Six. Count them, six. 

We went from begging, even being desperate for a ‘Captain Swan” photoshoot - for years - to having not 1, not 2, but 6 portraits of Colin and Jennifer together (and if the BTS footage of EW is to be believed, there’s more coming). 

I’m just really happy about this. 


HELLO GUYS!!! Sorry, I postpone this comic so much XDD I was busy this week. I kind of rushed through this comic because I was suppose to update at 2:30 and it’s 3:03PM XD Since I don’t want to confuse you guys i’m going to start updating every Saturday and mabye Wednesday at 2:30. ^-^ I hope you like this comic and I can’t wait to get into a new chapter. There will be new characters join the adventure soon ^0^ Also, I need to start working on my backgrounds XDD Thank you for the ask @askskypethepony

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So I've decided how I want Destiel to become canon...

There are so many amazing interpretations of how Destiel should become canon out there but I’ve finally decided on my own personal favorite…

Let me set the scene for you: The show starts… Camera pans around the bunker… Random empty rooms, right? Ok, so we get to Dean’s room: Dean is laying in his bed, laptop on his lap, one earbud in, soft smile on his lips, very peaceful. Then we go to the war room: Sam is seated at the table, frown on his face. He sighs, stands, and wanders into Dean’s room. Dean, still dopily staring at his computer screen, doesn’t react to Sam in his doorway. Sam clears his throat rather loudly, but there is still no reaction from Dean. Finally Sam goes “Dean!” and Dean practically jumps out of bed, throws the laptop shut, earbuds go flying. Sam, confused, says, “Porn?” Dean immediately goes “No, of course not, just… It was… Look it’s…. It’s nothing! Forget about it!” Sam, quiet for a moment, contemplative. Eventually, the silence gets to be too much and Dean goes “What do you want?” Sam squints at Dean but says “So get this…” And then proceeds to blab about a case. Dean agrees that they should go check it out.

Skip forward a bit and the brothers are walking to the impala. Dean stops at the passenger door, opens it, gets in. Sam, standing at the trunk loading up their gear, stops cold. Now he was pretty sure something was up with Dean back in his bedroom but Dean just willingly got in the PASSANGERS side of the car? So Sam is, understandably, a little freaked out now but wary of freaking Dean out too, so he slowly and quietly gets in the drivers side of the car. He stares at Dean, starts the car, stares at Dean, puts Baby in reverse, stares at Dean again. Sam says “You feeling alright?” Dean, now back to staring dopily at his computer screen, carefully angled away from Sam’s view, glances up, grunts out a “Yeah, of course, let’s go” and looks back at his computer. Sam tries to brush the weird encounter off.

Cue some cool Impala driving shots, maybe a couple of Sam being concerned and Dean looking like he’s just seen Heaven itself… (again). They get to the motel, unload the car, carry on with the case as usual. Intermittently we see Dean staring at his computer with that same look on his face and whenever Sam sees it he gets all perplexed. So finally, they’ve ganked the ghosty or whatever the hell they were hunting and they’re heading home but Sam has just about had enough. “What the hell is your problem dude? You’ve done nothing but stare at the damn screen for the last three days straight. Even YOU can’t be looking at porn THAT frequently!” Dean, after hearing Sam’s outburst, shuts his computer slowly and turns to Sam. “Look dude it’s nothing-”. Sam interrupts with bitch face #64 and says “Don’t pull that crap with me Dean! What has got your panties in such a twist?!” Dean blushes and is quiet for a minute. Sam says, softer now, “Dean, you can tell me anything, you know that right?” Dean stays quiet for a minute more. “It’s a long story,” he says softly. Sam chuckles, “We’ve got a long drive…” Dean sighs, sits up straighter, clears his throat and turns to Sam…

View cuts out of the impala and we see both brothers getting out of the car in front of the bunker. Both are uncharacteristically quiet until Sam says “I still can’t believe you’ve been in contact with BECKY!” Dean sighs “Would you get over it Sam! That’s really not the point of all this!” Sam throws his hands up and exclaims “I know but… Of all people… Really? BECKY?! My ex-wife?!?!?” Now it’s Dean’s turn to look completely exasperated… “Dude you were married for all of like two days!” Sam huffs and brushes off Dean’s comment. “Whatever Dean… So, are you sure about all this though?” Dean sighs softly and says, “I really think so dude… I mean after Becky explained all the fandom crap to me… I don’t know man it just seemed to all make sense…” Sam laughs softly, a smile tugging at his lips, “Then you’ve gotta tell him!” Dean pales, eyes wide, “No way dude I could never!” Sam goads him on, “You have to!” Dean shakes his head rapidly, looking legitimately terrified “No really Sam I can’t! I really really can’t!” Sam stares at Dean for a minute before saying “Ok, fine, whatever.”

We see Dean relax minutely, maybe he opens up the computer AGAIN and then there’s a flutter of wings and suddenly Cas is in the room. “You called, Sam?” Dean spins around throwing his laptop shut with a shout of “What the hell!” Dean looks between Cas and Sam, Sam and Cas… Cas, confused as usual, looks between Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam… Sam is just sitting on one of the bunker chairs, smugly smiling at Cas and Dean, Dean and Cas. Cue lots of awkward silence. Finally Sam claps his hands and stands. “Well I should be going. Remember Cas, Dean has something extremely important to tell you. Under no circumstances are you to leave without him telling you.” Dean’s eyes are wide with betrayal and Cas’ head is tilted in his uniform “I don’t understand” pose. Finally he nods at Sam and turns to Dean. “Well, Dean?” Sam snickers as Dean’s face heats up and Sam leaves the room, abandoning Dean with a very expectant Castiel. Dean and Cas stare at each other for a few moments before Dean laughs nervously and says, “Sam was just kidding around Cas, no big news here.” Cas looks perplexed for a moment before he nods slowly. “Hmm… Sam warned me that you would say that in his prayer to me. I was expressly told to ignore your futile attempts to get me to leave.” Dean curses under his breath, closes his eyes and pushes his index fingers against his temples to try to alleviate some of the throbbing. There is silence for a few moments and then a quiet “Dean?” much closer than the last time Cas spoke. Dean shoots upright and finds himself with a face full of angel. “Jesus Christ, Cas…” Dean mutters but Cas remains close to Dean and continues to stare intently at the hunter. “You know you can tell me anything at all…” he says slowly. Dean huffs, “Not this.” Cas looks deep into Dean’s eyes, Dean looks deep into Cas’ eyes and suddenly, two of Cas’ fingers are on Dean’s head.

We see the whole episode play backwards in fast motion until we get to the very beginning where Dean is on his bed staring dopily at the computer. Camera pans around until it’s behind Dean and voila! A picture of Cas’ face, smiling, looking up at Dean in the picture. Screen changes and it’s another picture of Cas smiling at a bee that landed on his finger, another one of Cas looking stoically hot, etc, etc. Then the entirety of the episode plays forwards in fast motion until we are back to Cas’ fingers on Dean’s head and Cas steps back slowly, Dean cursing under his breath, blush high on his cheeks. Cas does his standard head tilt and says quietly “Dean?” Dean curses again, stands up, paces a little. “Look, Cas, I guess the cat is out of the bag now, so whatever. I’ll just say it…” Dean is silent long enough that Cas prompts, “Dean?” Dean looks up at Cas and blurts out “I love you Cas! There! Happy?!” Cas looks stunned for a moment before he says, “Well, of course, Dean. I already knew you loved me.” Dean scoffs and mutters fondly, “Not that kind of love you stupid angel. Not platonic love.” Cas looks confused again before he clears his throat and says “I know Dean. I know it’s not platonic. Our love has never been platonic.” Dean looks up, eyebrows high on his forehead. He takes a step closer to the angel and says “But how did you know Cas? I’ve never told you I loved you before.” Cas scoffs and takes a small step closer too, “of course you have Dean. You tell me you love me all the time…”

Screen fades to season 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 iconic Dean/Cas moments (i.e. “Cas is family” “I’m not leaving here without you” “I prayed to you Cas, every night” “please man I need you here” “don’t make me lose you too” “I’d rather have you” “don’t ever change” “I need you” etc.) and then screen fades back to Dean and Cas in the war room and Cas is still speaking: “And I tell you I love you all the time too…” screen fades to season 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 iconic Dean/Cas moments (i.e. “And I did it, all of it, for you” “I could go with you” “I always come when you call” “I’m doing this for you, Dean” “I gave everything for you” “Dean and I do share a more profound bond” “I was getting too close to the humans in my charge” “I’ll watch over you” etc.).

Back in the war room, Dean’s eyes are a little misty. He smiles at Cas and Cas smiles back at him. Camera pans down their bodies and we see their hands at about waist level, intertwined together, a hunter and his angel, an angel and his hunter, finally holding onto each other like they should have been for seven years.

Screen fades to black and we hear Sam say, “Finally.” Cue credits. Episode done.