I went to retro game store 1 (of the 2 in my area), which is my preferred one, because the staff is nicer, has fairer prices, and I know they source their games a little more ethically than the other store, they’re just a little further away. I hadn’t been to the store in a long time because my job and conventions have kept me busy. I was glad to visit them and see their selection was phenomenal! First thing I see is an extraordinary selection of Sega Saturn games, INCLUDING IN THE BOX PANZER DRAGOON SAGA, AT THE RIGHTFUL PRICE OF $550. Very neat to see indeed! They also had Mega Man 8 on Saturn. Their inventory was bursting at the seams, from the garbage games to the greats. AND THEN I SEE, IN A NICE SELECTION OF SNES GAMES, CASTLEVANIA IV. FINALLLLYYYYYYYYY. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A COPY ALMOST 3 YEARS!!!!!!!! Very nice to finally get it off the list just in time for Halloween! Next, in my quest to collect fighting games with a focus on SNK, they had KOF ‘99, so another one off the list! Next, I’m definitely trying to get into Genesis as it seems nobody buys it anymore, that its next to OG Xbox with collecting popularity you might say. Rocket Knight Adventures! ALISIA DRAGOON. Both in nice boxes! I got Rocket Knight Adventures first, with five other games, and then went back to the store two days later after I got paid to get Alisia Dragoon! I had to get it! It’s in EXCELLENT condition, manual and all! Even my Sonic 1 and 2 in cases don’t have manuals! So it was very nice to go back to that store again, as they have a selection that I often travel for, but instead I should just check my own backyard first! 

Alisia Dragoon CIB - $60 but essentially $33 because I brought in $27 of store credit 

Rocket Knight Adventures -$30 but essentially free because I brought another $30 worth of store credit 

Super Castlevania IV (very nice condition) - $50

MK Double Dash - $35 but essentially $20 because I convinced my sister to chip in for part since she’ll be playing it a lot. 

King of Fighters 99 PS1 - $15 

Donkey Konga disc only - $5 

Mario Dance Dance Revolution disc only - free but its also in bad condition and needs to be resurfaced as it can’t be read 

Sonic Rush - $10 

Legend of Korra 3DS - $10 from Gamestop a month ago, mostly just putting it in this photo so I can keep track of my games for Backloggery.