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Plow Me

Because I’m self indulgent

In my defense, @secretschuylersister started it [And yes, it is based off of The Tag, her Legendary tag, id you could not tell by the title]

Lin x reader (I think? I mean, it kind of turned out more Daveed x readerish. I was thinking that if people actually like this, I might do a second part and put more Lin in it… Unless y’all want it to be a Daveed fic? That works too.)

Warnings: probably OOCish characters (Taylor included? Not sure if she swears… Never mind yes she does) Sexual references, hardcore shipping, fangirl Daveed, some swearing (okay, lots of swearing) - that’s it, I think

Confession time: I was the anon who sent in the idea for the plow me fic when the other anon requested it in a prompt

I have no regrets

Summary: The Hamilcast finds out about something that they maybe shouldn’t have

Special thanks to @timeforhamilton who let me send this for her for advice and encouraged me to keep going, @secretschuylersister for answering my questions for “research” and @on-written-wings for her oh-so-helpful Industrial Revolution list! If you haven’t met any of them, check them out! They’re all awesome! :)

Words: 2188, I believe

“You’re joking.”

“Do it.”


“But why not?” Daveed pressed.

“Because it’s creepy!” Anthony defended. “Why would I look up Lin?”

“Trust me, the results are very amusing.”

“How exactly would you know that, Diggs?”

“I’ll give you three guesses… And ten dollars if you do it.”

Anthony sighed, folding under the promise of money for his troubles.

Daveed grinned, letting out a fist pump into the air.

“The things I do for you people…” Anthony breathed, even as he pulled his laptop closer to him, Google already getting up and running.

His fingers began to lazily drift over the keys, but after a few seconds, they stopped, a smirk curling on his face as his eyebrows lifted further.

“Oh, Diggs, you were right.”

“Why? What’d you find?” Daveed asked eagerly, moving so he could see the screen, eager for the scoop on something he might’ve missed.

Sitting there, all too innocently in the search bar, were the unfinished words Lin-Manue.

In the drop down list of frequent searches just below it, from the bottom up, it went lin-manuel miranda net worth, lin-manuel miranda drunk history, lin-manuel miranda moana, lin-manuel miranda, and, at the very top of the list, securing it’s spot as the most searched topic with his name on it, lin-manuel miranda plow me.

The two shared a mischievous look, devious grins slowly growing on their faces.

It took all of two seconds for them to silently agree, and immediately afterwards, Anthony had furiously clicked the first option, repeatedly doing so until the next page had loaded.

Scrolling down, he murmured, “So, Tumblr is the blue void from whence this came, eh? Let’s see if we can find out where this started…”

Deciding on clicking the first link, he was not disappointed when the website recognized his account and took him to a blog decked out in a soothing arrangement of blues, whites and greys.

“Secretschuylersister,” Daveed mused, thinking the name funny.

They both let out a chuckle at the name of the blog, as well as when they saw the icon. (…and Reader! With a cute picture of Pippa as Eliza, a blue-purple flower crown on her head.)

Working quickly, glancing up at the dressing room door and conscious of the fact that they only had so much time until their cast mates joined them, Anthony started typing into the search bar.

If there was anything you could depend on within the soul sucking void that was Tumblr, he reasoned, it was the tags. People went batshit crazy with them.

Sure enough, he only had to type in the letter ‘p’ and what they were looking for had shown up, prompting him to click on it.

“Geez,” Daveed breathed when he saw all the content under this one little tag. “Lin’s never going to hear the end of this,” he announced gleefully, to which Anthony nodded in response.

“Look at this! They even have an ‘industrial masterlist’ for us! They’re calling it the ‘industrial revolution.’ They’ve got you down under ‘rail me!’” Anthony howled witth laughter, and Daveed scowled at him.

“Shut up, Ramos, you’re under ‘drill me.’”

If anything, Anthony only seemed to find this funnier, and began laughing harder.

“And they’ve got your girlfriend down under ‘stain me,’” he finished.

Instantaneously, Anthony stopped his cackling, the smile wiped off of his face as he stared wide eyed at the screen. “They what?”

“Hey…,” Daveed tried to draw his attention away from that. “They’ve got almost everyone on this list except (Y/N). Something’s telling me that needs to change,” he grinned devilishly.

Anthony’s eyebrows furrowed. “But what about the others? I don’t see Renee, Carleigh, Alex, Ari, Pippa, Jon or-”

“Well, yeah, but it doesn’t matter if they’re on here because Renee and Pippa already get tons of love, and I know for a fact that I’ve accidentally stumbled upon fanfictions for all of the others at least once-”

“Wait, when did this h-”

“But (Y/N) is never paid attention to, and honestly, I ship her with Lin, so if this will give the fans and them a push in the right direction, then so be it.”

“Ship them? What’s that supposed to - hey!” Anthony’s sentence was cut off by his abrupt shout when Daveed commandeered his laptop for his own purposes.

Opening up a new tab, he cracked his knuckles and got to work.

“Alright, Google, work with me so I don’t have to plunge oh-so-deep into your recesses for what we need.”

The muttered half-prayer to an internet browser (which they shall never speak of. Ever.) made Anthony raise a brow, but he let Daveed do whatever he was going to do. There was really no point in trying to stop him - he’d figure out a way to get it done somehow anyways, probably in the near future, so he might as well save himself some trouble.

“There we go,” he murmured, pleased with himself as he transferred some photos from a photo shoot (Y/N) had had with some obscure (or maybe not? He didn’t really check) magazine into a submission for the blog they were going to totally turn around.

“What do you mean you can’t submit anonymously? Fuck you.”

He settled on turning the submission so it was from one of Anthony’s lesser known blogs.

“Which one should she be? Let’s check the list.”

“Oh, pound me, definitely. Sounds better than all the others.

Daveed turned to look at Anthony, blinking.

The aforementioned actor simply raised his hands defensively.

“What? It was just a suggestion! I have nothing to do with this!”

Daveed only gave him a strange smile that very much worried him and nodded in a way that was probably meant to be placating.

In the caption, as the tags accessibility was turned off, the only words he wrote were, Plow me. Pound me.

“She’s going to hate you,” Anthony informed him as he clicked the ‘send; button.

“Not if she never finds out,” Daveed answered wisely, closing both tabs and erasing their history, just in case anyone had some reasont o come snooping and find out what he they just did.

“Totally worth it.”

Daveed was totally not stalking that account just to watch how his submission was taken.

No, he did not.

and he most definitely did not make a Tumblr account solely for this purpose.

(And if he did, then shut up no one needs to know.)

He only had to wait all of three hours, before a break from rehearsal came, and as he eagerly checked, refreshing the page for what must’ve been the thousandth time, it was evident he was right in the midst of the explosion, which had probably started around halfway through the last song and didn’t look to be stopping.

The blogger they had sent it into had vigorously reciprocated her thoughts in the tags as well as commenting ‘HOLY SHIT YES @on-written-wings YOU MUST ADD THIS TO THE LIST’

Her followers were not far behind to jump on the bandwagon, all of them going absolutely insane over the newly found photos, repeating the well known lines over and over again in the ask box, in multiple languages, and then adding their own pictures of her that they’d summoned from somewhere in the deep caverns of the internet to the chaos.

Daveed could only grin, and when Anthony asked if he should be worried, shake his head.

Okay, so maybe it had spiraled a bit out of control.

Only a bit.

(And, by a bit, Daveed really meant that him sending those in had revived all questions and explanations of the plow me tag, tat ass well as the new pound me tag and all the other tags being vigorously revived, and pictures they found attractive of the cast included coming in in flurries.)

But then someone had made the mistake of sending in a Lin photo and a (Y/N) photo at the same time, and they finally got the hint he’s been nudging them towards.

And there - at that small, unthinking slip of the thumb from some ordinary person behind a screen, just as the commotion was beginning to calm down, started something irreversible.

They began to ship Lin and (Y/N). (Finallys eeing what he was, thank goodness.)

For some reason, no one had found a reason to ship them yet, and they had just been given one, here plain as day, and they just took it and ran with it, proclaiming their approval for the pairing in all capital randomized letter sequences, frequented with exclamation points, emojis and desperate questions wondering how it took them so long to come up with this.

Needless to say, he was proud of his work - if not a little bit scared by how quickly it was spreading across the site it had originated in.

But, of course, he had nothing to worry about. These things always died down, right?


For all his scheming, Daveed had made a fatal mistake.

He had forgotten that many Tumblr users in the Hamilton fandom were also on other websites.

Therefore, the hsip had made it’s way onto Deviantart, Quotev,, archiveofourown, Draw Cast, Wattpad, Twitter, Instagram, and several other freelance writing, drawing and social media sites within four days.

Anthony had, at some point, it seemed, spilled the beans to the rest of the cast and crew as to what they had done.

They all thought it was fucking hilarious, of course, but opted not to tell Lin or (Y/N) in favor of watching Daveed squirm every time one of them walked in the room and placing bets on when he’d let them know and what their reactions would be.

The fans were completely eating it up.

By the time a week had passed, Daveed honestly had absolutely no idea how the two stars int he middle of the madness still hadn’t figured out what was going on, and had honest-to-goodness believed he’d gotten a stroke of luck and the whole spectacle would die down without them ever having to know that he’s the one who started it.

He had, so to speak, gotten away with it.

This was what he thought before a hurricane ripped through the Richard Rogers one day, bearing the name of (Y/N) (L/N), and all the furious wrath of the darkest things in this world were at her side.

Daveed fucking Diggs!” Her shout from the stage door could almost be heard throughout the entire theater, and while everyone else was laughing, Daveed was debating which would be safer: finding a place to hide or getting the inevitable tongue lashing over with now so he didn’t have to deal with it later.

It turned out that he didn’t have the chance to choose.

She had slammed open the door to the dressing room before he could make up his mind.

You stole my fucking sandwich?!” He blinked.


what the hell was she talking about?

He stole her-




He had taken her sandwich the other day at lunch while she had gotten up to get something from her room, and she had been so tired (having stayed up the entire night reading again, the idiot) that she could only mope at it’s loss and eat the rest of what she had, snitching things from the others when she was too lazy to go up and get something else.

“Uh…sorry?” He replied, hoping that it might do something to save him from her fury.

Sorry ain’t gonna cut it this time, sweetheart!”

“Okay, you did not just ‘sweetheart’ me-”

“Diggs, shut up and give me the money I paid for that sandwich or I swear to God you’ll be remembered as something a hundred times worse then a Medusa victim.”

She said it calmly, but with a deadly undertone, and that was all it took for himt to jump up, scrambling for the money in his bag.

“Here,” he rushed out, shoving the money into her hand.

“Thanks, Daveed,” she gave him an innocent smile as she took the money, and he instantly knew to be suspicious.

Narrowing his eyes, he searched her face, looking for anything giving away an ulterior motive for her visiting him.

And it was there.

He knew it was there.

Now, (Y/N) was a Broadway actress.

Don’t cut that shit with ‘she’s just an ensemble member’ - no, honey, she’s honestly a Broadway actress - that Daveed could definitely attest to.

Therefore, Daveed knew that she could have covered it up in an instant, no matter how passionately she felt about it, how deep it was buried or how genuine it felt, (Y/N)’s feelings were not to be an exhibit to anyone she didn’t want them to.

This meant that he knew as soon as he saw the fiery, mischievous glint in her eyes, that she had kept it there.

She had let him see it.

She had wanted him to see it.

And when her hand closed around the money in his own, she stood on her toes, leaning up until her face was real close to his, and her mouth was by his ear.

“Now, I guess, we’re even.”

those whispered words absolutely shook him to the core, and the blood drained from his face as she pulled away with a satisfied smirk on her face for just the right amount of time before replacing it with the innocent facade she had originally hid behind.

As she gave him one last award-winning beam, skipping out of the room, her hair whipping behind her, Daveed could only stand there, completely frozen.

His mind was a blur.


Besides a long string of curse words, only three thoughts seemed to process.

1. She knows.

2. She has something planned.

3. I am really, really screwed.


“Humans and Monsters”

Part 1 / Part 2 (here) /Part 3 (tba)/ Part ???


Regina & Henry | All The Little Things: Like Mother, Like Son part 2 | (Part 1)

Trading Spaces- Part 2 (Final Part)

Summary: Sam enlists the assistance of a witch to help you and Dean work through your issues. He’s not expecting that help to come in the form of a body swap sell.

Read Part 1

Word Count: 5600

Warning: body swap, consensual smut in the wrong bodies, smut

A/N: THIS IS PART 2 OF 2. Hope y’all enjoy this trope I’ve been wanting to write for a while! FEEDBACK APPRECIATED! XOXO

“Alright. Annoying habits is next on the list.” Dean stared at the pile of papers on the table, messy and crumpled, scribbled on, marked out and redone, spilling onto the floor.

The two of you had decided that a methodical, logical approach was best.

Well, you had decided. Dean had hemmed and hawed and shoved his hands (your hands) in his pockets and declared he didn’t have any issues he needed to work through. It had taken a few threats, and one loud scream of “I’m not staying in your body because you’re too fucking stubborn to talk to me”, to get him to admit that maybe the two of you should work together and figure this out.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! (part 2)

(A/N): IT’S FINALLY HERE. I’M SORRY. I didn’t want this to be in more than 2 parts so I just waited till it was all written, but here you go!

Part 1


Will Solace, Apollo cabin counselor and head healer in the infirmary, is used to being called and needed. He just wishes he could pause everything for a moment. He’s been in the infirmary most of the day today, and while, in the past, this would have been perfectly fine, now he has someone who he wants to give his full attention to and be with at all times.

It is a miracle that he’s dating Nico di Angelo. Well, actually, not really. It was pretty obvious they liked each other, but both boys were too nervous and self-conscious about everything until Will mustered up the courage to ask the son of Hades out (with some pushing from Jason, Percy, and his entire cabin).

With a sigh, Will turned from the stack of papers he was working through to see one of his younger siblings quickly walking up to him. “Yes?”

“Where do we keep the salves for lava burns?” She was relatively new to the infirmary.

“In the cabinet right over there, left side.” Will, on the other hand, knew this place inside and out.

“Okay thanks!” she waved as she walked away.

Will ran a hand through his hair, glancing at the clock on the wall. Dinner’s almost done, he thought, I wonder if Nico will visit. He smiled at the thought of seeing the beautiful, dark-haired boy. Nico was the one person he couldn’t think about without smiling, bringing with it excitement and renewed energy.

“Thinking of someone?” Kayla sidled up to him with a knowing smile.

Will simply rolled his eyes, unable to deny his sister. “What do you want?”

She smirked as she asked, “I just wanted to know what you and Nico are doing for Valentine’s Day tomorrow?”

Will tilted his head as thought this over again - he’d been thinking about it all day - and said, “Not that I don’t love the holiday and want to make my first one in a relationship special, but I’m thinking I just won’t bother with it. I mean, me and Nico, it’s just all so new, you know? And he’s not used to showing affection so I don’t want to push him into anything too fast. Besides, you should be loving to your significant other every day, not just Valentine’s Day. I dunno, it really doesn’t sound so bad, honestly. I just want to spend time with him.” It was true - Will really really liked Nico, but he felt like he should show that affection every day, show Nico that someone truly cared for him in every way. Maybe it’d be nice to do something romantic or fancy, but Will wouldn’t push.

“Hm, guess that makes sense. That’s really thoughtful, Will. I never looked at it that way.” She smiled at him and gave him a pat on the back as she stood to leave. “Nico’s pretty lucky to have you, bro.”

As she walked away, Will could only think that he was the lucky one. He gets to know Nico in a way no one ever has, and that’s really what he wants. Sure, Will is a hopeless sucker for romantic gestures, but he’d rather let Nico be comfortable and work on his timetable than accidentally scare him away.

Will was sure tomorrow would be fine, as long as he got to be with Nico.


Just like every other day, Will woke up with the sun. Luckily for him, he enjoyed being up early and seeing the camp quiet and calm, with just a few campers milling about so early. Will got ready and headed out the door to the infirmary, as he always does, to do inventory and make sure it was set up for the day. What he didn’t expect was a bouquet of roses sitting on his desk.

For a moment, Will just stood there in the doorway, staring at the roses uncomprehendingly. After a few blinks and a glance at his desk calendar, he remembered. It’s Valentine’s Day. But then, that would mean…

“Nico,” Will thinks aloud with a smile. Nico remembered that it was Valentine’s Day. And he did something sweet for him. Will walked over to his desk with a fond smile on his face and picked up the bouquet. He smelled them and was genuinely enraptured by them, even though he knew they didn’t really smell like much, because no one has ever done something like this for him before.

It was then that he noticed a note on his desk that must’ve been under the flowers. It was scribbled in what can only be Nico’s best attempt at cursive, which was messy, but Will was touched by how hard he tried for him.

Meet me at the edge of the woods. -N (A/N: I don’t remember the camp layout but Will knows okay)

“The woods?” Will had been expecting a simple Happy Valentine’s Day, but apparently, there was more. Then suddenly, Will had a thought. I only have a small thing for him. His eyes widened and his panic began to rise a bit as he thought over the small gift he had. He put thought into it but hadn’t wanted to go overboard, considering he wasn’t even going to do anything for Valentine’s Day.

Well, I mean, it’s okay, right? It’s the thought that counts, Will thought hopefully to himself. Maybe Nico just wants to meet up and make sure I don’t work in the infirmary today. Yeah. That’s it. Definitely nothing big planned, Will assured himself as he opened his desk drawer and took out his gift for Nico. It was a small box with a yellow bow on it. Inside was a simple black and yellow bandana bracelet Will had braided for Nico in crafts class. He made a matching one for himself and figured that it’d be a nice, simple reminder of their relationship.

With a sigh, Will scooped up his bouquet and left with a little skip in his step, his excitement and affection growing as he grew nearer to the woods.


Nico anxiously waited at the edge of the woods, having barely slept the night before due to preparations and his nerves. He was so nervous. Aside from him chiding himself about forgetting the holiday, the last-minute planning and gathering of supplies was stressful. Plus Piper had made a huge fuss about what he was going to wear, since Nico had absolutely no idea and no options.

Piper dressed him simply, yet stylishly, with nice black jeans and a gray button down long sleeve that he rolled up to his elbows. His top button was undone and his sword and combat boots remained, but he had to admit, his look made him feel slightly more confident about doing something nice for his boyfriend.

Nico ran a hand through his hair, messing up however Piper had combed it earlier. His mind was racing with thoughts, making it hard to stand still. Is Will going to like it? Is it too much? Too little? Is he up already? No, duh, of course he is. Did he go to the infirmary? Did he get the flowers? What if he didn’t? What if this is a mistake—

His thoughts are interrupted by a certain son of Apollo nearly skipping towards him, bouquet of roses in hand. Nico’s breath caught. He could never get over how beautiful Will was, especially in the morning. The sun caught his hair perfectly, glinting off the mop of blond and making it look like it was glowing. The red roses reflected a bit of red onto his face, making it look like he was blushing, or maybe he was. His smile is as brilliant and wide as ever, outwardly displaying his abundant happiness. And then his eyes. Nico gets lost in those vibrant, shining blue eyes that bare his every emotion, none better than his love and joy. To Nico, they meant comfort, home, and more. No one could convince Nico that anyone’s eyes were more beautiful and meaningful than Will Solace’s.

Then suddenly those eyes were almost directly in front of him and Nico realized how long he had been staring. He shut his mouth, which he hadn’t even realized was slightly open, and thrusted out his hand that held a sunflower, mumbling a bit as he said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

With a gentle laugh, Will accepted the flower and said, “Aww Neeks, Happy Valentine’s Day. I didn’t expect anything, you know. You didn’t have to do anything special.”

At this, Nico looks up at him. He knows that Will loves romantic gestures – he’s a sucker for love. He realized that Will was respecting his boundaries by not jumping on Valentine’s Day, making his heart swell and his courage to spike for a moment. Taking a deep breath, Nico looked directly into Will’s eyes and stated, “You should expect it. I’m your boyfriend, aren’t I?”

Will’s heart could’ve jumped over a skyscraper with how hard it was trying to jump out of his chest. Both boys blushed at the word “boyfriend”, but Will somehow managed to smile even wider and brighter. “I’m sorry I doubted you, boyfriend,” Will teased, though it was no joke how much he loved saying that. “What are we doing now, then?”

Nico grabbed Will’s hand and pulls him into the woods with a small smile. “You’ll see.”


When they get to the clearing, the sight took Will’s breath away. There was nothing particularly incredible about it - a picnic blanket was laid out in the center of the area with some pastries and fruits on it. It was a simple picnic, but the idea of it, the thought that went into planning this and making it happen, was something Will could hardly fathom someone going through for him. It was sweet and romantic and so perfect to Will, he could barely speak to show his gratitude and love to Nico.

Nico saved him by speaking first, saying, “I come out here a lot to think. I always have. I don’t think anyone really knows about it, but I wanted to share it. With you.” Nico was blushing, he knew it. Sharing something this personal was difficult, but when Piper suggested a picnic, he knew this was the perfect spot. He knew that Will, if anyone, was the one he could trust with everything.

Having not made eye contact yet, Will turned to face Nico fully, taking both of his hands in his own. “Thank you for sharing with me, Nico.” Nico finally gazed up into his eyes, and Will could see the nervousness and vulnerability in that one look. This boy, this beautiful, strong warrior, was broken, but was also trying, reaching out for someone, for him. “This whole picnic is lovely, and I’m really glad you like and trust me enough to show me this personal place of yours. I’m glad this place even exists, just for you.”

Nico scoffed a bit, “Of course I like you enough, Solace. I am dating you.” He turned his head and looked out at the clearing and surrounding trees. “The nymphs here know me. They’ve known me since I was younger, since I first came to camp and found this place. They also assisted me with this whole thing, keeping it nice and all.” Nico smiled fondly at the area, remembering how much time he spent here thinking, venting, and how the nymphs comforted him in their subtle ways. Then he looked over at his boyfriend, who was already looking back at him lovingly. Nico knew he made the right choice in letting him into his life, even if Will would’ve shoved himself in no matter what.

Then Will remembered his own gift, exclaiming, “Oh! I may not have planned out a whole Valentine’s Day date, but I do have a present for you. Here.” Will pulled the box out of his pocket and handed it to Nico. Surprised, Nico gently opened the box to reveal the bracelet.

“I have a matching one. I made it to, I don’t know, represent us. Also to show that you’re mine, so no one can steal you away.” Will grinned as he grabbed Nico’s hand and tied the bracelet around his wrist. It’s a simple gesture, yet it couldn’t have made Nico happier. He was Will’s, and Will was his. He was cared for by someone, and Nico was embracing it wholeheartedly, not regretting it for a second.

“Someone’s a little possessive, hm?” Nico playfully tugged Will toward the picnic that was waiting for them. “Come on, let’s eat. I’m up too early to be feeling all these things.” He laughed, and it was about the most beautiful sound Will has ever heard.

After the picnic, the rest of the day consisted of hanging out, chatting, cuddling, laughing, and, you know, just being a couple. It was the greatest Valentine’s Day either boy has ever experienced.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!


Read Part 1 here

Rating: Mature / R
TImeline: Season 7
Summary:  Fresh off a particularly brutal case, Mulder tries to finally make good on his promise to take Scully on a nice trip to the forest, only to stumble onto evidence that there may be more to a local urban legend than just rumor and superstition.

A/N: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, PHILES!  Special thank yous to @kateyes224​ for being the best friend and beta extraordinaire for this beast, @2momsmakearight​ for the non-stop brainstorming, and @gilliansboobs​ for the unwavering support through my late night meltdowns while writing this and the amazing gif and banner.  I couldn’t have done this without you guys xo

Again, please read Part 1 or you’ll be more lost than Mulder and Scully in this story.

He could feel its weighty presence on the other side, sitting there just waiting for him to move, and his heart quickened as he watched four fingernail impressions press into the thin fabric just inches from his face, scraping painfully slow down the length of it to the ground.  The long, vibrating sound it produced was nearly deafening in the quiet of the night, followed by a staccato clicking, like stone tapping against stone, repetitively.

They were outnumbered.  Greatly.  His eyes flicked to the location of the gun, as he mentally calculated the length of time it would take for him to get to it, and dig it out of the bag.  It would create too much commotion, probably take too long, and he’d risk Scully getting hurt or attacked in the process.

The clicking grew louder as it got closer to the tent wall.

Careful to keep still, he shifted his eyes towards a still sleeping Scully, his eyes pleading with her to stay asleep, to keep quiet.  He’d wait it out, he decided. The animals would lose interest eventually, he reasoned to himself.  They had to.

And suddenly all he could hear was receding footsteps, growing quieter and quieter, then nothing but the crackle of the fire outside.

With a sigh of relief and one last look in the direction of the gun, he turned towards Scully and pulled her close.  It would be a long night.

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Hannibal Advent | Day 39
3x13 The Wrath of the Lamb 1//2

“I believe that’s what they call a ‘mic drop’. You dropped the mic, Will, but here you are having to come back and pick it up again. I knew you would keep running if I kept chasing you. I knew you wanted me to know exactly where I could find you when I needed to. And you did.”