Memories Monday !
Achieving your personal best body is not impossible or out of reach. It just takes time, hard work and keeping a level head ( which often an outside coach can help with). I achieved my personal best conditioning all while frequently consuming the foods I loved, no strict meal plans. This doesn’t mean It wasn’t a long, hard process. Calories slowly whittled away and cardio was increased but I believe flexible dieting was a key reason in keeping me sane and bingeless throughout the months.

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Client and friend Moin killed his cut and is now hitting PR’s as we work on adding some lean mass while minimising fat gains.

Moin stuck to the plan throughout which is made even tougher due to having a family and busy job to work around. He also has a home gym with limited equipment which made his progression even more impressive. The bottom pictures are after a workout and a mock peak week.

With James as coach, setting up my workout plan and macros, in 16 weeks I went from what I thought was a lean 63kg down to a pretty shredded 55kg, an 8kg loss on my small 5'6" frame, a massive visual difference. I maintained my strength or improved on my lifts and lost mostly fat. The workouts were fun but I thoroughly enjoyed the flexible dieting, within my macros, James let me choose meal frequency and timing that worked for my lifestyle. I didn’t have to restrict myself in any way and ate everything from pizzas, cakes, pancakes, ice cream, chips and chocolates, in moderation, while hitting my macros. He didn’t have me restrict calories to absurd levels and we only added a little cardio towards the end. Good food choices as recommended by James, helped with satiety and I learnt to be creative with making volume for calories consumed type food choices, which meant I was still eating full meals.

Sure, there were stalls (including planned social occasions that we catered for) and a few binges towards the end of my cut, but James was cool and supportive. He answered my questions / concerns with evidence based research and articles and helped me focus on the long term goal. The few ‘blips’ were a learning experience for me, for my body, my relationship to food and excercise, and my fitness. I’m proud of how consistent I was able to be and adhere to my goals with flexible dieting. Having James be the objective sounding board, and just following the plans set out resulted in steady progress. I learnt not to fixate on the scale and trust in small changes in the mirror and went by how I felt my training performance and recovery, energy levels were. This was easy to track with James’ feedback and easy setup to log things.

I now have a great base to continue working with James on adding muscle and strength while staying lean. Oh and eat lots more food while doing it :

Client and friend Tara looking amazing after working together over the last few months.

Tara is a personal trainer herself and also an aspiring actor who has a work ethic a coach dreams of haha. She works harder and longer than 95% of the population and still makes time to work towards her goals. In fact the biggest challenge is getting enough rest!

We are currently implementing a 2 week diet break before continuing towards her goals.

“Signing on with you has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and I am thrilled that I have achieved these results.  I know I couldn’t have done this by myself so a very big THANK YOU for all of your help, advice and encouragement”

These kinds of results and words make my day.

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