlight dripping on your skin. But it was raining, cold, and your boyfriend was shirtless. Hence, you scooted closer towards him. Gentle arms wrapped Kyungsoo’s waist, preceding to entangle your legs together. You lifted the covers from his hips up to his chest, but not before noticing the beauty marks that adored his pale torso.

Kyungsoo once made you count all of the moles on his skin on the first few months of dating. He was embarrassed, face red as the exterior of an apple with heat radiating from it as if he was the sun himself. You told him it wasn’t necessary especially if he wasn’t comfortable, but he insisted. He explained he wanted to break the barriers between you two, the shyness and the hidden secrets, to show his sincerity towards you. It warmed your heart at the innocent gesture, and so you counted.

It was as if the clock has stopped ticking as soon as he removed his black shirt to reveal himself. You don’t remember how many there were, but you remembered staring down on his well built torso as you judged.

Just by thinking of that day relieved your insides.

“My heart pounds at your ethereal beauty, Kyungsoo. Can you hear it?“

Your voice came out in a hush and soft tone, almost like a whisper with the pitter-patter of the rain covering your sound. You emitted a soothing sigh with your eyes fluttering close; contented of how your life is slowly turning. This was a dream that came true. It was like finishing your favorite book that had a long and tiring story that encountered numerous plot twists, only for it to end that lifted your spirits up so high you wished to never come back down on the ground.

“I hear your heart even from afar.“

A deep and husky voice was heard in the silent room, and you opened your eyes. Kyungsoo still laid on the bed, eyes close, chest heaving with every breath he takes. Did you hear it right?

You lifted your head from the crook of his neck, leaning your ear closer to Kyungsoo’s lips. His breath tickled your cheek. With confused eyes, you turned your head to look at Kyungsoo. It surprised you when you saw his eyes were finally open looking back at you, but before you could say anything, his face came near to yours, lips meeting together in the space that no longer existed in between.

The kiss was quick, a peck. However, you couldn’t deny how everything turned into slow motion at the sensation of his plush lips pressing against your own. It was like the drop of the rain froze in mid air, the buzzing city turned mute, and the affection ghosted soon as he removed himself from you. You let out a whine of disappointment at the empty feeling he left on your now cold lips. You leaned in again, craving for more, to which Kyungsoo happily obliged.

He sighed against the kiss, feeling his lips twitch into a smile.

“Good morning.“

The Facts

Request: “Could you please do a supernatural Castiel x reader. Where castiel is acting strangely and after a awkward conversation with the angel, Sam works out he is in love with reader. Dean and Sam encourage Cas to tell her. She is shocked but overjoyed. Thanks love your writing”

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1682

Warnings: None

Originally posted by teamfreewill-imagine

The sun rays flickered through the line of trees, the Impala’s roaring engine becoming more comforting as you became accustomed to it. The wind blew your hair in every direction, twisting it into tendrils that flew in the air, flicking your face with tiny stings that made you giggle. Castiel watched you smile to yourself, your hand hanging out of the window, your fingers stretching through the fast airstream that passed over the car going about 100 miles per hour.

Cas started going over the little facts he knew, trying to distract him from the blissful scene that took place right beside him. Again, the car was going about 100 miles per hour. 103 to be exact. It was 3:52pm, and your moving bodies were travelling along the Mayfair highway in Arkansas, at this second to be at a latitude of 35.2010 degrees North, and a longitude of 91.8318 degrees West. In about 4 minutes and 23 seconds it would start to rain, but would only spit down for 54 seconds before the small cloud evaporated and the sun reined the skies once more.

He recalled these facts with ease, his angel capabilities aiding him with a limitless supply of useless knowledge. But there was one fact he couldn’t push from his mind, no matter how many others he tried to pull over the top of it.

It was the fact that he was in love with you.

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Did Dan Stevens Really Sing? What Worried Emma Watson While Waltzing? Beauty and the Beast’s Secrets Revealed!
Ten burning Beauty and the Beast questions asked and answered — with important insider facts about the hit new film

How many people, animals and props were involved in making the opening musical number, “Belle?”

According to Disney, there were more than 150 cast members and extras involved, along with 28 wagons and carts, hundreds of live animals (horses, cows, mules, ducks, geese and hens) and countless props and set decorations. The set itself was also the production’s largest, measuring 28,787 square feet.

Bonus fact: The town is named Villeneuve, a fictional French village that was built on the backlot at Shepperton Studios outside London.  The town’s name is an homage to Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, the author of the original Beauty and the Beast story.

How many horses played Belle and Maurice (Kevin Kline)’s trusty steed, Philippe?


“Belle and Maurice’s horse Philippe was played by three different horses, two of which had to be painted on a daily basis,” says a rep for the studio.

How did they pull off the waltz scene between Belle (Emma Watson) and the Beast?

Carefully! Watson and Stevens first had to learn the choreography, and then Stevens had to master it on stilts. The British star tells PEOPLE practice makes perfect when it came time to learn how to walk and dance in the steel contraptions.

“You’ve just got to get in ’em, start moving around!” Stevens says with a laugh. “Fortunately we had about three months of pre-production for rehearsals, learning the songs, the dances. Initially with the waltz I learned the steps on the ground and graduated to the stilts, which was slightly terrifying for me but probably more for Emma. I think she was very worried that I was going to tread on her toes in steel stilts, which could’ve ruined the movie, but I didn’t, so I’m very proud of that.”

Is that Dan Stevens’ real singing voice?

Yes! And it was a welcome challenge for the actor.

“Singing was a relatively new thing to me,” Stevens, 34, says of re-training his singing voice. “I’d sung at school and when I was younger, but in my 20s I [hadn’t] sung as extensively so reengaging my voice, retraining the voice was a big challenge.”

Did they use Dan Stevens’ actual face for the Beast?

Yes, although the finished product is a computer-animated and significantly hairier version.

Stevens wore a 40-lb. “muscle suit” and performed the role on stilts — first so that the size and movements of the character were captured on set during filming, and then again for the visual-effects teams so that his face was captured and later computer-animated with the Beast’s hair and fangs.

“Every couple of weeks I would go into a special booth and my face would be sprayed with about 10,000 UV dots and I would sit in what I used to call the Tron cage,” Stevens says. “Anything I’d been doing in the previous two weeks in the scenes, whether it was eating, sleeping, roaring, waltzing, I did it again with my face, with Emma [Watson] sitting on the other side of the cage, and we would capture the Beast’s face.”

What’s with Dan Stevens’ hair in that Prince reveal?

It’s a wig. A stringy, scraggly one.

“The hair at the end, was it extensions? I think it was a wig,” Stevens says, trying hard to remember the hair accessory he wore two years ago during filming. “It was quite awhile ago. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was a wig,” he adds with a smile. “And what a wig!”

Which costume was the most challenging to create?

Belle’s red “montage” outfit, aka the one she wears outdoors for her snowball fight with Beast. Why? Because costume designer Jacqueline Durran used all eco-friendly materials in its design.

“Because Emma is so interested in sustainability and fair trade, eco fabrics and eco fashion, we applied those criteria to making a costume from head to toe,” Durran tells PEOPLE. “That [red] costume was made entirely from sustainable fabrics. We dyed it in vegetable dyes in our workroom, we had shoes made with eco leather, and we did the whole thing from top to bottom to be as thorough as we could. People learned different skills in the work rooms to be able to do it, so the dyers learned to dye with strange vegetable dye. Sometimes it took two weeks to dye something because you’d have to leave it in there for that long to get a rich color. It really was a learning curve for all of us, I’d certainly never done that before.”

How did the filmmakers decide on which songs to feature from the animated film and Broadway musical?

The answer is by hiring and deferring to the animated film’s composer, Alan Menken, who also co-wrote the music for the new film.

“It was challenging,” Menken told EW. “[The] Broadway show had songs that I would have loved to use for the movie, but the form for a film and the form for a Broadway show are different, so the song we wrote for the Broadway show was not going to work. Consequently, we wrote a brand-new song. The challenge is just to maintain the balance of what we originally had for the score and what we had for the show, and at the same time allow this film to have its own character.”

How many new songs are in the film?


Menken and lyricist Tim Rice (The Lion King) wrote three new ballads for the film. They are: “How Does a Moment Last Forever,” performed by Belle and her father (and sung by Celine Dion over the end credits), “Evermore,” which Beast sings for Belle when he releases her (and is sung by Josh Groban over the end credits), and “Days in the Sun,” which is sung by the objects in the castle and Belle when they are going to sleep.

What was left on the cutting room floor?

A lot — including a clever Frozen reference. Please allow LeFou (Josh Gad) and Gaston (Luke Evans) to explain:

“I mean, Gaston dies. Is that a spoiler?” Gad says with a laugh, when PEOPLE asked him and Evans during a recent sit-down if there are any Easter eggs fans should look out for. “The Easter egg I fought for [director] Bill Condon to put in but we never did, there’s a moment in the original where a bunch of snow falls on LeFou and he becomes a snowman and I thought, this could kill. It’s a little meta but it could be great [For those who may have forgotten, Gad played Olaf, the snowman in Frozen].”

Evans says his favorite scene that didn’t make the movie is one filmed during the castle battle, in which Gad’s LeFou has a fight with a bathroom appliance.

“What I miss, which we shot and is not in the film, is you having a fight with the toilet,” Evans says to Gad.

Adds Gad: “Played by Stephen Merchant (from Hello Ladies and the original Office)!”

“Yeah, it didn’t make the final cut,” Evans says with mock sadness.

Both actors joke that they have no idea what might end up on the DVD/Blu-ray because no one tells them anything.

“Nobody guarantees us anything,” says Gad. “We’re not even guaranteed that we’re going to be in the movie. It’s all based on our interview performances.

Adds Evans: “Which so far have been terrible.”

TFC characters as messages i've sent pt. 2
  • Dan: i want four giant talking dogs
  • Kevin: im doin squat thrusts right outside of your room, join me
  • Andrew: if im not in bed and im not at cfa, i'll be home soon
  • Matt: let's be swolemates
  • Aaron: i feel like im when moms are going around screaming as they do things and you're like "how can i help mom?" and she yells I DONT NEED HELP and you're like "but you seem mad" IM NOT MAD WHY DO YOU THINK IM MAD?
  • Seth: kinky,,, tender (about machamp carrying you in pokemon sun/moon)
  • Allison: one day im going to meet a nice blind man and then FINALLY i will have no one to impress aesthetically in a relationship. he just wants me to smell nice and i usually do. solid. done.
  • Nicky: snapchat filter: changes the entire structure of my face // me: wow maybe i was beautiful all along
  • Renee: i'm so ready to go into battle wit u
  • Neil: if they lock me up please break me out and smuggle me out of the country with cfa and thin mints
  • Jean: at least you won't be shot in the woods
  • Jeremy: not to be that guy but that's gay

Reyes x Ryder fic recs

I spent today reading and reviewing a bunch of fics from writers in the Reyes Vidal FB group and I wanted to share my favourites with people. These fics are just insanely good. Like … wow! My mind was blown and I’m going to be raving about them for the next week! If you have time, please give these fics a read and, as always, leave the authors a comment! You won’t regret it. :)

1.  Looking For Trouble by @makocartwheels
Sexy story of Ryder and Reyes falling for each other. It’s very nsfw and features a rather dark and Dominant Reyes who is just amazing. The chapters alternate between Reyes and Ryder. The story is amazing. I’m hooked and I’m dying for the last two chapters.

2. Girls Night Out On Kadara by @mythomagic29
This fic took me totally by surprise. It’s incredibly sweet and not only does Ryder have fantastic relationships with her crew mates, but Reyes actually gets a touch jealous of Gil of all people. Not violent horrible jealous either, but ‘I need to make more of an effort’ jealous. This fic had me smiling and giggling by the end. I was smitten.

3. As The Curtain Falls by @littlewatty
I’ve loved this fic for a while, but the more that gets written of this drabble collection, the more I love it. My personal favourite is the skipping rock chapter … but they’re all so good. There is something for everyone here - angst, love, hurt and comfort. I adored all of the drabbles.

4. Are You Wiling To Risk It? by @angel767 
This is a short 3 chapter fic written as an extra Reyes mission and it’s AMAZING. It’s romantic and beautiful, and it has incredible action sequences. The final chapter is gorgeous and made me swoon. I swear - this fic is a gem and you’re missing out if you don’t read it!

5. The Jealousy Game by @joufancyhuh
This is just plain sexy. And plus - a dominant and possessive Reyes! Honestly, this is a NSFW one shot that is brilliantly written, super smutty, and a must read if you’re into Reyes Vidal in a dominant role. I adored the heck out of this piece.

6. I Move The Stars For No One by @iamsonothere
A Mass Effect Andromeda and Labyrinth crossover with Reyes in the role of Jareth and Sara as … Sara. Reyes steals her brother and Sara has to get him back. It’s set in the ME:A universe but uses the plot of Labyrinth. Seriously - this is amazing and you need to read it. 

The Invite.

Titled: ‘The Invite’ 

Pairing: (eventual) Gaston x reader

Word Count: 1,253 

A/N: This is Part One to a three part mini series I’m writing! This is basically my retake of Cinderella with you and Gaston!

Warnings: prince!Gaston, Gaston/Luke Evans feels, slight angst, a sprinkle of fluff here and there. 

Cast of Characters: Y/N, Stepmother, Celeste (your stepsister), Bianca (your other stepsister), Gaston, and Lefou. 

Tagging:  @girl-next-door-writes  @captainemwinchester @little-red-83@impalaimagining@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt@hobbithorse19@feelmyroarrrr@lefouismylife@redimagines@letowolfie@ciaprincess@speedycatbluebird @haniiix33 @mademoiselle-lanielenawrit@pancake74433 @certainasthesvn@with-a-hint-of-pesto-aiolishiroyuki18@ironicallyimnotamouse@ciaprincess@erreneous@gawston@benedictcumberbatchstolemyheart@pureawesomeness001@ronijdubb@norrihiddleskittycap@oh-snap-its-mildred @milleniumxhan  bobateaandchocolatepudding @blackxthexbeast  laughsandlivia  larae-45  juggernaut-jones

Once upon a time, in the hidden heart of France was a kingdom that was ruled by its bachelor prince, Gaston. He was the undeniable heir after both of his parents died, and for years he has been looking for the one he would call his queen, but to no avail. His valet, Monsieur Lefou suggested that he have a ball, and invite every single woman from the village. Gaston figured it wasn’t a terrible idea, so he went through with it. He ordered that an invitation be written to every single woman in the town. 

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1st Win | Hoseok | (M)

word count: 3.7k

genre: smut + fluff; idol-verse + established relationship

pairing: reader/hoseok

summary: monsta x has just had their first ever win on a music show, and you’re too happy to celebrate that achievement with your boyfriend, who’s a part of said group.


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Baby (Part I)

Hello lovelies! I got carried away with Jo and Shawn and after talking to @lilli-jo about this I continued writing. Hope you like it! Leave feedback! xx

Jo’s hands trembled slightly as she was standing on a balcony, overlooking L.A., shivering in her Marchesa gown.

Being Shawn Mendes’ officially acclaimed girlfriend had changed her world in an instant and she had been confronted with hate, more hate, crazy stalker fans and… hate.

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Nobody Got a Happy Ending

I was satisfied to a point with the season finale yesterday that I didn’t want to complain because all I wanted was some kind of happy ending, a beautiful defan scene and a Damon and elena final interaction whatever it may have been and that’s what I got. But the more you think about the final, the more you rewatch gifs and scenes and the more interviews come out. The more you release that no body got any happy ending on this show and we really all just got fucked over one last time.

-Although it seemed as if we left the love triangle in season 4, Stefan had moved forward and Damon finally had his shot at happiness, even though he stabbed his brother in the back to get there. The writers have confirmed in a whole lottttta interviews straight after the finale episode that the Damon and Elena ending we got was not the ending THEY wanted and would have written. So they made a beautiful ending for a part of a fandom only to rip away the whole thing by releasing statements suggesting the couple was never meant to be together and if they had the time Stefan and Elena would have ended up together. Not only is this a slap in the face to Damon and Elena fans but also to Stefan and Elena fans while also stripping away Elena’s character by suggesting once she’d had her fill of Damon she would return and have a happy ever after with Stefan like nothing had happened.

-Stelena fans got a beautiful scene which was well deserved but also lucked out as the writers again have confirmed Stefan and Elena would have been together but ultimately it didn’t happen, teasing their whole relationship making that side of the fandom hopeful for an explanation and a story line that is never going to come. Even though the writers have said that this couple would have ended up together I do not believe they would have done anything differently and even if Nina had stayed on the show Damon and Elena would have still ended up at the same place as it was set up since the beginning. So that leaves Stefan and Elena fans being trolled by the writers as they didn’t get any happy end and Elena was more interested in if Damon was “okay” then the concept of Stefan dying as usual so they threw them a bone quickly by saying oh but we would have had Stefan and Elena together hoping they would be satisfied to some extent. Which then gets rid of three years of story lines and leaves the stelena fandom without a proper ending.

-Steroline fans were put through the ringer, given a beautiful ending and then it was just destroyed in the matter or 5 minutes even though all the writers and actors seemed loved Stefan and Caroline together apparently the ratings of the originals is more important.

-Bamon fans were played since the end of season 5 and forced to stay in hopes the thin line the writers had created between friendship and something more was crossed between these two characters even though the writers had no intention ever exploring these two in a romantic way. It also didn’t help that Ian was lashing out at Nina and Kat also seemed like it was appropriate to weigh in on everything Ian Somerhalder related. Giving fans false hope and creating some kind of forced but also natural friend chemistry between actors to try and push for Bamon, which would have destroyed everything Damon had done on the show previously and everything bonnie stands for just because Ian didn’t want scenes with Nina anymore.

-The actors on this show have never been any type of professional whether it be online, at conventions, just talking about the show in interviews or with their treatment of eachother. You could tell for a while now the actors just wanted the show to end and more than anything they wanted out and away from eachother. Ian and Nina destroyed any type of beautiful delena scene with their horrible acting and just treatment of eachother away from the show. The more you rewatch all the Damon and Elena scenes in the final the more you also released not only was Nina and Ian’s scenes acted out terribly with little to no emotion but you can literally see that they are not even really kissing when reuniting and Ian lips are on her chin in a way lots of actors kiss to make the illusion of a passionate makeout session without actually having to kiss. The cast in general not only let the fans down when it came to celebrating the show but also respecting ships, respecting eachother and honouring the final episode by celebrating the end and giving the fans some kind of closer after we spent the last 8 years with them giving them and many others the jobs and opportunity to even be on this show by being invested in this show. Instead we got cast drama, cast breakups, the main character killed off for a couple years, no final Damon, Stefan and Elena photo? And years of interviews disrespecting fans and disrespecting every ship that has ever been on the show.

-The writers destroyed any development in the storyline between season 7 and 8 bringing everything back to before Elena died and before Katherine went to hell just to include both of them in the final episode. So all couples, character development and growth was literally for nothing and thrown out the window the second the writers saw the opportunity. As they stripped Damon’s character down again making him ass whipped over Elena to the point he left all his friends and family which was very unrealistic at this point in the story, they also destroyed Stefans character to give a mediocre ending to the story, they left Caroline alone after years and years of different boyfriends and children to just sit back and watch everyone die, they left bonnie alone again with the love of her life just being killed for shock value and to redeem Stefan which was every unnecessary, they turned alarics character into one that was loved by all to one I found myself wanting to kill every episode the show continued, they just killed Tyler completely for no reason and matt was given a shit ending, hardly any screen time and some hardly believable bullshit about his parents having some kind of supernatural influence on the town.

All in all we all got fucked over for maybe 4 out of the 8 years we watched this show. Not one ship got the happy ending any of us deserved, there wasn’t really a happy ending at all just a hot mess of trying to fit as many characters into the last episode as possible. While also trying to developed a story that was completely rushed and in the end made no sense. Left stefan dead for no reason? Left bonnie defying Kai’s rules when there was apparently no way to before? Left no couple together but Damon and Elena but the ripped that away saying if there was more time they would change that ending and then just added a bunch of sad music and then just….left us.

I have never been so disappointed in the way a show has treated it’s fan base and I don’t think I’ll ever be this disappointed again. I hope this is a lesson to all long running tv shows in the future what not to do to leave everyone unsatisfied, confused and heartbroken. These character were so beautiful and deserved so much better, as fans we also deserved better and I severely hope that the writers and actors look back on these past 8 years and release how much they fucked up what could have been the most iconic show on television by now giving it the title of that show that had 3 good seasons.

10 Reasons Why I Am Screaming (Spoilers)

Why I am screaming
10) SEASON 3 2018


Hello! can i pretty please request a yugyeom angst/fluff. it’s where the reader and yugyeom are best friends and the reader has a boyfriend and as the reader comes home she sees her boyfriend cheating in their bedroom so as soon as she leaves the apartment the reader calls yugyeom at like 3AM to meet up and breaks down after seeing yugyeom and thats where yugyeom confesses? its fuvking long i know

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Originally posted by magiccastles

The cold breeze cannot compare to how frozen you already feel. You pull your coat closer around you, trying to insulate the warmth but nothing can warm you, not even the hottest day of the year. You felt like nothing, like everything good in you had been sucked out and left to wash away like footprints in the sand. It still hadn’t entirely sunk in that you were back to being single.

You didn’t want to think about it; but nothing could stop your head from flashing back painful images of your boyfriend lying naked in your bed with another woman. Her face was imprinted on your brain, her silky black hair, and her smokey seductive eyes. You had never seen her before in your life, and you didn’t intend to see her ever again, just like you never wanted to see your now ex-boyfriend again either.

The swing creaked as you rolled back and forth on your feet, the swing swinging only a little. You were finally collected from your thoughts when you heard footsteps approaching. You didn’t have to look up to know who it was.

Yugyeom took the swing beside you, and from the way he sighed you could tell that he was worried. He had those tendencies when he was nervous; sigh a lot and play with his hands. You know everything about Yugyeom, and him the same with you. With Yugyeom, you don’t have to think, you don’t have to do anything, you can be yourself and not worry about a single detail. That’s what set him apart from your ex. With your ex, you were never good enough; never around enough, never affectionate enough. Yugyeom offered you more support than that asshole ever had, and you couldn’t believe you hadn’t realised it sooner.

“How are you feeling?” Yugyeom asked, then he sighed again. “Nevermind, stupid question.”

“Just a little bit.” You laughed. You couldn’t bring yourself to cry anymore, it seemed that you’d run out of tears to let loose, you’d run out of sad emotions to play on.

You looked at your best friend, finding comfort in his eyes. Recently he’d changed a lot, he’d dyed his hair cosmic blue and he wore more fashionable clothes and makeup. Somehow, he had become mildly attractive to you, something you cursed yourself to think, not only because you were in relationship at that time, but because should you really be having those kind of thoughts about someone that you considered your best friend?

In this night, he looked particularly handsome; his eyes were like a galaxy full of shining stars, and his hair fell in random places as though he’d just rolled out of bed. He probably had just rolled out of bed.

“You know I’m here for you if you want to talk about it.” He suddenly spoke, and you found yourself nodding.

“I know. Thank you Yugyeom, I mean it, really.”

He rose from the swing and stepped before you, he outstretched his arms and pulled you up, bringing you into his arms for an embrace. He held you close, his arms like a blanket of warmth and reassurance. In your brain, somewhere, you felt yourself capture this moment like a polaroid photograph. It was as though you’d never forget this feeling, him holding you so tightly, being where he needed to be; just like a soulmate.

“You know how I feel about you {y/n}, and maybe one day, you’ll feel that way about me too.”

His voice was soft, and he was treading on thinly laid ice. He must have known such a bold statement would be risky after you’d ended your previous relationship barely hours before, but you felt your lips curl to a smile.

“I hope so too.”

His hug tightened, keeping you close to his heart. You could finally see that he was the one you wanted after all, and now, all you need is time to strengthen what you have and turn it to something life long and beautiful.

anonymous asked:

What do you think the end will be like? Will Kaneki survive this manga? I want to know your theories about what is going to happen to the Qs, Goat (I only care about Touka though), CCG (Susuya, Ui, etc..), the clowns, Amon, Akira. Do you think there is going to be a world where ghouls and humans can co-exist? Do you think Urie is going to be the bereau chief after a timeskip in the end? Is Shinohara going to wake up someday? Skip Mutsuki, it's pretty obvious the bitch's going to end up dead.

Not a Mutsuki fan, huh? o-o’ Well, this ask was from 124 when we thought she mutilated Yoriko, so fair’s fair. This is a biiiiiig question, but I’ll do my best to cover it relatively briefly.

Kaneki will survive the manga. I strongly doubt he would be resurrected just to be killed again and his death would run counter to the thematic implications of :re. Furthermore, the Fool’s Journey ends in enlightenment, not death.

I think Saiko will let Mutsuki eat her in a futile effort to save her, like Hide did for Kaneki. Urie will survive but bitterly regret the death of his friends, and try to find a home in the collective of tragic misfits that is Goat. I feel like Kiyoko on her metal legs will stand in Shinsanpei’s way to Kaneki (either due to enemy sympathies or just to stop her nephew being consumed by anger), and that in his rage he will hurt her, and then collapse to the floor in horror at himself - but both will survive. Hsiao might end up fighting against the defecting Quinx as a child of the Sunlit Garden (though for V rather than Furuta, an alliance that is shaky at best), but I think that her emotional attachments will win the day and she’ll let them pass - and tragically being killed by Kaiko for her disobedience in the process. Higemaru, we don’t know much about the guy, so I assume that means he’s going to die in battle, to the misery of the Quinx - but which side will he be on? I now think he’ll defect with Urie, but they might end up fighting each other.

Touka will survive, but her kid won’t. Ayato will live, Hinami will live, Nishiki might not live if Kimi is at risk but otherwise will probably live, Koma and Irimi will live (have died already), Yomo will live, Shuu will live, Chie is likely to be at risk of death given all her talk about fearing death (and this will trigger Shuu’s final redemption and epiphany of his sins in treating humans as he did) - however, I think Shuu will save her just in time. Naki and Miza will live (already had death scares), Hirako might die as part of the maturation process of the Garden kids (who will likely all live - worst case scenario, only one will survive) but not necessarily, Takizawa will live (had an overcoming suicide arc), Kurona will likely die at the hands of Kanou (but not before dealing a critical blow on her way out).

Suzuya will defect, reluctantly kill Mutsuki to stop her from getting to Kaneki, and reconnect with an awoken Shinohara to show him the beauty of friendship that he once taught him - only this time, it extends to Ghouls as well. Ui will end up killing a resurrected Hairu when he realises her soul hasn’t been brought back with her and be left hollow, but alive - another person to be saved by Goat. Mougan will die fighting the traitors unless he becomes too moved to stop them, Itou will live (just a gut feeling), the two Kuroiwas will fight each other but both will live, Hogi will fight for the CCG but is more likely to be captured than killed, Fura might sacrifice himself, Misato will live (she needs to get married since she caught the bouquet - unfortunately for her, Amon’s already taken), Hanbee will probably die for Suzuya and maybe the other two, but Nakarai will live. The surviving Oggai will be re-educated and mentored by Urie.

Uta will die at Yomo’s hands - his attachment makes him unable to kill him, but even while Yomo refuses to land the finishing blow, Uta will dive onto his kagune, dying for the sake of the tragic beauty that he has lived his life for. Nico will die - he lives for beautiful things, and with the series ending, he has nothing left to live for. Roma will die in a tragicomic fashion, as befits her character - this is purely speculative, but I think a shaggy dog story where she spends the entire time during the final battle trying to escape her confinement only to finally get there after the battle is over, find all the other Clowns dead, and get one-shotted by one of Goat would be pretty great. Donato can only die at the hands of his adoptive son. During their battle, Donato will try to convince him that there is nothing separating them now, they are the same and can be father and son again - Amon will counter that the difference between Human and Ghoul is irrelevant when here, at long last, the difference between good and evil is clear as day. Furuta will be eaten by Rize after Kanou releases her during his betrayal. Kanou will probably perform his experiments on himself and become some kind of abomination that Kaneki must kill. Itori will be the sole surviving Clown, choosing life for the sake of consoling a grieving Yomo - that, and there’s no fun in death.

Amon and Akira will both survive, strange as they might find it to fight against the CCG. 

A peaceful world can exist, and it lies in Kanou’s research to wipe out the boundary between Ghouls and Humans that has led them to so much conflict.

Finally, Urie won’t be Bureau Chief because the CCG will be decommissioned - the narration explicitly told us Kichimura Washuu will be the last Bureau Chief of the CCG.

I think that does it. Phewee. I need to take a nap.

someone like you ❦ peter maximoff

prompt: i think it’d be cute to have the reader be totally oblivious to peters flirting because the reader thinks peter wouldn’t go for someone “like her” (kind of quiet, shy, different from everyone else, alternative, stuck in the wrong generation type?) then peter just gets so overwhelmed with his feelings, that he just blurts out that he likes her and just some cute shit happens. thanks!

requested by: anon

[a/n]: i changed up the request just a bit. i hope you don’t mind, nonnie!

word count: 1022

Summer had come to an end, and with that meant the start of a new school year. Despite the groans and complaints about homework, new classes, and curfews, there was an excitement in the air about the upcoming homecoming dance. It was in just a few hours, and as you sat on your bed struggling to pull on a new pair of heels, you wondered why you even agreed to chaperone the dance. But when Peter popped his head into your dorm, donned in a black button-down and slacks with his dirty sneakers on, you remembered why.

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