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man i was just rereading trk in prep for re-working the final chapter of seventeen and i realised i don't know how to say gansey's name?? at all?? like is it 'gan-see' (like fancy) or 'gan-zee'? or 'gan-say'? i cant believe i read all four books and didnt parse this out l m a o

YEAH OKAY THAT’S. DAMN. my friends and i say ‘gan-zee’ but that?? might not be right? especially because like.. the virginian accents they all speak in?? i need to know how everyone pronounces gansey Right Now. everyone leave ur interpretation in the replies pls

”Where’s Vax?”

Critical Role 102 thoroughly tore me up inside. More fan art from it to come, no doubt. This one is a WIP that is very unfinished, but will hopefully get polished up soon, depending on how final prep for DCC goes. I just wanted to go ahead and share my feels.

Oh, yeah, and I’ll be at Denver Comic Con! Booth k21 (Nat Rodgers) so if you’re there, stop by and say hi!



I finally did another MEAL PREP CHALLENGE!! I can’t believe it’s been this long since I did a $20 meal prep. This time, I made a few changes to the rules but I still made a ton of food. Come watch how much food I made for only $20 !!! 

A Really Fucking Vulgar Guide to Not Losing Your Shit in College (Condensed Version)

Bitches love to put things into lists. Moreover, bitches love numbered shit. Here’s some numbered shit in list format to help you not suck in higher education. You’re welcome.

1. Go to class. Like 210% serious. I don’t give a shit if you’re a get by on nothing, A+ slacker. You’re fucking paying for this crap so you might as well get the services owed to you. Take your ass to class even if you zone out 99% of the time. You know 1% more than you did when you walked up in there. Congrats, asshole.

2. All that free time you have during your first week of classes? Make it your bitch. Don’t just print the goddamn syllabus and be like all done. No motherfucker. Take a good fucking look at that assignment list. What’s due next week? Yeah, do that shit now bc I know you don’t have anything else to do. Then when you’re coughing up a lung six weeks into the semester and don’t feel like getting your ass up to do that calculus homework, you’ll remember this week. You’ll remember that you’ve been a week ahead this whole damn semester. Pat yourself on the back, ass wipe.

3. Prepare yo self. No seriously. You got notes to print for class? Sure you could be like all those other bitches and just shove them into your backpack, or you could actually /prepare/ for class. I’m talking looking that shit over, identifying key concepts, getting a decent grasp of the material before your ass is even in class. You a STEM major? Yeah, make this kinda shit your life because now class is like one bomb ass group review session. Again, you’re welcome.

4. Snack like a motherfucker, but save that junk food shit for the weekends. From now on, you are a fucking health guru during the week or if you’re a slacker like me, at least on the days you have class. Fruits? Hell yeah. Pack some of those. Mind wandering in class? Snack on some apple slices. Can’t stay awake? Keep eating some almonds or some shit, but don’t be that bitch with the potato chips. Just don’t.

5. Read. Yeah, you heard me. Read and I’m not just talking assigned reading. I bet my left butt cheek that your campus library has /something/ of interest to you. Commuting and don’t want to drive out there? Library databases bro. We’re in the digital age, motherfucker. I’d bet my other butt cheek that the shit you want is in a nice little PDF somewhere. But na man, you thinking maybe you want to go into computer science? Check out computer science books and eat them up bro. You don’t like reading them? Probably not the field for you. You a biology major in your second year? Yeah dumbass. Time to break out the bio books and not the ones your professor is shoving in your face. Amaze your friends and teachers with your out of class knowledge. Be a fucking star.

don’t let a bad grade make you think any less of yourself.

Signs + Exam Prep
  • Aries: Angry crying while cramming info into brain
  • Taurus: Started preparing weeks prior, sleeps early
  • Gemini: Downs 3 cups of coffee, 5 energy drinks
  • Cancer: Sleeps early and wakes up early to study
  • Leo: Does review questions only but listens during class
  • Virgo: "What's the point? We all gonna die anyways"
  • Libra: Study groups + constantly on social media
  • Scorpio: Doesn't even know where to start
  • Sagittarius: Thinks they don't need to prep so they don't
  • Capricorn: Highlights everything
  • Aquarius: "Well no use studying this late now"
  • Pisces: Tries but ends up crying themselves to sleep

05.15.17 // noodle notes?? :) making some itgs summary notes for my exam! i didn’t take pictures of the other ones in time so expect those in the coming days :)) 

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That time of the semester is upon us again… tomorrow I start my study schedule for finals! So I’ve set up a queue to keep the blog running even if I’m not always scrolling through. Feel free to continue to send questions, my ask box is still open but it might take me a little longer to respond.

Happy studying to all of you prepping for finals! Keeping grinding, it’ll be over in no time!