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Being like a daughter to Rick and being killed during the line-up would include:


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• Him already looking to Carl and you over and over again while Negan talks 

• Rick shaking every time Negan goes past you with his bat while saying his rhyme hoping instantly that it wouldn’t stop before you 

• Rick, when the bat would finally stop before you, gasping for air and begging Negan, telling him he would do everything just so he wouldn’t kill you 

• Thereupon Negan shouting Rick down, telling him that your death will hopefully show him how much he fucked up everything himself

• Rick sobbing and not knowing what to do and trying desperately to find a way to save you but not being able to find one 

• Rick not wanting to believe his eyes seeing how the first time the bat crushes down on your head 

• Him beginning to sob uncontrollably, tremble and whimper 

• Rick remembering that he told you, as well as Carl, that he would do everything to protect you and painfully realizing that he werent able to

•  Him seeing how you look the last time at him, already overflowed with blood, before the bat hits you again throwing you to the ground 

• Rick becoming almost insane seeing how Negan hits your lifeless body over and over again

• Rick memories about you flashing through his mind showing how strong you already were for your age, how you and Carl often almost let him lose his mind through your own heads and how he was secretly proud about that 

• Rick looking over to Carl and seeing him sobbing as well 

• Rick not being able to look at the bat that’s covered in your blood as Negan kneels down before him 

• Negan telling Rick that it was actually fucked up to kill someone your age, but that it’s in the end his fault that one of the future serial killers had to die 

• Rick telling Negan with the last strength he has that he will take vengeance for your death and but being shortly even more destroyed by Negan through him dragging Rick into the RV

• Rick finally carrying you back home, still crying and totally devastated 

• Rick, together with the others, burying you in Alexandria under the tree where you always loved to sit on beautiful days or when you felt down and he came to your side with a caring parental counsel 

• Rick coming, often together with Carl and Judith or Michonne or one of the others, to your grave to lay fresh flowers down everyday 

• When he would be alone he would stand before your grave often not being able to hold back the tears talking about how bad he feels for letting Negan kill you and that you’re still and always gonna be like his own daughter to him

• Promising that not just he but also all the others will never forget you and that they will rise up again for you just like you would want them to


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Bella was a versus exclusive again so she only has 11 shows under her belt this season but I hope she walks tons of shows during Milan and finally walks Paris I really want her to walk as much as she can

The most shes ever done during rtw was 14 (s/s16) though and the most shes ever done in a season, including haute couture and other weeks, is 17 (s/s17) so I think she’s off to a really, really good start only being half way through the month- especially since she walked so much in Milan last season and is connected to a lot more Italian and French houses. I think we could legitimately get 20-25 shows in just rtw, maybe 30+ this season! I’d really like her to put in a legit work load for runway this season, I think it would be nice and really good for her.

anyway. here’s the top 5 grammatically unusual phrases containing the f-word that resonate with me the most currently

1. what’s so fuck then
2. what the hap is fuckening
3. Shut Your Fuck
4. fuck of
5. something’s fucky