finale prep

don’t let a bad grade make you think any less of yourself.

I hope all of you reach your goals this semester in school and make yourselves proud.
  • lance: hey hunk what's the equation we need on problem 12?
  • hunk: uh... 128√ (e980)
  • lance: yeah that sounds familiar- wait. oh my god
  • hunk: um i mean it's-

YEAH hence why there has been no left hand challenge stuff or crossember items…

I have a final which requires me to write a 3000-3500 word essay on an ethical hot topic in the tech field… Just finished two other finals (WHICH HOLY COW YAY) within the last week and this last one is due on the 11th. So yeah I am gonna put things on hold till then… Or when this gets done - which ever is sooner.

So yeah this is gonna be fun. Luckily I have all day Friday to also work on this due to having work on Wednesday and Thursday this week. 

But yeah just wanted to update just so then people knew why no crossember things have come out…

Thanks for the reminder @lightinthebox. Finals week is upon us, and the only things keeping me sane are pretty school supplies, coffee, and motivational quotes 📚📝

Finals update: I’m halfway through exams after finishing evidence and constitutional law I. Now I’ve got just about a week until my next, last, and toughest two exams. Hopefully I get a lot of good studying in between now and then! Hope you all are surviving finals okay!