finales are bad for my health


me on the same day in 2015,2016 and finally 2017

clearly used to be severely underweight which was obviously due to the current life situations i was in and my mental health which was probably a lot more shit than i realised !!

2 years on from that time and honestly i am so proud of myself and i’m finally happy with my weight

although i feel like my mental health could 100000% be better and i keep having really bad days, it’s nice to look back on past me and see how much i’ve improved as encouragement for how much MORE i’m gonna improve

sorry for cringey post lol x

What to do when you get a bad grade

It happens to us all. You study your butt off, work like crazy for that final exam, and then you get your grade and it’s not what you hoped it would be. Sure, you might have passed, but your grade is still pretty bad and you feel terrible. Here are a few things that can help:

1) Treat yourself to something nice. It’s not a reward, but a little ice-cream doesn’t hurt. Getting a bad grade is an awful feeling. Take care of your mental health FIRST, especially if you have anxiety. 

2) Stay away from friends who are discussing grades. Tell your friends if you don’t want to talk about grades, and if they don’t shut up then move away. It’s rarely comforting to be around people who did better than you or worse than you. Talk about something else.

3) Realise that it’s not the end of the world. Bad grades happen to everyone (even straight A students, at some point), and the world keeps rotating. Time will pass and in a few weeks’ time you won’t even remember that grade anymore.

4) Implement a back-up plan/do damage control. What will that bad grade affect? Can you continue with your programme? Figure out what problems will or may arise from your bad grade and figure out what you need to do to minimise the effect of your bad grade.

5) Figure out the cause of your bad grade. Did you use the most appropriate study method? Did you procrastinate the entire semester? Was the exam *particularly* difficult? Sometimes, the cause of your bad grade is more long-term than just the period your spent studying, so be thorough when you try to figure out why you got a bad grade. Was it just a case of bad luck and unfortunate circumstances?  

6) Speak to your teacher/professor/tutor. Ask if you can see your exam paper, and work through it again so that you can identify where you went wrong. Speak to them about the problems your identified and ask them for alternatives or extra help. Bad grades are only bad if you don’t learn from them.

7) Realise that it’ll all be okay, and that you will have some way to make up for it in the future. Nothing is permanent, not even bad grades.

I hope these tips help. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or an ask. I also have a studyinstagram @ munirastudies if you’re interested in following me there. Happy studying!

xx Munira

Things people who didn't grow up poor will never understand

-not being able to afford heat in the winter time so you were constantly freezing because the house was in the 30s/40s. You were used to it but were too embarrassed to have any one over bc they would be cold

-never knowing if this would be the month your family wouldn’t afford the mortgage and you were finally being evicted

-not having health coverage and suffering through sicknesses and bad teeth while everyone around you had lovely smiles from their braces

-relying on small and crappy school lunches and breakfasts because you knew those were the only meals you were guaranteed. Trying to enjoy it while everyone else complained at how gross school lunch was and bought unhealthy snacks from the snack bar where cookies cost fifty cents but seemed like a million dollars

-not being able to buy food when you were out with your friends but trying to get something cheap anyways to fit it. Also seeming way too eager when accepting leftovers or not accepting them at all bc you didn’t want to seem hungry

-having to get a job as soon as you turned legal age in order to help out the family and allow yourself to get some food

-never ever going on vacation

-never being able to really leave the general vicinity of your home town

-attending so many funerals for friends and family who died related to drugs and untreated illness

-never having new clothes, everything you owned was a hand-me-down or free from somewhere

-never being able to go to events/places/on trips with friends/school bc you couldn’t afford it but having to make up some excuse so no one knew

-being a perfectionist in school bc you knew if you excelled you could better your situation or just completely botching because you didn’t care

-relying on your academic progress to get into college and get you a full scholarship and being under so much pressure to do so

-knowing that if you didn’t get said scholarship you couldn’t afford to go to school because even if you wanted to take out loans you would be denied due to your parents’ bad credit

-listening to constant family fights about money

-never being able to get the cool latest item and wishing you could fit in

-relying on welfare and government programs and always fearing the benefits would somehow get taken away. Listening to people talk about defunding them and pretending that they weren’t your lifeline

-finally getting a degree and a decent paying job but never spending money because you feel extremely guilty for allowing yourself any sort of pleasure item and always saving for a vague rainy tomorrow bc you know something bad is gonna happen

-feeling guilty for bettering your personal situation while your parents are still in a worse one, but not making enough to actually help your family out

-not being able to afford internet or a computer so you had to stay late at school or go to the library to get work done

-saving everything because you never know when something will break and you’ll need another

-not being able to afford a shower or to bathe daily

-your nicest furniture came from curbsides

-not being able to afford to get or receive gifts around birthdays and holidays

-feeling a deep disconnect or resentment towards anyone who can live comfortably bc they don’t understand

-most of all never ever talking about any of this or how you feel and developing a really hard exterior


This is really late cuz my health has been so bad and my internet got turned off.
BUT FINALLY! Here’s the stuff I won in @orriculum ’s giveaway!
I love it all so much! Thank you! I’ve already put some clear quartz chips in 2 of the jars (I’m keeping the box too! I love boxes)

Hi, my name Rachal Ngetich, mostly known Denise and I’m going some things. I’m sure some of you noticed I was absent from social media for a little over a week. Well life has been pretty harsh lately. I’ve been mired in a vicious custody battle with my middle child’s father, I’ve been struggling to keep my job and housing, and my health (both physical and mental) has been failing pretty spectacularly. I finally had a massive nervous breakdown due to the stress and was committed to Beacon mental health hospital in New Orleans for 10 days. I was released Friday night and today, having already been late on rent and not having enough money due to losing a week of work and having massive medication costs, I was served with an eviction notice. So I ask those of you who can spare anything without putting yourselves in a bad situation, if you can help me avoid homelessness. My Google wallet address is Thank you all whether you can help or not.

*tina belcher unsure noises*

okay so i think i finally talked myself into making this post

i am not doing the kbb, i have never done a big bang or a nano or any of those big timed challenges. deadlines combined with big projects are really really bad for my process and my health because they encourage me to do more work than i should and stay up too late and generally wear myself out for a product that is not as good as it could be if it didn’t have to be posted on time. this isn’t a value judgement, i hope you all have a terrific time and i look forward to reading and enjoying your stuff. but my health simply doesn’t permit it.

but last year i felt really isolated because i was one of a tiny handful of people in kylux fandom who wasn’t doing it and all anyone wanted to talk about was the kbb. so here’s me saying: i’m not, and if you’re not, you’re not alone.

maybe we could organise some fun little things to run in parallel - drabble or ficlet challenges maybe? one panel toons or sketches? no hard posting dates? - so the people who can’t play along for reasons of time and health and other commitments don’t feel left out?

would anyone be into that? i could probably manage to run a tiny!bang. a pop, if you will. and people who are doing the big bang would be welcome to drop in and out - i don’t think i’d even make people sign up. thoughts?

I’ve had a bunch of these fitness related thoughts circulating around in my cranium for a while. Just finally got around to making a somewhat coherent list. 

Basically, when it comes to fitness, it can be as unique as you are. So don’t feel bad if you are a bit different, don’t feel like sharing everything, and just want to roll your eyes at it all sometimes. 

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9.8.16 finally finished my organic chemistry notes!! prelims start next week and i am feeling extremely nervous 😨 trying to suppress those negative feelings with cookies and cream ice cream (don’t follow my bad habits hahaha) 

a few of my friends are falling sick because they overwork themselves so here is a quote i’d like to share: 

“I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear” - Steve Maraboli

I am literally drowning in positivity right now. I just can not put it into enough words to just describe how that feels. Like this year had been one of the hardest for me, emotionally. Not the darkest but I haven’t had a good life growing up, but ever since I moved to CA it has been good but I couldn’t feel it. I have just been waiting to start the road to getting better, to getting help for my anxiety and depression and finally go see someone about the abuse I went through growing up.

You hear stories about one bad day changing a life but I have always felt a good day can too. I had a good day, a really good one, Mark was just the start. I got my phone replaced so I don’t have to worry about not being able to work, I had a good meal with my long time boyfriend who had been just the biggest help in my life. This morning I finally signed up for health care and I feel I’m strong enough, once I’m all set, to see a therapist, to get help. I have strangers telling me they are happy for me, that I’m cute. For a person who struggles with seeing their own self worth kind words do help.

It’s nice I just feel I’m being built up and not torn down for once. It’s nice I randomly went to a park and danced and then other things fell into place after it was over. I just want to hold on to this feeling and try to have a good day tomorrow too. To believe I can better myself, I can get help, I can loose the weight, I can fix my teeth, and stop worrying I might get sick or worse, just give up.

So thank you to just everyone, for being positive and just so nice. It means so sooo much to me. Even if I don’t know you, it means something to me someone saw something, even tiny, worth wild in me.

it was Bollocks, a meta

They did something terrible to our community and I hope they apologize. Even if they try to make it up to us later this heartbreak can’t be undone. 

That said, I can’t just erase this feeling that it’s ALL wrong. So spectacularly bad, that I can’t even handle it.

My tin hat feels so comfortable. It’s hard to leave it. Even though I’ve been offline forever I still couldn’t stop. If for your own mental health you don’t want to hear any more theories, I respect your decision and please don’t read beyond this point.

So my actual meta theory is that

What we saw in The Final Problem was Bollocks

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so yes, I blurred out like everything discernable about my room or anything because I’m mildly paranoid. there’s so much shit on girls who post anything even remotely suggestive and this isn’t even that, but I’m covering my ass. either way, this is me, starting this morning: january 17, 2017. I’m finally back to my usual health, I’m feeling good and getting back to that gym grind. I lost my booty gains, but I’ll get ‘em back, same with my shoulders. but, you know, I feel like this ain’t a bad place to be starting.

The Final Problem

I’m not okay tonight.

I am actually utterly heartbroken and haven’t felt this bad since I was in the middle of figuring out how to deal with my burgeoning mental health issues and it’s because of fucking Sherlock of all things.  A fucking tv show that until a few weeks ago I had actually managed to mostly forget I was a fan of.  

It has taken me hours to write this.  And all of it has been said more succinctly and articulately by people who had far more stake in this show than I did, and I just want to wish them all the best and to encourage them to do whatever it takes to keep safe and take care of themselves.  To those of you who have been active parts of the TJLC community thank you so much for creating your content.  I have enjoyed every last bit of your three years’ hard work in the past three weeks and you are all brilliant and talented and wonderfully sweet people.

This has become much longer than I’d anticipated so I’ll say this now my entire being goes out to you.  I just want everything I am to be with you until you’re ready to move on because this is serious, what I am feeling is real and if any of you even feel similarly to me currently I want you to know you’re not alone, and it’s okay.  I need to know that I’m not alone and it’s okay.

I came 100% on board really really late in the game, and therefore feel as though I have no place in the community or safety-net to fall back on in light of what just happened in TFP.  For what it’s worth though I had my heart and soul set on this happening and I hoped so hard I thought I would burst.  I feel…incredibly silly getting so heartbroken over a fictional show but I was so looking forward to being able to look on screen and see a genuine subversion of all the things mainstream media believes no one wants to see, believes the classics cannot be.  It would have meant so much to be able to see this kind of representation – to be able to watch this show with my family and say “this viewing is valid” that shipping itself is valid and rational, and that the pairings that we ship tell stories that are beautiful and hopeful and have a place.

In some irrational way I feel as though because I discovered (or rediscovered depending on how I look at it) TJLC before this season aired that I somehow ruined it for everybody else who has waited so patiently and worked so hard decoding the pre-existing material.  I’m really worried that there are other people out there falling into that same kind of irrational thinking so this one is for you too: if you were late to the game, the fact that TJLC did not happen is not your fault.  It happened the way it did independent of you, and thoughts like “you should have hoped less/prayed more/wanted it more than you did” are incorrect.

I don’t want to let go of the parts of the show that were truly exquisite but I honestly do not see how I can have anything to do with it from now on and I hope I’m not the only one who feels the same way.  It’s just too painful at the moment to even consider because of all the what could have been’s and the completely wasted potential; both of which hurt me on a guttural level as well – it really is just the shit on top of the dungheap.  I don’t want to feel this way.  I want it to stop.  I’ve spent hours trying to compose myself enough to write it out of my system, but it honestly seems as though it’ll take a bit more than that.  

Media and entertainment are powerful tools, and we’re all getting a firsthand experience in how incredibly meaningful it is tonight.  In some ways it is about queer reading’s of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original series being stifled and silenced for over 130 years.  One day I do believe the truth will be revealed explicitly and I hope I live to see it.  However, the wasted potential of BBC Sherlock will always stay with me in a way I now wish it wouldn’t.  Up until this past series this was my version of Sherlock and John; these portrayals will forever be it for me, the one’s I love the most and were the most invested in, this was the Sherlock and John who needed their truth told.  And the way the TJLC community tore apart the series and told their story is beautiful and romantic and everything I’ve ever wanted out of a show, so the fact that the series turned out the way it did is devastating.   When Sherlock Holmes and John Watson get their truth revealed it won’t be my Sherlock and John my Holmes and Watson and that is soul-crushing.
Get Rid of Her - cuteandtwisted - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“Even was angry and Emma was tugging at Isak’s sleeve demanding attention. Even had never been angry at him before, not even when he spoke recklessly of his mother’s mental health, or when he threw up on the older boy’s bed that one night he got too drunk and couldn’t make it home.”

Or: Even still transfers to Nissen in his third year, but Isak and Even get introduced through their parents. FriendsToLovers AU in which Isak calls Even ‘bro’ a couple of times and is forced to watch old-ish movies with him in hipster movie theaters.

Thank you all...!

For the well wishes and birthday hugs and kisses!

It wasn’t a bad birthday, but it had it’s moments, were I felt kind of…pushed to the edge, if only for a moment.

As I settle down now with my final hour or so left of my birthday, I just really want to be a little sappy.

Please for all that is great and good in this world: love each other. That’s all I wished for today. That this year be filled with friendliness and happiness. Wealth, health and everything in between. And that is all I really want for you all, friend or foe. Please be kind, be safe, and have a wonderful year. If you won’t do it for yourself, then allow me to be selfish and ask that you do it for me! :)

Thanks again friends, I am truly blessed.

  • Soldier 76: What the hell are you kids doing?
  • D.Va: I'm having everyone try my Mario Maker level!
  • All: (Complaining)
  • D.Va: So far Lucio is the only one who made it to the half way point!
  • Lucio (eyes bloodshot): It took two and half hours to get there.
  • D.Va: He had to stop cuz' Mom said it wasn't good for his eyes.
  • Mercy: This actually isn't good for any of our mental health.
  • Soldier 76: How bad can it really be?
  • (Several days later)
  • Soldier 76: Done. Finally done.
  • D.Va: Why didn't you guys just use the secret door at the beginning?
  • All: ...
  • (Later)
  • D.Va: Can you guys get me out now!? It's really lonely in this cell!

anonymous asked:

I feel so bad, anxious. 2016 had taken all of my favourite people. There's no such thing as safety now. Neither politivpcal stabilization. Terrorist attacks are happening, planes are crushing, my biggest role models are already gone. I can't handle it Phin. Then there are my personal problems, my cracking skin, my health issues, finals next year. My heart is dead.

well,  2016 really sucked.   I was close to giving up in 1994 when kurt died.

I thought the same in my late teens.   but I’m still here.  hang on dear.

I wanted to draw a picture to cheer myself after the latest episode, but I stopped after like 20 minutes, to many feeeeels~

On the other hand I’m so proud of Kara being the BEST BIG BRO EVER 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR

I can’t draw in this freaking style and I’m frustrated don’t kill me