FIC: Wall Yourself Away [1/7]

Rating: M
Pairing: f!Trevelyan/Iron Bull
Word Count: 2,330 this chapter, ~17,000 total
Summary: The Iron Bull is not the only person with secrets; the Inquisitor has her fair share, kept safe inside a fearful, guarded heart. When a letter from an old friend arrives at Skyhold, it threatens everything the Inquisitor believes about herself—her relationship with the Iron Bull, most of all. How much does another person ever know us? Only as much as we let them.
Also on: AO3
Notes: Rating due to trauma endured in the Circle, plus allusions to sex and BDSM. Post-Here Lies The Abyss, leading up to Tough Love. Citing excuses for this fic: 1) I have a lot of headcanons about Katrina’s backstory and have barely touched any of them in fic, 2) I just…love…pining, and 3) two people, guarded in their own ways, finally learning to be vulnerable. Holy shit, that is my kink.

Also, look, you can pry my headcanon that Inquisition takes 1.5-2 years from Conclave to Corypheus’s death from my cold, dead hands. :P

Solace 9:42

Katrina wakes to someone knocking—nay, pounding—on the locked door at the bottom of her stairs. “Inquisitor!” a voice she doesn’t recognize shouts. “Inquisitor, I’m sorry to disturb you—”

She bolts upright. If there is one thing she’s learned since the Conclave, it’s that good news doesn’t come at odd hours, battered against her door. She opens her mouth to call back, to ask them to wait, when a big hand closes over her mouth.

For a split second, she almost reaches for her magic, but then—half-asleep though she is—she recognizes the hand and the person attached to it: Bull, right beside her, the other hand to his mouth, a finger to his lips.

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