In the beginning...

Since the NA release of Final Fantasy XI: Online (Oct 2003) I’ve been procrastinating at every turn when it comes to milestones within this game. I had no sense of direction and no aspirations as a player. This has gone on for 10+ years now and I’ve come back to the game once again to try and claim those milestones. I’m going to finish quests. I’m going to experience the storylines offered within the expansions. I’m going pursue personal goals for my character development. Most importantly, I’m going to have fun doing all of it.

So, with all that said. Let’s have a quick summary of where I stand right now. I’ve taken several small screenshots to give a visual of where I am in the game as far as jobs, missions, rank, skills, etc etc. This is the new beginning for me. I have a lot of catching up to do and I’m looking forward to all of it.

-To start off, let’s look at some basics. Still only Rank 6. I have started my rank 7 missions but I don’t think I’ll be completing them until after Rise of the Zilart, as I really want to have Sky access (aka Tu’Lia) as soon as possible. That’s right, I’ve never been to Sky. If you’re a veteran player, let that sink in a moment.

-I don’t have all the jobs unlocked. Unlocking jobs is pretty low on my list of priorities (a list I have not even actually written, or actually prioritized). I’ll be trying to accomplish as many things as possible on SAM. I realize it may be easier for some other jobs, but I feel leveling them (and gearing them) right now would set my goals even farther behind than they already are.

-All of my skills are underleveled. As of this post, I’m not concerned with skilling up any of them. My main focus is catching up on missions.

-Crafting is probably at the very bottom of my imaginary list of priorities for the game.  I see myself using leatherworking to make a little scratch here and again but until I have accomplished some of the larger goals I have in mind, crafting is taking a very far back seat.

-Play time. what you see here isn’t an accurate representation of how much time I’ve actually spent playing this game. You see, Ceracyst (Hume male) is my second character. A long time before him I was playing as Delena, a Mithran thief. If you take this number and double it, you’d have a better idea of how much time I’ve played (and wasted, by not accomplishing much of anything) this game.

-My mission log looks like a mess right now. I’m going to post these in no particular order, but you’ll get an idea of where I am at with missions from each expansion/nation/etc. What isn’t shown are the Abyssea missions/quests because I haven’t even triggered the start NPCs yet for them to register in my mission log. All in time though.

And there we have it. This is where I am now. I’m hoping within the rest of this year I can really knock out some of these storylines and bring my character up to speed. We’ll see.

Back in my Final Fantasy 11 days, one of my two main classes was Dragoon, a mid-to-heavy armored class that wielded polearms and focused on acrobatic jumps to stab things harder.  In that game, Dragoons were implied to have learned their fighting style by observing Dragons (with one “o”), while other games have them learning it in order to counter Dragons.  Each Dragoon in FFXI had a Wyvern pet, a baby dragon that assisted them in combat.  My Wyvern was named Eisenzahn, which is German meaning “Iron Fang”, and I liked the name so much that I used it for a knife with doomsday weapon traits in other games (see entries for Alastor Malich, the Centipede Prince).

Anyway, I’ve been talked into giving Final Fantasy XIV a try, and so far it’s so much of an improvement over XI that it’s hard to believe the same people made it.  But Dragoons in XIV don’t have Wyvern pets, and that makes me a little sad.