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On the last few parts of my FFXV walkthrough! Part 14 is up and I’ll be finishing the game within the next two weeks! So come watch as my jaw sits on the on the floor for about 75% of the episode!!

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Part 6!!! Woohoo!! I know I am slow at uploading, but I am getting better you guys. So keep joining me on my final fantasy 15 adventures! Noctis x iris ftw!!!

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      𝓟rotect me with an unchanged love
𝓐lso my wounded heart
ℒooking in your eyes, no words are needed
𝓣ime has stopped -[✰]  

When I need to get off Limsa’s MB to take footage…😳😔 I also need to do my lvl 60 skill for my Astro but been lazy….

“My will is strong!”


Someone said this looked like the Mi’hen Highroad, and I’m super happy because my goal is to have photos that look like I am in the game, haha. I’ve been compiling a list of all the FFX locations and their photos so I can scout photoshoots areas during the long winter here, and take photos in the summer! <3


Beautiful photo and edit by Theorem Productions
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Summoner Yuna Makeup Video


Oh dear sweet baby Etro! I never thought I would have 6,500+ people who enjoy my blog! I want to say thank you to everyone that follows me and everyone I follow!  I love being here and making graphics that people enjoy! Here are my favorite blogs and the ones in bold are my absolute favs :)

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Thank you all again for being wonderful people and hella awesome blogs!

Everyone has lost something precious. Everyone here has lost homes, dreams, and friends. Now, Sin is finally dead. Now, Spira is ours again. Working together, now we can make new homes for ourselves, and new dreams. Although I know the journey will be hard, we have lots of time. Together, we will rebuild Spira. The road is ahead of us, so let’s start out today.

Just, one more thing… the people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded… Never forget them.


Final Fantasy X: Seymour Battle Themes Combined - Normal & HD

i never thought i’d reach 500 followers let alone 800+ followers! you guys just amaze me more and more these days and you have no idea how much i appreciate every single one of you! i love all of you so much and my followers just keep climbing more and more each day. thank you all so much and keep on being amazing! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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