finale prep

creative ways to prep for finals

- cry

- sacrifice to the gods

- cheat

- use the textbook as a pillow (diffusion works y’all)

- bribe your teacher

- sacrifice to jupiter almighty (or jesus, whichever one u prefer)

- contract a “severe illness” right before finals week

- withdraw from school and live in a wine barrel like diogenes

don’t let a bad grade make you think any less of yourself.


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05.15.17 // noodle notes?? :) making some itgs summary notes for my exam! i didn’t take pictures of the other ones in time so expect those in the coming days :)) 

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Signs + Exam Prep
  • Aries: Angry crying while cramming info into brain
  • Taurus: Started preparing weeks prior, sleeps early
  • Gemini: Downs 3 cups of coffee, 5 energy drinks
  • Cancer: Sleeps early and wakes up early to study
  • Leo: Does review questions only but listens during class
  • Virgo: "What's the point? We all gonna die anyways"
  • Libra: Study groups + constantly on social media
  • Scorpio: Doesn't even know where to start
  • Sagittarius: Thinks they don't need to prep so they don't
  • Capricorn: Highlights everything
  • Aquarius: "Well no use studying this late now"
  • Pisces: Tries but ends up crying themselves to sleep

My final NaNoWriMo Prep post is a list of all of my NaNoWriMo Prep posts. (And a few extra.) This will be it for me this month. See you in November!

1. Why Try NaNoWriMo

Five reasons you should participate in National Novel Writing Month this November.

2. What to Do in October 

Seven ways you can prepare for November that have nothing to do with plotting and planning your novel. 

3. How to Plan a Novel without a Story

Arm yourself for November by gathering a list of novel elements you love and can incorporate into your own story. 

4. How to Steal: Good Writers Borrow & Know Your Tropes

How to steal elements from other books and media to use in your own novel, while keeping your work original and innovative. 

5. How to Create Characters

Four things to know about your characters before you start writing. 

6. Writing Tools: The Draft Notebook 

Get through a first draft by keeping a two-component draft notebook. 

7. Advice: adjust Your Daily Word Goal

Win NaNoWriMo by planning for days off in advance. 

8. How to Write 2000 Words a Day

A step-by-step guide to reaching your word count goal each day. 

9. Writing Podcasts to Keep You Motivated 

Writing podcasts full of writing advice and author interviews to keep you motivated throughout November. 

10. How to Use Scrivener to Organise Your Novel

Download Scrivener’s NaNoWriMo special edition trial and use its organisational features to keep you sane in November. 

11. How to Plan with Scrivener

A walkthrough of several features you can use in Scrivener to help you brainstorm, research, and outline your novel. 

12. Inspiration to Gather 

Download and print writing inspiration, use washi tape or cheap frames to fill the wall around your desk with quotes to keep you motivated throughout NaNo. 

That time of the semester is upon us again… tomorrow I start my study schedule for finals! So I’ve set up a queue to keep the blog running even if I’m not always scrolling through. Feel free to continue to send questions, my ask box is still open but it might take me a little longer to respond.

Happy studying to all of you prepping for finals! Keeping grinding, it’ll be over in no time!